Sea Monsters~ Cretoxyhrina attack

čas přidán 7. 06. 2015
A Cretoxyhrina and a group of Squalicorax ambush the migrating dollies and fellow Hesporinis in the open oceans
This prehistoric version of the Great White Shark was the top predator in Cretaceous seas. Not even large mosaurs dared touch this fish as anti-shark humans claim!


  • Cretoxyhrina Vs Meglodon Who would win?

  • Ahhh the megalodons predecessor

  • It’s extinct

  • I wish im a Crethoxryhna Mantelli its a size of a Great White

  • that is megalodon

    • Do me a favor kid...don't comment on any other video like this...ever. You're likely to spread the wrong facts to gullible people.

    • That not a meglodon idiot

    • Thats not megaladon dumbass

  • Bob's kid

  • Cretoxyhrina was the real apex predator in Cretaceous seas. Not even scum mosasuars would stand in its way despite NG propaganda...

    • @Kyle Vansteelandt but the tylosaur and mosasaur had to compete with cretoxyrhina cuz the cretoxyrhina is much faster and nearly the same size

    • Well it is one heck of a shark. But theres no way its as big and lethal as the great white of out day

    • How is the documentary called?

    • Kyle Vansteelandt crextorhyna is an apex predator aswell and can't easily get killed by a mosasaurus but the real apex predator is megalodon although no one knows how big or what the megalodon look like but its still bigger than the mosasaurus the real life mosa were small but not that small just aish people coud find other megalodon bones instead of the teeth its still a mistery

    • the girl