Shot In The Dark

čas přidán 6. 10. 2020
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Shot In The Dark · AC/DC

Shot In The Dark

℗ 2020 Leidseplein Presse, B.V.

Released on: 2020-10-07

Guitar, Composer, Lyricist: Angus Young
Vocal: Brian Johnson
Composer, Lyricist: Malcolm Young
Bass Guitar: Cliff Williams
Drums: Phil Rudd
Guitar: Stevie Young
Mixing Engineer, Producer: Brendan O'Brien
Unknown, Mixing Engineer: Mike Fraser
Assistant Engineer: Zach Blackstone
Assistant Engineer: Dominick Civiero
Assistant Engineer: Kyle Stevens
Assistant Engineer: Matt Tuggle
Assistant Engineer: Colin Kadlec
Misc. Prod.: Billy Bowers
Misc. Prod.: Richard Jones
Misc. Prod.: Trace Foster
Misc. Prod.: Simon Murton
Mastering Engineer: Ryan Smith

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  • ... #PWRUP

  • Acdc for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best of the best

  • Please rise for our Galaxian Anthem.

  • I shat in the dark.

  • smashed the fcuk out of it for 40 years..respect......

  • Wait its not 1981? Ac / Dc releasing a bad ass album ?? Rock on Brothers - killed it on this one ....

  • Survivor Series 2020 30 years of the Undertaker

  • Survivor series!!!!!!

  • Fuck! My headphones are busted!!!!! Damnit AC/DC!!!!! lolol

  • This pandemic is trying to kill Rock'n'Roll. It won't succeed. Thanks to AC/DC!

  • AC/DC just keeps getting better and better.

  • Been listening to all of the new tunes and came back to this one. It’s great. They’re great. Thank you AC/DC.

  • I've been falling in love with AC/DC since first riff.

  • Listening to the album all the way through

  • WWE Savior Series 2020 brought me here

  • What a Highlight in this bad Times...

  • Its amazing how this song feels like it was always here when its only a month old


  • @AC/DC you guys are living proof that there is hope in times of darkness.

  • Genial la voz de Brian J. , cañeria total la guitarra de Angust... Back in Red

  • my good!!

  • poderia mandar mais 1como essa 👿❤️

  • Chris Slade, please come back!

  • AC/DC still rules

  • Пожилой рок-н-рол

  • First bar of the song, and you can easily identify it as an AC/DC song. What greater compliment can there be?

  • I can’t wait for the 13th of October. This day is on Friday, directly on the day of Voorhees, or something like that.

  • ACDC always impressing us with their songs so marked, even the guitar and drums sound the same as the albums of the 80s, keep it up and you will be appreciated for a lifetime ...

  • TRUMP should enter stage with this playing after he wins another TERM......2020 TRUMP USA USA USA

    • You're on drugs. Kindly stop or triple your dosage. Your choice.

  • *My headphone volume doesn't go up enough, time for phase 2. Neighbors I am not sorry*

  • Nice

  • As they said in Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, "Rock 'n' Roll ain't gonna die." Turns out, they just might be right. While some artists might pass on, their music lives in memory, and those who can go on, carry on, and simply keep on keepin' on.

  • 🤘

  • Get out of the way hold my calls and hand me a cigar and whiskey sour party on!!!!

  • Survivor series 2020 theme song

  • I was born in 95. I love AC/DC. I lost my love this year. This happened. Life sucks for sure but rock carries on! Fuck yes!

  • Now that's the official theme to this year's WWE Survivor Series!

  • This song would fit in a horror movie trailer! AC/DC will always be a legend 🤘🤘🤘

  • Im wright time.Excelent. My first music love!!!!!.......

  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,finnaly.!!!!!.......................1982,,,,,F.T.A.T.R concert,DENVER,CO.......any one remember.???..😯

  • The only good song in the MAximum Decibels playlist

  • Sounds AC/DC

  • At least AC/DC back to basic ! Long live the original sound. RIP Malcolm.

  • survivor series 2020

  • Rock And Roll "=" 2020

  • WWE Survivor Series 2020!!

  • Sensacional sempre! !!! Parabéns! Parabéns! Parabéns! !!

  • Same old rehashed stuff . Love you Brother's. But get a grip.....

  • I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece,now im a whole Air conditioner edit: if your wondering what i mean, i mean air conditioner as in AC

  • Survivor series 2020 theme

  • Official theme of Survivor Series 2020!

  • Parece ser que éste disco está realizado de material proveniente del fallecido Malcolm. Si hay otro álbum, veremos si los compositores nuevos o sea Angus, realmente lleven la calidad y originalidad de AC&DC. El tiempo lo dirá. ¡Ojalá me equivoque!

  • People keep trying to get me arrested for disturbing the peace. I was playing AC/DC and they got arrested.

  • They're gonna Ride On!

  • A Diesel just sounds like a Diesel.... nice

  • Here before a million

  • Didn't think this was a new song but damn haha bloody love

  • There's no other Band that measures up! When others think it's all over AC/DC PROVES that it's not!! "A Shot in the Dark" is the shot in the arm I needed! Keep Rocking Guys!

  • Awesomeness as usual. But I really wish they would have kept Chris Slade.

  • 50 years of the best rock n roll ever man rock on 🤘 ac/dc is so awesome

  • Balls to the wall Rock and Roll.


  • The best 🤘

  • The band is back together!

  • Back in black is back!!!!🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  • Greatest band ever!

  • There's no synthesizers, drum machines or trendy haircuts. It can't be good. FK OFF. THIS IS AC/DC. ROCK MUSIC. AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

  • For MCU!

  • Reminds me yo 80's/90's AC-DC songs, and thats pretty cool

  • We needed this. Thank you boys. See you soon ⚡️


  • Bom como antigamente! A qyalidade de AC/DC nn cai!

  • #GOAT R.I.P. Malcolm and Bon.

  • Oh my God! AC/DC is back.....I love you so much ! Thanx for being back!

  • ACDC have come back to save 2020 ❤

  • Kick ass!!!!!!

  • AC/DC comes to save us

  • who the hell dislikes this video????

  • Oh HELLL YEAHHH!!! 🎶🤘😎⚡️🎸

  • I got here at 666.683 views. Almost missed 666.666 damn!

  • Rock n roll never dies tnx AC⚡ DC. Rock on😁😁💪

  • OH HELL YEAH I Love the New Song from AC/DC ROCK ON Guys! Shot In The Dark! from Power UP

  • 2020 Shot in The thark ou yeah!!

  • viva ac dc

  • I am a Loyal fan for years

  • You know Phil is back, that's the hard hitting AC/DC sound, these guys are endless,

  • Who’s ready to find out that the Grammys are rigged when this album doesn’t even get a nomination and best album goes to cardi b or something

  • Shot In The Dark Is A Great Straight Up Rock Song By AC/DC And Totally Rocks It Needs To Be Fully Cranked Up All The Way To Full Maximum Volume.

  • On my birthday

  • This was released on my birthday this year just noticed that lol

  • Good song AC/DC 👍

  • Hey, Ozzy has a song with the same name.

    • And a ton of bands have a song named.......

  • In 1974 AC⚡DC were the BEST In 1980 AC⚡DC were the BEST In 1990 AC⚡DC were the BEST In 2000 AC⚡DC were the BEST In 2020 AC⚡DC are the BEST In 2100 AC⚡DC Will be the BEST

  • this is my favourite song, and every time I play it my neighbours sing along to it

  • Man this sounds amazing!

  • AWESOME. It's like...Switch, Video, who made who, FLY...hard, bluesy, rock n roll

  • Eternos AC/DC 46 años de Rock & Roll. R.I.P Malcom Young.

  • Yes you come back

  • Anyone else think Brian's vocals sound a little sharper and raspier than they have in recent years?