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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


  • Banger vid, as expected

  • Side+ is an app?🤨

  • 1:03:20 JJ’s face to vikk 😭😭

  • Love how Vik puts on a mask in the minicab but not the train or car beforehand. Or in the pub

  • KSI & Vikk are way too OP in these challenges. JJ‘a clout and Vikk’s brains are very much a dynamic duo. And putting Ethan & Tobi together is a mistake, because both enjoying vibing too much to win.

  • 54:48 lol that's my name👉🏾💨💥

  • is it just me or does Epping sound like f-ing?

  • Ethan and Tobi are so wholesome together

  • JJ and vick cheated tho with the train they were on it for way over 20 min

  • 12:15 commenting for time

  • Did KSI and Vik get a cake? I don’t remember seeing that...

  • vodka?

  • Why ethan and tobi are so afraid to ask questions to strangers?

  • Lol Yall better not have taken kristy's money!

  • I love all the videos and pictures taken by random people added 😂

  • 54:24 her eyebrows are so big

  • 1:33:20 the random lady videoing them riding the bike had me laughing

  • 1:12:25

  • This video made me realise how actually famous the sidemen are

  • what is your fav f1 team and your fave f1 driver

  • What a bunch of proud homosexuals at the beginning :>) they were proud LMAO funny 0:37 seconds all in good fun best wishes from Canada 2021

  • Do remember

  • Where’s jj Harry : he died in a house fire 😂

  • yall really made vodka 🤣

  • This is one of the most underrated sidemen videos

  • " It's KSI " This word bruuv! Just blow my mind away!!

  • Sick vid should do one from one end of the Dover to Scotland that would be sick!

  • Tobi and Ethan were filming something orange the whole time, Ethan's beard. Guess it can be handy to be a ginger sometimes

  • JJ and Vik had it piss easy man from Headley it's so easy to get into London

  • OMG one of the people they talk to was my friends grandad

  • Lemme fix the title *sidemen Ethan challenge

  • JJ has never given a backy before 😭😂

  • watching KSI and Vik go around Surrey was painful to watch considering I live in that county and knew every area they passed, lol I kinda wished I was there in the moment to tell them exactly where to go

  • No one is gonna talk about JJ and vik staying on the train way over 20 min even when they had a chance to get out

  • 1:15:16 What was that!

  • 0:16 Ethan looks genuinely heart broken haha

  • Who is calling josh boring come on man this video is his plan and it is a absolute banger

  • the way harry got the same cake as the one he made for the halloween bake off

  • Where is ksi,,,, Harry "he died in house fire n we lost him" 😂😂.....

  • dont google it. yahoo it 😂

  • no one going to talk about the hand in 1:15:16

  • JJ thinks he's playing gta

  • I like how simon and harry spent about 30 minutes trying to find a Mcdanolds

  • Harry: What's your name? Random guy telling his name Harry:ohh f***🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • Jj and vik had to ride atleast 3 vehicles before the tube right ? So it doesn't matter if they are going for the bike after ? This whole video was a hustle and as we saw other 4 sidemen actually did it more while jj and vik literally didn't even leave the train. Well this is just my opinion ofc and I am sorry but Yh others deserve this win a bit more.

  • Me waiting for the ultimate moment when JJ found a horse to see if he could actually knock it out

  • Why does that will guy driving Harry and Simon look about 12

  • The choice of journey on the tube is so bloody infuriating

  • Harry at 1:15:15 ???

  • vik and JJ underated duo - "I got brain freeze" "yeah same" 17:20

  • I love all the Tiktoks catching the Sidemen and their antics in the wild tho HAHA

  • 1:15:16 Ang on a minute Harry

  • Ethan at 11:03 "Right Ok" LOOOOL

  • this in a different country would be so much funnier

  • 1:59:59

  • 12:09

  • 9:69

  • 3:00 too long of an intro

  • ethan already won before this challenge cus his dad abandoned him

  • Da legend - Retarded plz

  • Da legend - Retarded plz

  • Da legend - Retarded plz

  • Da legend - Retarded plz

  • Da legend - Retarded plz

  • ethan and Toby give parents vibes having a walk along the canal

  • I was so ready for Ksi to fight the horse

  • when they’re looking for something orange and Ethan’s beard is just staring at us

  • Omg when Vik and JJ found Ethan 🥺🥺🥺

  • Everyone trying to get to London : Toby and Ethan : having a nice countryside walk

  • 14:20


  • vikks timer moment on the train just proves hes jewish


  • They stolen the brand ellesse logo as they own smh…

  • The best thing ethan saying toilets are good 😂

  • bangin

  • 1:34:00 it Would be funny if JJ twerk

  • Tobi and Ethan are my favorite two so it was fun to see them together

  • Vim and jj never got nuggets

  • 13:31 I think Ethan was hungry

  • 1:15:15 ayo Harry what that hand doing

  • Are we not gonna talk about how sick that outro was

  • How does ksi not know about saddeling

  • AYO 57:38 mans got too bit excited with his hand ............................ hahahahahahaha

  • Bro I got hyped when Harry and Simon said their in Epping cause I’m from their 😂

  • lol

  • Superb video lads💥

  • I don't know why but Ethan's outfit the denim with white t-shirt and the cap looks really good 😍

  • Living in a small town in the country , seeing Ethan and Tobi reacting to a duck sleeping is the funniest thing to me . City bois 😂❤️

  • aye the way JQ sped off while JJ was talking has me rolling

  • Tobi and Ethan is a godlike combo man

  • Ay who’s watching this in 2022

  • 9:05

  • POV me and my friends kidnapped in the same car


  • Why are the sidemen clickbaiting now

  • 34:04 big ups too Ethan I would’ve honestly took what that man said the wrong way but Ethan read the room very well and made it playful

  • 28:43 that is my house wow

  • Are we not going to talk about vik and jj cheating by staying on the train for way too long

  • saving for later 1:02:40