Saying Goodbye to our Cabin (life update)

čas přidán 24. 10. 2021
After a new van build, 1 year of cabin renovations + an easing of restrictions it's finally time to go rescue our abandoned van in Morocco 😳 But first, we've got to close the cabin. The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

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0:01 Why We're Leaving the Cabin
0:36 24 Hours Until Take Off ✈️
1:02 Our BIG To-Do List
1:35 Shed Cleanup
2:24 LATE for Boat Pickup!
3:23 Plan for the Van?
4:42 Winterizing he water lines 💦
6:38 Last trip to the dump
8:50 Life Update (how we're feeling)
10:00 Anchoring the Docks
12:35 Last sea doo cruise
13:29 Bathroom clean up 😜
14:45 What to pack?!
15:36 Moment of Gratitude
19:41 Sneak Peek!!!

We're Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple who previously lived and traveled full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! When the pandemic hit in 2020 we made the difficult decision to abandon our van in Africa and fly home to Canada. Now we're here... living at a cabin in the Canadian wilderness! Things are coming to a close after nearly 1 year of cabin renovations. As we prepare to head back to Morocco to rescue our van, we need to pack up the cabin and ensure it's winterized before saying goodbye for a few months!

Full Cabin Tour | Before & After 1 Year of Renovations
Catch up on our cabin in the woods videos:​​​​

We've always envisioned moving into the woods by the lake and building our dream tiny cabin as a home base for us to come back to in between our international van life travels. While we are looking forward to rescuing our abandoned van from Morocco, we are so so grateful to have this space to call home!


  • If you HAD to choose one which would it be... CABIN LIFE or VAN LIFE 🚐 ?!?! Comment below 👇🏽

  • I like watching you accomplish things because I have a toddler and I only dream of being this productive in a single day.

  • Cabin life.. for sure. Thats an easy one if i had to choose..

  • Best edited videos of any vanlifer on youtube… So enjoyable and entertaining… all of your videos… well put together.

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  • Cabin Life all day long! 👌

  • 10:33-10:55 I knew it! I see your eyes, girl.

  • Did they NOT sell their beautiful cabin? I missed something... Anyone? Thanks, and Blessings Eamon n Bec!

  • honest question: why wait last minute to winterize? Or is it a little scripted?

  • I love your life.

  • When you coming to Aus?

  • Eamon I saw this on YT….. Really nice short video to keep you’re water pipes save in the winter😉 no bursting in the cabin or in the 🚐☺️❤️

  • Van life and I agree with Bec CLEAN it

  • I'm amazed by your teamwork. How were you able to do all that in 24 hours and even film all of it...

  • Yes clean the van before storage; u will thank yourself later,

  • I love deep cleaning my house before going on vacation so I come back to less chaos lol

  • So will you be giving your other van to someone in need?? Like me?? Basically homeless, living out of a minivan and now I’m pregnant. 🙏🏾✨

  • When I was in the military I learned the meaning of very hard work. Job one after basic boot camp skills and conditioning (that is a story in itself)...anyway the main focus was keeping everything in a high state of cleanlyness all the time. Not weekly or every few days but constantly. Nobody was exempt from this. Everything was kept constantly in top shape.

  • Bec once said (give me a cloth GINO)

  • YES It needs to be cleaned before it's stored, LOL!


  • I do love how you setup your beautiful Van. C'est formidable.

  • 💛Jesus Loves You💛

  • As an Australian, I had no idea what what happening 95% of this video haha the idea of 'winterizing' things

  • Be careful with skillshare- I did the free one month trial then one YEAR later they charged my on a whole year ($99) and refuse to pay me back.. :/

  • Just started Skillshare!!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love watching your channel. Keep rocking it!!!!!!

  • What is the area/district in canada of your cabin? It seems so nice.

  • Where has been Tim been? Hope all is well with him!! Can't wait to see Morocco!!

  • I'm with both of you on the cleaning the van thing

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  • I was stressed just watching this and I've never had to winterize anything in my life! haha Enjoy your trip!! :)

  • Congrats on returning to Trinity :-) So many emotions! But big hugs and cheers to your upcoming trip!

  • Hire a maid

  • Yes I like things clean and organized too

  • I clean our RV before putting into winter storage...I'm with you Bec!

  • Clean it all the way! Safe travels guys.

  • That was all done in 24 hours???? Wow‼

  • What you speak French or no?

  • You guys get more done in one day than I get done in a week, or a month.

  • There is no way you did this all in one day

  • 10:23 dang eamon, a baddie with a fattie eh?

  • You guys are awesome. "See you" in Morocco

  • So odd seeing you guys back in the warehouse.

  • Wow, what a video. End of an era. Your cabin renovations felt like a trusty friend during the hard pandemic. Hope you film again at the cabin upon your return. Reuniting with Trinity will be hugely emotional and I send you both love and tenderness. I'm sure it will bring up a load of memories and many feelings. Please don't feel the pressure to keep making videos weekly if it gets too much. Take the time to transition, integrate and rest if needed. Take care and know your supporters are here for you xxx

  • When will be the next video

  • proud, inspired and honoured to witness your journey. Be safe you two

  • Going home from work tonight I spot a Sprinter Van behind me! I’m at a red light using the rear view mirror to see if it’s one if the couples I watch on CS-tv! Eamon snd Bec or Nate and Kara !! It wasn’t but wanted you guys to know I’m looking!!

  • Did you really do all that in 24 hours?

  • welcome baack to Morocco , we missed you so much , and let's have a minute and remember Lee, the lovely soul who was a part of the story in Morocco . may her soul be blessed and rest in peace . love you guys

  • Lots of Canadian's and 60,000 Australian's leaving their countries due to the new restrictions being put into place. It's actually a good move.

  • Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  • Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  • What drone do you use ;)

  • oh my god!! so happy for you guys. got teary eyed at the end! cant w8 for this new chapter,

  • Such a first world problem Retch

  • Agree Bec im the same we clean up the house then go camping

  • Van life, always. 😃 On the road again ;-)

  • Are the days longer in Canada? I can't believe you accomplished all those tasks in 24 hours while also making home-cooked meals! You two are plant based machines! 😮👊🤸‍♀️

  • This is bittersweet for me can’t imagine how y’all are feeling. Can’t wait to come along with you guys in your next chapter. Love y’all

  • Chaiwala chai means tea vendors tea... 😂😂😂

  • Join #teamseas

  • Lee will be with u both while u are there remember the wonderful times

  • I love that you referenced Sailing Lavagabon! Their videos sent me to you guys:)

  • #teamseas

  • Hey guys, please please please hop on board with #teamseas!

  • All I could think was “what’s eamon gonna bring home from the dump” lol Also legit question, if you winter-ize a house how do people stay in it and use electricity and water such as oven and shower.

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  • You should of put traps all around the cabin to keep out or kill rodents

  • Aww, I'm sad you guys are leaving the cabin. That is such an awesome place. Well, onward to more exciting adventures.

  • Yes, I'm with you. Clean, clean and clean.

  • Happy Birthday Eamon 🎂🥳🎉🎈

  • The weather was perfect for your packing day 🤠 Look forward to seeing your next adventures! Maybe we cross paths, we aren't far away 🧩

  • well prob killed that squirrel since they pack away their food in their nests and you locked him out of his nest. see your empathy isnt working anymore. no soul that is what the jab kills.

  • Oh my god I'm so keen to see the next one!! x so emotional saying bye to the cabin though!

  • must be so strange to be getting back on the road after all this time. so much has changed since you left Morocco, but it's great you're changing things up again for a while. Enjoy the change of scenery 😊 btw the way, Bec, the crack in your voice reminded me so much of Lee. She was definitely channelling through you as you prepared the cabin and got ready to pick up where you all left off 💖💖💖 take care, my lovelies xx


  • haha-love the giant master to do list!! that was a lot to accomplish in one day!! loved watching the process! Bon Voyage and enjoy the return to the van and adventures abroad! thanks for the cabin life months-it's been great!

  • Oh my gosh, it’s like the world is really finally getting back to some sanity! So, so excited for you guys!!! Ps) when you can, can we get an update on Tim?? We haven’t seen him in ages!!!

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  • Is Bec argentinean? En serio?

  • second time watching this, miss you guys. huuurrry up already............... hahahahahhaha, but seriously, go to la londe in southern france, there are two other canuks that also have a chateau over there too, , not sure if they are vegan or not ???? but hey!!! they're canuks in a foreign land, what could go wrong............???? lol

  • The best you are!

  • ❤️❤️

  • Awwww poor Charlston! Out into the cold you go. I hope you don't have babies in there. Bon Voyage to you! Can't wait to see your new adventures.

  • I really enjoyed watching all that went into winterizing an entire cabin and all miscellaneous extras around the property. In regards to the van vs. cabin life…well let’s just say that you two have the perfect arrangement to be able to enjoy both. Good luck in Morocco and please continue to stay safe. Hope Trinity is being kind to y’all.

  • I used to hate winter until I bought my cabin in Northern Ontario 16 years ago, now I find I love winter. The solitude and silence of winter in the forest is amazing, it’s so quiet you can hear the snow fall.

  • Everyone, pause the video at 10:23 and give Eamon a virtual kick. xD

  • Gotta clean before storing and after!

  • positive vibes and safe journey guys 🖤

  • Safe travels Guys !

  • My uncle is from Morocco... he was recently back there visiting and buying a small apartment building with a cafe on the bottom floor... they're gonna name the cafe after my aunt Patty lol.

    • glad i found this channel. usually dont like these type of content but idk why im gravitating to this. maybe its the canadian in me lol