SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained

čas přidán 13. 08. 2019
#scarystories #endingexplained
In SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, the long popular and controversial horror books for children is brought to frightening life on the big screen - unleashing the terrifying creatures from the books into the real world. Lean all about the monsters and their original appearances in the series, along with the tragic story of troubled spirit Sarah Bellows, as well as explaining the ending that sets things up for sequel.
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  • 9:27 ear rape

  • I love the book

  • I used to read these as a kid and literally could not look at some pictures if i ever see this movie ill probably just die after

  • Oh honey, it's not dog poo...

  • I had no clue I read these books until you showed the abstract pictures from the books, Now I want to go and see the movie 😂

  • I just got back from watching this movie. It was amazing. My favourite character was Augest and I really hope that they make a sequel bringing him and Charlie back. Great video. Xx

  • Finally for once in my life I watch FoundFlix during the day!

  • when tom said 'mommy help me ' ı almost cried poor kid ı hope he comes back ın the next movie

  • Eh, too much modern day political shit.

  • This movie was terrible. I knew it wouldn’t do the book justice

  • Oh great I’m gonna have to see this

  • they forgot the missing dad story. smh my head

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  • The ad that i got at the begining of the video was the ad for this movie

  • Your never to old for candy I think

  • You forgot to mention why Sara is doing this Because in the basement that dumb girl asked Sara to tell them a scary story

  • 0:59 - If I recall correctly they used this particular ghost woman's appearance when the corpse that the "big toe" belonged to came looking for it in the movie. I thought one of the minor strengths of the movie was its attempt to "combine" elements from two or more stories in one scene in order to keep the fans of the books satisfied, without the amount of cameos from the stories seeming forced or anything.

  • Like I said before @foundflix why can't u be here with me and all my films? Lol ur the best.

  • If there is a sequel... less poop, please.

  • Just imagine not being apart of a situation at all only for one of the main characters to talk to u about it rope u in and u die shit sounds tough

  • Is it just me or did the script for this movie sound really artificial? Idk it was a fun film but the dialogue kind of took away from the experience

  • 3:22

  • Thru the whole thing I kept thinking: "Sarah Bellows...Sarah Bellum...Cerebellum?"

  • In my elementary school, we had a windowless utility room for the elevator which was directly across the hallway from my third grade classroom. For Halloween, our teacher took us over into that room, sat us all in a circle around an electric lantern as our only light, and then let each of us read out loud one of the stories from her copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to the rest like we were members of the Midnight Society. It's one of my fondest memories from back then and I still love the creepiness of the original illustrations.

  • Bro... is this for kids or not???

  • Hey the creepy house where they found the book is in my hometown of Petrolia Ontario

  • Personally I feel after watching this movie, that it would have probably benefited more to being an anthology film. Maybe along the lines of The Crypt Keeper or even Trick r Treat. Have a single story teller that can move to each story. May have had a lot cleaner ending than the one we got.

  • im going to see this movie next weekend O.O

  • The trailers scared the sh*t outta me because I first saw them alone at night and sound up

  • In Soviet Russia you no read book, book reads you

  • If there will be a sequel I hope the story sam’s new pet will show up in the sequel

  • Im watching spoilers and i don't care

  • I like watching foundflix, it explain more than other ones

  • this is the first movie of this guys channel that i actually watched before his ending explained lol

  • YOUR DVD SHELVES LOOK LIKE MINE although my dad is transitioning to cases where it’s just the CDs in slots and 9 slots per page and hundreds of pages and no cases.

  • The sequel is a game called scribblenauts

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  • This movie was doo-doo. Not scary at all

  • I remember that book I think I read that in like 1st grade I got so scared I couldn’t sleep all night cause the stories were all good in that scary way

  • I get the feeling that you're a liberal by saying "that Trump guy" but you don't want to get into politics so it's cool

  • i read the books in my elementary school library

  • I’ve seen the movie but I came just for Foundflix to talk about it cause I love this channel

  • If what she writes in blood becomes true, can’t she use her blood to write her friends back?

  • Powers to bring the characters to life? Sounds just like Goosebumps 🤔

  • I have to say, I am mildly dissapointed that they cut out the violence of the origional books, but I am supremely pleased with what they put out

  • Where the sign saying "mill valley" was shot is quite close to where I used to lived, there's actually a few urban legends regarding this particular area

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  • I just saw this movie and HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That pale fat lady can fuck right off! I don't like clowns and I understand the psychology behind them which doesn't fucking help!!!

  • Seriously, we can’t even get a movie review without some Trump derangement syndrome tossed in the mix? BTW, that Trump guy is the President of the United States. Show some respect.

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  • I seen this movie in theaters and it’s honestly really basic I get that it’s pg 13 but I was kinda expecting more cause I’ve read the book..but the hugging monster was the best lmao

  • Foundflex:(says trump) CS-tv: demonetized

  • The ending was not fitting at all, I was pretty disappointed since it was way too cheesy and cliche. The rest of the film was pretty good though.

  • If the sequel isn’t called Scary Stories 2 Tell in the Dark, I will be very disappointed

  • 9:25 Did I just get roasted by a book...

  • I remember the stories differently, mainly because back in elementary our teacher would add to them to make them longer, I learned this a few years later when I read them myself

  • I started crying at the end because the actors were so good and it was so emotional, that I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t crying cause I was scared, i cried because I felt so awful for the poor characters.

  • so this basic on a book

  • damn i really read this in the third grade and saw no problems with it

  • The pale lady: Thanks, I hate it. (I mean this as a compliment, her illustration always fucked me up the most)

  • The title sounds like a creepypasta


  • Is anyone else an OG reader and read the big toe and the vindow viper?

  • I seen this movie today

  • *not dog poop

  • I really enjoyed the movie which combines the stories very well. Overall great movie 9/10 Only some things that I didn’t like. So little stories. And they didn’t even save the people in the end. Tommy, actually let him stay dead. Only they should’ve saved auggie and chuck. Made the movie end on a cliffhanger.

  • Scary stories to tell in the dark 2: scarier stories to tell in the darker

  • FoundFlix Logic: if you prank some kids you deserve to be hunted, stabbed and turned into a scarecrow.... I really hate this guy... Sooooo much

  • My teacher used to read these to us at school when I was 10

  • Can we talk about how bad that ending was

  • The movie was really nostalgic even if the stories were changed.

  • I want a sequel to this asap

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  • I saw this opening night AND I LOVED IT. I nerded out so hard it was perfect

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  • "... To Tell In The Dark but to Watch With the Light On"

  • Can you talk about the Banana Splits Movie?

  • Are you kidding me? This movie was horrible. If I had the power, I would’ve prevented this movie from releasing.