Shooting a video - My 9to5

čas přidán 14. 09. 2020
How my 9to5 looks like when we are filming video. This time we wanted to shoot a commercial for my new signature line with POC. It kind of worked...
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*don't take this video too serious


  • Filming with my crew ain't too easy haha Hope you still enjoyed it :) POC x Fabio Wibmer signature line is out now here:

    • Hallo fbio ruf mich über inster an

    • Can you give me a bicycle I have no to ride and to learn and do stunts I love bicycle stunts please can you help me

    • Wo wurde Überfall gedreht?

    • You should come to deva, romania, on the supertake trail, its at a 65⁰ angle, its SICK

    • I love your channel

  • Give me a cycle please

  • 666 k spectator

  • Shj h

  • Awesome bro keep it up 😉😊love from India😊😊

  • What bike r u riding man??

  • Warum machst du nur englisch Videos 😔😂

  • Warum machst du nur englisch Videos 😔😂

  • Hi

  • Alguém brrrr@

  • Bro please give me a mtb I am mtb lover but I am bleonging to a middle class family

  • many disciplines. If you don't get invited to Rampage I'm never drinking Redbull again 😉🤘

  • You guys, which go pro mount do you think is the best for biking?

  • tem mais algum brasileiro aqui ou é só eu

  • Erschütternd wie viele Vollhirnis das Video tatsächlich ernst nehmen. Die Welt steht echt nicht mehr lang. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • عربي لايك

  • You are the best

  • ,,Is he from AliExpress" HAHAHAHAHHA junge lachkrampf

  • They’re all these years he got crazier

  • 10:00 er weiß wie es läuft🤙🤘🏻

  • Like the comment that he see it

  • Very nice video. Behind the scences is a lot of work

  • Único brasileiro hahaha

  • That director is right. What a terrible rider!

  • Endlich wieder Vidios

  • @fabiowibmer enséñame a montar así

  • Very nice bro

  • So good Fabio very good..

  • Fabio seems like the happiest person ever

  • Was ist mit Sick series?

  • kannst du wieder mal ein video auf deutsch machen

  • Great video! The humor combined with the skill is just so fun to watch

  • How can you believe there's a dude that this guy has a stunt double lool😂😂😂

  • Any Indian here?

  • Richtig gut

  • You guys remember the old videos he posted in 2009 and 2010 I want him to go back and show us those spots!

  • Everyone who thinks he has a stunt double, it was a joke

    • @A Guy Named Pat true

    • I can't belive people think he uses stunt double they are either dumb or have eye problems

  • Soo genial das Video! Die Combo aus Bangern und Humor ist wirklich der Wahnsinn!😂🙏🏻 Schnitt ist sowieso krass.😅

  • You have a stunt twin?

  • استمر انت اسطورة 👍👍

  • Só tenho 12 anos e entanto nada só que vocês falam :O .

  • Für mich ist fabio gestorben er war mein Idol denn ich dachte er macht alle Stunts selbst(25 Treppen gab) er ist dennoch ein guter Trial Fahrer aber dennoch hat er gelogen und das ist nicht ok 😢

  • fabio je nejlepší

  • You are so good

  • Bro pls gift me 1 helmet pls


  • Take care brother fambio

  • Wow

  • abonnez vous a la chaine Damien Cabrol

  • Oh, you look cool though.

  • Echt Krass Fabio da steckt viel arbeit drin und is echt witzig geschnitten 😜🚲

  • So incrdible what you di everyone on the world loves your videos

  • @Fabio hä aber warum hast du dir dann das schlüsselbein aus dem helli gebrochen

  • Hii Febio wibmer I am from India I like only one person in CS-tv Febio wibmer amazing stunts... I love really...

  • i think the guy with the camera put the rock in his eye on purpose,, anyone noticed that?

  • Where did You get this director- from Ali express? LOL!

  • Did he just said that he didnt jump one of his best jump

    • Do you guys have eye problems dude he was joking you're pretty dumb if you think he has stunt double

    • Dude... It was a joke

  • “Again!” Ha ha ha. This is the funniest of your videos so far. But as always, you made me drop my jaw with your skills

  • Come in Nepal

  • You makes bicycle your body part 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Love you so much bro.

  • What is your cycles name and whats the price

    • A Guy Named Pat definitely way more than 7k

    • Aradhya

    • His bike is a canyon torque and ya it's pretty expensive it's like 7000 dollars or 7 lakh

  • Hey gutes video Fabio.. bzw Stuntdouble von Fabio! Haste echt nice gemacht Fabio.. bzw stuntdouble von Fabio! Gute Leistung! Really nice to watch your Videos Fabio... i mean Stuntdouble von Fabio..

  • Please, I don't want to live in Russia🔥🔥🔥

  • 8:30 I thought he would say: „Now make your hands away from your handlebar“😂

  • Hi Fabio you are my favorite mountain biker I wold like to meet you one day

  • when your so pro you need a stunt double

    • He doesn't have a stunt double he was joking bruh do you have eye problems or something

  • gg

  • انا من فلسطين تحية لأهل إسرائيل الحبيبة نع

  • Sick!!

  • keep up the spirit to make the content

  • Ich habe dich als Vorbild genommen weil ich dachte das du der bist der den Heli Jump und die 25 Stairs macht ich habe dich als Legende angesehen Deckig von dir

    • Dumm von dir das zu denken.Ist ein Joke,wow

  • Come To Georgia

  • Fabiooo I LOVE YOU

  • Well it’s not like the director could do any better than you on the no hander. Why is everything so imperfect for him?

  • 9:40 Damn, that photo is like jxxking off in the air. Cool as hell! LOL

  • Are you alive my friend said you're dead

  • 2.58 mins - what famous videos was that? lol

  • You're the man Fabio if your be here again in Israel i will come to have an autograph thanks for inspiring others people

  • did they actually covered that camera in dust and rocks, just for those two seconds of fottage?

  • Es gibt kein stunt double natürlich ist Fabio aus dem Heli gesprungen er hat ja auch nen Video dazu gemacht und das wäre ja wie wenn ein Stuntman einen Stuntman hätte...😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Gratulation dazu!

    • "Lecks mir" does not translate into "Leave me alone". Unless you have of course the 'politically correct'-filter running.

  • one day i will be like you🔥

  • Funny af

  • Meu sonho e ter uma bike dessas

  • 🤩🤩

  • Mach mal wieder deutsche Videos

    • *Bitte? Sein Kanal ist jetzt international...

  • oida als wär der drop nicht ohne dem kicker schon schirch genug

  • U n ure crew are awesome bro ...❤ from india.......... Such a simple n dedicated guys.

  • wtf he is not doing all of is stunts?

    • It's a joke

  • Nice bro

  • Ich kann nicht der einzige sein der kein einziges Wort verstanden hat

  • What about Elias Did not see him for long

    • He left sick series and started his own series called sender tv

  • Leck mich = "Get out of here". Alles klar hahaha

  • Я хоть и Русский но обожаю смотреть твои видео))) Есть такие же как я? ❤

  • Yo guys :) Check out the incoming game called "RIDER'S REPUBLIC"

  • Warum immer werbung!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gehört dazu

  • "Lecks mir" does not translate into "Leave me alone". Unless you have of course the 'politically correct'-filter running.

  • Its so cold i verry verry like that

  • Where is it?

  • Bist du bike Festival 2021 in Wien