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Sidemen Charity Match 2023
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On the 9th of September Sidemen FC and CS-tv Allstars are coming together to play the 2023 Charity Match at London Stadium.
Use the hashtag #SDMNCharityMatch to talk about the game!
OFFICIAL STREAM starts at 2:15pm BST
Kick off time is at 3pm BST
The Sidemen Charity Match 2023 is in aid of the following charities:
Teenage Cancer Trust:
Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity:
m7 Education:
Any donations you make are greatly appreciated and going to great causes! Hope you enjoy the match.
Funds raised today will be split between the five charities the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 is in aid of: 37.5% to BRIGHTSIDE, 25% to CALM, 25% to Teenage Cancer Trust, 7.5% to Rays Of Sunshine and 5% to M7 Education.
For full details and terms and conditions please visit


  • Big thanks to the Sidemen for inviting myself and Stephen to commentate. A fantastic event once again!

  • The production quality was exceptional

  • Jacksepticeye going in and defending right away amazingly. Proud of him

  • The crowd cheering for every goal no matter which team scores is amazing

  • This is more entertaining than a lot of professional football matches

    • Lol ok

    • I think it's because there is no stressness about which nationality each team presents. I have seen on television how bad it is when a team lose, worse if they lose in their home country, and how their country treat them (hopefully no crime committed out of anger).

    • So true, I've never say down to watch a full match before...this is incredibly entertaining

    • obviously it is? they do this once a year and crazy things happen because it's low stakes. And premier league matches don't finish 8-5

    • @Tobias Nguyễnthat’s literally only present in the WC/Euros bro. Nobody gives af bout nationality in the prem or CL, which is what people mean when they say football.

  • ethan’s goal was legendary. especially in west ham stadium w his daughter there, that’s always gonna be such a special moment for him. what a legend!!

  • Another incredible event 👏🏻 its such a pleasure to be involved

    • another entertaining commentary

    • Best commentator oat

    • love your commentary. absolutely better than Peter Drury

    • The goat of commentary🎉🎉🎉

    • It wouldn’t be the same without Stephen and Spencer commentating 🙌🏽

  • The crowd going equally crazy over anyone who scores not just sidemen is wo wholesome ❤

  • These commentators are absolute class. We need to get them on Premier League Saturdays!

  • Match Time Stamps PLS LIKE SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THIS 0:40 Stream starts 1:02 Recap/Trailer 5:37 Warming up 7:11 Interviews 39:28 Commentators box 41:45 Sidemen lineup 47:17 CS-tv lineup 49:47 Walking out/Tunnel 53:11 Ball car two footed 54:26 Kick off 1:02 :53 Ethan Goal ft Jidion’s hands 1:09 :10 ChrisMD Goal 1:23 :45 Theo Baker injury 1:38 :58 Miniminter Goal 1:40 :50 Chunkz Goal 1:42 :35 Half time 1:46 :38 First half highlights 1:52 :48 Team talks 1:58 :50 Aitch set 2:12 :25 Walk out 2:15 :16 2nd half starts 2:17 :26 Manny Goal 2:20 :07 Manny Goal 2:24 :10 Speed penalty 2:25 :40 Max Fosh Goal 2:29 :33 Tobi Goal 2:31 :44 Manny Goal 2:36 :22 KSI Own Goal 2:49 :24 Harry Goal 2:56 :06 Niko Goal 3:04 :27 Tareq Goal 3:09 :53 Full Time 3:09 :54 Post match interviews

  • This needs to be a consistent and yearly thing it’s so unique

  • “Harry’s pictured his mother’s face in the top corner there and he’s nailed it” Stephen Tries is insane 😭😭😭

  • what a day 🔥congratulations to everyone involved ❤

  • I’m not gonna lie, speed has showed some improvement from last year. If there’s another charity match next year, speed needs to make another return. I feel like with more training, he’ll be deadly with his speed.

    • He was worse?! The guy is fast, but the MF can't run, stop nor turn. Why the F is he diving by the ball?

    • Trying to copy Ronaldo, but forgot the hard work

    • Yeah no, Speed is incredibly stupid, I don’t see him winning anything new here.

    • Speed just got a little rusty, I bet he will get better

  • 2:49 :00 love how everyone came to Harry to celebrate with him his 1st goal, true friendship right there

  • 2:46 :59 truly the best part of the match

  • Speed not getting goals is comedy at this point! Bring him back to see how many more he can miss before he gets one 😂

    • We need him for sure next year :)) i don't even know what he does on CS-tv, but i was hoping for that goal :)))

    • Lemme ask u if u ask the world what's ur name will de answer u why din CS-tv call u to play then think about that my boi speed improved from last year u could not have done better

    • ​@VE~NOMshut up kiddo your bed time has already passed

    • @VE~NOMgo study for your 4th grade test kiddo

  • StephenTries is all fun and all, but the respect and seriousness he got when Theo was injured and he ask the camera crew not to let the camera on his friend. What a sweet lad 🔥

  • sidemen blessed us with the best event ever

  • I feel bad for speed but he shows true commitment and he was an outstanding speedy player ❤🎉

    • Him, Chris + Harry carried this match.. so good !

    • ​@Rosieand manny bro, he's cooking with hattrick

  • Tobi and manny are insane when they’re on the field together

  • Freezy on defense is OP. Bro blocked Niko's shot and replaced JJ as the keeper. Well done!

    • Defence*

  • 2:55 :25 Speed after Niko's goal: "I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess."

  • It's beyond impressive to me how the commentators legit had non-stop banter.

  • sidemen make me feel better in so many situations, i have no clue why their energy matches my energy so well.

  • All fun and jokes aside, this was absolutely incredible on their part, im proud of how far they've come, and how much they've helped others with this charity match, this was amazing🔥🔥❤❤

  • love to see simon creating chances and opportunities for everyone to score. that's a true soccer player

  • Really feel bad for Theo. Hope he is alright.

  • This charity match just beyond amazing. a lot of legendary moments.

  • The fact that JJ ran all the way to the field just to celebrate with Ethan was awesome

    • The best thing ever ❤❤

    • Josh literally sliding with Ethan and hugging the crap out of him did it for me!🥳

    • Ethan acting like he won the WC, that’s the spirit ❤️❤️📈

  • 2:46 :55 best moment in the entire game 😂

  • Definitely one of the most entertaining sdmn charity matches there is , kept me at the edge of my seat bruh thought Speed would be given his moment but nahhh mate get sent to the wildcard

  • 2:46 :56 probably one of the best moments in football history!

  • All goals of the match. 1:02 :13 SWMN 1x0 YTAS 1:08 :38 SWMN 1x1 YTAS 1:38 :16 SWMN 2x1 YTAS 1:40 :10 SWMN 2x2 YTAS 2:16 :49 SWMN 3x2 YTAS 2:19 :27 SWMN 4x2 YTAS 2:24 :20 SWMN 4x3 YTAS 2:28 :40 SWMN 5x3 YTAS 2:31 :10 SWMN 6x3 YTAS 2:35 :38 SWMN 6x4 YTAS 2:48 :45 SWMN 7x4 YTAS 2:55 :24 SWMN 7x5 YTAS 3:03 :48 SWMN 8x5 YTAS

  • How did they score this much goals 😱

  • Absolutely incredible content here, what a crowd and raising that much is beyond outstanding. Freezy, Manny, Behz, Ginge all impressed but couldn’t be more stoked for Harry, what a goal and played quite well!

  • 2:46 :59 most legendary moment of this game😂

  • what a day this was! glad to see sidemen always killing it

  • big ups for the charity match, more more people saved. entertainment is on point!

  • The match is very enjoyable, congratulations❤

  • Speed casually missing 5 oppertunitys

    • Better than offside goals lol......

    • nuqi not knowing how to spell “opportunities”

    • @Shafan Ilyas he missed a penalty and had 2 slips and open goal anoffside goal would have been better...

    • oppertunitys

    • ikr

  • Great event for an incredible cause, shoutouts to everyone involved for putting together such a banger!

    • Ayy fellow toradora fan

    • @Foxy Happy to meet fellow cultured individuals 🤝

  • I'm genuinely amazed that a match like this attracts an audience of tens of thousands.

  • They've done amazingly with the production. This was incredible❤🔥🔥‼️

  • It’s cool that they used Danny Aaron’s house to bring the ball onto the pitch 👍

  • The fact JJ ran all the way down the field just tp celebrate with Ethan is amazing

    • Ong so cool to see

    • To*

    • real colleagues

    • KSI was everywhere except being in the goal. And still he saved some goals. And he scored a goal also.


  • What a great event and the commentary was world class

  • Also well done to Elz. Has improved so much as a presenter of the last year alone

  • It was such an incredible experience to be able to be there in person.

  • This was supercalifragastically entertaining 👏 soooo good! Im super proud 😢

  • Sidemen is true definition of quality over quantity

    • TRANSLATE! ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းသူတိုင်းကို စာရင်းသွင်းနေပါတယ်။…... ............. ........

    • @1lzsglaze

    • manny was on 🔥

    • Aaww

    • Sidemen VS Beta Squad

  • Watched it today, can't make it for live, but boy I enjoyed every minute of it from the pre-game to the end. Sidemen and the CS-tv stars getting together for charity football. Amazing stuff. Glad I'm part of it.

  • i don’t even understand football but omg i had a great time watching this, much love to everyone involved ❤ wishing theo a speedy recovery

  • Flew from Ireland to see this match 🇮🇪 Enjoyed every bit of it🔥

  • 53:37 is when the game actually starts for those who were wondering

  • Stephen's commentary is too underrated. This guy is pure gold

  • The effort these guys do to make content is actually insane!

  • Filly always going over to Speed to lift up his spirits. great bloke!

  • commentary makes everything 10x better great duo

  • Max Flosh was waiting for this for his entire life.

  • "Simon is a born winner, the only thing he's ever lost is my invite to his wedding" 💀😂

  • As a forgotten stunt actor from the 1910’s and 20’s, I can confirm that this was one absolutely stellar football match.

  • This is impressively amazing man 🎉

  • Let's go! Can't wait for the next match! Absolutely smashed it!~

  • so well done! respect

  • Love how Stephen stood up for Theo and told the cameras not to show him injured. Respect

    • Cameramen always show injured players being taken off the pitch for like 2-3 minutes, and I don't think they're doing that out of respect for the player.

    • Don't read my name!!...

    • Theo Hernandez

    • Hilarious how Stephen said he thought its a shame because he had more jokes written about theo😂

    • L Stephen

  • Awesome event, I love these matches!

  • literally watched this whole thing live it was so good

  • Want to see more from Jackseptic on the field next year!!!!!

  • Sidemen did it again and mostly better,now I’m already anticipating for the next edtion and more to come 🎉🎉🎉🎉 To y’all watching probably in few years time,it was a great event 😊

  • “Will XQC have any excuses” I’m dying Stephen the goat😂

  • Ethan walking out on the pitch holding Olive was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  • always loving this content every year and prayers out to theo hope he gets a speedy recovery🙏

  • Amasing Game and Atmosphere ! Really Enjoyed Watching this and So Many Wholesome Moments! For a Great cause and Event! :)

  • What a great match❤

  • Overtook the 19M views of last years in 1 day. what a match!

  • "Looks like JJ has a clean sheet, JJ's sheets have probably been the cleanest they've been since Simon and him lived together" 💀💀💀 Stephen is the goat lool

  • It is crazy to think we are watching something that is going to be part of CS-tv history forever

  • This is getting me so hyped let’s go CS-tv all stars hope they win🔥😀😀

  • They should plan a tournament with multiple teams over a long weekend

  • AYO ITS BACK! Let’s go hope this stays up till Olive can watch it back!

  • Imagine Speed and xQc saving the YTAS next year? That'd be one of the most weirdest yet wholesome moments of all time.

  • Max Fosh's uno reverse was magnificent!

  • The fact that jj ran the whole field to celebrate with Ethan is so wholesome and shows how happy jj is to be in the game

    • JJ is a nice person, people mistake his KSI online personality to be his real persona

    • @Sunny borah ikr

    • Wholesome, he was fuming the whole match screaming at everyone over a charity match.

    • ​@Big_0unce_36well my guy, that's football.

  • Spence and Stephen with 90 minutes of great commentary. Full of jokes and not a moment of dead air

  • What a match well done to all who played

  • Watching XQC flop around the goal was the highlight of my day😂😂

  • 2:46 :55 is a legendary moment in history

  • Great game the sidemen charity match is always entertaining 🐐🔥❤️

  • As a keeper I love these guys passion

  • @ 2:49 :27 Vik's assist to Harry's goal really lived up to "When India and Guernsey combine, no one is safe"

    • Since the beginning of youtube this has to be one of my favourite comments haha

    • Sidemen VS Beta Squad

    • repent unto God Christ

    • vik is indian? i thought he was born and raised in uk

  • My mans Duke put in a good shift...probably had the best stamina in the match playing the wholw 90min

  • was really rooting for Speed bro, c'mon. We need to see more of him in the following years

  • What an amazing event, very funny too. 😂🎉

  • 1:23 :25 and 1:28 :24 Big ups to Steven for trying to get them to stop showing Theo while he's not doing so great

  • Harry’s goal with Vik’s assist was my favorite part of the match. Well deserved goal! 🖤

    • India and Guernsey combined, no one’s safe 💥

    • @Harrry 😂😂

    • Wasnt as good as the last one, teams were unbalanced so sdmn can win

    • Same. I'm glad every member of the sidemen have scored at least one goal in charity matches

  • I feel so bad for Speed, he really deserved to get a goal or two

  • Unlike real sports they actually talk to each other like people. They joke around and dont take it super seriously, good energy

  • Max fosh is an absolute legend for that 💀