Saying YES to the Most SPOILED KID in America for 24 Hours!

čas přidán 17. 09. 2022
my friends have to say YES to the MOST spoiled kids for 24 hours, and it does not go very well!
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  • THE HOTEL 🔥🔥🔥

  • “Mine and Lexi’s just don’t come in at night” had me dying on the floor 😭

  • I love it when andrew throws the juice on the table😂😂

  • I love how if Lexi needs help in anything she will tell Andrew and he will come it’s so cute 🥰

  • I like how Andrew just makes a big mess and then walks away . Andrew all ways mans me laugh.And how Andrew pushes the water at the end

  • the fact that andrew just flipped the table to celebrate at the end 😂😂😂🎉🎉

  • Brent---laughing through out the video Andrew and Lexi--saying yes and suffering

    • LMAO

    • @Lindsay Hesser i know right

    • 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • poor Andrew just wanted a nice romantic vacation with Lexi 😂

  • My fave part is where Andrew said to not go in Lexi and his room at night 😂

  • This was such a funny video with the two kids. Imagine if it was the opposite where the kids had to say yes to Brent! Love your content: )

  • The way Andrew said like we’re sleeping.😂

  • I'm so sorry Andrew 😂😂 He had high hopes 😭😂

  • I love how Andrew's face looked when he ran away after a mess

  • 5:25 it's beautiful how much trust they have in each other

  • I can never watch your video without laughing 😂😂

  • *I like how Brent drags his self into situations and always realized that he shouldn't have did it*

  • How he admits Lexi needs that luck

  • I love how much effort Brent puts in his vids, He doesn’t care how much it costs as long as everyone else around him is having fun! I’ve been subbed longer than I can remember and haven’t regretted it even once! Keep up the great work😁😊🥰

  • It was hilarious when andrew thought it was gonna be a romantic vacation. He didn't know what he was getting into.

  • yessss drew was there! i love it when drew is in your videos and you guys always make me laugh tysm. please add drew into more vids cuz he seriously adds so much too it

  • Put ur hand up if u love brent making videos for us. 🤲🏻

  • imagine Lexi and Andrew having these kids 😂

    • ikr

    • I can imagine lol😂

    • That would’ve been funny because they would’ve failed the first day They would have to buy their love

    • In 3min Andrew and Lexi will say IM GONNA SEND YOU TO ADOPTIONS 🎃

    • i know right

  • Hooray 🎉😊 now Lexi gets Brent to say yes to her so happy for Lexi

  • Can we just agree how crazy Andrew just shoved all those waters across the table 😂 I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even breathe 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @Why the long face? aight i'll try that

    • @TheoTJPlaysGaming you can tell by simply watching the video and seeing all the cuts lmao

    • @Why the long face? how do u know, u dont even know if it was staged, and u got no proof

    • ikk hahhaha it was crazyyyy

  • The effort Lexi ,Andrew and Brent put in this video salute to you bro 😊

  • omg that was funny and i like how andrew walked away while making a mess and i liked how he though the vacation was going to be fun but actually not haha

  • Time to say yes to them for 24 hours😅😁

  • I love how you get them VERY expensive gifts and they dont even care🤣

  • I love how lex and Andrew just danced like that

  • That Vegas trip looked like a lot of fun :) hope you had a fun time!

  • I love how Andrew made a mess and then walk away

  • I love the part when Andrew through the drinks 😂


  • Andrew was for real sleeping with the shoes on 😂😂😂😂

  • The part that Andrew said “don’t come in at night” lol

  • luv u brent, congrats on 21 million!!! i hope u had fun filming this for us!! hope u hit 25 million soon, go subscribe everyone!! make sure not to stress, we’re here for u (literally 20 million ppl)!!

  • I like how drew always loves the Romantic parts

  • When she said ‘It’s just like your house’ ‘There’s a staircase in your house’ That got my cracking up😂

  • I LOVE IT !😂😂😂😂

  • I love these videos! can you do one that says saying yes to Lexi for 24 hours?

  • Brent always makes our day. I love your videos Brent. :)

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The fact Brent have to says yes to both the spoil and Lexi for 24 hour 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It's so funny the way Andrew and Lexi behave like Brent and Pierson and they both say they are not dating Such irony😂😂😂

  • it’s time for brent to do this challenge. he said 400K likes and now it’s 655K likes

  • Time to say yes to Lexi 💗

  • It’s your turn to say yes to them Brent 😂

  • You've gotta love how Brent is laughing throughout the whole video lol. 😂

  • I love❤how Andrew just walked away after making a mess

  • Andrew was so happy with lexi on the boat haha

  • I love how that before you click on the video it shows Brent saying yes to them/her but then in the video Brent doesn't say yes to them 𝗮𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹. 🤣 Also is it just me or when Dom left he took the limo?

  • You have to say yes to Lexi and Andrew for 24hrs 😹💃

  • They look proud that they're torturing you❤️🤣

  • Brent always puts so much effort in his videos u can literally tell. Ur content literally puts a smile to my face ❤

  • Brent now has to say yes to the kids, and Lexi!

  • Andrew will do literally anything for Lexi 😭😭❤❤ It's so cute!!! I think that even though Lexi didn't show it I think she really enjoyed that boat ride with Andrew! 🥰❤ [I'm a girl btw. I'm using my dad's account]

  • I wished I could go on the board ride with Andrew ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • God bless you brent! Never give up

  • Nice vid always makes us all happy😊

  • Let's just all appreciate how much hard Brent works for us because we all know that Brent has a personal life and I hope he is ok and just say a big THANK YOU BRENT 😊

    • @Doofy lies

    • Brent needs to stop! I make awesome content….

    • Brent needs to stop! I make awesome content….

    • Brent needs to stop! I make awesome content….

  • We love and appreciate all the hard work you put into your videos Brent were all proud of you keep going farther! I wish you a happy life

    • Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!

  • I'm dying to see Brent say yes to the kids and to lexi for 24 hours

  • Hi Brent I love your videos ❤

  • I love how Andrew treats kids sometimes it's funny thats why he my favorite:>

  • 'Andrew is literally living his dream rn' Ship ships

  • its time for brent to say yes to them!

  • I like how Brent doesn’t say like the video when they have him the challenge😂

  • "I'm just saying that cuz ... cuz we're sleeping" literally killed me. He was like, ObViouSly, what else were you thinking.

  • It's cute how andrew and lexi were actually sleeping in the same bed

  • its time to say yes to the kids for 24 hours

  • Lexi and Andrew were made for each other They have great chemistry and are funny and hilarious together LANDREW ❤

    • @TheoTJPlaysGaming bro see that’s what I thought and I was right.

    • @Gacha With Me! nahhh stop giving people fake info bro thats not cool

    • @Cole. nahhh he doesnt know what hes talking about they're not siblings

    • I ship

    • #landrew

  • Yall are so funny in so many ways 🤣😂

  • Good luck Brent saying yes to them LOL

  • I love all your videos 💞

  • Now Brent needs to say yes to Lexi and Andrew for 24 hrs!!

  • 8:25 I almost died right there

  • Incredible how he plans all the scenes, there is a lot of creativity in the editors. Keep it up.

  • I love how Andrew and Lexi actually slept together… ❤❤

  • being Brent's friend looks like so much fun😭🤣

  • Imagine being held hostage to hold hostage against the person hostaging you for a video

  • Giana had the best time and loves the AMP squad so much! They are all super nice and so fun to be around💙 @giaflip10

  • The ending intro never gets old

  • Andrew and Lexi are like a mom and dad for the spoiled kids

  • Brent- "Who's room is this gonna be?" Andrew- "Mine and Lexi's." Lol.

  • I think it would do those kids some good to have a day where THEY have to say yes to YOU for 24 hours. Though I dread to think how much they'll whine.

    • Chile its obviously staged bro

    • I would absolutely love seeing spoiled kids cry but I think that the kids are probably just acting.

    • Yes i agree

    • Landrw

    • Yesssss they need to see how it feels 😅

  • i love how lexi and andrew woke up with their shoes and andrew even woke up with a bag

  • is it just me waiting for brent to say yes to them

  • I got a idea Ben must listen to them for one week 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Omg you should make a video of being parents for 48 hours with Chloe from the 100 dates in 24 hours!

  • It's crazy how much money and effort they spend on one video to entertain us. Keep up the good work Brent!

  • the way Andrew just threw the plastic bottles and just stormed out

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  • Dom giving up that early 😂😂😂

  • This is what having children is like ☺️

  • He literally told the kids that they suck😂😂😂. Well I would too😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂2:41

  • Can we just agree how Brent brightens our day even when we our feeling our saddest with his happiness and smile ❤❤

  • I loved the video! I loved the part when the kids said "just like at home" and lexi was like "I forgot they are spoiled" by the way done

  • You never fail to amaze me with all your vid ideas! They're incredible! Keep up the great work!!

  • The way Andrew said "mine and lexis just don't come in at night"

  • their parents must be happy these kids were out of their hands, probs better than a yes day to the parents.