SABATON - The First Soldier (Official Lyric Video)

čas přidán 18. 01. 2023
The official lyric video for "The First Soldier" by Sabaton. Taken from the EP "Heroes of The Great War".
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========= The First Soldier LYRICS ==========

Before the war, he wanted more
And ran away from home
The War to End All Wars had called his name

Outcast, an unlikely soldier
Barely worth his uniform
Emerging as a devil dressed in blue

Being the lone survivor
At the trenches in Alsace
One man holds the line

From the south to the front to the battlefield
From a farm to a hero of France
Served his country courageous and fearless
As he halts the Kaiser’s advance

From the south to the front into no man’s land
From a farm to the end of the road
Son of France he is the first on the frontline
Coming home
Coming home, let his story be known

Glorious, victorious
Protector of the tomb
Memories of his deeds, the cross of war

He’s a decorated soldier, he’s the pride of the uniform
Echoes from the past his story told

Lined up for execution
Saved his captain’s life
One man holds the line

========= Historic Fact ==========

France’s Albert Severin Roche became known as “The First Soldier” of France for his heroism and bravery. Despite his small stature and his peers’ scepticism, by the end of WW1 Albert had more than proved himself, having captured over 1,180 prisoners while fighting for the French Army.

Read our article about him 👉

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


  • France’s Albert Severin Roche became known as “The First Soldier” of France for his heroism and bravery. Despite his small stature and his peers’ scepticism, by the end of WW1 Albert had more than proved himself, having captured over 1,180 prisoners while fighting for the French Army. Read our article about him 👉 ➞ SUBSCRIBE for more Sabaton: ➞ MERCHANDISE Official Store:

    • How about The lonely queen of the north and Bismarck’s sister. Tirpitz. You can tell a story of how the British plan to take her down

    • The eagle and the bear and the dragon mentioned in the King James Version Bible is not America or China or Russia. The eagle and the bear and the dragon mentioned in the King James Version Bible is Rome. But everyone is afraid of Rome so they blame Carolyn Etter. Me.

    • everything you make is good

    • Great record, great account about Albert Roch, should be made into a film if it hasn't already.

    • 🤣 🤣 🤣 🕗

  • For those who never heard of Albert Roch, he once stopped an entire offensive alone cause he was the only one still alive in his trench. German had thrown an offensive after a massive artillery attack. Albert was the only survivor. He took the weapons of the deads and put them in line on the trench. And when the germans where close, he ran accross the trench and fire every guns. So the germans retreated because they thought an entire army was still there. But it was only Albert Roch. Thanks you Sabaton for the song about one of our hero !

    • @Benjamin Demers I was making a reference to doofenshmirtz. If I had a nickel for every time *insert random thing* happened, I'd have two nickels, but it's weird that it happened twice

    • @Jared Joseph Songheng Well... Yes. What are the odds of two people making the enemy believe they were a whole army in separate wars, and them both speaking the same language while being from different countries, never having met each other and heard about each other?

    • ​@Aiden McKenna 1 vs 1500 in Zwolle go brrr

    • ​@Benjamin Demers But it's weird that it happened twice?

    • @juste un fan yes, his video are awesome XD

  • Heureusement que Sabaton est là pour nous parler d'un héro français honteusement oublié de notre histoire . L'éducation nationale devrait prendre exemple et nous enseigner notre vraie histoire pas celle de la doxa dominante . Enfin bref , un grand merci à Sabaton, continuez comme ça , vous êtes géniaux !!!! Et surtout , surtout vive la France !!!!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

    • L’histoire ne l’a pas oublier ! Bien au contraire !! C’est les français qui oublie ou ils apprennent pas !

    • Très bien dit Alan !

  • Merci au groupe Sabaton pour cet hommage rendu à l'un des plus grands soldats et héros français de la première guerre mondiale. Même si la chanson ne relate qu'une partie des exploits d'Albert Roche, elle reste quand même géniale.

  • As a French-Canadian this fills me with a patriotic energy!! Vive le France!!

    • Apres le Québec a Leo Major pendant la 2nd guerre

    • Dans ce cas, il faut une chanson sur Léo Major pour que cela soit réciproque.

    • Vive *la France

    • On ne passe pas!

    • @Lionel Messi le bon vieux Québec

  • Being French and from Alsace-Lorraine, I am very touched to see such a beautiful song about one of our heroes and our army. Albert Séverin Roche was a hero, like many others. Thank you for continuing to bring the honor of our soldiers to life.

    • Pour info Roche était Dromois.

    • @Manu Lgt Bah le mec est en pure provoc, le Serment de Koufra pour lui ça doit être une recette de couscous, ne nourris pas l troll mon ami ;)

    • @Survivory Tube Pour moi, les vrais Alsaciens sont des frères, des fils et petit fils de résistant ayant combattu pour la même cause. Je connais une bonne paire d'Alsaciens, tes propos les dégoûterai.

    • Est-ce qu'on rajoute le Sundgau francophone à cette conversation, pour le plaisir de la provoc' ? X)

  • This man deserves so much more recognition than he gets. He had a TREMENDOUS pair of solid brass balls. If I found myself in a battle, I would want a man like him on my side.

    • @Ackalan its only that one time really. Dude volonteered to check on a machine gun position, threw a grenade in and brought back a bunch of german prisoners wielding their own machine guns. He was alone

    • I wouldn't, since he was the only survivor.

  • I call it the "Sabaton Effect". It describes the immediate passion and patriotism for a random country one gets after hearing a song of them!

    • Patriotism for a strong noble race that fights against tyrants and for their brothers. Pride for the nation of humanity

    • this has been on urban dictionary for like 2 years now

    • Seriously though if Sabaton could somehow make a song about some obscure island like Jan Mayen I would feel patriotic for it

    • @Gordon Freeman the effectaton

    • @Joakim Hultman Some people get a Sabaton song. Karl XII got a Sabaton rock opera.

  • I am not French, but this song fills me with patriotic pride. Vive la France!

  • Albert Roche needs more recognition, what a legend. Thank you Sabaton once again for making sure this legend is not forgotten. Vive la France.

    • @Red Hausser Perhaps, though his incident that almost lead to an unjust execution can make things go both ways.

    • Overseer, should this individual be cataloged as an anomaly? His deeds are too awesome to be real!

    • @Gideon Ransom No worries, Mr.Ransom. My identity is well hidden and protected by the foundation itself, but I appreciate your concerns. Any attempts will have severe consequences. - O5-7

    • Overseer, you should not be engaging with the public so openly. The platform and thus your identity may be compromised.

  • Being a war hero at 20. Dying at 44 crashed by a car while leaving a bus because you're not careful enough. That's legendary.

    • @Marc Villie still lost either way

    • @Marc Villie they were so excited to launch it!

    • Germany waited for his death before launching the WW2 'cause they fear him to win alone. XD

  • Merci pour cet hommage ! Au nom de toute la France ! Et Vive Albert Roche !

  • dear members of Sabaton, i had a job interview today i was nervous as hell but during the trip in my car i blasted this song to be inspired by the bravery of albert roche and most of all to be motivated and i got the job! thank you guys that might be silly but you helped me in a way

    • Believe it or not I did the same. It came automatically in my mouth as I approached the personnel manager's door and played in my head throughout the whole interview. Now I 'm waiting for their answer but anyway I enjoyed it.🤘

    • Congratulations Harry! We couldn't be happier to help 😉

  • This man (Albert Roche) is unfortunately forgotten even in my country and yet his life and what he did during the First World War deserves respect. In a normal world there would be a movie about him Thank you Sabaton !

    • Not on France bro. Antimilitarism is too strong there.

    • S'il avait été américain ça aurait pas traîné. Il est français et puis avec tout ce frenchbashing on ne verra jamais un film sur ce héro.

    • @vitriolicAmaranth Unless you have experience with other worlds you can't exactly say that.

    • @Blaze Observes there are no heroes in war. there are only other soldiers waiting for your life. in fact, the fewer soldiers the better for the people because there are less losses and if the 3rd reich conquered france nothing would change you would just speak german in paris.

    • If it's any comfort, he has an entire Sabaton song about him... and it's a damn good song I say.

  • I cannot stop listening to this song! This is among the most repeatable songs ever made, so much passion, bravery, and devotion! You can feel passion for this man and his heroism as a son of France, with all love from California I salute this warrior of Alsace. Love how it also make him look like a French Rocky, fitting for he was a fighter and defeated doubts to achieve honor and glory. VIVE LA FRANCE!!

    • Sabaton made him look like Rocky despite Albert Roche was denied going to frontline for poor physical condition and being too short... So he did several indisciplines sufficient to be told a death sentence, which was to be sent to the front... Arrived there, he barely escaped being executed for cowardness, but the officer he saved made it back in time to stop it... Roche ended the war as a Private, with Legion of honour, Military medal, and as one with the most citations of the war... he captured 1180 enemies, and was presented to France by Marshal Foch as the First Soldier of France...

    • Amitiés de France

    • Yeah, a French Rocky small af lol More like as a French Steven Rogers

    • Merci mec !


  • Merci Sabaton de rendre honneur à notre beau pays 🇫🇷 Banger song

  • Albert Roche. This is the first time I have heard of him and he is already one of my favourite badasses of history. Lots of love to France from Australia 🇦🇺❤🇨🇵

    • Hi from france. You australian had also your own Albert during ww1. Albert Jacka a famous one also.

    • and thanks to the Australian soldiers for having traveled thousands of miles to come to sacrifice their lives and their youth to help my country (and twice) we are eternally grateful

    • Well, you australian friends shall not be jealous, for you also have a quite famous badass Albert soldier in your national history as well: Albert Jacka ! This dude from your country was an incredible hero as well !

    • @alex jar Yup the Anzac troops were top notch soldiers in world war 1 and 2.

    • A small joke I found somewhere : "If we had put two Albert in the same trench, we would have won WW1 in three days". It was refering to both Albert Roche and Albert Jacka. So, many thanks to the Australians, and to the Anzac for their help and support during these harsh times !

  • It's official Sabaton have done it again producing another awesome song that is very enjoyable to listen to 🤘

    • Thank you Iain!

  • Merci Sabaton pour cet hommage à ce héros français que j'ai pu connaître grâce à vous 😊🇫🇷 vous êtes vraiment un groupe légendaire et WAOUW C'EST VRAIMENT UNE CHANSON INCROYABLE😄😄 💙

    • Merci Melanight! 🙏🙏

  • Thank you Sabaton for being modern day bards. I just went to visit family and my young relative was listening to you guys and was learning about history, where he otherwise is completely checked out from such things. It is a pity but I was shown a ray of hope in his appreciation for your music.

    • @Violator41 agreed

    • Many teachers don't know how to inspire students. All it takes is one who can make learning the subject fun or interesting, and they're hooked. I got lucky and my first teacher at secondary school had that spark. Within a year, I went from not caring about history, to writing my own abscence note in hieroglyphics and getting my Mum to sign it. I got my Mum to buy a whole fish so I could try to mummify it. We were asked to do 1 page of A4 on the Roman legions, and I did 11, it included diagrams of formations and marching camps. Sabaton can fill that need for a lot of people, inspire a fascination with history when school teachers fail to evoke that sense of awe and wonder history deserves.

    • @Violator41 agreed

    • my history teacher from my second school allways spend last 10 minutes of class tunning up a song of sabaton its how i came to enjoy the band

    • @thesithlord 101 That is magnificent

  • As a french person, I'm very proud my country is part of the Sabaton's masterpiece! Merci Sabaton et continuer!

  • Im from Poland, and i can feel the patriotism Viva La france

    • Same for me when i listen uprising I am 🇨🇭 but it's the magic of Sabaton!

    • 🇫🇷❤🇵🇱

  • En tant que français je plutôt content que l’on fasse découvrir un héros !

  • Vive la France ! Vive la liberté et merci aux alliés ! Super chanson !🤘🏻

  • I never heard of this guy before but I love this song it's awesome 🇺🇸🇫🇷

  • Mad respect to Sabaton for teaching about history for decades with bangers, talented mad lads

    • @Andres Ortiz They release separate history videos for the songs on their history channel

    • 🤌🏼

    • @Andres Ortiz bit it does help us teachers to explain and illustrate who Albert Severin Roche was and how the Great War had some interesting individuals too.

    • History is not a boring subject and is actually VERY important to learn and understand. Problem is most people suck at teaching it by making it boring. Making it all dates and names rather than interesting stories with interesting details. Sabaton... Doesn't have that problem. They know how to make history interesting and even entertaining while also honoring the stories of those their songs are about.

  • Superbe histoire, je suis fier de l'histoire de mon pays et de ses héros 🇨🇵 Cette histoire mériterait qu'on en fasse un film ! Merci et bravo au groupe Sabaton ! Et un grand merci la chaîne Nota Bené d'en avoir parlé !

  • as a citizen of Russia I declare, I am proud of France for the fact that we had such allies. I love you french brothers

    • ​@Anders Termansen come on mate. I'm sure Sabaton wouldn't like politics being dragged into their comments

    • ​@Russell Storm God bless the US from France ❤

    • we love you too ❤

    • @Anders Termansen yeah, (uk)ruine showed your democracy in 2014, when bombed dombass and lugansk. nice democracy) heroes - its about neonazi from azov?

  • I'm from Italy and I've always admired the courage and the "panache" of ww1 french soldiers, whose valour is not honoured enough..

  • Are there and rich French guys here who can turn this guy into a Netflix series? Mr Roche definitely deserves it.

    • ​@Illona Karl-Fuyu Audie was so famous and impressive that his story was inexplicably sent back in time five years to inspire the creators of Steve Rogers.

    • @FleetAdmiralDouglas First publication for captain America in december 1940. First time Audie Murphy saw action in the 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily. So he could cause he is a hero but he wasn't.

    • @Illona Karl-Fuyu I thought that was Audie Murphy? Audie Murphy was basically Captain America but without out the supersoldier serum, he was like how Steve Rogers was described before he got the serum- and I would say he STILL managed to out-do the Cap.

    • already done , as he is the model for captain america.

  • Because of Sabaton, what we do in our life truly echoes in eternity, and heroes are not forgotten.

  • Un grand merci à vous d'avoir honoré notre plus prestigieux soldat de la grande guerre. Salutation amicale de France.🇨🇵🤝🤘🇸🇪

    • N'est-ce pas

    • J'ai clairement versé un larme ^^

    • Un héros mérite une si belle chanson🤘🏻

    • Albert Séverin Roche ❤remercie les Vikings ✌✌✌✌

  • The music is dope and even in France he isn't known so thank you for "letting his story be known" to everyone out there.

    • @Shakya 00 chaîne CS-tv

    • ​@Tbuxt⚜ C'est quoi "Odieux Connard" ?

    • Well... unless you are one of many French who watch Odieux Connard ;)

  • This song has the same energy as blood of Bannockburn. Something about it simply works as it seems hopeful yet almost like actualy 'there was hope' as in the past tense and now in the present, what is left is pride. I think that is one of the things that makes Sabaton great.

    • Part of that is that this and Blood of Bannockburn are the only two Sabaton songs in major keys (as far as I know)

  • Merci beaucoup pour cet émouvant hommage et vive la paix.


  • As Albert was my great grand uncle, he's been part of my family's lore forever. It's really interesting to see him become more known those last years. I find it important that in a war known for its slaughters, his heroism was also saving comrades and capturing ennemies. It was already quite moving to hear his name during président Macron's speech in the Panthéon 3 years ago, but now a whole song in his honor, that's truly something unexpected. So many thanks for that!

  • I just barely came across this one yesterday. And I haven't been able to stop listening to it. His total-underdog, zero to hero story brings tears to my eyes every single time. I'm so happy Yarnhub collaborated with you guys! My favorite part is when he picks up and starts running with the tricolor during the solo. He's like Captain America, Audie Murphy and Rocky all in one brave Frenchman! First Soldier of All France, the pride of the uniform!

  • I love this song so much. As a german i salute! Soldier honour is important! Viva la france

  • Enfin une musique sur nos héros ! Merci !🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • I seriously love it when metal bands just straight-up write a song in a major key. I wish more of them did this!

  • Un Grand Merci au groupe SABATON !…👏🏻👍🏻 Il faut qu’un groupe Suédois nous rappelle l’histoire de France et ses héros. Alors que ce pays devient décadent et qu’il m’épuise son histoire. Encore merci à tous les Suédois et leur groupe de métal Sabaton🎉

  • I am French, 30+ years old, and it is the first time I heard about Albert Roche. It is a shame, this person should be famous. Thank you, Sabaton

    • @Farmace Rhaiden Le CNC donne de l'argent à tout projets qui se concrétise. Faudrait vous renseigner en premier

    • @Wojtyła Winkor-Gawryluk during ww2 too! even if some pseudo internet historians have forgotten it, the french army during the french campaign had 90,000 killed and 250,000 wounded, worse losses than at verdun when france was fighting almost alone (with the rest of the Belgian army, the Poles and 2 British divisions) after the evacuation of Dunkirk against Germany and Italy.

    • The French Shonen

    • 🇫🇷=🏳️‍🌈

    • Sabaton = Kings

  • Salutes to this Ultimate Soldier, to this hero of france, and to each and every soldier of all sides who fought in this bloody massacre.

  • Etant Francais,jamais entendu parlé de ce héros dans mes livres d histoire scolaire.Merci à ces musiciens pour (re)faire parler de cet homme.

  • I am French and I would like to thank you very much, Sabaton, for this touching tribute to Albert Severin Roche, the first soldier of France in 14-18. If his memory had been unfortunately forgotten, I hope (and the comments seem to show it) that his story can again find interest and finally become eternal in the collective memory. I hope you could respond favorably to the request of the mayor of Réauville to organize a concert there. Thanks for everything and keep on doing what you are doing, you are the best! Vive la France !

    • Thank you for your kind comment George! 🙏🙏

  • A tout nos héros français et alliés qui ont combattu où combattent encore pour la Liberté ! Merci 🇨🇵

  • damn this music stays in my head it's a great one "HERO OF FRANCE"

  • "I know nothing about French history" Play this song once: *"Now i'm French patriot and i must defend France at all cost"* Much love from Sweden 🇸🇪❤️🇫🇷

    • Love from france

    • French foreign legion want to have a talk with you then ;)

    • That's the good spirit my friend ! love from France

    • That's what I love about Sabaton. They sing about the PEOPLE that fought the wars.

    • Love from France my Swedish Brother !

  • C'est fou qu'on puisse se sentir tout petit devant un homme de 1m58 ! Un très bel hommage

  • Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 émotions fortes. Magnifique ♥️😍😘

    • @Sabaton First of all i magicaly without any prior Spanish knowledge just translated these comments with my brain. Second of all thanks for teaching me history, motivating me to do things i wouldn‘t normally do, cheering me up and overall being a great band. Love from Switzerland 🇨🇭❤️🇸🇪 Skål

    • Merci Joanna! 🤘

  • Déjà 1 mois que ce son est sorti et il est toujours autant incroyable ! Merci à Sabaton de mettre au jour l’un de nos vaillants soldats dont l’histoire est malheureusement très peu connue !

  • This song is absolutely amazing and the story of Albert Roche is even better. But that damn image of him walking proud with his country’s flag waving on his shoulder, THAT is what does it for me with the video! Gives me chills and pride! Even though I am American my family does have roots in France so I definitely feel proud of that heritage with this song and story! 🇫🇷 🇺🇸

  • Albert Roche un des plus grand héros de la premier guerre ! Des milliers de prisonniers, des lignes ennemis prises seul, des tranches tenu seul il y a des dixaines d'histoire sur cette légende. Merci sabaton j'ai bien cru que vous alliez passé à côté de notre captain America a nous

    • @UnPouletFermier une "tranchée" de pain ? 🤡👏

    • @Sean Winters What you should find interesting is that the word "trench" comes from the old French "trenche", which has the same meaning as "slice". Hence, when you say "trench" you actually (in an etymological way) say "slice". But anyway, regarding the modern language, you are confusing "tranchée" and "tranche". It's not a problem to be ignorant of the French language but, in that case, it's ludicrous to pretend to make interesting puns with it.

    • @poik1752 brakuje Rambo I Policjantów San Tropez z Luisem de Funes ,który był kuzynem mojej familii Hetmanczykow

    • J'ai comme l'impression de ne pas être le seul à avoir le blog de l'Odieux Connard dans mes favoris. 😉

    • @Matthew Vanston Oulah, pas du tout C'était 19000 hommes de la Wehrmacht, la colonne Ester, dont la grande majorité étaient des conscrits venus soit de branches paramilitaires (police, douane, marine) soit de la société civile directement. Ils étaient coupés du reste de l'armée allemande, bloqués au Nord par une division d'infanterie US, à l'est par la colonne Schneider française, entourés par plus de 6000 résistants locaux et harcelés par l'aviation alliée. La seule issue était de pousser vers l'Ouest, alors qu'ils étaient vers Orléans ; ça ne faisait que délayer l'effusion de sang. McPherson n'a rien fait d'incroyable, il a juste négocié la reddition d'une colonne qui était déjà encerclée. Rien à voir avec Roche qui fait trente prisonniers à lui seule alors qu'une heure plus tôt il se faisait interroger au fin fond d'une tranchée allemande par un officier teuton armé.

  • This song sent chills down my spine. Love it

  • I will cry with pride, thank you Sabaton for paying tribute to Albert Roche

  • La vie d'Albert Roche devrait être enseignée a l'école Cet homme est un grand de France First soldier of France

  • This band doesn't know how to make bad songs.

    • @David Cheney well yes but "Bismarck's" CGI was made by wargaming, a lot of $ spent on it. And then there's this abomination of a 3d animation.

    • @pff pffovich ​ you do know the battleship in Bismarck was CGI? Same with the planes coming in and torpedoing the ship. Aka 3D. They couldn’t attack and sink a real ship made exactly like the Bismarck.

    • @Nils Teegen Well let's look at it honestly. Their 3d animations look hilarious. But the songs are bangers. Their best MV was Bismark that had none of THAT 3d.

    • @Briar Deline does the music video really matter if the song is a banger?

  • Wow , he is literally the first soldier of france and he did very daring deeds to stop the germans, he alone on the offensive and in the trench and a massive artillery attack was the only survivor and when he was interrogated he got a gun and hilled his german interrogator among others and will be remembered in french history as the first soldier in ww1. Vive le france.

  • Thank you Sabaton for giving Albert Roche the fame he deserves! This soldier with an exceptional career died just before the invasion of 1940, as if the Germans had waited for his death before attacking, for fear of being blocked as in 1914! At least two of my great-great grandfathers fought in 1914, one was an alpine hunter and the other an artilleryman, which did not prevent him from being buried underground three times at Verdun because of shell explosions. I was able to keep some of his belongings, including his helmet and his bag, as well as his veteran's card.

    • @General Panzerfaust you mean after? Hahaha

    • @João Duarte Azevedo The craziest thing is that Albert Roche was in the 27th Alpine Hunter Bataillon while mine was in the 28th (from January to April 1915) and then in the 5th until the end of the war... All three of them composed the 66th "Blue" Division which participated to the Battle of the Somme and In the terrible offensive on the Chemin des Dames, In Craonne (where a well-known french anti-war song was composed). And if you want to know how do i know that, it's because in France most of the military archives are available on the internet, where i did my researches...

    • I'm sure you are honoring his service with care... Bravo!

  • So… someone please tell me why there aren’t more artists like Sabaton out there? I mean I know the Longest Johns did that one song about the Mont Blanc. But the world needs more music about history. And lets be honest. Your more likely to retain the knowledge from Sabaton’s songs than you are learning about it in any school or university.

    • A part of the reason is because metal and rock bands tend to struggle with finding renown. Anything harder than soft-rock typically isn't played on larger radio stations, and the mainstream music industry in general cares much less for promoting rock and metal than it does for pop and rap. Then there's the fact that in order to be as successful as Sabaton, you really have to have passion and knowledge in the subject in order to achieve the same level of quality. I would imagine that a lot of bands simply either don't have interest, or would prefer to write about personal reflections more-so than history.

    • Serenity, Desert, and Civil War are 3 historical metal bands (Serenity is Symphonic Historical Metal, Desert is Historical dark/heavy metal, and Civil war is extremely similar to Sabaton (*likely because Civil War has a bunch of former Sabaton members)

    • The only one I've come across is Karliene (not sure if I spelled it right) but she does a different kind of music

  • Albert Roche is litteraly a Shonen Protagonist, start as the underestimated, rebellious kid, becoming a hero that even Kings and Marechals respect :'D It's just really sad he died so early by being run over by a car :/

    • Wtf, that's the same level of heartbreakingly disappointing as hearing the Crocodile Hunter was killed by a stingray of all things.

    • Just prior to WW2 too, Germany was afraid of him until the end


  • Merci à vous les gars !! Merci d'honorer ce soldat de 2eme classe que moi-même, je ne connaissais pas! Un sans grade Français qui est pire que Rambo!! J'achèterai votre album.. je ferais un mashup sur Stargate Atlantis ( ManofMysteria) si je peux avec un de vos titres.. Merci ❤️ ❤️.. xo

  • Good to see Sabaton reaching more and more Frenchies Compliments from Down Under 🇦🇺

  • I can not express how much I needed this song. My great grandma who helped raise me who i've seen almost everyday of my life passed away today. She was 97 years old. Thank you Sabaton for making the pain a little bit more manageable with this song. 🎸🎵🎶

    • Man, this was made around the same time my grandma passed too. Same story. Hope you're holding up okay, buddy.

    • Im so sorry for your loss in germany we say (thats no joke): Mein Beileid

    • God, be with Joe today and comfort him in this difficult time. In Jesus'name amen.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Feel hugged 😢

    • @Max Haly I have the same problem, but hey, don’t be sad, they are waiting for you in heaven

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  • Merci de rendre hommage à nos vieux soldats français, dont mon grand père faisait parti , long live sabaton ,thank 😉 .Que la paix arrive pour tous

    • Sûr en plus ils partaient de leur campagne et ils se retrouvaient à Belfort au 35 ri pour partir vers la mort Quand il est revenu chez nous dans ses montagnes d Auvergne la première chose qu il a fait c est d enlever toutes ses frusques devant la ferme pour aller se laver pour enlever l odeur de la mort .cela m a été raconté bien sûr je n y étais pas et les hommes chez moi ne racontaient pas la guerre ni 14.18 ni 39.40 ce sont mes grand mères qui me racontaient. Chez nous dans la margeride nous avons un petit musée de la resistance Le mont mouchet à voir. La finance a vidé nos campagnes de leurs enfants , mais ça à l'époque ils ne le savaient pas. Il faut que ce soit un groupe de métal qui rende hommage à nos vieux c est fou non.Merci a toi

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    • @linus jonsson Exactly my point, and yes, I do believe they will start playing "safer" from now on but as long as it is interesting and cool, I won't complain hahahaha. The I do agree that they should do more modern conflicts BUT... They still haven't made songs about Napoleon. I am extremely disappointed and my day ruined.

    • @larsuppling It is both 💀

    • You should check out the song which from they got the melody - Men Without Hats - Safety Dance. It's quite funny how such a laid back unserious tune can be made into a patriotic and uplifting orchestra! Great song nonetheless.

    • @Tomas Tobon Jaramillo IS it outrageous or unfair? perhaps both? xD

    • I've been listening since 2008. I was 31. You just made me feel older than a Great War museum relic.

  • I've been listening to you guys for two and a half years non stop! I saw you guys at my very first concert in Las Vegas, and I caught a pick from Chris! I also have a request. Can you guys make a song about Desmond Doss? I think his Legendary actions deserve a Legendary song from the most Legendary band! Thank you. Love this new song by the way.

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    • @Milk You're right, Fields of Verdun is totally a French one, this battle was fought and won by the French.

    • Champs de Verdun et Primo Victoria sont des chansons qui font références à la France, la première sur la bataille de Verdun, la deuxième sur la libération de l’Europe et le débarquement en Normandie.

    • You could argue fields of verdun was a French one

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    • *Winter war flashbacks*

    • Fun fact about northmen (vikings) and France, during viking raids more than one thousand years ago, some decided to stay in France. In exhange for stoping their raids, keeping peace, and becoming catholics they were offerend lands from the french king. Since then, this region is know in France as "Normandie" ("lands of the Northmen").

    • @That one guy with a sword Pardon? je te rappelle que se sont les anglais qui se sont replié de notre flanc sans nous prévenir qui ont permis à la Wehrmacht de nous prendre en tenaille.. Quand on connait pas l'histoire on dit rien au risque de passer pour un inculte...

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  • Большой респект Вам ребята за ваши труды, за качество, стремление рассказать всему миру о позабытых историях нашего мира! Продолжайте в том-же направлении! Дай Вам и Вашим близким здоровья, любви добра!

    • @Anders Termansen whats Ukraine has anything to do with this comment?

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  • By the end of World War One, Albert had been wounded nine times, and had personally captured 1,180 prisoners. Just wow

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  • Even though I have never been to France and don't know much about The Great War. It fills me with pride to hear a story of such bravery and honor from humble beginnings and if I could meet this soldier today I would salute and have the utmost respect for what he did. Viva Le France.

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  • Father is a very dark and you can feel the gloom from it. This song, however, is very uplifting and makes you feel like you can take on entire armies yourself, and I love it!

    • @Damien Drouart Better he captured more than 1000 germans alone and never disrespected the germans and pushed them to surrender instead of dying for nothing.

    • @Lechat relou idk for Ballad of Bull but fir Christmas Truce you take the enemy army head on in a soccer match or snowball fight

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    • in the playlist it is just before father

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  • Yet another hero lost to obscurity, a man whose story is being told once again. I stumbled across Sabaton purely by accident, seeing a fan made video to the music of “The Last Stand”. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. As both a lover of history and a veteran I love this. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for more. Meantime I’ll be doing research on this man. Thank you Sabaton.

    • @Call Me Spence: I did see that one and it was awesome, but the one I saw first was by Moonumental. The content of the video was WWII, which I know wasn’t what the song was about, but it was my introduction to Sabaton.

    • @The Imperium: It’s the one about the sack of Rome and the Swiss Guard covering the escape of the Pope.

    • That fan video you saw i bet was made by Knight SGC. Dude makes great music videos

    • @The Imperium I had a similar experience, but it was from one of Marco Yolo's "For Honor" CS-tv videos.

    • I found them via pirated hoi4 and the dead men fan video. I was going to find them someday somewhere

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