Skylar Grey - Everything I Need (Film Version) - Aquaman Soundtrack [Official Video]

čas přidán 14. 12. 2018
Everything I Need (Film Version) - Performed by Skylar Grey
From: Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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1. Everything I Need (Film Version) - Skylar Grey
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3. Kingdom Of Atlantis
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7. The Legend Of Atlan
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10. What Could Be Greater Than A King?
11. Permission To Come Aboard
12. Suited And Booted
13. Between Land And Sea
14. He Commands The Sea
15. Map In A Bottle
16. The Ring Of Fire
17. Reunited
18. Everything I Need - Skylar Grey
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20. Trench Engaged (from Kingdom of the Trench) - Joseph Bishara


  • My father was a lighthouse keeper. My mother was a Queen. They were never supposed to meet. Their love saved the world. And made me who I am... I am, AQUAMAN!!!!

  • I love it

  • AQUAMAN feels more Disney than all Marvel movies with this song as a credit tittle soundtrack :D

  • Fits perfectly in this movie i am very happy that pepole loved Aquaman hope this just begining for DCEU

  • Feel in love with this song 😍 . So I made a cover Check and thank you for the support 🙌

  • VietNam điểm danh nào

  • I watched AQUAMAN in cinema it so good I download this music :)

  • I love this song

  • The soundtrack was one of the best things about this movie, and one of the best movie soundtracks I've ever heard

  • No marvel outro song like this. This is the beat outro song ever!!!!!!

  • I love this song 💜

  • nice

  • I love you aquama💖💓💖💓💖💓😍😍😍😍😙😙😙

  • iiiiiiiiiii llllllllooooooovvvveee yyyyuuuuoo

  • I love 2019 😘😘❤❤❤

  • Love from Malaysia ❤

  • Wey, me quede hasta el final de los creditos porque me encanto la canción xdxd

  • Việt nam đâu cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn

  • Hey guys! Please check my cover out! I tried my best. Lemme know how it is!

  • AQUAMAN I 💘 LOVE😘😍❤💕♥

  • 노래 조아랑!♥😘😍💘

  • I'm the protecter of the ocean *I am Aquaman*

  • Perfect song to describe the DCEU 😀😀😀

  • Sub me to get more lucky!^^

  • The Aquaman music is here (it also on my bus cause my bus opens musics)

  • Medio espoiler cón el tridente qlo

  • Alguém do br?

  • Waoo, fantasy

  • Already watch 2 times at GSC

  • los créditos quedaron excelentes con esta canción

  • Great movie. Great song.

  • I close my eyes in the midnight and think of you while listening to this, and my heart breaks into a million little piece cause, like in this song I keep turning back to the hopeless future that blurs ahead of me, like the shore should keep kissing the seashore, i will keep turning back to you.. ok he is gone and probably he won't come back and even if he does it will all fade some day, distance hurts so bad

  • Special thanks to WAN 🙏

  • This song is so similar with 'Stay with me'

  • this was really well done


  • Can't move on from aquaman

  • I love this song. And this cover is great

  • I don't know why this song is making me jealous of persons who has a lover💜

  • I seriously love it. I cant stop trying to sing this.

  • Great! Song.

  • Apa gw aja yg dengerin ini setelah liat coverannya miselliaikwan ?😂

  • I love u

  • I’ve always felt connected to the sea when I’m in the water I feel calm and relax and this reminds me of the ocean 🌊

  • Creo que me voy a vivir a Atlantis

  • Ocean to ocean

  • Everything about this movie was beautiful. The music the visuals and the story was great. And I usually watch mcu movies but this was amazing. I absolutely love this movie and I could barely find any flaws

  • when I want to wait for post credit in this film. I accidentally heard this song. It’s so beautiful ❤️

  • one of my favorite song ♥☻

  • Aquaman saved the dc

  • Where are you now? Atlantis. Under the sea, under the sea. Ending song for Aquaman 2 - Faded Alan Walker. Like if you are with me :)

  • addicted to this song like CRAZY

  • 华人有吗???

  • wow

  • i’m cryin’😕

  • Best song 👍👍

  • A good fish song

  • I swear I don't even remember how many times I have cried to this song. *This is so beautiful*

  • Watch my cover of this song, and do tell me what you think about it! :)

  • So so amazing ❤️❤️love form Vietnam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • nice song !

  • Está genial la canción la recomiendo traducida

  • Good original single. Totally works.

  • Born on the wrong side of the ocean. That really got me

  • $1 Billion Dollar Movie right here

  • This is bullshit I slept through the whole movie!! DAMNIT!!

    • AwesomeMario 64 lmaoooooo

  • "My parents made me what I am. The product of a love that never should have been. But their love saved their world. A son of the land and a king of the sea. I am the protector of the deep. I am AQUAMAN!"


  • Aquaman and Mera🙌🙌

  • Ay alguien de Latinoamérica que este escuchando esta gran musica de Aquaman ;)

  • Only thing i like in the movie

  • normally i only listen to Metal music and hate most of the songs in the radio. but man after i watched aquaman i love this song.

  • who came here after watching the aquaman movie?

  • Ijdh Neill sua

  • he makes me horny

  • oooof he hot af

  • The most important rule: *never read comments if you didn’t watch the movie yet you’ll regret it*

  • film aquaman full hd all languages

  • I love this song ❤️😍

  • es tan hermosa la canción maravilla de película :")

  • Melhor Filme

  • *I love this song ❤*

  • Can we all stop DC vs MC? As a comic book nerd, any movie adaptation of Superhero is a win for all. I want all the Superhero movies to be successful so that I can get to see more of them. PS: Geoff Jones and Kevin Feige are good friends and started their career by working for same director

    • I prefer more of a geek than a nerd

    • I definitely do think and personally like the mcu more but aquaman is one of my favorite superhero movies and i agree with you

    • ya, I think so, too.

    • I was never DC vs MC cause i love both. Both company are awesome and make great movies. I like all of them no matter what.

    • Ya mean any SUCCESSFUL movie adaptation.


  • Better than Pitbull's song for this film.

  • Who ever dislike is Orm fan And like is Aquaman fan

  • good good good good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wish there was a music video for this song

  • คนไทย ?

  • Good

  • I've repeat 2 times this movie. Because Aquaman is worth to be repeated at cinema and still crying when he meet his mom.

  • Best


  • Thanks Aquaman.. You make my life great again. Thanks DCEU.

  • It's a BAD ASSSSS!!!!!!!

  • Born on the wrong side of the ocean With all the tides against you You never thought you'd be much good for anyone But that's so far from the truth I know there's pain in your heart And you're covered in scars Wish you could see what I do 'Cause baby, everything you want Is everything I need You're everything to me Baby, every single part Is who you're meant to be 'Cause you were meant for me And you're everything I need You can say I'm wrong You can turn your back against me But I'm here to stay (I'm here to stay) Like the sea Should keep kissing the shoreline No matter how many times he pushes her away 'Cause baby, everything you want Is everything I need You're everything to me Baby, every single part Is who you're meant to be 'Cause you were meant for me And everything happens for a reason It's started passing in the skies I used to question who I was When now I see The answer's in your heart 'Cause baby, everything you want Is everything I need You're everything to me Baby, every single part Is who you're meant to be 'Cause you were meant for me And you're everything I need

  • I am nutrisariman

  • I just saw the movie today with my partner ❤ 'Cause baby, everything you want Is everything I need You're everything to me 🎶🎵

  • I tried to hold back my tears..... And i failed them to hold them back