Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: A Hater's Perspective

čas přidán 3. 09. 2021
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I'm a huge fan of Samsung's Fold3 5G, so you would think I would naturally be a big fan of the Flip series, but you'd be surprised. Last year's Flip didn't impress me but maybe the Flip3 can change my mind!

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0:00 - Intro
0:14 - Phone impressions
2:12 - dbrand's birthday cake
5:01 - Comparing it to the old Flip
7:00 - Why the Flip3 is interesting
8:15 - Camera
9:00 - Exterior screen
10:00 - Battery
10:45 - Display and stereo
11:15 - Closing thoughts


  • I'm gonna get a little big bigger bag for 50$ more and be set with 500$ less money on the phone.

  • Dbrand is not gonna be happy when I call lots of eco friendly charities to tell them about that.

  • Just wait and see what happens with that crease after a hundred folds. I still haven't recovered from the first gen, and I've seen a lot of folks had the exact same issue with the second gen

  • Lithium cake mmmm

    • Update. I am offended by the functionality of Linus' pockets 😤

  • If you inserted a micro SD instead of a sim would the phone read it?

  • you missed the selfie camera without opening the phone

  • Big lols for the Minecraft sound effect at 2:27

  • Never paying 1000 dollars for a smartphone. Then again I'd never buy a flagship either.

  • BRUH if they get a nintendo gameboy emulator licensed app. they could just deliver the gameboy advance SP TOUCH experience

  • 10:10 I wish to have this functionality in my S10+ as for years, I've always kept my batteries between 40% and 80%.

  • 6:22 Well of course they all fit in your pocket. Get some girl's pants and try that!

  • I dont get why they don't just make two screens without edges that look like they are one when opened.

  • in a world where people has so much money to throw away, I don't see why not

  • i just got a s21 but dang youve got me wanting the big side fold samsung

  • Perhaps you overlook the obvious reason. Where the Fold is an example of makong something larger, the Zflip is helping to make an otherwise frequently misplaced, unwieldy phone that won't fit in a typical pocket, finally fit in most any pocket. Afte misplacing a large Apple phone for as long as i could, the Samsung flip phone addressed the problem 100%.

  • And if you break the inner screen then you have the outer one, so it will keep your phone going a little longer and now it will charge your phone to 80% that's a feature that I like,

  • I could imagine that not opening your phone just to see someone called or the time or a text or maybe to change a song could really save you a lot of battery because that external mini screen most likely uses a lot less battery, so it is an always on display

  • Debrand is awesome

  • I'm really surprised how far they came and I'm sure they'll go further, and I'm sure they will get lighter abs thinner and the hinge will allow it to fold closer to itself

  • I like a sleek look at work, I had the note 10+ with a massive battery pack and bulged out my pocket. Decided to get the Z Flip3 just for work, and it's great because not only will I only use it during specific hours but I take pictures of stock which infests the camera roll and is piss annoying to look at and cbf deleting so it's nice to have it for that too

  • I think I'd love one of these: You could pretend they're a tricorder from Star Trek!

  • so basically the camera is good for skate videos

  • lol a headphone jack, linus just let go

  • I'm just not a fan of the crease in the middle of the screen in these folding phones. It's a cool idea, but I think there's still a way to go before the phones are worth it, in my opinion.

  • Don't buy filp 3,I have been using filp3 for 7 days,paint from side of the phone already falls out.

  • It’s a great “use mostly as a phone” phone… easy to pocket… then would get the one with cameras I need to connect to it’s WiFi… could selfie phone use also… recording conversations etc for content


  • Your hair was very distracting in this one

  • I'm watching this review on my recently bought Z Flip 3 as if to somewhat justify my purchase. I've reached a new level, guys, please send help.

  • because of samsungs 30 day return policy is trade my fold3 for a flip3 and its defiantly the more "every day" practical phone

  • From a “hater” lol

  • i actually really want this phone, it's the only model that will fit in my women's pants pockets lmao

  • good job Marcus!

  • Can we use ipad mini 6 as a main phone? What's your opinion?

  • I love flip phones with a passion, but wouldn't buy this because the cost is ridiculous and tied to novelty, but at the same time I'm happy it exists so more affordable smart flip phones can exist later. Normalize these and get the cost to like 300 and up.

  • Because Gameboy Advance SP was the best Gameboy.

  • Happy birthday

  • I've been waiting forever to find a phone revolutionary enough to upgrade from my Galaxy S8 and Z Flip 3 hits the spot! I orderered mine on Monday and it should arrive today! I'm so hyped! I ordered the Cream Color Linus is playing with in this video! With Verizon they will give you $500 credit towards a new phone with trade in so I got the Z flip 3 for $500! Fucking amazing deal!

  • Since I've gotten the Z flip phone I can simply clip my phone to my waist band because I sometimes forget the pant I wear don't have any pockets (damnit women's pant) and it's very convenient and secure enough for to do some errands or while at work. I usually hide my phone under my shirt and it doesn't poke through my shirt.

  • Its called a purse or tiny pockets on designer jeans Linus. That is why you need a regular phone to be half the size on a night out for many people. That aside I personally own neither of these objects but I still prefer my phone to be smaller in my pocket vs having a really chonky tablet thing. Double height half the size == regular phone regular size but able to slip away easier vs double height double size - gonna distort my pocket son.

  • I never want a hinge in my phone again.

  • Dbrand ... Epic

  • Like, theres really no point, your getting a worse phone for a similar (or higher) price, and more than that, the screen is still going to dent

  • Cute linus, happy birthday

  • The Fold is just so much cooler. It turns into a mini laptop, you get 3 screens, it makes a mini tablet. Oh it's just so awesome and has so many good uses, I can only find a couple real uses for the flip.

  • Your forgetting about girls with small pockets and small bags..

  • anybody who have use old keypad fold phones of samsung will know why samsung is so obsessed with flip series.

  • For a hater you seemed to actually like it

  • Folding is a big advantage for using portable devices

  • Obvious iPhone lover

  • ive wanted a clamshell touch screen since 90s spy movies okay. its my dream

    • also i hate that your pockets are 4 times the size of ever female pocket

  • yeah real disadvantage of a flagship not having a headphone jack. Well I think this ship has sailed a long time ago.

  • Take it you don't exercise with your phone or have a job with a lot of bending. I absolutely love this phone for the gym, running and work. At work anytime I bend over my note would either jab me in the ribs or fall out of my pocket. Only think I dint like is battery life but it is fine I just charge it again I mean. Duh.

  • Because it can actually fit in our pockets. Not all of us carry backpacks and such you know.

  • Why not just whip out your old Motorola Razor? I just don't get why we would need a folding phone.

  • You gotta understand that this is a very niche product and not a mainstream one. Most People are gonna buy it particularly for fashion statement or for it’s looks

  • As a tech reviewer and lover, you guys ruin it by fucking it like this

  • how the hell can this guy not understand such a simple basic thing..! some people care more the way they carry the phone than how they use it! the normal phone many times drop out of your poket in special if your job involve a lot of driving.. the z flip is perfect to carry around.. thats hugeee thing so you can have a small phone in your poket but a big phone when you use it! hard to udnerstand?

  • No shade to anyone, but i think it's really good for women to get that phne because as you know, women pockets, compared to mens pockets, don't have any room to put a phone, and is probably the reason why most women drop their phones. It's really helpful for them to fit it into their pocket without them having to worry about someone taking it or worrying about it dropping.

  • 😁😁😁🤣🤣 cool

  • Dbrand board meeting: -We need to raise capital -For what? -Trolling Linus -Say no more, approved.

  • I like the fold but it's like having another tablet (?) And I just want a phone🤨 so that's why I want the same that i already had for the past years.

  • is tiny laptop?

  • I am an avid samsung user, s21 ultra, galaxy buds pro, galaxy watch 4 but I still just couldn't justify getting a fold or a flip, i find it's a fun cool gimmick/party trick that will get old very fast

  • im buying it because of this video

  • Me: *Watches Linus on my Z Flip 3 while charging at 94%* Linus: "You're literally destroying your battery over 80% charge" Me: *Slowly unplugs charger*

  • Worse battery life, worse camera, $1000 usd No thanks just to say my phone can flip

  • Perfect for ladies

  • omg the pocket thing. Women's pockets could never.

  • I see no use for folding phones. Now a flexible phone is a different story.

  • Narrow minded perspective lol

  • Can you feel the crease while using?

  • When you use a phone that folds, be careful and do not touch it too hard unless necessary

  • 0:32 no bro ...... not even the io is the same : wheres the hearth rate monitor? , where is the tv ir reciver ???? , where is the headphone jack ???? is not the same is a downgrade and they are charging you more for less is a stupidity for real , i am a owner of a z fold and before that i had a s10 plus and i feel that had more features shit even the fact that my old phone had a ip rating and it cost half of what i paid for this , im going back to the note series the fold is not for me , paying more for what basically is samsung shitting in your face with the price tag and features.

  • 2:53 the cake is a lie

  • I dont know what the issue is with the flip, you like the fold its like having a regular android phone as well, at least the flip, flips and fits in smaller pockets, and not just that, the nostalgia of having a flip its incredible, in my opinion i like the flip better

  • A FREAKING PAGER! Thank you I’ve been trying to remember what the name of that damn device was.

  • the dbrand employee that put the phone in the cake definitely has sex every day 😎

  • Admire his commitment to the Note 9 I feel the same about my note 10+

  • the z flip 3 is a huge life saver for me

  • Hey man you would buy an iPhone that phone and it's the same phone that you've been using for 10 years. I don't see what you don't grasp. It. Folds. That's it.

  • I think i can tell were is a phone on my cake.) Oh linus you have tech even on cakes.👌

  • D-Brand: “You know, we could just make phone cases, but dude, wouldn’t it be hilarious to troll you tubers…”

  • it doesn’t look cool like razr does

  • I haven't watched the full video yet. Do you talk about the battery life?

  • Lmfao I love this guy


  • There's the utility of the hinge aswell. Like being a compact or holding it self up for pictures and video. Being able to set your phone down when you video call, all with no extra equipment. Making it especially good for on the go. If you don't do those things all the time your probably not going to like the phone. Along with the portability it makes the phone very appealing to many everyday consumers. Especially women and older people. You don't have to sacrifice pretty much anything about a regular smart phone, and you get extra. It also cuts into the market of people who only have an iPhone for the size and the look. Its a cute phone with features those people actually care about. The only thing really holding it back (for the people who like it) is probably the price. It is new technology. Its a phone you have to buy with a trade in and a payment plan so people can't and won't just switch to this as soon as it comes out. I know when my phones due for an upgrade though the flip is what I want. And its not about having the best camera. I don't care about the best camera as long as it looks good.

  • Why do I kind of want one to feel nostalgic

  • It's a pretty good phone but the battery life is pretty poor

  • This dude is VERY attractive to me

  • I have one. Trust me, having used the good old folding phones during my early 20's, when you fold that thing and put it in your pocket, you realize that's how a phone should have been all along.

    • I think half the problem is how big phones have gotten. I'm still using an LG v20, when I bought it it was advertised as a "phablet" It's just an averaged sized phone now. If I can find it, I'm probably going back to something smaller

  • Cause it fits in tiny pockets

  • personally, I have the ZFlip 3, everything is so good, but the battery is almost non existent, definitely not a phone for anything out of everyday use and even that it is bad with, for 999, your only getting a phone with horrible battery life and that it folds, I love it tho

    • does it have battery saving mode at all?

  • Dbrand makes great products, cases, sticker skins for your devices, memes...

  • he really be flexing the men's pocket size

  • While I'd love a flip phone with everything good the smartphones have to offer, I'd have to wait for a screen that doesn't damage when I accidentally run a nail over it. Once they get a more resistant screen, I'll be the first to order. But now... I'm just sad the screen has to be so delicate now, because the phone looks very nice :

    • @Lord Mordington Damn, that sounds very good. Thanks for this info. I will consider getting it now (or the next iteration, since my S8 is still going strong)

    • @Shushuda It feels very similar to a regular glass screen now, you can't make a visible indent with any reasonable amount of force. I've had a Flip 3 since launch, and if there's any damage from my nails I've certainly not noticed it. I'm not making any concious effort to avoid it either.

    • @Lord Mordington I'm not worried about scratches, but indents in the plastic. As in "my nails are still scratching the screen when when fully clipped". Is the plastic really strong enough now to withstand running a nail through the screen? I'm tempted to replace my phone if so

    • Assuming you're talking about fingernails and not metal ones, I sincerely doubt you could scratch the new built in protectors without applying significant pressure. Samsung switched to a much harder plastic this time around.

  • When your life revolves about a complaint to shift your thumb an inch to reach a button, your life it far too difficult for the common human to understand your suffering.

  • I wouldn’t blindly recommend this phone to everybody. However, this phone is made for me.

    • @Be kind to others. For me, fantastic. I use flex mode on a daily basis as a built-in kickstand. I can fit the phone, a battery pack, and the Buds it came with in the same pocket. It feels splendid in the hand, crease and all. Not to mention, it's just cool as shit. I miss when "cool factor" used to be at least partially relevant in phone design, like with the Moto 4-letter phones and even stuff like the iPhone 4. It's a fun phone, without sacrificing practicality.

    • How is it now?

  • The answer here. These phones (S 21 & iPhone 13) are tooooo big and heavy. Also, if I want a tablet, I'll buy a TABLET! Why does anyone want or need a bulky, large, and heavy phone?