čas přidán 30. 08. 2020
The Sidemen form 2 teams & race across the country. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)


  • 1 million likes- when is going to be the europe

  • the video has 1m like now

  • Aston Martin mate oh my

  • ok...

  • wheres part 2 it hit a million likes


  • I hate watching videos more than half an hour and here iam watching all the sidemen videos more than an hour 😎

  • Decided to watch this again, this looks like it was inspired by Rat Race

  • 2:53 that is the blackest man I’ve ever seen

  • 42:41 when covids done ha so we will never see one in Europe then

  • 4:43 the way he said 'that place' after completely failing to say the place tho

  • Definitely didn’t see Ethan down a pint and then drive 👀

  • nobody mentioning sheffield wednesday?


  • JJ is the original curator of shheeeessh

  • 6:36

  • take a selfie with a sheep me: supermarket a live sheep in a field oh

  • Ethan: I will lose with complete gratitude Also Ethan: Kicks a public table when he finds out he lost

  • They actually got 1 mil likes lmao

  • Lose with gratitude yea? XDXD

  • Small Jet from € 6 280 not really a bad price

  • Did ethan just drink and drive?

  • i rate Josh so highly


  • Zerkaa is underrated

  • Please do the Europe version... Please.. It has surpassed 1n views

  • BOYZ it’s reached 1 million likes part 2 is on the way

  • lol both of them down a beer and then drive :D

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  • When is the across EU?

  • That furry zipper Harry has ?

  • 1 million likes eu now

  • 13:26 nobody gonna mention JJ being left hanging

  • 1 mil likes

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  • when da lockdown ends we better get our vid or dislike season they promised deals a deal

  • Thïs was actualy realy fun they should do it again!!

  • Please god tell me vik has paddle shifters not an automatic.....

  • Ethan is pissef that he hasn’t been put with josh

  • 2:56 kante passes away

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  • This video should’ve banged more than it did tbh, should have 20m+ views

  • The video hit 1 mil lol 😂

  • so the private jet gained them about a few minutes

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  • Bro vik just flexing

  • Bbbbb

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  • We got the million boys

  • 9:04 “We’ve got the Call of Duty: Ghosts, we’ve got the Battlefield 4 and the Titanfall poster” The Battlefield 5 poster: 🥲

  • vik just out there flexing his car off

  • EYY! 1 million likes, europe road trip coming up! woop

  • I love how bf5 is the smallest poster XD

  • Seeing the sidemen drive to my hometown makes me so happy

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  • They are so funny

  • I love how jj casually asking the dealer about buying the car😂


  • 39:33

  • Ethan: health is wealth Proceeds to down a pint of beer

  • Vik tho


  • Vikks face mask look like a backwood 😂😂

  • East Midlands is where I’m from I’ve been to that same airport every year

  • Bruh they hit a 1M likes so they defo going somewhere in Europe

  • Look at vid chilling but misses the trains

  • It 1mil likes now

  • I feel so bad for jj 13:20

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  • its sad that i was 5 minutes driving time away from ksi and the sidemen when they were at east midlands

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  • 1 mil likes hit

  • At 32:55 JJ and Harry both hit the crossbar at the same time!

  • :awesome:

  • :awesome:

  • They’ve got 1M likes

  • Underrated video ngl

  • are we ignoring ethan driving after downing a pint ahaha

  • Best part of the vid was Vik just having a normal day

  • I love how Vikk and his girlfriend are just riding in his lovely car whilst all the others are renting a fiat

  • One of my favourite Sidemen videos, literally so fun to watch all throughout. Can't wait Post Lockdown until we get the Europe Edition.


  • My friends ecoboost mustang sounds better than viks car

  • 16:48 its a throwback to YELLOW TEAM!!!! YELLOW TEAM!!!!!! YELLOW TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • god seeing vik being so happy about the v8 over the tesla makews my car guy heart happy

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  • This video hits different idk why

  • This is a cool video

  • Meanwhile Vik has to get there on his own

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  • Do amazing race in Australia

  • In still waiting for the europe video. It has 1 million likes by now.

  • can someone tell harry england is part of europe

  • vids got 1 mil likes just waiting for covid to pack his bags and leave

  • 1 mil likes on this expecting a Europe version in the summer

  • People from Sweden, hes drivning on the wrong side of the road

  • It’s at 1million likes fam

    • No way really

  • Josh is a literal boss. Goddamn the swagger of this man.