Ryan Reynolds & Conan Star In “The Notebook 2” - CONAN on TBS

čas přidán 2. 11. 2016
CONAN Highlight: Forget about prosciutto underpants and anti-dolphin documentaries, Ryan's new project involves his own true love, Conan O'Brien.
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  • This was really impressive. They really put everything into this episode.

  • Im in the wrong side of youtube again

  • Let the fanfiction begin

  • Their acting was on point! And who would think that conan would be the one pushing Reynolds away

  • Lmao 😂😂😂😂 I have no words except that this was BRILLIANT!!!

  • Love both this guy's,but that was disgusting..Lol

  • 🤢

  • That's a thick ass book Just tell them u adopted

  • I now wanna pour bleach all over my eyes.


  • Liberal bitch snowflake

  • LMFAO was sickening but funny 😆

  • Love the subtle jabs at Dumpy Trump.🤣 Love Ryan and Conan!

  • 😂😂😂😂💔💚

  • *Coming to a theatre near you, “The Notebook 2”

  • "sue me back into my father's balls" is such a good line

  • I love THIS Ryan.❤️

  • Can't wait.

  • Once again Conan lives a woman’s dream

  • "Behind every great host is a great guest" I see what you did there ;)

  • Such talent! Conan l never knew.............

  • that was nasty

  • I wonder how things would be like if Deadpool was in Infinity Wars and Endgame? How will the interaction between him and Thanos be like? hehehe...

  • I laughed so hard. I wonder if that was the first time either of them had kissed a guy?

  • Wow! They really went for it

  • Oh my god

  • conan looks like Joel Edgerton from that notebook clip

  • Straight men kissing is so totally hot.

  • Wished Conan, in the Rachel McAdams role, had picked up Reynolds during the passionate hands moments

  • There you go people... The one and only Deadpool.

  • Ryan Reynolds is one (no homo) good looking dude.

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  • "they're tried to sue me back to my father's balls" LOL. Can;t believe it's only 5 mils. Anything with Conan and Ryan Reynolds should be in 10 mils

  • W. T. F

  • Conan's wife: "I don't want you to be kissing any women from now on!" Conan: Understandable, have a great day

    • @bassmaster117 I think Conan "spoiled" most of the male celebrities for her xD

    • I bet she regrets that, because now she’s probably jealous of Conan

    • Hahahaha

    • Lol

  • He's funnier than Conan.

  • Imagine steve Harvey as in the place of canon

  • I forgot that it was Ryan Gosling and not Ryan Reynolds in The Notebook.

  • But for real though, did Ryan forget Conan's last name? He says "Conan McAdams" and then Conan replies like it never happened

  • I think they separeted when Conan had a boner lmao

  • Lots of butt heart trumpanzees here

  • That was uncomfortable

  • That is the most least awkward guy kiss ever and it was hilarious

  • Yuck. 🤮

  • This is going on my list of hottest movie sequels!

  • Why is no one talking about this?!

  • No homo..

  • He's so weird

  • Okay but like Ryan’s acting was really good in that scene

  • Jesus! Even if you swing that way, its conans melon 🤦‍♂️👾

  • Comedy is just an excuse

  • Ryan succeeded in stopping the dolphins. That's why they returned to Italy.

  • Dolfins are rapists towards fish and humans so

  • Ayoko na! Hahaha 😂😂😂

  • 🤣

  • I puked

  • Oh my god Conan, what have you started.

  • thats kinda sus tho

  • 5:12 - 5:35 two married straight guys giving the tongue to each other for 23 seconds straight. 😂😂

  • Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Gosling if Gosling was likable and capable of showing any kind of emotion

  • OMG!! Cant believe they BOTH do this!

  • that was insane :v

  • I just keep coming back, and go to the my bed everyday and question is Conan a bisexual

  • how many hundreds of hours of ryan reynolds and/or conan have I watched and FINALLY this gets recommended to me? youtube, I thought you knew me.

  • Have I been watching the office too much or is Dwight + Jim = Ryan

  • JESUS CHRIST! WHY AM I SO LATE!!! P.s i was screaming during that kiss

  • I don’t know how they managed to keep a straight face 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Reynolds kissed conan, andrew garfield, men, it's going hard.

  • 4:56 2020 Watching❓🤣

  • Ew

  • Plot twist : reynolds make conan laugh 😮

  • How many of you saw the thumbnail and thought it was Conan & Jordan?

  • Boa noite, esse ator Ryan, é bom como ator, e muito engraçado.Muito bom esse vídeo.

  • That was the most violent kiss I’ve ever seen

  • I don't get it, what are the compelling circumstances that forced Conan's team to suggest such a content? I understand the economical crisis and rivalry competition but was that necessary to keep going and did it really positively impacted the business?

  • Very passionate kiss

  • I almost pissed myself watching this!!! And it takes a LOT to make me laugh!!! Kudos!

  • whaaa!!! lol no way.

  • My two favorite guys on earth. My other favorite is Stifler.

  • Conan is so lucky lmao

  • Was that song Roxanne by The Police?

  • I regret ever seeing this

  • CONANS FACE after the kiss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • He is a partial owner of Mint Mobile though. Does anyone else use that?

  • if a dude is going to kiss another dude. at least its Ryan!

  • 4:35

  • 5:12 My eyeeees my eyes I wish I could unsee this

  • This just reminded me of when Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed with Blake sitting next to them when Ryan Gosling won the award.

  • If Ryan Reynolds and Seth MacFarlane wrote a movie together everyone would die of laughter

  • Um I am screaming inside from horror but also Laserbeam did it to

  • Did they really kiss lol 😂

  • 05:33 Maybe Ryan, or Conan are of Russian descent???.....Hey it could happen.....HAHAHAHAHAHA XO)XO) HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

  • This is why Conan, is on another level of talk show host. i can’t stop thinking what his wife thought....

  • Does Ryan want a Cadillac?

  • 🤩😍✅ 🙂🙃😎

  • and here we see ryan reynolds making out with a man about 14 years older than him

  • When I hear his voice I can only think of deadpool

  • Ohh.., that sucks.., omg iam going to vomit 😲😵🤢

  • Woh, Woh, Woh...... I really can't believe that was really happened. Did Conan really did that? Hahahaha.... :) :) :) :)