Sam Smith - I'm Not Here To Make Friends

čas přidán 26. 01. 2023
'Gloria', the album - out now:

Sam Smith - 'I'm Not Here To Make Friends' out now:

Everybody’s looking for somebody, for somebody to take home
I’m not the exception, I’m a blessing of a body to love on

If you want it bad tonight
Come by me and drop a line
Put your aura into mine
Don’t be scared if you like it
I could fill you up with life
I could ease your appetite
Know you’ve never been this high
Don’t be scared if you like it

‘Cause I’m not here to make friends
No I’m not here to make friends
‘Cause I’m not here to make friends
I need a lover, I need a lover

I’m just being honest, baby I just need a partner when the lights come on
Thirty almost got me and I’m so over love songs, yeah

So if you want it bad tonight
Come by me and drop a line
Know you’ve never been this high
Don’t be scared if you like it

‘Cause I’m not here to make friends
No I’m not here to make friends

‘Cause I’m not here to make friends
I need a lover, I need a lover

I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a lover, I need a lover

Everybody’s looking for somebody, for somebody to take home
I’m not the exception, I’m a blessing of a body to love on

‘Cause I’m not here to make friends
No I’m not here to make friends

‘Cause I’m not here to make friends

I need a lover, I need a lover
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a la la la la la la la la la

I need a lover, I need a lover
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a la la la la la la la la la
I need a lover, I need a lover

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Music video by Sam Smith performing I'm Not Here To Make Friends. A Capitol Records UK / EMI recording; © 2023 Universal Music Operations Limited


  • Who's ready Sailors? ⚓

  • I have been gay for 35 years. But watching this video made me straight.

    • ahhhaahaha

    • @Gabe Gonzalez Really? 🙀

    • @abbied he has always been

    • good luck with women though, Mary

    • @Heshtank On Because straight people been doing it since forever. Sex is just woven in music/art because it’s in our nature whether we’re straight or gay.

  • Me agrada que ahora esté produciendo un estilo que le gusta y se este arriesgando con cambiar su imagen a algo que el mismo quería hacer ❤

  • Hunger Games is starting to seem more and more realistic

  • I miss the time when your voice was all you needed

  • I miss the old times when your voice was enough

    • @Joanna Kinach "I got lost on the internet". Hahaha I deliberately came to see a fool now I'm out of here never to return.

    • @Jonny Siddle character? What is Sam's character nie? He looks and behaves like a puppet.

    • Voice is never enough. In fact it means almost nothing without a character behind it. That’s why Emile Sande spent 2 years being almost relevant then disappeared.

    • Stop it… u don’t understand the spiritual freedom he went through… let him live. This should have more views!

  • I honestly did not expect this is how Sam Smith will turn into haha 😅

    • ​@John Smith they're doing this for the Devil. You should know that

    • @sriutaminotes Sam turned into a them I think.

    • same i once idolized his song writing but todays a shame.

    • ​@Echo Rockmore 💯

  • Imagine you’re just dancing and suddenly you’re assaulted with a flying wine bottle lol

    • It legit was a hit to the face like not faked or staged you can tell by the reaction and the way they forced themselves to not react to it and pretend it was good. “Don’t be afraid of you like it” like what? Abuse and knicks? There’s nothing here but sh shock factor

    • The bar keeps getting lower.

    • This comment genuinely had me cackling

    • Best part in the video...

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Been seeing him on memes for years but had no idea who he is. Now I know. So brave, so courageous 😂😂😂

  • Como gosto de música brasileira,faz pouco tempo que conheci o trabalho do Sam Smith e estou amando,o Sam de antes e o Sam depois de Unholy,foi por causa de Unholy que conheci a incrível voz e talento dele,virei fã,um beijo da sua fã brasileira.💋❤🇧🇷

  • I can't believe this is our reality now.

    • 😢😢😢

    • isnt it amazing! ive never felt more alive 😍😍😍

  • Uma coisa é certa, baita artistaa

  • He's here to LOSE friends.

  • This is like going to the capital on hunger games

    • @John Willis lmao tru, more like the gluttony games.

    • That's exactly what I think haha

    • Crazy how people still judge lbgtq for being themselves? You’re allowed to be yourself, why can’t they? And if you feel it’s a little outrageous, or that it’s different… so what? This video is art I’m sure he feared to show when he came out. And you’re fearful of nothing, let him be able to be himself

    • 😂😂😂

    • Ironically, I thought the same

  • 음색이 진짜 미쳤다…….

    • 구글 번역이 사람이상하게 만드나 보네 . 한국어로 최고의 찬사중 하나가 " 미쳤다 "인데 .

    • ​@AA AA 목소리가 미치도록 좋다라는건데 영어로 해석하면 저렇게뜨나보네

    • @AA AA no it's not a pejorative word. "음색" means "tone" in korean

    • @DU DE like who are these people and why would they not want to have their children watch this??? I feel so offended it is not progressive at all… I would want my 4 year old to watch this, since this year I started taking him to the liberty parade in central london. I want the mind of my 4 year old, which is like a sponge and sucks every bit of information in… I want him to have unlimited and un interrupted access to this kind of thing, it will be essential to his development as a loving adult. Yes Sam Smith !!!!!!!!

    • I don't understand the first word, it's some sort of pejorative my mom used that I don't understnad, but I think the rest means "you've really gone mad"

  • Que ritmo ❤

  • O único defeito desse clipe é que ele acaba

  • What happened to Sam? I’m aware people change, but this is so drastic! What made this come out? This new persona. It’s like two different people

    • @Fernando Navarro I don’t even know what is going on. Even Lil Nas X started off one way and then a drastic change.

    • when you give up and sell out

  • I love it Sam Smith is living his life and making a statement for he needs love!!! Come check me Sam I'll give you some friendship love yes!🎉🎉❤😊 You SLAYED🎉❤

  • Well, I'm not shocked or offended by this. At this point in this society there's nothing more these "artists" can do to shock us. We've seen it all. 220k likes, 392k dislikes. Even with hidden dislike count for most of people.

    • It's not about you being shocked it's about the kids being reached and indoctrinated

    • @Matelijan Muck I do have the right to express my opinion.

    • @resistanceisfutile im not commenting on the quality of their music or their dancing ability `at all. Yes there will be *SOME* people saying its new and whatever, but the majority of people watch it and move on like nothing happened because nothing did. its really not worth arguing about

  • Seriously? How? How can this guy drastically change his art direction??

    • Evolution u hear that?

    • @Sufyan Lowel i never say they couldn't. Just wondering how

    • @Sufyan Lowel Isn't it wrong to spread homosexuality among teenagers and even children?

  • 뮤비... 중독성 쩐다...


  • 그래 내가 행복해야 듣는 사람도 행복하지..진심 멋찌심!!

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • He really went from "I'm not good at a one night stand" to " im not here to make friends I need a lover"

    • @무지개 you know who we can ask? Them..

    • @TrippyHazard Illusions you go back to school."They" is sometimes, in very specific contexts, used as a singular pronoun. But as a general rule and the vast majority of the "they" is used as a plural pronoun for a group or collective of individuals. That is just how the English language works. Stop trying to abuse and distort it in order to make it fit your ideological perspectives.

    • @Kanizarjeva I thought so, darling. Well, maybe you grow up someday.

    • Stay with me is a very strange song. This ain't love It's clear to see, but you're all I need. Sounds like an inexperienced creepy desperate virgin stalker who doesn't care who to be with as long as he's not alone.

  • I remember when his music used to be good and respectful. He used to have some integrity.

    • Did you mean respectable maybe? Because this wasn't really offensive to anybody

    • Who did he disrespect here? You or your mother?

    • How is it not respectful?

  • 매우매우 멋져요!!!

  • This is also new to me, but this feels like so many other songs, just a background to a sunday lunch.

  • 영상에 비해 노래가 감미로움; 맨날 듣고있어요

  • Still hard to believe that this is the same guy who sung "Too Good At Goodbye". . which help me to get over my worst memories. ✨

    • ​@Feedback266 Fed Welcome to reality 😃

    • @Denise Doran what a shame. your knowledge of the world is limited to Hollywood, and if something doesn't fit into your limited world, you blame Hollywood. when in reality Hollywood is a very conservative place.

  • Класс!!!!!

  • 귀호강 조져버령😍

  • The reason I stopped listening to pop is because fella’s like Sam Smith.

    • Who cares?

  • 이성애자 라서 그런지 항마력이 필요한 뮤비긴 하지만 뭐 성적취향이야 누구에게나 다른부분들이 있으니 넘어가고.샘스미스 정말 노래는 미친듯이 잘한다..

  • That was the hardest thing I've had to do today

  • Shit sounds like something H&M would have on loop in the shop

    • 🤣🤣

    • ​@Matty dump couple

    • ​@Matty me too

    • Exactly, hence the "shocking" video. The song sounds like something they play in a lounge at a 40+ bar on a Tuesday afternoon

  • This song will forever have a special place in my heart my ex boyfriend who I am still very close friends with sang this song in choir in 8th grade and he was looking at me the whole time this was before we even told each other how we felt about each other so this song brings back so many memories so this will forever be in my heart 🥰🥰

  • 진짜 노래 좋다 샘형 하고 싶은거 다해 ㅎㅎ

  • Weird video but awesome beat

    • weird ? IS ART , PERFORMANCE SAY

    • In what way was this beat awesome. It was the same as any other mediocre pop beat on the radio

  • 도입 부분이 너무 좋다ㅠㅜ

  • holy mother of god, you know when it's the middle of the night and you end up on the weird section on CS-tv? It's that time of the night

  • Do we really need the golden shower scene?

    • @Night Rove lmao

    • @Akane Vars Everyone has a moral obligation if they live in society because that's the whole point of society. Everyone working toward order and structure. These videos only create confused children and teens that base their existence on being controversial to make up for a lack of substance.

    • @Syed Mohammed or you can pay for CS-tv kids and stay there

  • 쌤 당신은 나의 영웅이고 스타 입니다. 사랑해요! 존경합니다.

  • Diamante e perfeito partes da mesma vida!

  • i love this clip, and this song and this for hetero girl. good job sam

  • 이젠 귀엽게 느껴짐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하고 싶은거 다 하고 살아요 샘 ㅋㅋ 노래 좋다

  • Me encanta!!!!

    • Me too. Celebration mood. Song like a fireworks of my soul. Masterpiece of maestro Sam Smith ❤

  • How is this not age restricted

    • because they want kids to see it

    • agenda...

    • Report it .. I have on the button on the top right

    • @Rex Penny, It hasn’t been alright, there has been plenty of scrutiny against overtly sexual music videos involving women, you just don’t hear much about it because it doesn’t involve homosexuality or gender “discrimination” this does, so it’s blown up. If anybody opposes anything that has a basis on homosexuality or genderism, people who oppose it are slated as homophobic or transphobic or whatever such bullshit, you literally just proved that. I can’t stand Cardi B, and her music videos as well as her music disgusts me just as much, if not more than this, I think music and music videos from “artists” such as Sam Smith or Cardi B if I dare call them artists, that are overtly sexual like this should be age restricted, in some of Cardi B’s videos she is practically nude, and I support the age restriction of anything like that, I don’t want to see or listen to that shit, and I’m a 23 year old straight guy, so fuck knows what kids think if they were to see it. So no, it’s not just Men, it’s women to, it’s all of it.

    • @Seafire FR.47 I just mean to say that this isn’t the first music video to be overtly sexual and inappropriate for younger viewers, but it’s previously been ok when it’s young attractive women dancing… 🤷‍♂️ It makes me laugh to see everyone in a flap over it. That’s all

  • I like when people are not obsessed with making friends. Lol

  • Your parents must be proud Sam

  • Llegué a esta belleza de canción es buenasaaaa pero el vídeo medio loco igual la canción está muy buena !!!!

  • Welp the Look is Definitely Different here than the " Stay With Me " Days but THAT VOICE IS STILL INCREDIBLE.......

  • I am here not to watch the video i like the song cuz it is still inside my head

  • I would love to show this video to Sam Smith from 10 years ago and watch his reaction.

    • @Iman good and bad is subjective. You do grasp that concept right? You're criticising a human being simply because you don't agree with what THEY want to do with their OWN lives. It's none of your business. You can like or dislike it, you can even comment on it. But keep it civil and respect that Sam has a full right to do whatever he wants to do. Your standards are not the standards of another. Things you may find disgusting doesn't have to be the same for someone else and vice versa.

    • @RobzZ01 judging is not always bad thing. If we don’t judge, how do we know what’s good and what’s bad? U r also judging me for criticising Sam. It’s natural thing. What’s not natural is judging without any reason.

    • @Iman because I’m not here judging other people’s lives and whatever the hell they want to do with their OWN lives I’M moralless? Sure buddy.

  • i really really miss the days when music videos actually had a meaning and a story within it.

    • This actually have sense

    • they still do, just as you could find meaningless music videos back in the day as well 🤷

    • Yeah.. Not just some campaign lol

    • The story is Sam is celebrating himself and tryna f

    • Since when Hollywood songs are meaningful and has storyline?!🤨 Don't spoil the mood here, don't comment such bs either

  • I do like it! Great performance and beautiful costumes on even more beautiful people Where can I get one of those fantastic bodies/playsuits with the hearted butt?

  • Love this! Reminds me of mix of George Michael and Boy George

    • That is insulting to both George Michael and Boy George.

    • ​@CM Sam Smith has become his own meme.

    • Except for the fact that George Michael and Boy George were real artists. 👍

    • George George?

  • and the crowd goes quiet ‼️‼️💯💯🔥💪

  • Charming 🫧🫧♥️♥️♥️

  • He gets an a+ for not making friends

    • I don't think they need or want friends like you.

    • No*

    • @Joro Marinov dude😂😂😂

    • Yes, if that was his actual goal, it worked. Love his voice, hate the bullshit!

    • @psykobanana Sam has asked for they/them. And I would 'literally be okay' even if you identified as a piece of lightly toasted bread - because it makes absolutely no difference to my life. Maybe spend more time worrying about the crimes against women in your country and not what anyone over the pond does.

  • 샘스티로 폼 미쳤다

  • i'm crazy about your new song and the video clip is amazing

  • I miss the old times when this video hadn’t been uploaded

  • I miss his simple music videos.

    • @Jeremy Duval Their comment has literally nothing to do with Sam Smiths gender and gender in general is completely irrelevant to their opinion of Sam Smiths music videos. People are entitled to speak however they see fit just like Sam Smith is entitled to identify however he sees fit. Sam Smith isn't assaulting anyone by identifying as he sees fit and someone isn't assaulting Sam Smith by not acknowledging his gender identity. That's all that really matters. Idk why both sides can't just acknowledge the fact that we are allowed to speak however we want and not get bothered by one another's way of speaking and agree to disagree over the issue as long as neither party is assaulting or harassing the other. That comment is literally as non aggressive and unproblematic as they come on CS-tv. No hate or malice at all. Just a statement about music videos.

    • *their. you can have your opinion I don't care but don't misgender them to make it

    • Me too

    • @Odd_Gott_6260 parents allow kids to have access to video games which are more vulgar and who are actually very violent and I don’t think it traumatizes them or influence them. Don’t know if lady Gaga restricts her video but many young kids are watching her videos whether they’re restricted or not.

    • ​​@𝓞𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝔃 oh people understand the video, what's not to understand? It's completely vulgar. But no one has a problem with fun colorful videos. But they do have a problem with graphic videos not being at the very least age restricted. I realize other people enjoy this content even tho I don't and he has a right to create whatever he wants but allowing it to be accessible to anyone and everyone without even an age restriction when there are so many creators that get age restricted all the time for practically PG rated videos is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Amazing and fantastic song: Well a perfect song actually. There are so few perfect songs in this world! congratulation Sam Smith!!

  • How do you keep dancing after being attacked by a wine bottle 😭

    • I think you are not the only one who is thinking that.

    • 😂😂😂

    • It was made of ice

    • Professionalisation 😂

  • Props to that chandelier it was working hard

  • Amazing song!! Awsome video


  • Thank you so much, Sam! You are amazing!

    • @Anderson Cabral There needs to be age restrictions on this video, not because parents can't control their kids, but because kids can scroll through the internet and then find videos like this, and age restrictions are there as a fence from danger.

    • @Nate sportyboy he did his job, impeccably, with more than necessary themes, if parents don't have the ability to control what their children watch according to their age rating, let them learn to be real parents.

    • "Thank you"? For what? Allowing this to be shown to minors?

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • This the kind of stuff that used to be “after dark”

    • @Dope Cat Why do I think you would be the same as the people in the 50s/60s who were outraged over that sexually provocative dancing that was new at the time. The social decay… when it’s just people repressing themselves less and actually enjoying the FREEDOM to be themselves. Freedom: Isn’t that a word you like?

    • @They Sprey Why do I think you would be the same as the people in the 50s/60s who were outraged over that sexually provocative dancing that was new at the time. The social decay… when it’s just people repressing themselves less and actually enjoying the FREEDOM to be themselves. Freedom: Isn’t that a word you like?

    • There's a lot of rapper videos with naked women on yt..and you don't even need to verify your age to watch...but noone says anything bout that

    • @Ur Mom who is we? People who are hyper sexualized? Because if you’re referring to “sexual orientation” it’s not about that…

  • A line from ONE of my favorite movies 🎥 🍺

  • AMAZING love you SAM SMITH !

  • Hope no one got hurt, throwing that bottle like that sacred the hell out on me 😢😢

  • The song isn’t terrible at all. The dancers on those beds made sense. But oh my god, Sam’s got their own chipindales now.

  • 그동안 무슨일 있었는지 진짜 궁금해지는 앨범ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Well, for someone who didn't came to make friends Sam Smith for sure made friendship with the entire cast of RuPaul's DragRace

    • says someone whos never watched RuPauls DragRace lol. OB VI OUS LY

    • @- Sathik i agree, this video is too sexualised and its unacceptable.

    • @Danni Skalicky right,but it should have an 18+ warning, so kids don't watch him play out his weird fetishes. Music is pretty bad too, repeating the same lines again and again,but thats just my opinion, but kids shouldn't be allowed to watch this.

    • Kids don’t understand this kind of comedy, I’m not mad just wish people did better

    • Is my music ok

  • the outfits in this video are amazing

  • Stunning ❤

  • 동글동글 귀여워 우리 sam 💜

  • 나는 매일 이노래를 들어.샘이 너무 좋아.

  • People say I am a weirdo. Fun fact this is too weird for me

  • Jessie Reyez was a good pick to provide those extra vocals

    • @MWS I think Sam prefers men?

    • @MWS uuuum Jessie Reyez is in her 30s....

    • Sure, if you want listeners to think that Sam Smith wants to take a twelve year old girl home.

    • Who's providing the extra vomit bags?

  • Keep pushing it Sam! Your a global superstar !!! More more more!!

    • @John Hall im gay and sorta grossed out....

    • Am I the only sane person watching this video in disgust?

  • Arrebentando em qualquer estilo! I love you Sam ❤

  • I just enjoy the song, whatever people say I don't care about the mv

  • 여기저기서 엄청 까길래 궁금해서 들어왔는데, 퀄리티가 미쳤는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 노래도 좋고 댄싱도 좋고 ㅋ Very Good quality~

  • Sam your an icon ❤️‍🔥

  • Miss the days when songs were just songs and didn't need all this shit to sell!

    • Well you guys must have been listening to different music than me. I listened to n-sync, backstreet boys, spice girls, westlife.... etc. None of those music videos had this vulgar shit in it. Music was music. Plus, in this day and age, every one can see this including young kids, back then vidoes could only be seen on MTV, and that was bad enough cause the youngest used to win the rights and watched cartoons instead. This vulgarity is easily accessable nowadays and not neccessary!

    • We had that shit to sell. It goes back when Madonna first started, then Prince, then George Michael, then Michael Jackson, then Britney Spears, then Christina Aguilera, then Lady Gaga, then Katy Perry, then Iggy Azalea, then Cardi B, then Megan Thee Stallion and now Sam Smith.

  • Awesome performance as always

  • this is such an amazing video omg !!!!!

  • Your costume reminds me of how shocking I was when I first saw Boy George 40 years back, Be yourself, I like it.

  • 샘스미스형 개존경합니다!!

    • 가자!❤

  • I am sooo proud of Sam ❤

  • This isn't "love yourself" if you couldn't even accept who you're in the first place.

    • ​@Romane Martinerie Sam is gay, not trans.

    • ​@bryan ramis During his thin phase he thanked his female nutritionist for saving him from emotional food binges. Now he's fat again he claims that he had body dysmorphia when thin and now feels 'fabulouth'. Guess the junk food won. He should re-hire that nutritionist.

    • @UH HUH so you think all pornography should be outlawed?

    • @bryan ramis Which part does your mental disability have trouble understanding?

  • Pretty Amazing!


  • Amazinggggggg