Sadie Sink's LIE That Got Her Role on Stranger Things!

čas přidán 6. 08. 2019
Sadie Sink plays the rebellious skater girl, Max on Stranger Things. But how did she manage to become famous so fast? Did she get along with Millie Bobby Brown? #SadieSink #StrangerThings #MillieBobbyBrown
😍 You SURELY will LOVE this video! Stranger Things Cast JOBLESS Before Season 4?!
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  • Liar she couldn’t skate and they knew that so she practiced on set when she wasn’t doing scenes and she would have gotten the role

  • 1:10 gAAten 😂

  • No they has her train

  • That's great! Check out also my drum interpretation of Stranger synths! Cheers :)!

  • 🤦‍♀️ Stop lying to people, That Isn’t right. You could cause a lot of hate on her, you’re probably some 17 year old that’s jelous of her. But if you’re an adult, shame on you. This video could cause a lot of hate on the 18 year old girl. Grow up man GROW THE FUCK UP.

  • The guy’s voice is cringe already.

  • She didn't lie to get her role, she was just told to practice skating because they knew she couldn't skate.

  • It was an ally she just really wanted the role so she learned how to skate she’s not gonna miss out on a big chance just because she can’t do something that she can learn easily

  • Istg if people keep saying she lied to get her role stranger things💀

  • She never lied about her skating skills...

  • lies

  • The way he said gaten tho😭😂

  • You lie she practiced for months 3 hours of school then 3 hours of skating everyday why did you lie 😑

  • is it just me or in the beginning of the video the guys voice made me uncomfortable

  • gAten-

  • Yes indeed I think she would be in more and more shows and movies even if she did lie you can’t blame her she did it for a part and we all have lied before it’s no difference😊🥰😇

  • “GAI-EN”

  • she`s great actress. you sneake

  • "she had a massive crush on zac efron" yo, since she's 18, you guys think he'll shoot his shot with her?


  • Millie lie! She said She Is american but She Is english (i'm italiano Sorry for the bad english i love sadie)

  • I love you Sadie

  • this vid honestly annoys meh


  • So that is... a clickbait? Well yes, but actually no


  • gAtiN 😻

  • FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! She didn’t lie. The duffers knew she could skate so she took classes! Get you flipping facts right!

  • Not true❌

  • Sadie didn’t lie you never know because if they wanted a girl to skate well of course they asked her and if they did they definitely told her to show them I’m not dumb it’s kinda obvious

  • GATEN I-

  • Do you have a proof that she lie uh!!!

  • “One of the main roles” biiiiich the title of the fukin musical is named after her character... ANNIE

  • Ga ten matarazzo and caleb mcklaklin

  • Not gat en Gay en

  • Nope not true she takes skating lessons throughout the series so

  • “One of the main characters”

  • i wouldn't think of it as a lie, more of a prediction

  • Her lying at the audition is the fakest BS I’ve EVER heard. I got a book about stranger things and a part talked about how the duffer brothers KNEW that she couldn’t skate so they got her to practice for a few months smhhhhhhhh 🤦‍♀️

  • Wait, how old is she!?

  • He sounds like a sssssnake

  • You sound like you could voice a parent in Peppa Pig


  • Wtf?? Sadie Sink didn't lie!

  • .

  • Sadie didn't lie you fucking ass bitch

  • Stop, she isn't lying! YOUR lying 😡DELETE THIS NOW!!

  • You said gaten

  • This dude did not know what to make for content 😂 so he lied that she lied this dude is stupid😕

  • She lied that she can skateboard even thought she couldn’t. There, saved you 5 minutes...


  • i hate her she ruined the show lmao

  • Please sub to my channel please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Bruh she said she had to learn to skate

  • Sadie never lied because they already knew that she couldn’t skate but they would train her everyday for a few months so she could learn so this is FALSE information don’t listen to him!

  • I'm just soooo ObESsED with HER🌹..she is soo pretty n beauty.🌸

  • I never like her even way::

  • Your the one who’s lying now -.-

  • "...But after seeing 'High School Musical,' she had a big crush on Zac Efron." Me after seeing "The Greatest Showman" - "I feel ya girl, I feel ya."

  • Hey his name is pronounced Gay-Ten no Ga-Den!!!!!!!!!!

  • She did not lie u lied

  • She never said she could skate.... I've seen every interview. She auditioned like everyone else and got the role. Tell me. HOW can anyone trust you with a voice that's creepy af, and says Gaten wrong?

  • She sounds like the kind of person that I would hate because I can’t a flaw while I have so many.

  • This annoys me that he’s lying because they already knew she couldn’t skate she didn’t lie

  • damn you love your transitions

  • uh it's pronounced gEIten not gAten

  • “She learned how to skate in a month! That’s sneaky...” More like “She learned how to skate in a month! (It was 3 months) THATS FREAKING AMAZING HOW CAN ONE BE SO TALENTED?!”

  • First of all that voice is really irritating,second she didn't even lie..

  • Fun fact: She didnt lie. U DID

  • Max: no. Sadie:yes😝

  • Wait whhaaaaaattt i watch 1season and half of 2season in 1 day

  • this is so not true she did not lie

  • Lmao she never lied she took skating lessons you are lying 😂😂

  • All lies lol. Seriously, are you that sad that you have to lie about a teenager to get views and drama? She had lessons for 3 months and finn taught her a bit. Stop, its just sad

  • My goal when I’m older is to be an actress and I’d love to meet her

  • She didn’t lie but Finn wolfard could not rise a bike and they had to use a grown man and put his face on it

  • Wow I see a lot of lie videos🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • rumors like these make me so angry, come on

  • Dude can you stop. Sadie is a innocent kid. Dont disrespect them..

  • did he just call gaden mattarazo gatin mattarazo

  • I love acting but I’m WAY to shy Do u know the feeling?

  • Gaaaaen madarazzo and caleb mclauflin

  • Leave her alone! Netflix literally sent her a skateboard so she could learn!

  • Wrong wrong wrong and WRONG. She did not lie!!!!


  • This isn’t true Sadie has lessons! This is very rude if him to do this I love stranger things! So stop lying 😐

  • It’s not gatin, it’s Gaten, pronounced, “Gay-ton”

  • Gattin

  • Sadie Sink's mom: how white do you want my daughter to be? God: *Y E S*

  • She never lied nd she deserves she atcs really good

  • My boi Lieing

  • Gaten watch’s this Gaten dies

  • love her

  • Sadie didn’t lie. She is the best

  • Ghaaaten MaTaRaZo and Caleb McLauflen

  • I’m honestly so happy she got in because she is a really good actor and she matches with the series, there is no one that can play her role. She I s amazing.

  • "Gattun.. m-Matarazzo"

  • She didn’t lie but ok😂

  • Who else flinched every time he said Gaten’s name wrong

  • She didn’t lie, she told them she didn’t know how to skate and they had 2 professional skaters teach her how to skate, so stop going around saying that she lied when you are the one who is lying. Stop spreading fake rumors about people.