Skull Knight VS Nito (Berserk VS Dark Souls) | DEATH BATTLE Cast

čas přidán 17. 10. 2022
SKELETOBER IS HERE! Week three is between Berserk's Skull Knight and Dark Souls' Gravelord Nito!
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  • Sure nito only killed the dragons when their stone scales were removed, but scales or not they are still dragons, and in the cutscene we can see nito just raising his arms up and a scaleless dragon just rapidly rots and melts in front of him

  • Skull Knight and Nito are going for a walk.

  • As a fan of Berserk and Dark Souls, I was both highly offended and and couldn’t stop laughing at this community death battle. This was so much fun. Keep them coming!!! !!!Skeletober!!!

  • 15:58

  • Props to Liam for an amazing episode. I hope he is given more free reign in future projects.

  • The newer chapter with Skull Knights origin flashback, along with things skull knight has warned Guts about the Berserker armor about, literally implies that SK is dead and is literally just a suit of armor? He skull head is just his version of Guts beast of darkness head when full fighting in the armor.

  • I think the only fromsoft boss that we have been given a comprehensiom of their power is General Radahn when he defeated the stars which they stated was a crushing defeat

  • 34:34

  • Epic. Ty for putting out amazing content

  • I still would love to see a "player character" DB like Dovakin vs chosen undead or any of the dark souls protags and tarrarian vs Minecraft Steve or something like that

  • Another reason for why you can kill Gravelord Nito is because when the first flame fades the lord souls lose their power

  • This was an interesting match up but I think it was poorly conveyed and while Liam did decent to correct his opponent about nito he things. Also he didn't mention the ancient dragon from DS2, which while it wasn't a Natura born dragon was created with the purpose to literally rival the power of those dragons and it is probably one of the most difficult dragon fights in the entire franchise.

  • Honestly kinda sad about the rep on Nito. He has alot more than miasma, plus he also has the ability to phase into the darkness and reappear elsewhere. The ancient dragons point was hugely downplayed. The amount of power one would need to have to use to one shot immortal dragons and inflict death would require an absolute ton of power just to kill one. Even the artificial ancient dragon oneshots the Chosen one. And that is a dragon they created to be a guard dog(pretty much)

  • Would love to see bloodshot from valiant comics in a death battle would be cool to see

  • would be cool to keep the theme on holiday months either next year or do like all snow/ice people for December. fire for a month in summer. Would be cool for some interesting matchups

  • 19:00

  • Kratos vs Asura

  • Lmao I love how it went from death battle to dark souls lore for a bit

  • Not a single person mentions Pinwheel sapping Nito's powers from him...

  • Skull Knight is most definitely not an apostle. The implication is that Flora created the Skull Knight from Gaiseric's rage/lust for vengeance after he died while wearing the Berserker armor.