Shaquille O'Neal's Son vs LeBron James Son (The Reality of Shareef O'Neal & Bronny James)

čas přidán 14. 07. 2021
Shaquille O'Neal's Son vs LeBron James Son (The Reality of Shareef O'Neal & Bronny James)
Yes, we are talking about the NBA titan LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal, the undisputed! We really had some great times watching O'Neal dust off the opponents.
But time goes by so fast, and our best of the best players are hanging their jerseys on the wall to take arrest from the basketball world. Shaquille O'Neal already did, and we all know that LeBron will be following a few years from now. Quite sad? We know. But don't lose hope yet because legends have groomed their sons to keep the fire burning, to hold their banners. With LeBron handing the torch to his son LeBron James Jr -- or as you know him Bronny -- and O'Neal leaving it to his progeny Shareef O'Neal, the sport will never cease to entertain as we clench our teeth and hold our beers tight with every second in the game.
Still, the bigger question is who will best the other in a one-on-one match? Keep watching to find out! Before we get to the head-to-head game, let's take a look at how good the sons of the basketball legends are.
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  • Shareef Oneal was on the road to becoming and NBA player but his heart surgery really set him back. He has NBA size and good athletic ability. He will need to really dedicate his game and body to get back what was lost in the surgery, if he works as hard as Giannis did then he can still make a roster.

    • tbh, I don't really think with a coronary heart problem there is any realistic way of getting into the NBA. But maybe he'll prove me wrong.

    • @granny.dumper dude on the video said he had been dunking since he was 13 bro wtf lol

    • Mm

  • Shareef is a stone cold baller. Hops, Range, handles, finisher, and a beast mode approach and work ethic.

  • Can’t wait to see them go pro next level for sure 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  • For our joy lets hope these 2 young men become good players and find a Nba team in the future. Shaq and Lebron are allready legends and its hard for a son to step in those footsteps. So im rooting for both of them 👌🏾

    • Yeah a BLACK NBA TEAM who won't take advantage

  • Represent young men, both on & off the field. You both have maddd talent. I am so greatful that you both came away w/ confidence, & respect for the game and your parents. Stay focused and keep he God 1st in everything.🙏💯🔥🤛👌💟❤️

  • Best of luck to the both, no one really knows what these kids are going to do all they can do is be the best and highest level of THEM they can be.

  • I'll say Shaq's son. It's so much more he can do with that height. He's a nice player right now also. Has a ton of room for improvement, and that's scary !

  • I think bronny has great potential,but still he needs to up his game

  • Just hope for the both of them they play for franchises that have a good coaching reputation

  • This is what I would do! I would draft them both on the same team then build around them! DYNASTY 15 RINGS IN A ROW!

    • 👍

    • Just cause I get 2 stars on your team doesn't mean u getting u s ring

    • You are a fantasy player yes?

    • @Yusra Abdi telling da truth there's a line t that's goes into winning a chip, no one spoke on defense that's what wins chips, lifelong Laker fan!

    • Post when you wake the hell up!

  • Wasn’t even expecting shareef to be 25% of what his dad was and yet still disappointed

  • think Shareef will have a better run as long as he can shoot his use at either Foward position will be invaluable. Bronny having to play the point means a higher hurdle to clear with talent.

  • Can't forget about the other O'Neal brother he's 6"6 now and he got a all around game developing

  • Prediction: even if he makes the pros, he won't be starter, let alone match his father

    • would make sense if you specified which of them are you talking about

  • If bronny makes it's because his last name is James...facts

  • If he get on teams full of all stars like he's daddy then they might call him the goat too but we all know James can't win a game without all stars

  • Bronny and Shareef are the Lakers future.

  • I hope they end up on the same team let them live

  • Have you guys forgot about Scotty pippen Jr, have you guys forgot his daddy was one of the most all-around player that ever played in the NBA, think about it

  • Bronny have to grow and Shereef have to work hard

  • You guys need to look at stats. O'Neal is averaging less than 35% for his college career and 2.5 points a game. Yeah, that's a baller!?

    • lollll And he avg abou 2 minutes a game, lo,,,

  • Then and now, the Oneals will dominate the 1 on 1

  • That boy sound just like Shaq 😂😂😂

  • Why is having someone from the music business at one of Bronny's games such a bid deal?!

  • Brandon Lee was no Bruce Lee but he brought something different to the table than his father which made him so charming #JunFanGungFu

  • Shareef may never play in the NBA. His old man is Shaq, otherwise he's an obscure player.

  • Can't wait to these 2 get to the nba

  • I would be amazing watching son lebron and son oneal like curry and lebron fighting for the nba

  • Bronny can be the One pick 👀🌠 #1 And he can't be the one pick right now but it not he time yet 🏀

    • Mediocre player may improve to good over time???

    • Streeeetch. Ain’t nobody raising their sons like Lavar.

  • None of these kids won't do anything close to what their dad's did my opinion

  • I wouldnt go pro if I was bronny. Leflop James is always gonna be compared to his son and if bronnys not enough he'll hear about it alot.

    • Bronny is trained for that he is mature enough to deal with that he’s a real humble kid . He’ll be fine . He’ll make his own legacy

    • @Kenny Brown That's what everyone thinks. One thing he has going for him is he'll probably have the size to compete.

    • @Dustin Cobb that’s all he needs I think he can figure the rest out .

  • I don't know if anybody can beat the most lost finals

  • Some reason bronny looks nba ready in the pic😆

  • No way you said “Bronny plays better teams than LeBron because of the High School he went to.” LeBron and his high school gang were blowing out all the teams in their division, won a state championship his freshman year and from there, their schedule included the best teams in the country. And they still were getting blow out wins lol you tweaking.

  • LeBron will get to play in the NBA with his son

  • What about Shaq other son Shaqir ? 🤔 nobody speaks on him but he's really a baller

  • Who’s watching when shareef is actually on the lakers

  • Shareef is the man

  • You didn’t even say who you think is better . That was the whole point of me watching the video

  • 2:20 ... Bro, I was 5'5 at 12 and still dunked. -_- ... Awesome vid tho...

  • He predicted where shareef went to

  • I guarantee Lebron James was the best basketball player in the nation

  • How about signing with the Milwaukee bucks they're going all the way when the finals this year

  • I do agree with some of the comments, but most of all they are children still non the less. allow these young men who are their fathers sons to get into their own style don't pressure these kids into their dads likeness. you have kids just as great as them who have no NBA nor any sort father to look up too. but they are there just as Shaq and Lebron was I think people get overly excited at the prospect . look at Jordan's son he is not even close to his pops game. don't go and give these kids ego's that they deserve or even worked for, let them work on themselves .

  • Welp update to now... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Shareef is on the court

  • Shareef could be better then Shaq...bronny want never match his dad but Bryce might

  • Bryce will be the best james

  • Shareef looks like he could be related to the Les Twins, they kinda look alike

  • My man said Mickey Williams hahaha 🤣

  • 5:23 Mickey Williams 😂🤣

  • By the way anybody who think since they love to say LeBroom can guard all five positions that he could guard a prime Shaq I got some real estate on Mars you can buy.

  • Why you got Bronny in a Cavaliers uni on the thumbnail ... that's cold blooded 🤨


  • They could play together

  • Ok there dads be legends and stuff but yo yall need to let there sons be there own character player and not be in there dad's shadow and yet work harder to be better than their dads word up

  • D rose was already an nba mvp when he was on Shareefs age ..

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lebron who.. a guy who cry to be where is at. Shaquille o'neal is a Player without excuses. As Kobe Bryant to.

  • Kobe air balled🤷🏾‍♂️ He may be better who knows?


  • So I feel like these guys might have "ball" targets on their backs like Lonzo

  • I appreciate this.

  • Mickey Williams?? Did anyone else see that or is that just me

  • *don't forget Dennis rodman son*

  • mickey williams 🤣

  • Both very big shoes to fill. Literally

  • Mikey not Mickey 😂. Bronny is like 6’3 or 6’4

  • he said 'mickey' willams !

  • O'neal son looks more athletics than leGone's son

  • What about Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan's Son........🤭🤭

  • Meh.. I was 6'0 dunking at age 14

  • Bro really called mikey mickey


  • shaqs son an alpha male no doubt! but lebrons son is llazy and scared “like father like son”...

  • So we j gonna ignore that he pronounced Mickey Williams as Micky instead of meyekey

    • Man you can just say Mikey. You don’t have to spell it out like that 😂

    • @Drew Elric lmao

    • 😂😂

    • Meyekey is totally normal spelling lol

    • @DM_1987 Stop the cap

  • You left out Magic's son for this debate.

  • Happy b'day Bronny

  • Shaq's daughters are better then his son's they are hard

  • lmao bronny looks so soft... comapred to lebron at that age

  • Neither one of them are making the NBA 🤔

    • Ok jimmy the geek

  • You literally confused both of Shaq's sons and talked about them as if they are better youtuber....

  • That kid look like KD

  • Mickey Williams omg

  • They has the nba it’s there time

  • Bronny is Not NBA quality.. Only Because of his Dad Hell get a Job, On the bench.,, Shareef as soon as he gets back to 100% He's a real Problem for other teams

  • I like O'Neal's son, so I'm just saying that at 6'10" dunking is not impressive. Wtf. Barely have to jump at all, lol. Whether you're 13, 23, or 43, not ever impressive. Wth

    • how bout a 98 year old at 6'10 .

    • @Sh MO Sure. And if they're 13, 24, 43 and morbidly obese, then yeah, it would be a bit 😮 and perhaps impressive. It just doesn't dazzle me as much when a PF or Center dunks with authority as it does when Spud Webb, or even MJ at about 6'6" because you can clearly see they have elite athleticism. Big guys do have elite athleticism relative to their size if they can move well with agility and quickness. That's what impressed me the most about Shaq and The Mailman, though they dunked with authority I was meh.

    • @Sh MO now that’s impressive 😂😂😂

  • More muscle like brock Lesnar

  • "Mickey Williams" it's Mikey Williams

  • S.O'neal 2nd coming.

  • Amazing what money and fame will get your kid

    • isn't that the point though? make money to get yourself out of a shithole so your future family can live better? nothing wrong with making a better life for your future generations.

  • Lakers 4 life....

  • lol the little diva offspring from the old divas :)

  • Shareef is 22 🤡 too old for NBA....

  • O’Neal all the way

  • Mickey Williams lol

  • bro he said mickey williams

  • No not everyone’s life is miserable so they need to drink to change things

  • 🚀🚀

  • Brony Will make it only cause of lebron Brony doesnt have it

  • Mas aabangan ko pa anak ni dennis rodman kaysa sa 2 na to.

  • mickey williams o wow