SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Defence Of Moscow by Sabaton.
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========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
Defend the motherland
Moscow shall not fall

Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
Force them into retreat, and into defeat

Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
Call of the motherland
Russia shall prevail

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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    • very best, like from roumania🇹🇩

    • @p. i I listen to this with spotify

    • @Captain_ melons this is a cover to radio tapok

    • russia - terrorist

    • Make a song abut the battle of tammerfors/tampere wich was a battle between white and red forces in the finnish civil war it was one of the bloodiest battles in the nordic ever.

  • Круто!

  • I love all Sabaton songs I don’t know who to be favorite

  • 1:15 why does i have that feeling that those Stuka's are flying above GTA 5 Los Santos city

  • Loved the song. In 1971, when Pakistan started systematically raping and killing their own people in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), none of the defenders of freedom (USA and allies) lifted a finger to help the victims, despite repeated appeals. India was forced to intervene, as millions of people from East Pakistan seeking refuge, came to India. We were not equipped to support such a large number as we had been independent for less than 25 years at the time. After India started the military operations to stop the genocide, USA sent the USS Enterprise to intimidate India into ceasing operations. The Soviet Union sent their own groups of cruisers,destroyers and nuclear submarine from Vladivostok, to neutralize the US threat. It was due to their actions, India won the war decisively, and Bangladesh was born. We thank Russia for their support at a difficult time, and hope Indo-Russia relations continue to prosper in future.

  • the best rock hard team in europe


  • Me after playing Command & Conquer.... KIROV REPORTING~~~~~~~!

  • Yaba baga 🤘🤙👌

  • this is what the soviets listened to during operation baberrossa (sorry if i misspelled)

  • I'm not a fan of the commies but hot damn this is epic

  • This song makes me proud of being Russian which is weird because I'm g e r m a n

  • Respect Russia 🇷🇺 from greece

  • This is not metal... *This is stalinium*

  • Onore alla cazzuta Russia. Complimenti a voi Sabaton! Quando sarà l'apocalisse, voglio voi come colonna sonora nelle mie orecchie, mentre prendo a calci in culo il male.

  • i swear if you listen to Sabaton, it will increase your manliness to 99999999%

  • You got it right.

  • Slavsia Rus! Hail from Brasil!

  • каждый раз пробивает на мурашки

  • Спасибо вам, вы сделали больше для моего культурного восприятия родины, чем минобр и минкульт

  • Спасибо большое вы Лучшие, не могу оторваться от песни

  • Amazing song, amazing illustration. Hats off.

  • Nazis attack big country with a lot of ethnicities and actually hope to win?

  • Аж мурашки по коже от гимна. Ахереть круто. Сука пятый раз слушаю

  • Круто

  • Соло ахеренное

  • Красавцы

  • I can't wait for the new sono!(i'm italian)


  • Love that you put History to Verse! Keep up the Great work!

  • Wow! What a bad ass video! I truly hope we Americans never have to fight you Russians. I wish we could unite against China.

  • russia - terrorist

  • I love hearing yalls music! It's informative and exhilarating. Definitely gonna paint death korps of krieg while listening to yalls music when they get their plastic models!

  • I think Sabaton is a german band..they have to be careful not to glorify the Nazi's despite at the time it being the "military force" of Germany.


  • Mr bean on the cover

  • kakaя noncня

  • Тапок извини конечно, но у Сабатон твоя песня лучше звучит.

  • Facts about the Eastern Front. Russia suffered heavy losses against the German army. The second fact is. The policy of the criminal butcher of humanity, Stalin, was conscription, which means to go to the front or be killed. The third fact. The occurrence of rape by the Russian army. It is because of the Jewish leaders who were able to receive some positions in the army as commanders, and the second reason is that a large percentage of Russian soldiers were prisoners accused of rape and murder. Males, from old to young. Rape also happened by the British, the Americans and the Poles

    • The first fact is that more than 80% of the losses of Germany and its allies fall precisely on the eastern front. The second fact - all your "facts" are nothing more than propaganda fabrications.

    • A couple fun facts for you: a lot of people actually volunteered to join the army because you have to be an absolute dick to say "nah" when your country and people are dying. I haven't heard about killing conscripts, where did you get that from? " a large percentage of Russian soldiers were prisoners accused of rape and murder" my wild guess is that proportion is about 2 percent at best. Wanna provide a source that states how large it actually was?

  • this song makes me want to shoot a ppsh-41

  • I listened that song about 50 times. Feel goosebumps each time! I feel goosebumps even when don't listen the song, but just by imagine the song in my head. Respect from Belarus 🇧🇾!

  • Actually, the wehrmacht attacked russia with 3 million soldiers

    • @КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро sry english isn't my first language hehe , btw the Soviets were still trying to deal with the officers issues in the beginning of the war ( post great purge ) despite it ending over about 2 years ago but still , but the logistics gave huge advantages to the Soviets compared to the germans and with great field marshals and generals such as zhukov the soviet union could perform great in the winter period of 1941 but not the best

    • @The Paranoid thanks to the bravery of the soldiers, proper logistics, brilliance of commanders they could reorganize the frontlines with their reserves after all soviet industry got the back of the soviet union. There, fixed it for you.

    • @The Paranoid well but germany could have won

    • @Sebi Steckert and yeah ussr lost most of it's elite units in the start of the war but thanks to the harsh winter they could reorganize the frontlines with their reserves after all soviet industry got the back of the soviet union

    • @Sebi Steckert no they had their reserves defending there

  • Вот это вскидывание руки в конце немного не очень.


  • Anyone on CS-tv: defames USSR Russians: from the mountains and the plains, coming thousands on the trains, day and night they're rolling in to join the fight

  • As the grandson of a German immigrant who has family who fought on both sides of ww2. (Germany and American) this song makes me proud of my 0% Russian heritage

  • Soviet anthem on last was🔥🔥🔥

  • As a vietnamese this made me proud as being a russian

  • In a strange way the German tank driver reminds me also to a Russian man, an actor, Kirill Käro, and I thought for a long time that he is also in a Russian tank until I checked closer... :D

  • Чел в очках похож на тесака.

  • Привет от Radio Tapok. Ребята крутые!)

  • Two words russian bias

  • Germans: Mass charge sovet onion!!!! Ruskis: Are you sure? US: Hold my drink brb Britain and France back again: Yep im in Japan, Italy: the flip is happening did osoweic do it?

  • My country and I have not been afraid of Russians for centuries, always Polish guilt🇵🇱

  • This was about the only good thing that happened in the soviet union and the only reason it worked was due to nationalism and a fight to defend ones homeland and freedom, values that contradicted the soviet unions usual attitude [but were allowed due to the obvious existential threat of occupation and invasion]. China and Russia could've been so great if they just embraced capitalism, nationalism, human rights and freedom but it's taking them this long and no where near that point. It took the collapse of the Soviet Union to put Russia on the right path and Russia of today is doing a whole lot better than it was under communism and while China remains a communist hellhole the only reason they've been put on the world map is due to Deng Xiaoping embracing capitalism to fund the growth of the Chinese nation. Of course a sudo capitalistic/communist China with extreme control is even more dangerous than a regular communist China, with capitalism they can actually pose a threat instead of being a failing piece of communist garbage. Let's hope the west will stop being blind and focusing on Russia and instead work to unite with Russia against the Chinese threat.

    • @Ken Havens Not once did I ever say capitalism was a form of government and this was made even more clear when I mentioned the fact that the communist party of China opted for a capitalist economic policy and steered away from an communist one while keeping their authoritarian control. Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism in both Russia and China came as a direct result of both countries being lost in a Utopian delusion of creating a perfect "equal, happy and productive" society and every time the goings got tough the economic policy of communism simply failed and as I stated before they were forced to fall back on a capitalist economy policy [this is present both in the modern day reforms of China and even during WW2 of opening up sudo-free trade in Russia despite it previously being banned]. The economic policy of communism has ALWAYS at best failed when it was stress tested and there is not a single instance of it working, period. Sure many socialists opposed the Authoritarian nature of the Bolsheviks but the truth remains the same, the pursuit of a perfect utopian communist society has ALWAYS resulted in it's antithesis and not once has the economic policy of communism worked either. If Russia DIDN'T go down this line of thinking and instead tried to do what worked with other democratic nations I have a feeling they would be monumental superpowers and wouldn't have experienced nearly as many hardships as they had to. In terms of China both the communists and the Kuomintang most likely would've led down a bad path [with the Kuomintang simply being the right wing version of the Authoritarian China of today] and unlike Russia they didn't have many chances to get together and pursue a different solution [especially with the Japanese invading and fighting amongst themselves]. Russia on the other hand DID have that option but instead of thinking outside the box they focused purely on subsets of socialism and this uneventful period lasted all the way from the end of Tsarist Russia until the Bolsheviks finally took control. Blighted revolution after revolution fought for warped ideals and only to be handed over to a Authoritarian power by the end. If they allowed their ideals of equality and freedom to be uncorrupted and instead were open to an economic system of capitalism to allow for prosperity and weren't completely absorbed by marx's teaching and instead thought outside the box and sought only equality, freedom and prosperity things may of turned out differently.

    • You are confusing a economic system with a theory of gov't. The word you are looking for is Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism. Both left and right wing gov'ts ( Fascim on the right Communism on the left ) are both run by aouthoritarians without political checks and balances. Capitalism tends to be neutral as long as the profit machine keeps working. The best gov't economic systems imo are Social Democracy where capitalism plays a role in creating a strong economy but the political organs work to use those profits to educate and raise the standard of living for the greatest number who would be effected by it. The rich still do fantastic but the poor and middle class enjoy a better standard of living which makes for a more productive and stable happier society.

  • I really like how you guys got the Soviet national anthem mixed into the song and for the mouther land for mouther Russia urrrraaaa comrades

  • How Many Tanks were you thinking for this video? Yes

  • 👍✊🇸🇰✊🇷🇺✊🇨🇿✊🌟👍

  • Just finished studying Russian history and see this dropped, perfect timing to truly appreciate this song lmao

  • U make a old Soviet proud

  • Conquering Moscow didn't mean the end of Russians, but the end of tyrant Stalin.

    • @Kotlet Schabowy That's not true about the Eastern Front in WW2 because after the war the US allowed the Nazi generals to lie trough their teeth about the war. And the plan to kill every Slav in Eastern Europe is a fact not propaganda not like the Germans were shy about saying that aloud.

    • @Ranko Orović History was written by the winners. Stop repeating these lies.

    • @Kasrikin Demicleas So the Nazis were protecting Jews across Europe by putting them in camps?There was 600 000 Jews in the Red Army some off them were generals.

    • @Ranko Orović but the Soviets planned to wipe out every Jew from Warsaw to Paris.

    • @Kotlet Schabowy Nazi plan was to kill every single Slav from Warsaw to Vladivostok terribly sorry we resisted that.

  • caramba

  • Hi, i am a 59 years old german. My Grandfather was a soldier in North Africa under command of Erwin Rommel. No one soldier in this time have a choice to select their mission. Tears in my eyes for all the brave soldiers from Russia, United Kingdom , France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and many mores , who died in the 2 WW. They are never forgotten in our hearts.... Thank you Sabbaton to hounor all soldiers in WW2

  • none of this would have happened if the russians didn't opened that curse tomb of timur

  • Отдельное огромное спасибо за гимн. Очень мощно получилось! Очень! Более быстрый темп насытил песню, как и соло на гитаре. Тапку не в обиду, но именно эта песня отправляется на звонок)

  • I love this song.

  • Потрясаще!!! Волшебно!!! Невероятно круто!!!

  • Спасибо! Что живу!

  • Поражён, удивлен, горжусь Тапком. Спасибо Sabaton...

  • Thank You very much!

  • Good Job Guys!


  • USSR - great power!

  • This video is banned in germany probably bc nazi symbolism laws or some shit FUCKIN POGGER SONG THOUGH

  • 🖤🖤🖤

  • helmets in the ussr were different! In the video, they are English or other royals and countries! Это не каски СССР!

  • No step back!

  • Hello , Sabaton , can you make Battle Of Kursk next or Battle Of Stalingrad

    • @КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро oh found it but its pretty old and pretty bad to be honest the words in the song alright i guess but the Singing and the music is awful so i really want a better version of the song

    • @КП-92 Прищепа Дмитро Stalingrad?

    • @Ranko Orović Nema baš dobro spominje se Phokhorovka ali obicno je ta pesma povezana i za neke ostale bitke bar mislim. Inače lepo sto si našo znam vec za ovu pesmu ali ne spominje se Kursk

    • Evo ti pjesma za Kursk:

    • They have both though

  • Клип-то хороший, но почему танкист сидит на фоне торпедных аппаратов подводной лодки, почему у него звезда из ткани и почему у пехотинцев каски из ГДР?

    • И почему небо черное??? Да просто Сабатон делал творческое произведение, а не историческую реконструкцию, с главной целью передать дух и энергетику тех событий.

  • First don't attack Russia, but second, don't attack Slavs altogether, we all know how it ends. Respect to all the Soviets who fought in war for us to live today

  • Спасибо большое)))

  • почему из казахстана в магадан?

    • из Казахстана прибыла дивизия Панфилова

    • @Сергей Т. похоже перевод субтитров меня спутал

    • От Казахстана до Магадана -- метафора, говорящая о том, что защищать Москву идут войска со всей страны.

  • Every time I listen to this I turn the volume up 10% I am currently at 4500%

  • only me thought the man on the icon looks like Mr.Bean?

  • You body when covid-19 enter your body be like

  • 1:26, judging by the clip, it's Zhukov, but why does he have Wehrmacht shoulder straps?) but this is a small thing, your clip is super, it is better than 90% of Russian films about the war, thank you very much

    • behind the hysterical uniform, and the fight is close to the real one-in the film 28 Panfilov men.

  • We all mistake Russian mentality. From a US civ lol... almost... greatest

  • Красавцы! Круто все сделали!!

  • Proud to be a Russian.. I love my country.. Bdw I was an indian 1 min back

  • the Soviet Union forever!

  • Anyone else wonder what a collab with The Hu would sound like for a song about Genghis Khan?

    • well, what was his national idea?Rob a large horde of small states, have fun that they fought against an equal opponent, no,what's the song about then?

    • It would be epic!

  • Holy crap THAT WAS BADASS!

  • This song makes you shout "faster, we are missing the battle" to the wolga boatsmen💪

  • good shit man yall are far too big to troll you hahaha, when words fail music speaks!

  • Nawalny has left the chat

  • Loved that national anthem solo

  • Cheap method to hype Sabaton ))

  • I Love this! CS-tv why did. recommend this so late ?!

    • @Sabaton thanks! On Board of bismarck and the Kriegsmarine? 😉🔥🔥🔥 Greetings from Germany!

    • It's never too late. Welcome on board!

  • kommunist band !

  • Ооо, строчка про Казахстан и Магадан такая хорошая))