Skrillex & Bladee - Real Spring (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 25. 01. 2023
Skrillex & Bladee - Real Spring (Official Music Video)
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Director, Main Camera, & Editor: Gus Reichwald
Executive Producer: Kiri
2nd Camera Assistant: Yaona Sui
Special Thanks: Tohji
Assistant: Michihiko Ishidomaru, Kinuko Numano, Sho Hashimoto, Yugo Itoh
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  • seeing skrillex and bladee’s logo overlapping is incredibly blessed

    • Made me bust the biggest smile, It goes so hard

    • sex

    • fr

    • I loved the drop in da ending ❤️

    • Hey! I just released a song and i’d love if some of yall could give me some honest feedback so i could improve for my next ones! You can find it if you click my profile and its right there. thanks in advance 💗

  • Angelic voice + incredible sound design🥵

  • Being able to go to Bladee and Skrillex's gig in Tokyo was the best memory of my life! Two legends, forever... 🔥

    • I bet that was alot of fun. I saw lean in Dec in NYC it was an experience

    • lucky mf 😁

    • Wow

    • this is peak music right here for all the scary monster's fans too. I'm not a jealous man but I am jealous you got to see them together. That's an experience I'd do a lot for :~) very rare

    • Beluga

  • I moved to Japan 10 years ago when Skrillex was HUGE.. Bladee is my Idol, the GOAT. Both of them riding in the car through Tokyo at night in the video, rainbow bridge in the back and this absolutely beautiful song. Dream inside a dream. I'm speechless, thank you Skrillex and Drain CEO!!!

  • 15 seconds in and bladee says it’s crazy. you know this is gonna be an anthem

    • skrillex 4 liufe

    • Maybe if it had a proper drop.

    • @@JordanBlueMusic nobody is listening to bladee for the drop bruv

    • @@sailor81 what are they listening for? To hear him steal lil uzi verts flow?

    • @@JordanBlueMusic lolllllllllllll

  • They need to make a whole album together this is so legendary

  • I'm so glad Skrillex is still with us and releasing amazing music in 2023.

  • I hope Skrillex never stops making music.

  • i’ve been a fan of both bladee and skrillex since my childhood, after 10+ years at 21, looking at the two such different artists get together…its crazy great song made me smile

    • this is the second song with skrillex and bladee

    • could be wrong no kizzy it may just be with skrillex and lean

    • @@squizzydelmar yeah it is but seeing them in a video is even crazier, never would have imagined the two sitting in the same whip like wtf lol

    • @@edlars47 yuh i definitely agree shit trippy as hell i remember listening to bangarang in 2011-12 in 6th grade with the boys and i was kinda late on bladee, more like 2019 but its a crazy 2 star reunite

    • when I was in my childhood Skrillex was Sonny Moore of From First to Last lol

  • Such a crazy collaboration. I remember all the kids talking about Skrillex back nearly 15 years ago. I am not opposed to seeing bladee work with more mainstream artists here and there.

  • was listening to skrillex and blade since 1963 and this brought back so many memories

    • Tf?

    • Same bro

    • Yes I remember how we drained back then in Vietnam

    • i first found them in 1923.. those were the times

    • i saw them live on Rome in 60 B.C. that was unforgettable

  • Bladee getting the recognition he deserves!

    • so proud of him 🥺

    • if he sticks on the edm train hell be a mainstream artist

  • I’ve been listening to skrillex since I was in middle school… time flies

    • Mee to. And what do you think about his new style? His dubstep was a part of my live. I miss.

    • @@donezee OWSLA days are best days.

    • desd primero d liceo

    • @@donezee I don't like new skrillex :/

    • @@heyiamd6301 All things change and evolve my friend. I would rather he keep transforming, than crank out a bunch of garbage on top of his classic masterpieces. Much love man.

  • This song feels so warm, it's like the sunshine after a long winter 🌱🌞

  • Skrillex was the person that inspired me 10 years ago to start making my own music. Bladee has been my biggest early adult music influence. These two collabing is GOD SENT for me personally.. Thank you.

  • Can't believe this song came out 20 years ago. Drain gang forever.

  • i really hope that in my lifetime we get a whole album from these two

  • An incredible collab between two incredible artists, Skrillex's production and Bladee's vocals work extremely well together. The song sounds just like its name, like spring is finally here and the sun is rising over the horizon. Beautiful!

  • bro those vocal chops are so good

  • Todos felices por ver de regreso a Skrillex y yo feliz porque veo que la Drain Gang sigue subiendo en reconocimiento. Grandes!

  • best duo artist collaboration, when my favorite edm producer collab with my favorite rapper is a blessing

  • Skrillex looks so damn happy in this video, the chemistrys insane these two are gonna have a legendary run

  • 日本でPV撮ってる嬉しすぎ泣きそう😭😭

  • Skillex+ Bladee = perfección

  • the albums are going to be insane

  • we need a whole bladee skrillex album this shit gas i’ve never heard bladee vox mixed this well 😭

  • two artists that were my favourite at one point in time, now together making music and videos ❤‍🔥🕊 i feel blessed

  • one of the collabs of all time

  • Skrillex looks so beautiful in the video bladee sounds great ( and this is my first time hearing bladee) and I luv this song

    • lol if you do decide to check out bladee’s music just know it’s an acquired taste. You might not like a song until the 10th listen

    • @@czxxdy8411 well it's actually my second time listening to real spring and I'll go check out bladee whenever I can

    • ay go listen to "the fool" by bladee, it's his most accessible album if you like this you'll probably like the fool

    • @@tixmatt that's a good idea 👍🏽

    • @@ethanpayero i hope you enjoy it man

  • bro this is forever....


    • Really? Every single that's come out so far has completely killed my hype. Mediocre, boring garbage.

    • @@ChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChris even if the music isn't for u, u need to apriciate how good the production is

    • @@ChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChris no sabes nada de musica ni mezclas ni produccion dedicate a escuchar quevedo quizas eso es lo tuyo

    • @@ChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChris La música se trata de experimentar, a nivel de producción cada canción es una joya, si te gusta el dubstep entonces anda a escuchar dubstep, hay miles de productores que siguen haciendo los mismos patrones

    • @Chris 🤓

  • What a goated collab

  • Can't believe my boys are now doing with skrillex.... Gives me tears 😭❤️

  • This song singlehandedly turned winter to spring 🍀

  • Bladee went hard on this

  • At this point Skrillex has finished his main game and is doing side missions!! We are so lucky he is a big creative force in our generation he rarely misses and always respects the style of the artist he collabs

  • current idol & childhood idol coming together, legendary

  • The GOAT, no contest, the weekly releases are what I've been wishing for for years

  • great to see bladee and skrillex work together, both are some of my favorite artists!

  • Goat 🔥🔥

  • When I first heard this song, I was at a loss, my emotions were mixed, it seemed to me a very strange release. But then, with the release of the clip, I looked and was shocked by the emotions that covered me. It's like a huge wave of happiness, joy, fun, from this wonderful music from Sxrillex and the angelic voice of Bladee. I have a cold winter on the street now, but in my soul because of this song there is a real, wonderful, blooming spring. I was sitting at work and watching how these guys carelessly ride around the city in a cabriolet, dance and just get unimaginable pleasure from life. From these beautiful images of Bladee and Sxrillex, I was terribly inspired, my eyes rejoiced at their beauty, and in general from the beauty of the visual component of the clip. All this was accompanied by the really angelic voice of Bladee and wonderful beats from Sxrillex. 0:56 Bladee says as if I'm looking into my soul, “Don't need any words, Emil, just be yourself.” From such treatment, and also with an angelic voice, my soul really trembled, my eyes watered, the soul seemed to open into a plowing and bloomed with such wonderful flowers that Bladee held at 1:12 . I was at work, I was dancing as if my genuinely crying and singing soul was moving my body by itself. I wasn't dancing with my body, I was dancing with my soul and trying to sing along to this heartbreaking tune. And this fucking drop at 1:26 , although it was expected and commonplace for the creativity of Sxrillex, but it was unusual in its own way. I listened to Sxrillex back in the distant tenth years. I couldn't even know about the Drain Gang then. But then I was suddenly surprised that he worked with my favorite dudes. I also experienced this on the Sturdust release, where Sxrillex was the producer of some tracks, but I couldn't even think of them recording such an inspiring track with Bladee later. It's true the tandem of the century, as if Siamese twins separated from the day of birth wandered around the world and found each other just now. We found and converged into a single musical talent combining both this angelic vocals and these cute peculiar bits. This is really a fusion of pleasure and mega pleasure. All together, this porridge acquires such an incredible taste that my ears and brains seem to want to escape from my body and fly away on an unforgettable journey through the world of pleasure on the sound waves of this song. I was very sad until I listened to this song. This masterpiece made me rejoice more than ever, rejoice that I was born, grew up, formed my body so that he could hear this track, I am grateful to my mom, mom Bladee, mom Sxrillex, that they gave birth to all of us at such a convenient time so that I could then and with all pleasure listen to all this. I am infinitely glad and grateful that I live with such geniuses on the same earth and precisely in this period of time. This song replaced 15 sessions of psychotherapy for me, I became really happy, confident, and ready to move forward to new achievements, of course, under these wonderful songs, I hope even better in the future. Thank you, you are the best people in the whole world!

  • Love U Skrillex

  • Bladee's voice goes so hard with Skrillex's sound design

  • I'm so glad that we're getting more of his new FutureBass/Trap sound that he's been developing lately. It's so fresh, yet the melodies are instantly recognizable as Skrillex ❤

  • Every song he putting out is a true showing of his talent, loving this year already thanks for all the music Skrillex!!!!!!!!!!!!!🌅

  • 1:25 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yo skrill drop it smooth

  • the skrillex to bladee pipeline is so incredibly real

  • this will push bladee soo much damn, soon he will have over 2 million monthly spotify listeners. I can't get over it, it was such a long way, people maybe know how I feel that listen to dg way back then when it was all underground and so mysterious, the good old times man

    • Crazy how much progress he has made. Fr a legend

    • @@d6r im blown away, Im really happy that he gets the recognition he should had already become way back. The whole dg story and lore is just crazy, there is nothing like that and Im sad that these times are over now, I remember when people didn't even know how he looked like that shit was so funny


    • I’m so happy for him. I’m already scared of the tiktok gatekeepers

    • It’s crazy how far he has come I remember listening to him on SoundCloud back in 2016 he has definitely made it 😢❤

  • skrillex has unlocked Drain Gang/SBE's gift of making songs sound better with each listen. At first I wasn't a 100% on this, but now it's my favourite song of the last few weeks

  • those vocal chops in drop 🤯💣

  • the discord notification sound at 1:20 gets me everytime

  • Never would I thought these two would make a song. It’s great.

  • bladee never disappoints

  • Skrillex is living his best life and I'm here for it 💙🤍❤

  • i saw this collab in a dream last year

  • this skrillex and drain gang friendship arc is insane

  • I really love the new mood style of skrillex

  • Bladee's voice goes so hard with Skrillex's sound design🔥🔥

  • Spring Jam 2023

  • just let go become your own

  • that drop is amazing

  • Beautiful track

  • Incredibile mio zio come sempre

  • Let’s get this to number 1 trending for Sonny!😎

  • On repeat

  • this is a dangerous collab

  • Thank you Bladee 🙏🏻

  • Bladee have so catchy voice

  • One of his best songs

  • We are waiting for the album ❤

  • Skrillexxx

  • it’s good to see sonny out of his slump and enjoying himself, can’t wait for the album 🔥

  • Such a sick song❤❤

  • Please a whole album 🙏

  • Bladee's voice is perfect for these kinds of beats, ever since Mechatok collab ive been wanting more of this ty Skrillex 😭🙏

  • heavenly

  • future generations will envy us for this 💐

  • Bladee x Skrillex i feel blessed 1month and still on loop

  • skrillex y bladee son algo muy next level no es para cualquiera

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤

  • Nunca te fuiste, solo evoluciónaste

  • skrillex doing some side quests

  • I used to listen to Bladee and Yung Lean between 2013 and 2017. And I listen Skrillex since 2011. The first time they appeared together I just couldn't believe it... What a dream! Lovely as always, Sonny. 🔥

    • same! skrillex in 2011 and bladee since 2014

    • They appeared together before on Summertime Blood

    • Realest coMoment ever. Both dubstep and gtbsbe were really in

    • wrong

    • Skrillex was also in SummerTime Blood tho

  • We, the impressionable youth, demand more Skrillex and Bladee collabs.


  • Oh man what a great reminder to be alive

  • Both are creative that despite all the hate left their mark not only on the niche groups in which appreciated their work, but now have left a mark into the mainstream. I was a weird autistic kid who loved FFTL, And Sonny's work before the skrillex name and eventually got into bladee around the Yung Lean Era and dead ass seeing both of them together is such a blessing.

  • skrillex in drainworld fr

  • So talanted 😍

  • Man I remember seeing skrillex show so much love to blade years ago on twitter.. a dream come true

    • i read this n thought u wwere tripping cus tht felt like few days ago thn i realize it was 3yrs ago crazy

  • Finally this song was released!

  • This song is very calming

  • Literally will never get bored of this song. On repeat constantly! Bladee coming up in the game 👑

  • beautiful. drain gang we out here.

  • Skrillex saving so many lives again ❤️❤️

  • The duo we didn’t know we needed

  • This is insane

  • This is so full circle. Listening to Sonny for about 14 years. Bladee about 3. Amazing collab 💛🎉🌙✌🏼

    • Been on bladee Eversince and I know the feeling bro

  • seeing skrillex have so much fun really warms my heart