SCP-096 - Look at a Picture of Shy Guy in Space? The Shy Guy Questions and Theories (SCP Animation)

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SCP-096 is a Euclid Class anomaly also known as The Shy Guy.
There's lots of questions about The Shy Guy - where did he come from? How powerful is he? How far do you have to get in order for him to stop chasing you after you've seen his face? As well as theories for how to defeat him, how to hide from him, and even how to control him. Today we're looking at all of these and more in this explainer of SCP-096 The Shy Guy and all of the questions, theories, and hypotheticals about one of the most famous and scary of the anomalies in SCP Foundation containment.
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SCP-096 - The Shy Guy Questions and Theories Answered and Explained (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-096" by Dr Dan:
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  • SCP-096 literally went like so you looked at my picture well "it is what it is" 11:00

  • Can you close you’re eyes and hug him?

  • I have a question. What if you set up a containment cell for 069, except it had light and reverse widows so dark that the room would look pitch black. Would it go into a rage even if you were looking at the window and not the entities actual face?

  • What if you throw scp-096 in the Sun.

  • If a digitally drawn image does not trigger his anger, then couldn't you recreate a picture pixel by pixel, making it a drawing, not a photograph?

  • is this real

  • So, if i looked at it in CS-tv im basically safe?

  • plz no face

  • Wait I dont think this will happen after all their must be a way to make 096 stop killing like everything who seeks on him he kills it

  • So the last question it probably would rip it’s self to bits because on that CS-tv channel how it should have ended the indo raptor is stupid enough to eat it’s self when eating gun is pointed at it so why not

  • thank god all the scp 096's face in these videos are animated.... or are th- AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • I look it face for real on I am dead I am only nine years old

  • So if your on top of Mount Everest does it have to climb the mountain with oxygen and what would I do if it fall on it?

  • just enter the scp 3008 -1 and look

  • I can't imagine 096 screaming while swimming after you.

  • Wow See He Good Guy

  • SCP-NO YOU is a very dangerous item known for reversing any force upon it thanks to its 2 arrows that look like this 🔃 once in possession of the item the person would then be considered unstoppable

  • so if i google a image of scp-096 and look at it i will still be in danger?

  • This channel has too much in common with the info graphic show

  • or put him in galaxy

  • and zoid

  • what if shy guy go to space

  • Uhh there are so many who could potentially beat 096 with cross testing

  • is 096 real

  • Shy guy: jumps 500000 miles up SCP Foundation: WRITE THAT DOWN

  • Trap scp 096 in a rocket ship then send him to the sun

  • If this scp can kill you if you look at it in the video then why did you make the video you just killed us all if that is true

  • I has a question do you have to see the face or look at the face but not see it? If you have to see it then blind people will survive, but if you have to look then.... !!!!!WE ARE ALL SCREWED!!!!! Me:911 I am in “trouble” ! 911: what is going on can you tell me!? Me:HE ATE MY BREAKFAST! 911:who... wait..what ummm( I don’t get paid enough for this).................... Me:uh oh nooooo my waffles..........

  • You use lava t o burn him alive

  • bruh scp aint real right

  • 😎😎😎😎🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • can scp 999 be hostile somehow?

  • What if scp-096 look at each other would they slaughter each other or ignore it

  • enderman equals mincraft scp 096

  • Is SCP even real?

  • if 096 can control him self, he will be classified as safe class

  • Scp-000

  • I feel ya bro i also dont like people looking at me UwU

  • If shy guy wears a mask

  • What if someone with immorality looked at SCP 096's face or what if a certain SCP did?

    • there are 2 cases a nearly invincible scp saw its face and it just gave up trying to kill both of them

  • Dose the d class need to look at a high quality image trigger it? The 4 pixels: [ REDACTED ]

  • Are scps real?

  • Or someone would take to the sun then the person will die then will scp 096

  • How about you take it to Mars

  • I think he was a normal human but turned into this beast with uncontrollable rage and he try’s to hide in the mountains


  • Ayyyeeee I asked the space question in the shy guy video

  • how to make scp 096 disappear make him go to a black hole

  • What if you look at a picture of it in scp 3008

  • Is he still going to kill us if we look at him in this vid

  • 11:20 if 173 looks in a mirror will it be contained, just wanna kno

  • scp-999+all scps

  • Shy guy lookin like a sharing an you ain’t supposed to see the eyes

  • What happens if shy guy had to battle all of scp and all killers and all types of animal or like siren head slenderman and much more will scp still win?

  • hi o96

  • SCP Expained: He attacks anything and anyone who looks at his face, trhough pictures, videos and that stuff Me: *Aigh't I'ma head outta here*

  • What if you were under ground and looked at scp 096 face will be also go under ground?

  • 096 is just a mutated species of humanoids point

  • Why not give SCP-096 a helmet with one-way glass, black side out. Could it work as we can't even see his face because of the one-way glass? And could he stop crying with it?

  • Who is stronger the scarlet king or God

  • Christians:god loves us god:puts a creature that if you look at it you die

  • What if skarlt king looks at 096

  • "no consistent canon" ah yes, you mean all those agents tasked with spreading rumors to deliberately make the foundation look like fiction

  • Enderman

  • what happens if a SCP looks at Shy Guy's face? (not Shy Man because there is a SCP called Shy Man) (lol I did tons of brackets but anyway if you are scared of SCP's and you think it is coming to get you do not worry SCP's do not exist and there is a SCP movie so SCP'S ARE CONSPIRACYS)

  • Who created the scp

  • How does 096 get to people and how are going to find him if goes somewhere else

  • what would happen if a person in red reality saw the face of scp-096?

  • lol

  • What if u show it a mirror :/

    • It's proven to be blind by using the mirror

  • spc-096:come at me bro! me:*PUlls out m16a4 assault rifle*,*bang* *bang* *bang* DIE!

  • Is it just that Scp-096 actually a female and as not having a beautiful face and if any one sees it it will be in a rampage and so it will kill the viewer and cry cause it thinks it lowered it's status or something?

  • unless it tps

  • oh and send the rest of the dangaruse scps in space because no fricten

    • This is the MOST GOC Method ever (Stupid idea considering thousands of dangerous SCPs are too unstable to be in a rocket)

  • some thing smart would be to send him into space and also i fear there is not 1 096

  • Maybe he just wants a friend.

  • scp\053 if youre nice to her what will happen

  • what happens if youre nice to 682 what will happen ?

  • If u wanna kill shy guy, put a mirror in front of his face, would he kill his self??? Also, have u tried putting him with tickle monster??

    • The mirror is already tested and It didn't react

  • Orr.. just tower up 4 dirt blocks and watch shy guy scream in pain and agony

  • What if you went into the mariana trench could 096 survive the pressure?

  • If he can get you in space nowhere is safe just give up your dead

  • the infinite ikea is not a maze, it is just hell for the designers of ikea construction manuals

  • Real

  • Is scp rea

  • Wait if I look at just it jaw or the back of its head would it try to kill me? And why not put heat cams in its sell it just the body heat the the true image

  • Can u defeat him when u show him a mirror so he will Kill his self

  • Theory bouncing off the nice theory: mabye he was an extrovert, very social and a well known face and mabye ticked off someone into cursing him to kill anyone who saw his face killing everyone who knew him making thus erasing him from history

  • Wait... what if u look at shy guys face irl or in a video or photo what if u saw him then you died. Would he just hit the dead body or just stop and turn into his original state?

  • i think they should send it to space and leave it there.

    • They did though it came back after it was enraged again

  • What would happen if shy Guy faced against SCP to 2273

  • whould he kill someone by someone seeing him in there dream

  • 1 pixel image of it?? ...nevermind lol

  • The scp r fake

  • Can you make another? I have one. Would the bird box method work? And if you can see perfectly fine, would 096 kill you if you direct your face blindfolded at it?

  • 096:Looks at mirror Also 096:Adios muchachos

  • What if 096 flew into the sun?

    • There's a tale about that where after 096 was sent to the sun The God damn Sun started running towards the Earth

  • Can you die by thinking about SCP-096s face in your head?

    • no because it's pretty much like looking at an Artist's rendition of it

  • If you were under dirt how could he kill you?

  • How does 096 know when someone watches his photo?