See every Red Sox pennant clinch since 1967

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The Red Sox are heading back to the World Series, see every Red Sox pennant clinch since 1967
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  • just think no redsox fan under 40 probably remembers the redsox losing a world series. sure they got brought up by their parents grandparents and the media on the 'curse' or 'the drought' or 'the choke jobs' and maybe they witnessed the sweeps in the playoffs by Oakland and clevelend, the phantom tag in 99, the boone homer, the 2011 collapse ect........but if the redsox get to the world series they pretty much expect them to win it now.

    • if they make it they don't lose

  • In 1904, the Red Sox clinched the AL Pennant against the Highlanders (Yankees) in the first game of a doubleheader on the last day of the season at the Polo Grounds, 1-0 on a wild pitch. Also in 1946, the Red Sox clinched in Cleveland, I believe on an inside-the-park home run by Ted Williams, also 1-0.

  • Actually when the Red Sox beat the Twins that day in 67, they hadn't clinced the pennant yet. They had to wait to listen to the Tigers lose the 2nd game of a double header with the Angels later that day in the locker room. When the Tigers lost the 2nd game they celebrated again and broke out the champagne.

    • Yes, had the Tigers won there would have been a one game playoff for the pennant with the Tigers. Sox mgr. Dick williams named Lee Stange as the starting pitcher.

    • Good point, but they had at least clinched a tie, no?

  • Must be nice to have four trips to the WS in the last 15 years... Marlins and Mariners haven't even made the playoffs in that span.

    • At least the Marlins have won a couple. Mariners though ...

  • 1:49 the matrix has been broken

  • After 1918 the Red Sox made it to the World Series 4 times they've now made it to the World Series 4 times in the last 15 years

  • This world series is gonna be so boring! Everyone knows Boston are gonna win it all...

    • MEDIOCRE!????? Bro, Boston humillated the Astros with that bullpen......... in 5 freakin' games. So what's ur point !?

    • I'm not so sure. The Red Sox bullpen is mediocre at best. the Dodgers are hungry after losing last year. I understand why the red Sox are favored but I can see the Dodgers pulling an upset.

  • Pretty short video see if it were the Yankees it’s be hours

    • And they'd be mostly in black and white silent film.

    • exactly for a lot of them the television quality at the time wasn't even good enough to be in a video

    • Owen Roberts Right? crazy to think that TWENTY of their world series wins were before 1963. That guys parents likely were only alive for seven of them.

    • yeah and how many of those were you alive for? LMAO teenage and 20 year old yanks fan talking like they remember more than 1 championship

  • Ftr ricos catch didnt clinch the pennent....sox won in the clubhouse when detroit lost to the angels

    • Yeah, that's my one complaint.

  • Cocos catch personifies everone contributing...benched for ellsbury he comes up with that catch ro end the series

  • 'from the last rights ro the world series' wouldnt be the last time

  • Do a brewers pennent clinch if they win. Should be beief

  • Bosox 4 life 1969 til now 2018

  • i love that dirty water. :)

  • 04 alcs is just remarkable...

  • 5:51 that kid's reaction

  • 3:52 Painful for me to watch, escpially seeing Victor cry.

  • Boston Red Sucks...

  • Super cool, everytime the Red Sox win the pennant I think about the 2004 come back against the 'Yanks, great work guys whoooo!!

  • Cheaters

    • Advitiya Sharma more like the dumbest people in the world.

    • Ooo somebody’s salty

    • "FiRsT rOuNd ExIt"

    • Hes just a butthurt astros fans or yanks fans haha..

    • Adrain's dad should of pulled out

  • The most spoiled sports city in the world

    • Buddy take a hike will ya?! I have been to Boston and Philadelphia and to me they are two of the most passionate places about sport in the US.

    • It depends on how old you are. I am a Boston sports fan, and I feel like the last 15 years have simply been the universe evening out all the shit teams we had to put up with in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Even then, the Celtics have a pretty remarkable history. I do agree, however, that the young Boston fans are spoiled.

    • and the Bruins

    • You keep Boston sports out of ya fackin mouth before I come over there and knock of over the head with a facking Lombardi Trophy of your choice of year. No good half a meatball

    • humble_ gaming2929 stfu b*tch

  • I don't remember if Crisp was able to play in the '07 World Series. He looked like he came out injured from that play.

    • i believe Ellsbury started most of the WS games. I remember getting a free taco at Taco bell since he stole a base, lol.

    • Yeah bro he didn't start in the "07" series but did play in it. Defensive substitutions and pinch hitting.

  • Notice the difference in the condition of the playing field in the later clips. With today's lawn care and tech those outfields are like carpets. Old Fenway? Not so much! Go Sox!

    • Donald Mousseau there also isn't bigass cigarette ads at ballparks anymore

    • Donald Mousseau Hey, at least it’s not AstroTurf

  • Dios, Es Real Se Repite La Historia Boston Red Sox, Campeón 2018... 💪💪💪🌏

    • +Osvaldo Alcántara Santana Todavía llorando? Los umpires no hicieron ninguna de esas carreras que Boston le metió a Houston.

    • 😂😂😂 Sigue Creyendooo😂😂😂

    • Gocen este año, luego de este durarán medio siglo sin ganar por tramposos. Los Umpires estaban de su lado en esa serie with the Astros

  • Go dodgers