seniors without computers face issues with getting vaccine appointments

čas přidán 22. 02. 2021
Chip Osowski 11pm report


  • 63 1/2 yrs old. Been working non stop on your toilet paper provider front line. Nothing like our great medical workers. Ppl NOT WEARING masking. Cant even keep the f eight inches from me. But.... but no. I dont need vax. (Fact is retailer is focused on culling senior staff anyway..

  • Ask for help at senior centers..

  • You can’t make an appointment by phone?

  • Wow per Joey B I thought only the Hispanic and black community were unable to get online to get in line. This is out of control

  • Walmart, Walgreen, CVS all that is appointment I still waiting

  • This is a half truth in my opinion. I've seen plenty of stories on the news regarding Publix, Walgreens and other places that are offering the vaccine. I'm pretty sure every one has a phone or family member to call for them. You don't need internet. Call your local health Department and they will also help.

    • There are plenty of old people that have never used a cell phone and with limited income may not have a wall phone. I knew an old farmer that lived with his sister on his farm without even electricity! They still used oil lamps for lighting and to cook with. They did have a wall phone but both were so deaf it was worthless trying to talk to them by phone!

  • 😥💌🤌🙏🤲🗣

  • Sickening the label of uneducated people. Taking this vaccine is a complete uninformed uneducated decision in my opinion. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE FIRST RNA (possible CHANGING) VACCINE EVER! So at this stage its not a vaccine. IT'S AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE AND WHOEVER GETS IT IS THE EXPERIMENT! And when the side effects(possible rare cancers)or neurological damage immediately (wich already happened) or few years later they going to tell you its because not everyone got vaccinated forcing it on others?. It's absolutely sickening. The swine flu turned out to be harmless(was completely blown out of proportion but the rushed to market vaccine permanently damaged 700 children in Germany alone .Its insane .And Pfizer ect .claim NO LIABILITY! THAT ALONE SHOULD BE A RED FLAG 🚩. As a Dr. You always got to ask yourself .Do the benefits outweigh the risk in my opinion in this case the Risks outweigh the benefits by a long shot! Dr's also swore an oath FIRST DO NO HARM! THEY ARE NOT HONORING THAT. And they are not educated about this at all and therefore putting people lives at risk of of lack of education!I believe this whole thing is a fraud for financial gain to the rich and powerful .If people care to research you will realize we are not in a pandemic so No need to get vaccinated in the first place.

  • Is this only coming in one ear?

  • Mainstream Media will push this vaccine /Pandamic down our throat 24/7 same they got caught Staging scenes below So people will blindly follow what others do No Demand on vaccine no production. Simple. The only pandemic I see is on Television! YOU Our mainstream media became the enemy to the people of this land and at some point it will be held accountable .I hope everybody is aware these media lies are an act of treason that caused a lot of lives .And why are you guys not talking about That Mr.Drosten, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been sued for crimes against Humanity as of 2 months ago