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Saquon Barkley's FULL Rookie Highlights

čas přidán 30. 12. 2018
Check out Saquon Barkley's best plays from the 2018 NFL Season.
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  • Imagine if the Giants just had an AVERAGE o line

  • 🍻

  • 2000 yards!!!! In his first season!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 future super bowl winner💯⚡

  • Saquan is so rare. Has to be rookie of the year.

  • It's a privilege to see him play. A special player.



  • The scores...

  • This guy is scary

  • What type of cleats does he have

  • I'm glad we got him.S. Barkley is a dream player and outstanding human being.You can't ask for more.

  • Freakish ROTD Decade

  • This dude gonna be a problem for my birds for a looooooooooong ass time...

  • An he’s a rookie! Unreal.

  • sterling shepards blocks are nasty as well

  • They should not burn him out on so many passes.

  • Led the league in broken tackles by 32 over the next guy(McCaffrey). Complete stud.

  • My dad traded for Barkley in his fantasy league and he and JuJu have become his favorite players in the league.

  • The footwork on this kid is unbelievable I can watch this dude run the ball all day

  • Insane.

  • Doncic of the NFL

  • .....still got Eli as our QB tho

  • This dude is must watch football. 👌

  • Potential to be TBE. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • As a skins fan I'm sick I gotta see this guy for the next 10 years monster

  • If he stays healthy he's a future Hall of Famer and one of the greats to play the game. He's helping to revive the running back position in the NFL. Most talented and exciting running back since Barry Sanders.

  • Should be Rookie of The Year

  • he is amasizing

  • He deserves better than Giants

  • 8:08- Barkley doesn't care what he has to do to get yards. He'll run over his own teammates 🔥🔥


  • Best RB in the league. Hope he stays healthy. He is something special. Haven't seen anyone like him Since Barry Sanders. And he may be better than Barry so far. Cant believe I said that!

  • He reminds me of Barry Sanders just getting away from everyone hes amazing. I'm not one to usually do this but if he keeps playing like this hes a future hall of Famer for sure.

  • Barkley is like one of those toy car that you have to drag backwards to make go forwards.

  • Best RB to enter the league this century

  • I didn’t know that Barkley had such a nasty jab ... I mean stiff arm

  • 5:25 run is nasty

  • Offensive Rookie of the year Saquon Barkley over Baker Mayfield Change my mind

  • Lmao these comments about zeke being better than Barkley are hilarious. I promise you, Put Zeke behind the Giants Line and he wont even produce half of Saquon did this season. Jokes

  • 4:26 - 4:40 is literally Madden 😂😂

  • Him & McCaffery are Overall the 2 best RB’s

  • He’s talented but like Barry couldn’t take his team to playoffs.

  • How can a 5'11 233 pound back be so fast and shifty?

  • Reminds me of a young AP. The question is how much can Barkley endure with such a bad line and a inconsistent QB???

  • Baker is terriffic, but Saquon has to be ROY. I hope they're not going to rob this man.

  • This guy is just DISGUSTING when he’s running!

  • It was so good to see Barkley kicking ass this season! -Penn State Fan

  • We need to draft o-line or lb edge or db 1st round no qb and we gotta get another big play wr opposite of obj

  • Best pick of da draft by us great job Dave!! But guys check da jump cut den acceleration @6:00 🏃🏃

  • Giants, don't be stupid. NEVER get rid of this guy.

  • The Giants have one of the best, if not the best running backs in the league, and one of the best wide receivers in the league. Now imagine if they fix the Oline and grab a 1st round QB.

  • Check out the link below!

  • Ladies & gentleman, the reincarnation of Barry Sanders...

  • If Barkley doesn’t get roy then it’s a huge snub.. this man is unreal

  • he is a god

  • wow!! he....amazing!!!

  • He is golden

  • This dude is really 235-240 and that fast? He’s so special.

  • What a monster

  • That run at 5:42 though.

  • levon bell who this kid is the best right now its his time

  • This kid is a beast

  • I honestly assumed there would not be another player comparable to B. Sanders EVER...but this kid is VERY VERY VERY close. lmao

  • Man they robbed him of first team all pro look on google they said he out beat zeke and gurly for first team then Las Vegas put zeke and gurly in first and sec team they said Barkley had better numbers then both Barkley yeah finished sec in yards but had 11 rushing td yo zeke 6 had less touches more catches more yards at as a receiver then then had over 2k total yards broke more tackles then zeke and gurly more then any one in nfl 15 tds to their 10 out together and more rookie of the year Barkley was robbed cause of popularity they like zeke and gurly the most how you have him first team all pro earlier of the week then 4 days later he got over ruled so he didn’t make the cut smh

  • He is dedicated, works out like crazy.. it shows in his play wish the Raiders had him

  • Joe Flacco to the Giants??

  • He will be great - From Seattle Fan

  • 8:54 Odell is either scared to hit or not a team player, he only cares about his stats smh

  • I’m a buckeyes fan. I remember watching him the first game of his freshman season tear us apart lol

  • How are the giants not an offensive powerhouse with a running threat like that.

  • dude i really wanna find out what saquon and ramsey was beefin bout

  • Trade Eli & maybe they'll finally be good..

  • For a rookie he put this offense on his back and carried them the whole season. Like if you agree

  • 5:44 lineman falls down

  • He's insane!

  • Hes like Lesean McCoy, but 30lbs heavier. Unreal

  • This guy is something special, man i watched every game and these highlights still surprise me, and oppnenant see him on vid then realise hes no scat back must be impressive at 233lbs to do what he does... i laugh at fans who say Eli lived on check downs but those are designed plays to get the ball to ur 1a 1b best plyr, Shurmur did it in Minny with McCleon and he figured out how to do it with EE after the bye... man if Getty upgrades the D & continues to better OL and it plays well, watchout

  • In 2019 is where we'll see if Barkley was the right pick for us. No denying he makes our team 100x better, but the Giants need to make an upgrade at QB right now, or at least draft someone for the following season. With a new more mobile QB to go with Saquon + our stacked receiving corp, not to mention a defense that is full of young talent we could supplement with our other picks this year we could go worst to first no problem. The key is getting our timing right with Barkley's rookie deal, Odell under contract, and hopefully Collins signed along with our new franchise QB under center. Giants could legitimately build a dynasty with the right QB, and put an end to the talk of Barkley being the wrong pick.

  • Barkley > Elliot this coming from a die hard buckeyes fan

  • 9:40 Super Mario?

  • Guy reminds me so much of Bo Jackson! He has the speed and power to make plays like Bo did plus he can catch the ball.

  • Breaks Tackles like AP Hands like L.Bell Speed like Young Jammal Charles Vision Like Barry Sanders

  • "His moves are impressive" (Plankton voice from SpongeBob movie scene)

  • Yep. Best half back in the league, hands down. Only time I saw him struggle was against Washington in the beginning of the season. Even then, he was using his hands to do damage. He’s unbelievable and is already miles ahead of his peers. Sorry, but players like Bell and Gurley are the product of scheming and high volume of work load. Saquon just simply produces from nothing.

  • Props to saquon but sterling Shepard be laying people out

  • Berkley ain’t the best running back though. That belongs to Todd Gurley

  • Best in NFL. Gurley and zeke are ridiculously good but I don't think they have the pure talent. Guy makes everyone miss. Similar style to leveon bell but more explosive and faster. Change my mind

  • Best back in the league.

  • The eye test suggest that he is the best running back in the NFL right now. He's everything that you want in a running back.

  • The difference between Barkley and other professional athletes he goes 100% every time he’s on that field

  • 9:40 Imagine Mario jumping mid play. Saquon putting thoughts to action 😤💪

  • I like how sometimes there's like 5 people simultaneously trying to tackle him and can't bring him down.

  • 3:47 Walter Payton would be so proud.

  • Saquon Barkley is amazing, the best running back to enter the NFL since Le'Veon Bell

  • Already the best RB in the league....Well i can't confirm it because Bell still needs a team and Zeke, Gurley, Kamara are definitely arguable. (my top5 no Order)

  • Wow he really does remind me of sanders. This is his rookie season and watching this is like watching Barry highlights. Crazy

  • Man if the giants can get a decent o line and get rid of obj they might be a good team!

  • Those 190 people who disliked this video either cowgirls fans, chegals or dead skins 😂

  • 1,300+ Rush yards (2nd), 11 TDs, 5ypc, 91 receptions for 720+ yards, 4TDs. Over 2,000 total yards (3rd rookie all time to do so) behind the 27th ranked Run blocking line with the 28th ranked QB. Unquestioned Rookie of the Year.

  • With all his super talen he is doomed to be on a awful team, he needs to get put on a better team as soon as he possibly can or he will just end up being another barry sanders, stuck on a bad team never being able to fully showcase his skills and get a ring, wasted talent, we had so many great rookies this season, like nick chubb, sony michell, caryon johnson, and another that was almost as great as barkley that sadly got in trouble was the awesome kareem hunt. Then there are the other guys like baker mayfield, lamar jackson, sam darnold and guys like courtland sutton, michael gallup, bradley chubb the cousin of nick chubb, then my guy dj moor and so many more. But barkley is probably the best out of the entire group, just would like to see him on a better team