Sealing a car and Filling with WATER but still DRIVES - BMW Hot Tub Car - Part 1

čas přidán 14. 09. 2017
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Taking a 28yr old car and filling all the holes and gaps so I can fill it up with water is a tall order, and to heat the water and deal with the extra 1-2 tons of weight that water brings with it.
Why....well it's for google to use in a new advert to promote using products from there advertisers and for companies to use them to sell, so this is to interesting to work on in private so I said I should make videos to (which is what I do lol)

Next part is out on Sunday and you'll be able to see the car in googles ad on ???

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  • How long did this take eh

  • which band/song is this, 4:24? Didn't seem to match up to the ones listed in description

  • Should have removed the radiator and diverted the water flow to under seat above carpet heating

  • Bruh... your crazy!

  • So gutted you’ve done that with it I’d buy that car off you😂

  • Great idea, shame you used a beautiful car to do it to though,

  • Isn't this basically the Top Gear British Leyland challenge, where they filled the cars with water then had them drive around the track to see how far they could get before the water dropped below a certain point? And Jeremy Clarkson's door fell off?

  • it feels wierd to see a car in the shed

  • poor e30

  • instead of resin you should used kek tape I mean flex tape(:

  • 6:19 most English thing ever

  • The real genius is how he convinced Google to think that a hot tub car has anything to do with their ad services.

  • I still don't understand what Google ad services has to do with a hot tub car.

  • Man i really like the music in this video!!!!

  • filling a car with water "ignores" but it drives "holy crap must watch"

  • Weapons, put a lot of weapons in this car. We want to see shoot potatoes, arrows and even a flame thrower.

  • when i first saw the title, i thought it said “STEALING a car and filling it with water” and i was like WAIT WHAT?!

  • Poor E30 although it's a convertible

  • Why e30 😩

  • why did i read this "stealing a car and filling with water"

  • The irony of having that in my recommendations while near by areas are being flooded horribly is just endless.

  • this gives me the impression of a spy car with a secret drowing mechanism that locks the occupants inside and drowns them

  • Why ruin a classic bmw

  • I know this is 3 years old but if you still have the car get it's MOT done it would be hilarious

  • When your friends can’t come to the pool party so you bring the pool party to them

  • Your a genius

  • Some how I keep ending up on this guys videos and they are all great. I should just start here instead of CS-tv bringing me here. BTW, They make a product called spray poly that would have sealed everything up easily. It is expensive , around $3200 US per 55 gallons but it would only take about 10 minutes to complete the waterproofing. I suppose flex seal would work also.

  • .

  • Jdm mfs cryin rn

  • what the fuck.

  • But wouldn't that radiator melt the resin??

  • jijijijijijijijijiijijiijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • So much water wasted

  • Where did you get those rims ??

  • Better title for the video : How to ruin a classic car and many people’s dream car!

    • It's a rusty as fuck E30. Did you see how fucked the sills were at the start? Also it's a convertible. No one cares about the convertibles

  • Nobody: Car guys watching this: "Listen here you little shi-"

  • poor e30 :/

  • besides your horrible choice in music, you have a cool channel. Thanks

  • your music sucks

  • E

  • This hurts but I love it

  • 3:44 😳

  • I thought the title read "Stealing a car and filling it with water" like a messed up CS-tv Prank.

  • That water bill hast to be outrageous


  • imagine your uber pool is pulling up and this is the car theyre in

  • What’s with the copper pipe

  • Should’ve bought a pickup truck and fill the back with water

  • I thought it said stealing a car and filling it with water

  • Ah8hvrirfuirfuhirhdgiihfifu8x

  • Qpals😛🤩😛

  • Nooooooooooo why e 30😪😢😭😭😭😭

  • Look up Rackaracka underwater car, they did this aswell

  • Top gear intensifies 😳

  • Him: I could do this everyday Water bill: allow me to Introduce myself

  • I might use the suspension upgrade on a bike to see what happens

  • I love your ideas keep it up 🤜

  • The moment when you read stealing 😂🙄

  • BMW hot tub lol

  • man i would buy that interior with pleasure for my e30

  • Why BMW?! 😩😩😩 WHY NOT MERCEDES? 🤡🤡

  • I read the title as stealing a car and filling it with water 😂

  • Why the e30?

  • You created the first BMW ever with no leaks

  • You should put a cover on the top to keep the water in

  • Seesdxnmj

  • Looks easy ima try that out

  • You filled an e30 with water wow last video I'm waching

  • It would be so much more fun if you pranked a car theif while stealing the car it fills up with a ton of water with him in it...XD

  • I read the title as "Stealing a car and filling it with water"

  • I misread it as 'stealing' and I was like 'Colin what have you done now'

  • I thought the title said “stealing a car and filling it with water”

  • To show you the power of flex tape, I filled this leaking car with water

  • did anybody else read "Stealing a car" in the title

  • So talented idol

  • Imagine having a bath in your own car

  • i need glasses so bad, i read the title as stealing a car and filling it with water XD

  • This man is Chaos purified.

  • T

  • Still here in April 2021 catching up on your old videos! YEAH!

  • how many times has your parents said" whats wrong with you! " lol

  • Not the e30.😖

  • 6:45

  • Idiot is wasting si much water

  • This hurts because I love bmw e30’s and they’re rising in price

  • kar robot

  • Jesus loves you colin

  • Rip BMW :(

  • There’s nothing flex tape can’t fix

  • Can’t believe he did this to an e30

  • Title no sense make

  • Racka racka did it first

  • I guess since this was made the e30 m3 prices have shot up, Couldn't imagine paying current prices for a project like this

  • Not an old e30🥺

  • How to ruin an e30

  • But why a good car and not some trash

  • My initials are bmw

  • “Yes officier it’s stock”

  • it feels kinda strange to realize it's been almost 4 years when this video came out

  • Looks super cool!