Sadie Sink on Why the Fashion in Stranger Things 3 Is the Best Yet | Who What Wear

čas přidán 27. 06. 2019
Watch Sadie Sink divulge secrets from the set of Stranger Things season 3 and drop hints on what's to come for the new season.
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  • I like her so much. i like her face her voice and her red hair.

  • Am I the only one who finds her voice soothing???

  • ok I’m in love with her

  • wow. thats all i can say

  • I have crush on her

  • Sadie is amazing 💞

  • Pretty my Sadie😍😍😘😘😘👌👌👌

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  • She has kind of a California accent... I thought she was born and raised in Texas?

  • she’s so baby

  • God, I love her💖😔✊

  • Fresh from the wardrobe of the Manson family.

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  • sadie is so precious oml shes just complimenting the who cast

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  • I wanna meet her so bad shes so gorgeous and sweet!

  • She looks like Sophie Turner


  • Sadie!!❤️❤️

  • 💖

  • Her voice is so satisfying :3 i love it!

  • Sadie, you are very pretty

  • Just came here to say that i love erica's main outfit on season 3 and i would love to wear it but sadly i'm 19 and people would judge me af and i can't handle too many people looking at me - because erica is a kid and i would be wearing kids clothing -

  • Sadie is so underrated I love her

  • Who else having a crush on her :))?

  • She’s so pretty ahhh😍😍!

  • lumax needs more attention !! 🥺

  • Ok but can we talk about how Sadie is an actual goddess??? Like Ohmygosh she’s so beautiful

  • caleb finn saleb fadie

  • Honestly Sadie is the prettiest and cutest girl I’ve ever seen

  • I love Sadie cause she is just so down to earth. Also her unique style reminds me of phoebe from friends.

  • Max is stunning

  • Sadie is such a pure sweetheart!! Love her, we have to protect her at all costs

  • Vooooiceee ❤️❤️

  • This slut is super fuckable

  • If there would be a live action of Brave. I think Sadie Sink is the perfect fit for the lead role.

  • I love you

  • Love her style

  • season 3 will byers looked pretty tHicC in his short shorts

  • She is so chill and her voice is so calming and beautiful, I could listen to her all day. She is SO underrated btw !

    • she's not underrated

    • M E L I S she’s not underrated

  • Sadie is sooo underrated !

    • Amiera Rice actually she is compared to the rest

    • M E L I S No she’s not lol

  • I love the outfits they are something I would wear

  • I'm in love with her such a talent and chill vibe

  • I love season 3 so much bc it reminded me of my childhood. I love the fashion back then

  • but am i the only one who really thinks she looks like rory from gilmore girls?

  • The outfits in season 3 were GORGEOUS

  • AHHH I love her so much

  • im scared to say but i like sadie

  • Who else thinks that she should play Merida from brave if Disney makes it. Since she’s so good at singing and acting. Also they should have a Disney princess that actually looks and is her age, Sadie is 17 and so is Merida. Please tell me someone agrees with me.

  • Why she lying? 2:00

  • Eleven has the best upgraded wardrobe. I was here for it this season.

  • DCEU. Sadie Sink = Batgirl. ☕ _c.

  • Yea Umm I'm in love❤

  • She’s so cute

  • I love El and Max's styles in the new season so much

  • She is so cute!

  • Sadie needs more attention y'all

    • Amiera Rice no she doesn’t not compared to the rest

    • Maucham Talukdar she gets a bunch of attention lol

  • She's an angel

  • Perfection THERE YOU GO 😍😔