Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

čas přidán 2. 02. 2020
Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    • littlekidlover pq

    • Elogian la parte libanesa de shakira, y ella no nació ni creció en un país árabe,ama sus raíces por lo que su padre le transmitió de niña , escribiendola en escuelas de música árabe y demás, pero porque odian a jlo por ser nacida y creada en usa, si shakira saca sus raíces árabes, cuando ello a ni creció y mucho menos nació en un país árabe, conque cara criticamos a jlo si su crianza y nacimiento fue en usa, además ella a prendió español por Selena la película, antes sus padres no le iban enseñado para que tuviera mejor oportunidades, Mark antonny nació en nueva York, pero su inglés no es como el de jlo por que sus padres Mark antonny le enseñaban español, por eso los padres de jlo evitaron que jlo habla español

    • 🖕🏽😡👉🏽

    • Develop a personal relationship with Christ our LORD and Savior.👑 John 14:6


  • Esto es lo unico bueno que ha pasado en el año

  • Watching this two makes me remember that they're my childhood idols😍 Like whenever i heard their songs i will automatically dance😂🤣

  • Amazing to recognise Parris and the Royal Family crew just from their first head nod. Nobody does it like those women and no one's style is as recognisable. Queens!

  • The way Shakira interacted with people in Spanish at the freaking Superbowl and sang in English because she’s Queen Shakira and she does as she pleases. That’s so powerful. She gives us no option but to stan.

  • Este día foi louco

  • People saying Shakira could’ve had her own show... I get why your saying it but JLO is a legend. She’s been around for much longer, had hit after hit. she deserved to be able to perform at this stadium! You can’t tell me you didn’t get gassed when she started doing the Get Right dance... ICONIC!!

  • I bet Shakira’s hips were insured for millions of dollars

  • 5:27 🇲🇦 👑 🇲🇦 😂✌️

  • Hermoso !!!

  • A lot of people were complaining about this Super Bowl because we can see how strong us Hispanics are becoming in this country ARRIBA LOS LATINOS

  • Shakira. ❤

  • Is it still normal that I’m here almost every day?!

  • Jlo & Shakira both are amazing in everything ❤️🙏 Everyday I listen this audio & Video both. Good Job Choreographer & Dancers for working really Hard. Good Job music Editor 👌🏻it’s incomplete without music & Dancers 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Chakira wawwwwww byetifel

  • Superbowl da JLO, shakira ficou apagada

  • In the next super bowl, who do you guys think should perform?

  • Love 😍

  • God this feels like it happened years ago

  • Shakira iconica

  • Kids watching this 👁👄👁

  • Shakira eres la mejor

  • I wonder how many people had their right hand occupied

  • K es algo muy dificil


  • Everyone saying Shakira is this and that. But they arent saying J Lo is this and that. She put on a show, i could say better than Shakira. I C O N I C

  • Man Shakira is miss perfectionist

  • 12:41

  • I know most comments are about Shakira - rightly so, but come on JLO KILLED THOS TOO WOW 🔥

  • 5:30 dbdbdbdbddbd

  • This was in 2020! Jesus Christ so much has happened that I honestly forgot

  • Shakira OMG ♥️ belleza latina, una artista completa 😍

  • 😍❤️💧💫

  • Es una DIOSA y destroza el escenario SIEMPRE ... caramba ... ApinRod? en serio ... OMG ... baseball ... noooooo. Its ok ... like the game ... yawn. Yo esperare!!!

  • Shakira shakira 😊🙈😻💣

  • Garda kar deli re baba

  • Espectacularmente latinas.

  • Stopped watching this due to the disgusting frequency of ads

  • 2:12 my favorite part ❤

  • Siempre lo vuelvo a mirar y tengo ganas de llorar de orgullo

  • Las mejores partes son las de Shakira ❤️🏵️👑😍

  • This was the highlight of the year. To the people who are reading this... I know 2020 has been the absolute worst year ever. I was Class of 2020. Everyone has gone through so many ups and downs, including me, and they have not been the best at all. There has been a lot of heartbreak due to what has happened lately. And of course we have another 4 months to go. But you got through it. You got through almost ALL of it. One day you will look back on this year and say “I’m glad I made it” and one day, Corona, and all the other terrible events that happened this year will be all over. To the people who are reading this I wish your future brighter than ever and have this decade be a great one that will create new memories and not a bad one because of 2020. I think one year we all have to hit rock bottom before it gets better, and that year is 2020. Due to what’s happen in 2020, I think 2021 will be a much better year, even though this year has been filled with heartbreaks, this year has taught people MANY lessons, and hopefully those people will / have learned those lessons and if not in a couple of months before 2020 ends.

  • Son de COLOMBIA loco son de COLOMBIA 😍😍 #shakira #jbalbin

  • 2021s halftime show should be one direction and BTS. Now that would be groundbreaking.

  • I came for 5:29 only

  • Sorry honey but girl those legs on the cartwheel were so bent . like if you agree periodt sis

  • She was born to Shake-ira

  • Latino, or should i say "hispanic-american" people must be very proud, , gotta love Hispanic culture. I´m English-italian, but I feel Latino. love Jennifer lopez

  • Yo aquí cantando sus canciones en español en mi mente 🙊

  • Shakiraaaa dona do meu Cool

  • 5:42

  • Why did bad bunny came out looking like a bag of nickles??

  • This is a far cry from Shakira's younger years in Colombia when she was a simple folk singer/songwriter. I loved her then and I love her now.

  • El mejor shooowww puro woman latino power!! Lo veo y lo veo y me pone feliz.


  • ESPECTACULAR, las dos son maravillosas, no se pueden comparar porque son diferentes, disfrute el show, el cierre fue Genial ❤️❤️❤️

  • I hate pique


  • BRAZIL HERE ????

  • Shakira Shakira 🥰🥰🥰