Sadie Sink's LIE That Got Her Role on Stranger Things!

čas přidán 6. 08. 2019
Sadie Sink plays the rebellious skater girl, Max on Stranger Things. But how did she manage to become famous so fast? Did she get along with Millie Bobby Brown? #SadieSink #StrangerThings #MillieBobbyBrown
😍 You SURELY will LOVE this video! "Finn Wolfhard ATTACKED by an older actress?!"
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  • Sadie is pretty

  • This dude finna get smack How dare he given us fake news about my beloved sadie 😍

  • This isn’t true

  • omg this is me 😂

  • 0:49 *me*

  • She never lied? she told them she couldn’t skate and she learned how to in a few months.

  • 1. She said in interviews that she had to LEARN how to skate she didn't LIE. Why would she lie? They would obviously know if she lied because she had to learn and they would know she had to learn. So nice try dude. 2. Your voice creepy asf 3. Are u really a fan..? 4. I love her so much.

  • It got on my nerves when he said “ga-tin” instead of “Gaten”” (gay-Ton)

  • Yeah whatever how do you know even know like are you a stalker or something? and say the names right! she learned how to skate I’m definitely not believing this (btw this is my opinion so don’t care if people hate.)

  • SHE DID NOT LIE!! She addition for the show like any other actress would!!!!!

  • SHE DID NOT LIE!! She addition for the show like any other actress would!!!!!

  • we ♡ how this IS NOT TRUE 😂like nearly every interview she has done she has talked about how they paid a skateboard coach for her

  • Someone’s funna throw hands so...SOMEONE HOLD ME DOWN!

  • The duffer brother got Sadie to learn how to sketw

  • I hate to break it to you. But your lying

  • This. Just isn't true... Check your facts 😂

  • ...but she learned how to its not really a lie tbh.

  • Stop lying about her lying

  • Friends never lie

  • SADIE would never lie!... I mean why?. And Sadie has been skating lessons before.. So I don't really believe ya, Do spread rumors about this..😡

  • But wouldn’t the people that casted her on stranger things have know she didn’t know how to skate, cause the called her saying the would give her lessons

  • She took lessons to skate, the duffer brothers knew she could not skate board

  • 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚂𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚎! 𝙱𝚞𝚝 𝚘𝚔....

  • It's not gah-tin -maturrahzoh it's gay-tin moh-ter-ohh-zo

  • Я же не одна русская тут?


  • Bruh

  • I wish that can happen to me

  • 1:11 😡😡😡😫😭

  • Sadie is my favorite actor on the show her video game name is the same as my favorite movie trilogy MADMAX and she is beautiful but she always made me happy when she could make a situation hilarious even when serious

  • Lol I’m a girl who knows how to skate lmao 🤣

  • no she didn’t lie, why would the casting director get her if they wouldn’t check. She said after she got the everyday she would take 2-3 hr classes for 2 months bc st admins said she needed to learn skateboarding

  • Thats not a lie its just learning

  • I hate ur voice and sadie sink rocks

  • millie is not a good friend~~~

  • im happy she got the job

  • I love anything and everything stranger things

  • She didn't lie she told them she couldn't skate so they gave her classes

  • Ahh shut up. Just wait, how can u know that? Oh, because Sadie said that. If she don't say it, you cant even know it.

  • Oooooooooooo

  • Sadie looks like a sweet and fun loving girl, and she is a convincing actress, same goes for Millie. Tone of voice is very important for all actors and actresses, and Stranger Things nailed it, was sucked in the whole time. Once season two came out, I decided to watch season one again, then watch season two... I did this in one day... I did it again for season three, I rewatched the entire show (I have nothing to do, and I can’t to much for a job unless it’s online and... near home in walking distance. I can’t drive, so it’s pretty clear what I plan on doing since I have a CS-tv account... good luck with life every one and have a G’day!/night, and to the actors/actresses; break a leg, because it’s bad luck to give good luck on the stage, so there’s the Uno reverso on for that.

  • I’m not dumb that a lie and even if she did how do you know?

  • If you have no evidence this is pathetic

  • I. Do. Not. Care. Because. I. Already. No.

  • Yeah so if she lies she is awsome not like you

  • This whole thing is sooo fake

  • This is a load of bullcrap Sadie never lied she had lessons throughout the set for 3 months. Get your facts straight before you post it on CS-tv

  • gA- TEn WTF MAN xD

  • "gatin"

  • Sadie is not a lair I can't believe I watch you and say gaten right

  • He said calebs last name wrong

  • *that moment you look at Sadie and she calls you ugly in 50 languages and 160 fonts*

  • imagine trying to get famous over a teenager that makes 10 times your net worth

  • This is not true because the brothers got Sadie skateboarding lessons so they new x

  • GaTn MaTaRaZzO

  • Im the only one who hates sadie and max

  • Its pronounced Gay-ten

  • please shut the hell up sadie did not lie she even told everyone in a intereiw she had to take lessons

  • Is his voice annoying or is it just me??

  • Learn how to say Gaten please ppl are getting *triggered*