Samsung Galaxy Note 10: But Why Tho?

čas přidán 27. 08. 2019
Galaxy Note 10 vsGalaxy S10+ is perfectly confusing. Let's break it down!
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Galaxy S10+ Review:
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  • Alternate title: But why doe? But Y doe? butt Y doe? Fact check: You can actually still do AR doodle without the depth sensors, just like there's still live focus photos and videos.

    • Dude i like your videos. They're on point

    • Hey Marques, What’s the wallpaper on your note 10 in the video? I really like it

    • Thanks for the video , very informative .. “ dough”

    • Anyone going to update any note series could you please give me your old note phone with lesser price please because I don't have enough money to buy new one. Please waiting for a note phone from 2015. Please guys😊

  • Hi sir, can you tell me what wallpaper app you are using

  • The beauty of the S 20 makes this note look so silly

  • Just got my Note 10! Can anyone please recommend a clear case cover and tempered glass screen protector that works well (including fingerprint compatibility and privacy/anti-spy if possible)?

  • How much it has memory

  • For just the bigger premium phone (or both) they should definitely have an headphone jack

  • I might get this but have to break my apple addiction. I need a video from you switching from Apple to Android.

  • 5 months later, Samsung website offers $500 trade-in value to buy a Note 10 or 10+. Basically getting the Note 10 for $440. Now we are talking..

  • A black guy that talks like a white guy I am tripping out right now

  • I’m probably one of the only person looking at this phone because of its overall dimensions

  • What is that nice backround

  • awesome!

  • I'm upgrading from the s8 plus to the note 10 aura red. I'm getting it in June which is my birthday so I can't wait!!!

  • Maybe it’s just me, but 4-4.5 hours of screen on time is not great battery life. I’d say it’s average, at best. I’ve been using an iPhone XR and usually get from 7-9 hours of screen on time and it’s amazing. Now that I’m used to it, anything less than 6 hours at the bare minimum is just unacceptable for me.

  • This note is for poor people!

    • $950 when it launched. Pretty much $1000 same price as Iphone 11 pro

  • Currently on my Galaxy Note 5, but wanting to upgrade - I'm all for a great camera... does the Galaxy Note 10 (not the plus) have a photo mode to take "night photos"?

  • That screen looks good coming threw my s10+

  • this phone feels good in the hands ladies you know the procedures in my (flossy carter voice )

    • I read it in his voice instantly when I saw 'ladies' 😆

  • It would be for me, if the price weren't ridiculous.

  • This video is 6 months old and I still cant find the S10+ for $800 or LESS like he said. Where is he finding these deals?

  • Nobody talks about HDR10+ on the 1080p display. You are all noobs. Its resolution is lower, but HDR+ makes up for it.

    • Good to know I was actually wondering if it supported HDR10+

  • Question - if the price was the same would you go with the Oneplus 7T pro or the Samsung Galaxy S10+?

  • Shoot me I bought the note ten before watching the video I should've bought the s10+ Edit the s10+ is 1490 the note10 is 1290 apparently it's been changed

  • You don't sound black- That kinda surprised me

  • I hava this phone for last 4 months. And let me tell you the truth. It looks good. Screen is amazing. Rest everything's crap. Battery charges quick but depletes quicker aswell. Camera is the biggest disappointment. Pictures Quality is like some camera phone from 2006. My nokia 6500 was better than this. In all its not worth the price. If i could go back in time i wouldn't buy this phone ever.

  • would have got it if it had an sd card...only big reason i said no.

  • 6:24 that stutter tho

  • I am that small group of people. Who like the s-pen, but don't have the money to go for the Plus model.

  • I am dying to know where did you get that wallpaper please tell me.

  • i just got my note 10 today... 256gb... i have pixel 3a 64gb and i cant even use all 64gb ,i have 25gb left... now 256gb i dont even know what to do with it lol.... love the note 10

  • Watching on my note 8

  • I have the iPhone 11 but ngl that phone looks cool

  • mark ass brownlee

  • Upgraded to the Note 10 from an S8 and its freakin awesome! Only paid $649 because of the promotion.

  • Watching on Note 10+ w/Galaxy Buds, perfect combo!

  • OnePlus 7 Pro? Yeah its fun to use that when you got plenty of cams lying around, but for an average person S10+ is almost a compulsion in such case.

  • 6.3in? Isn't that the size of Note 8?

  • wait what if they hide the setting for changing the display resolution because just like how the note 10 plus comes by default at 1080p, what if the note 10 is actually just a super high 720p display that they are lying to us about?

  • he mentioned battery life in a Note review....lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • thx for the video

  • Bro Galaxy a51 review please..

  • Hi @marques, please review SAMSUNG S10 LITE 2020.

  • Back Design copy from xperia 5???

  • By making Note 10 lite, Samsung is giving confidence to Note 9 Users that they have a very potent chipset😂😂

  • No more fukking edge displays. No fukking Display protector

  • do a drop test

  • Think I'll get it from straight talk

  • wait so with specs like this the Note 10 is even worst than the S10? I thought the Note series is supposed to be better?

  • I love the Note 10 size. I have the S10+.. I wanted the pen but I don't want a large phone anymore. My next phone will be smaller.

  • has it caught fire yet

  • but can it make a phone call


  • I got a diaper ad before this.

  • I support note 10 plus

  • might as well just spend the extra 150 bucks smh

  • I only like the size of the note 10... bit i want to have the features of the note 10 plus in it.

  • Samsung is basically trying to force you to buy the bigger better note 10 plus since they're almost the same price

  • The note 10 is 700 dollars already :)

  • Honestly this is just as good as the note to me. In my country they both cost the same. Yet I bought a he note 10 cause the plus is so freakishly large. Like insanely large I can't use it as a phone so I bought the note 10. I see them like pro and pro max it's the perfect size for me so I'm very happy they made a smaller version The cost is kinda dumb tho. K wish it costed less for the normal note I always love the s pen and love digital drawing. That's why I got it

  • really refresh rate! that no one notices! smh, you are better than this.