[SLO MO 4K] Massive explosion of a SpaceX Starship Prototype (SN4) at Boca Chica Texas

čas přidán 29. 05. 2020
SpaceX lost one of its Starship prototype test vehicles after a successful test fire of its SN-20 Raptor engine. Reminder that this vehicle is in no way related to the DM-2 mission, the Falcon 9 rocket or the Crew Dragon Capsule. This is a test program working on advanced prototypes for the Starship program and failure is halfway expected.
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  • Algum br pode me explicar oq aconteceu?

  • The piece of debris that enters the top of the frame at 0:41 then lands in the fireball makes a shock wave at 0:51 through the fire ball. Did it hit something with more fuel, was it full of fuel, what happen with that little secondary explosion?

  • Did anyone die there

  • are you happy how money of the american citizens are used by Elon?

  • What is the horn blast for? Is that just a warning or is something to help mitigate a shock wave?, or is there just a semi/ train that likes explosions lol

  • Can a large, mostly hollow body like the Starship sustain Apollo like free-return reentry speeds, or will it have to perform an Earth Orbit injection before attempting to reenter? Starship is roughly as large as an entire Shuttle stack. And the Shuttle orbiter alone was confined to low earth orbit reentries...

  • Please, please, please don't let this go the way of the X-33 Venture Star. Growing up in the mid 90s you just couldn t get away from the promises of the X-33...

  • Hopefully every rocket the US launches explodes in a beautiful fireball just like this one

  • Cerbal SpaceX Program.

  • oh dear

  • me : making a rocket meme vid everday astronaut: yeeets the water mark

  • Alguien habla españoñ

  • I love space

  • Rip the millions

  • Karma

  • Thanks for uploading. I had the chance to see a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I uploaded a pretty awesome clip of the trip on my page.

  • 1:32 lmao is that text necessary

  • Once the outer body of the rocket stages are welded could they use adhesives to cheaply an inner layer of sheets to reinforce the welding. This could include overlapping sheets. Or adhesive sheets that just cover the area of the welds. This may add weight but make construction stronger for less cost. Are there adhesives that can resist extremely low temperature. They could also be welded at some points to reinforce the sheets. Very long sheets could be placed around the whole diameter of the body with only one point needing strong adhesion or welding. One major seam. And what types of material would be more effective for the inner layer?

  • Its prodigieux quil ny ai pas de blesser. Et vive the world

  • just another day at the kerbal space center

  • Starhopper: Pathetic

  • I'm convinced the best chance to avoid tank dome failures is to avoid complicated gore and filler welds. If necessary weld into a flat plate and use old metal spinning technique with CNC to shape domes. Inspect flat plate welds before spinning. It's a no brainer. Best if single plate of sufficent size can be obtained. Only welds would be peripheral.

  • Hey Tim I am creating the Phoenix engine (full flow stage hybrid engine and I need some help. Will you help me find some research on how to design a rocket engine minus the turbo pump. This is a totally serious comment. I need help.

  • Is This new ? Wtf man.

  • Now y'all know why musk bought the entire neighborhood:D

  • All right who let the intern do the final checks?

  • Was waiting a long time for that one piece going up 0:35, to come back down....... Finally 1:11

  • Flamey end everywhere.

  • Wow , I hope there was some unlucky occupant on board hoping to reach the stars, if so he or she met " God"

  • Michael Bay somewhere is inspired to create a new but awful action film.

  • rip starship prototype may elon learn from this explosion

  • What were they trying to do


  • It's ok, the dog survived.

  • They have to know the limits of Starship, this is actualy a good thing.

  • Other than that, the test went well...

  • Elon Musk has left the chat

  • Os test são pra isso né

  • This has happened before with them. Those astronauts that went up a week or two ago had to be real nervous

    • @breckandy That is exactly what they are doing. This is a prototype. Also, this rocket had no humans on board anyway.

    • @Everyday Astronaut They should rigorously test this rocket before they send it . A big mistake can cost a big money. I'm glad you and I were not on it.

    • This has literally nothing in common with Falcon 9 and Dragon. Completely different systems. One is fully tested and proven through years of flights and rigorous testing. The other is in infancy and pushing the boundaries.

  • 0:02

  • the ground explosions are getting boring, we need a star ship refueling explosion in space to up the ante.

  • 0:03

  • Michael Bay somewhere taking notes

  • А если бы таксу утопили такого бы не произошло))))))

  • This is how an unhandled exception could look like :)

  • it looks so cool at x2 speed at the start

  • Why some of the big VFX giants are not recording all these so that they can use it later point of time for real time simulations of these rockets explosion. Just a thought.

  • Elon Musk: Ahh another day on the job.. aint it exciting?

  • "Failure is an option" spoken by the man himself

    • And lets be fair, this is exactly how we got to where we are with Falcon 9 & Falcon Heavy

  • Cause we got, hiigh hopes 🎵 ...

  • It’s only money 💰🙈

    • That is what I call TO THE POINT!!!! Not like these videos where you have 20 minutes of bla bla bla for just 5 seconds of the actual thing at the end...

  • Mr. Musk, what is the acceptable expected failure rate for this round of tests? Elon: Yes!

  • Good thing there only pristine wilderness around there...

  • Did anyone get injured btw?

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  • "Ahhhh that's hot" -Will Smith

  • Hopefully this won’t happen when astronauts are on it

  • where are the cult followers now

  • This is an amazing example of an R.U.D.... Rapid unscheduled disassembly.

  • And you thought you had a bad day ☹️

  • The odds of the starship exploding for the first crew members is very high.

  • I do believe SpaceX will get it together for a working safe Starship. That’ being said I cant image it landing on the moon or mars without a prepared landing pad unless the ‘landing legs’ are severely rethought.

  • One day Boca Chica is going to be gateway to Mars

  • Hahaha

  • Look at those graphics.

  • "Ahhhh that's hot" -Will Smith

  • GG SN4, Good luck SN5

  • That is what I call TO THE POINT!!!! Not like these videos where you have 20 minutes of bla bla bla for just 5 seconds of the actual thing at the end...

    • That is one way not to build a rocket = PROGRESS! LOL

  • Rumor says Bezos sabatoged this And today a California Amazon warehouse was destroyed by fire......

  • Ярик бачок потик

  • Climate change by Sapce X

  • The Sovjets have with the N1-Moon-Rocket learned the Hard Way that a Cluster of so much Engines has a unpredictable Cooling and Heat-Problem.Hope they Manage it.

  • No smoking please ! Hey you ....

  • wot happened??

  • Everybody: oh no I hope nobody got hurt with that one Elon Musk: hehe big rocket makes boom

  • beautifull

  • A Houston we got a problem

  • i mean falcon 9 blew up plenty of times before it took humans to space. trial and error

  • SN4 gets the the highest of SpaceX prototyping honors: 🎖 Best explosion yet!

  • This is the explosion every movie director expect from a kick