Shaquille O'Neal's Son vs LeBron James Son (The Reality of Shaqir O’Neal & Bryce James)

čas přidán 27. 05. 2023
Shaquille O'Neal's Son vs LeBron James Son (The Reality of Shaqir O’Neal & Bryce James)
Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James are two of the most dominant paint players in the history of the NBA. Shaquille decided to put the game in his rear view mirror in 2011 while Lebron is still writing history at the age of 37. Lebron got to the game when Shaquille had already lost much of his playing abilities, but imagine a super-team boasting a prime Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James. Nevertheless, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they say. Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James know the meaning of that phrase well well. Shaquille has Shaqir while Lebron James has Bryce. So how do the two demigods compare? How good are they on the court? We're looking at it in a moment.
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  • Which NBA team will Bryce and Shaqir play for?

    • Lakers

    • @Lucky they can play with Shareef!

    • @Mr Sports ye

    • @Mr Sports bronny should to for Kobe and lebron since lebron playin there

    • Bryce won't make it

  • Kind of unfortunate neither of Shaq's sons got his build. Just some height. Still can be good players but you know every nba executive was praying Shaq would create clones of himself lol.

    • Just like Jordan son's don't have alot of his genes at all

    • @Eric Kennedy *cough jimmy butler cough cough*

    • shaq was skinny when he was their age and he worked twice as hard if thy wokr twice as hard as shaq did in his early years they would be there

    • @Aspended ☆ fr Jordan’s long lost son

    • Shaq used to be skinny to

  • Imagine if Shaq trains half as hard as Kobe did? It's actually hard to imagine because he was already the most dominant player EVER!

    • “IF”

    • Shaq got beat up so much every game that he needed all the rest he could. He even said that his self.

  • Both dads are very creative in giving names

  • I have to watch this over and over again

  • I pray for the best of both families…

  • Shaqir is a little scary because of the heart.

  • These kids grew up with everything and can not be compared to their impoverished youth fathers. When you are raised poor like Shaq and Lebron were, you develop a strength and hunger to succeed. Even though they won at the genetic lottery, they still have lots of competition and must earn their spots in the NBA.

    • Well said it is very different I was thinking the same the hunger isn’t the same unless we are mistaken

    • I was gonna post this. The sons can’t be as good for the simple reason that they grew up rich. Or it would be extremely unlikely

    • Shaq didn't grow up poor.

  • Amen Never Stop Praying For Them But Pray For All, Let God Guild Ur Hearts ,Read Psalms 37:1-40) Let Us Help Those In Need Also , We can’t save the world but we can help as many as we can ❤️🙏🏾

  • They were beast.😂

  • The James boys are nothing close to what their father was. Period. Other than their last name the comparison stops there.I seen Lebron multiple times in high school. Bronnie is a mid major talent. Kent State, Ohio University type kid. Bryce looks to be the same.

    • I hope that LeBron sons are nothing like him, I hope they don't beg for respect like LeBron

  • I thought Bronny and Bryce were gonna own and operate a Weed dispensary full time after finding out they are not NBA material

    • lol Lebron wouldn't that slide

    • John The thing is they are already financially where NBA hopefuls inspire to be. Nice try though.🤡

    • Thats hate speech

    • Lebron is a billionaire already . I don’t think that’s in these boys DNA . Very stereotypical comment .

  • 'Bronnie has left the chat"

  • There is no beef there is no competition they are both Brothas from beautiful black families who represent the same black culture ❤️🖤💚🙏🏽❤️🖤💚media stop being a bad beast trying to make something out of nothing 🤨

    • Everyone always gotta be against Each other Fr

    • Hahahahahahaha that's funny. The culture is horrible and no such thing as beautiful black family loo

  • Pretty sure people talked like this about Michael Jordan's children in high school.

  • If Bronny will grow under the coaching of Steph Curry… hmmm that is something to think about… Steph is the best in town as of now!

  • Lebron will play with his son and shaq son

  • You just said shaq was built like a tank

  • This video all over the place I’m lost 😭

  • Bryce James is a different breed

  • Bronny be like

  • Lil james already looks like a problem

  • Bryce >>>>

  • Rick Barry had two sons to play in the NBA.

    • He had 3 sons to play in the NBA

  • Little disrespectful they didn’t bring up Bronny

  • Idol!

  • Hi. Love your content. Would you be interested in advertising partnership?

  • these kids are born into money, they won't ever have that hunger of the real ones

  • Dream on la la land

  • Bryce James plays like Steve Urkel. Soft as Charmin toilet paper.

    • They said that Tim Duncan was soft too, but look how that turned out! Bryce isn't flamboyant, isn't the prototypical athlete but he is playing his type of game. Given time and improvement, he will be the same type of player that Tim Duncan was.

    • @Shay Duncan Lol, You must be joking.. Bryce James = Tim Duncan? Both Bryce and Bronny have more of their mother in them than their father.

    • @Cleveland Browns Your hate and jealousy is shining through like bright diamond in the sky 🤣

  • Bronny better than both tbh😭

  • Yessir hoop reports

  • 00:38 thtas a bad landing if i ever seeing one thtas some young knees put 3 years more in there and thats a LCA tear

  • meanwhile D Wades son is wearing dresses and makeup...

  • What about bronnie

    • thats what i was gonna say

  • Brony left the chat

  • 3642?!

  • Kobe is better than them

  • Funny how u didn't mention his heart problem which almost killed him. Who's gonna draft that...

    • Shareef had the heart problem not Shaquir

    • If he passed the physical exam, then there should be no problem.

  • Neither will make it to

  • william mpata