Samsung S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Battle!

čas přidán 4. 02. 2023
Camera Comparison of Samsung galaxy S23 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max - Night Mode, 4K, 8K Video and much more! Get your Samsung Galaxy S23 cases at CASETiFY now! Go to today to get 15% off your order
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Galaxy S23 Ultra:
Galaxy S23/
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  • Thanks for waiting for my comparison! ❤ I know I'm late, but I've taken over 1000 comparison shots on each to make sure I'm giving accurate information! Enjoyyyyyy 🙌

  • I'm actually impressed, unlike the unchanged design, the S23 Ultra's camera has improved so much that it has surpassed the iPhone in many category. Good job Samsung!

  • It's actually really nice that Samsung hasn't changed the phone design because I LOVE the S22 Ultra design. I'm really hoping that the S24 doesn't change drastically because that's when I'll likely upgrade from the S22 Ultra. Looking forward to even better camera upgrades then!

  • great pics and videos from both cameras! I have an s21 ultra and have always been android and I'm excited how the s23 ultra has improved- I take a lot of videos of my daughter performing so the 10X zoom is an important feature for me- definitely considering an upgrade! Having said that, I can't deny that there were shots and videos on the Apple phone that I definitely preferred over the S23. Phone cameras have made point & shoot cameras obsolete and even DSLRs are starting to feel the heat.

  • As someone who can't afford both, I can genuinely say that base on the photos and videos Samsung is way ahead. And it's crazy because whenever you take photos with friends, it's going to be with a friend that has an iPhone. Samsung did such a great job.

  • I've just upgraded from a much older phone. The whole phone and especially the cameras are absolutely insane. I did not know hdr videos like that with a microphone capturing better sounds than my own ears would ever be possible with a smartphone. The photo processing and editing also is crazy. I feel like Samsung even heavily upgraded the software since release.

  • I can only imagine the amount of effort and work it took to create such a detailed video that analyses the topic ever so deeply. Respect! He's truly the boss 🙌 👏

  • When I initially got the 14 pro max, I was completely unimpressed with the camera quality as in most cases it was significantly worse looking than the 13 pro max. But when I downloaded the ProCamera app it gave me full 48 mpx images without being in the raw format. The difference was night and day and until apple lets users take still photos in the full resolution I will never go back to the stock camera app.

  • As a professional designer, I'm glad that Samsung considered giving us (Powerful zooming) what other huge brands like iPhone or google pixel have never thought of. With the highest number of pixels, you might not need camera lenses, you get sharp & quality images which is very important

  • For me, speed of snapping a moment is important (my siblings have caught on to my sneak shots, so I must be ever faster) and I personally am not a fan of automatic filtering. 😅 I’m still in the iPhone boat, but I will agree for more immediately post-able and aesthetic photos, the Samsung appears to do the job! ☺️

  • The iphone 14 camera is like a fine tuned tool that managed to scrape all the possible potential it had

  • I never understood the need for 10x zoom until my last vacation to Australia. Literally, 10x zoom came in clutch EVERYWHERE. I found myself confidently taking photos of the crocodile feedings, the animals, scenery, crashing waves, and whale watching and literally had at least 5 people in any group we were in wanting me to send them the photos.

  • The trend I’ve noticed is that usually that the Samsung that launches in February beats the iPhone that launches in September the year before, but then the iPhone catches up with their phone in September. This just shows how both companies are insanely good, and neither is really better than the other.

  • Good comparison. The one thing that will keep me on iPhone is Proraw. I like being in control of how my photo turns out. It’s also nice being able to decrease the sharpening all smartphones do to their photos.

  • Something worth noting. Samsungs with a stylus will always be the group photo king. Because you can use the S-pen as a remote capture trigger. When you click the button on the pen, it takes a picture, or starts a video. So no need to set a timer and run, you just place, walk, click, done.

  • Great and informative video as per usual. I enjoyed it as I always do and it was a great help for me to figure out if I wanted to upgrade back to android.

  • Speaking about fun, the S-Pen comes in handy when remotely taking a group photos with a gimbal. Recording a video, then quickly editing with a S-Pen is a blast. Hearing Ridley Scott recording a short video with S23 Ultra is a big testament. I am still enjoying my 1TB S22 Ultra.

  • I think it's nice to have a decent internal microphone in a smartphone, the customer often has never this data at mind but audio recording should be a criteria as camera quality is.

  • I have the S22 Ultra and the main difference in real life is really the zoom. In terms of every day shots both are gonna look good, but being able to take far away shots and still having them look great has been a game changer for me

  • A sensationally good comparison of the two smartphone stars. Many thanks for the effort and time.