Ship Launch | 10 Awesome Waves, FAILS and CLOSE CALLS

čas přidán 4. 12. 2019
Compilation of the best satisfying ship launch videos I recorded including some surprising clips like the amphibious vehicles or the inclined planes at the Elblag Canal. The awesome sideways ship launches take place in Leer, Germany and Westerbroek, The Netherlands. The biggest ship in this video was launched in Flensburg, Germany.

The clips at 2:26 and 8:26 are licensed by Licet Studios (© H. Van Oost / Licet Studios) and by respectively.

0:00 - Ship Launch Fail: Rope Snaps 🔗
0:32 - Drone view of Cement Carrier NORDEN 🔗
0:56 - Ship Launch Gone Wrong 🔗
2:26 - Almost KILLED by Ship! (© H. Van Oost / Licet Studios)
2:48 - Big Ferry Ship Launch
4:15 - M3 Amphibious Rig driving into River 🔗
5:24 - Scooter Driver vs. Ship Launch 🔗
5:46 - Drone view of commercial carrier Nordana Star sliding into water 🔗
6:04 - Ship Launch in slow motion 🔗
6:15 - Launch of general cargo ship Egbert Wagenborg 🔗
6:29 - GoPro hit by Wave
6:43 - Launch of Arklow Willow in Leer, Germany
7:09 - Launch of Arklow Bay in Westerbroek, The Netherlands 🔗
7:29 - Biggest Ship Launch ever at Ferus Smit shipyard in Leer, Germany 🔗
7:50 - Amphibious Bus driving into River 🔗
8:09 - Elblag Canal Boat Lift 🔗
8:26 - M.V. GREENLAND Launch (
8:57 - Slippery Yacht Loading 🔗
9:41 - M3 Amphibious Rig leaving the River

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  • 0:27 é tipo bater o carro na saída da concessionária. Mas tranquilo, martelinho de ouro resolve.

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  • 2:32 you have noticed that a man comes under the ship ?

  • To build a giant ship is really expensive and takes a lot of time, with only my 20cm long Titanic, it took me more than 1 week to complete it.

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  • The 6th one I feel is how a ship should be launched.

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  • I respect those people that are standing completely still as mini tsunamis come toward them and then they just die down

  • With so much time money and materials invested in these ships, you would think that there would be a way to launch them that doesn't seem to leave a successful launch to luck.

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  • 6:43 That's extreme dedication . . or he's a control freak to the level that he thinks he can stop the ship if he thinks something looks wrong.

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  • The perfect merge between nature and technology. I wanna take a ride on a boat one day.

    • I hope you try it one day, it is a very enjoyable experience! My life is very busy and active so I enjoy the peace and tranquillity that comes with quiet boats over the water.

    • its ridiculously boring...

  • 9:00 as an ets driver, I understand the pain.

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