Secret Mission TWIST In Kindergarten 2

čas přidán 19. 08. 2019
What happens when you tell Ted about Felix's plan in Kindergarten 2
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  • See's thumbnail.. Nagito komaeda??!

  • 12:00 DJ KHALED!!!

  • 5:40 you coulve reflected the damage and won

  • jack: *reads how to get tenders* jack (less than 2 seconds later): where do i even get tenders?

  • Nugget is the creator of the monstermon cards

  • Who else is watching this a month late? 😂

  • “Jerome is crying the entire time” probably cuz he’s the only black kid in the school :( RIP

  • Nice hair style jackaboy

  • jack said look at me i am einstein i am big brain but einstein actually had smol brain

  • JackSepticNugget

  • I am German but i like your Videos

  • I wonder why nugget wants you to collect all but everyone else says not to..

  • Jack did you not notice that Nugget got buried alive?

  • They should make an actual real life monstermon card game 😂

  • 18:13 Jack: (Sees a person get shot in the head) That's so cute!

  • I locked myself in my room for 2 days to binge this

  • Every time he said that I honestly thought he said d*ck

  • 15:54 You're trying to buy not sell.

  • Wish there was kindergarden 3

  • *ree*

  • You suck at monstermon

  • Why does the hair looked like He has Mastered Ultra Instinct?

  • Oh Sean :D you are obviously not a card game player

  • I think the nugget on the cards is the kids finger

  • You have to give the toilet paper to OZZY when he goes in the bathroom through lunch time! And I wanna know what happens when you put the two legs together

  • You are SMALL BRAIN when doing the Monstermon battles! 😂 There were times you could have blocked or reflected and you just chose not to

  • Does Ms. Applebee have jaundice?

  • this video was sponsored by DETROIT BECOME HUMAN

  • ❤❤I found a new ship Nugget and Tenders❤❤❤


  • *taking people's clothes Jack: *Oh that's so CUTE!!*

  • Blood cake: cake thinks green Irish man is a good person and I live on my own but I'm only 7 and I own 10000 kit cats but I can't walk I use crunches but I suck at monstermon

  • You should try to put a cat in the microwave! Like so Jack see!

  • are you watching the office again that like 4 references in 6 videos

  • Nuggets head rainbow on any monstermon card

  • Nigerundayo Smokey! 🐈

  • Wait Pokemon means pocket monster. So Monstermon means Monster Monster

  • *Nugget Snaps*

  • 33:30 Most brutal anime betrayals 😂😂

  • Hey Jack, if you were interested in getting into Magic the Gathering I have a free pauper deck for on mtgo and would be willing to help you learn it. I have a top 8 and a top 4 at a couple of larger events and would be happy to jam games with you!

  • cold nuggets, cold nuggets

  • bffs chicken nuggets and chicken tenders

  • Did anyone see onions description: will make you cry... by beating you senseless.

  • Nugget named to cat tenders cause he like chicken nuggets so why not chicken tenders let's just hope he does not eat the cat 😂

  • I nugget

  • Jack, please bring the high five back!

  • 30:21 Sean actually said Bakana that's amazing.

  • Sky lander Card Game

  • I just can't start the morning without "top of morning to ya ladies"

  • I wish they woud make a animal game. like kindergarten but animals kinda like I became a dog

  • I'm a blue eyes gold dragon while you're just dank magician.

  • Jack, I would thoroughly enjoy helping you learn how to play Magic: The Gathering. It would be an honor :) And to play it with ya would be a genuine great time!

  • 35:18 Nugged says ボケだ

  • :)

  • Get an all purple hand

  • 23:00 "awe hes cute" is he? I cant see🙃

  • there is real monstermon coming out

  • Omg my name is Agnes and my nickname that everyone calls me is Agie... I got chills when you said that.

  • I WANT SMOKY!!!!!!!!

  • You shoud give that voise to Monty