Secret Mission TWIST In Kindergarten 2

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What happens when you tell Ted about Felix's plan in Kindergarten 2
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  • Nugget is the best nugget

  • i want this game so bad!

  • Sean: top of the morning to ya laddies! My subtitles: calamari dealer ace Me: visible confusion

  • the passbook may have been in the dumpster because the principal threw it out after obducting one of the three kids.

  • Umm did Jack say “ nugget man away!!!!!” LOL

  • So sad nugget

  • ted being sarcastic and felix being obvious at 30:31 is just amazing

  • 23:16

  • 28:00 is around the time he starts the twist mission if anyone needs it

  • How does jack not realize that dab hero reflects damage!

  • he still didn't give jerome his dad's voice 😫

  • Wait!! On your "I hate creepy dolls" video you said Pinsers was your favorite Pokémon..What changed your mind??

  • I like at 33:00 Felix doesn't heat anything wrong.

  • So Monty can kill the janitor with penny not noticing, with all the laser blast, BUT WHEN WE HAVE CONTRABAND WE HAVE STUDY HALL

  • Gotta say, that ending was so much more satisfying than the normal version. Also, Buggs literally buried Nugget in the cave with Felix.

  • Could have deflected the green with dab hero

  • little kid slams on dumpster homless lady comes out, little kid:I wanna battle you!

  • You saying “hey Stevie” made my Siri activate lol

  • Jack:now he doesn't have a charzard Cindy:Did you just assume my gender?

  • Did jack rlly say “what’s up big tuna” referring to the office because if so he makes me love him 10x more

  • Jack doing the ultimate betrayal then me thinking about it and jack killed nugget when he filled the whole

  • NUGGET SAID ...... NO!

  • His accent for nugget sounds like a male version of Trisha Takanawa from Family Guy

  • Back in 2019 i got a limited edition Pyramid of Light

  • Felix's twist mission is great! The first game had a similar one though, when you throw the bucket of blood on Cindy in her own mission :P

  • lol in the normal missions I got 5 more outfits than Jack, but 1 less card :P also the cards were completely different, I got almost all blues and almost no reds, Jack was the opposite! Curious!

  • "given by nugget when given tenders. tenders are given by agnes by giving her nuggets." jack: "i dont even know where to get tenders" COME ON OMG

  • Nugget's mom is named chicken

  • Love the office reference at 26:44

  • Sorry nugget

  • when jack says he loves Charizard* Me: *starts thinking of a drawing of jack as a pokemon master*

  • You can microwave the cat lmao

  • Money in the cubby


  • look at his evil face, it's his normal face

  • Watching this in x2 speed is hilarious

  • If you read the subtitles you will have a visible confusion

  • The amazing epic card ending That’s one way to put it...

  • Who else was getting annoyed at jacks card playing like I was getting so triggered at some points like he used “chair of spikes” to reduce one damage when he could’ve just reflected it and he then after could’ve used “chair of spikes” 😂😂 this was 5:40

  • WHo else Was SO PisSed when jack couldnt play monstermons. He never played dab hero cos he wanted the plus 2 even tho the 3 damage was still better


  • Teddy is close second to nugget for best character

  • anyone notice nugget's head in the foil stamp on the monstermon cards?

  • this is going to take a realy long time me:yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • rewatching Kindergarten 2 because it was such a good and well made game and yes I am in the fandom.

  • Wow. Nyeh heh heh

  • Definitely heard a fart around 12:10

  • It'd be cool if this was kinda like Undertale, where the Old Hag knew they were in a game or something. I dunno, I'm just a dumb UT fanboy-

  • well jack. this was officially the video that i played in the background while i rolled my very first joint. cheers.

  • Jack had a card that reflects green attacks, sat there worrying about how he was going to block the attack, and then played a card that reduced damage by one. I don't think he knows how Monstermon works.

  • Make your own card game!

  • “I’m trying to get the most with the least amount of effort” -a common life motto

  • Was anyone else expecting Nugget to toss Tenders down the hole....?

  • I'm calling teddy Theodore now

  • When jack is looking at the gem: me: go down... go down... it does 8 damage and you would see that if you just GO DOWN

  • Anyone notice the "cain's not able" teference

  • Nugget and tenders can be the chicken squad

  • jackaboy man im doing a school project about you

  • Ik this is totally out of topic but i just watched the creeper rap for 2:30 mins AS AN ADD. LIKE WTF

  • chicken NUGGET. chicken TENDERS. Me: I wonder if Nugget's last name is Chicken.