slowthai, Mura Masa - Doorman

čas přidán 7. 01. 2019
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Produced by Mura Masa:
Directors: THE REST
Producer: Andy Picton
Director of Photography: Pieter Snyman
Camera Assistant: Megan Skender
Focus Puller: Kitt Sullivan
Grip: George Nock
Gaffer: Leopold Naessens & Esteban Gimpelewicz
Spark: Ross Brown
Set Design: Sam Michnik
Wardrobe: Daniel Pacitti
Colourist: Jonny Thorpe
Production Assistant: Aliyah Otchere, Chad Joyce & Ellis Earl


  • Wtf

  • this is so trash

    • nah

  • Goddamn VIIIIBE 🔥🔥🔥

  • the trainspotting reference on point

  • From all the popular stuff I've heard from Mura Masa, I never expected him to collaborate in a punk track. Absolutely amazing.

  • This video clip gives Skins UK vibes

    • its a trainspotting reference but yea

  • Kto od Kacperczyków

  • дурман

  • trainspotting

  • there's a blip sound or something, and that thing sounds like the same sound jpeg used a lot on his song PANIC ROOM!. i might be the only one or idk

  • I legit a mentally want to be British

  • wheres the windowman

  • This song makes me want to damage my eardrums


  • fuck dude i want more music like this

  • Yeah

  • this makes me want to do some unfavourable things

  • This guy's music vids are seriously great// usually I can't stand clips but these convey the vibe clearly without cheap attention seeking or overshdowing the quality of the tracks

  • I love the energy of this song. Need a guitar player? I live in America but I’ll come anywhere. Let’s jam.

  • Пиздато

  • cant understand that music

  • You The Real Dope New Rap Bro@SlowThai

  • This bad boy was heavily inspired by the movie trainspotting

  • This bloke is ........u finish? ? ?

  • Lauren Auder in the back too!

  • 👉🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😂😂😂

  • definition of a nicotine addiction

  • Waaait, has Mura Masa's name been edited in recently?

  • I understand why the dj played this when he jumped in the crowd

  • this song sounds like it's from the peaky blinders soundtrack

  • this song makes me want to swallow mint gum with cold water

  • Either you want to influence yours else and your parents or bite bite

  • I hear that he‘s a king krule fan

  • what is brand of cigarettes?

  • blood for big game roblox ok blood for noob gme roblox no

  • The eminent blood exceptionally force because move conversantly enjoy afore a guarded bangle. coordinated, obtainable chair

  • Greiene syntes jeg tilogmed var smart og ble imponert attpå til så satte det blikket i meg du vet det blikket som sier hømm fan du er ikke så dumm du fredric.

  • ah trainspotting

  • What song starts playing at 1:25 ?

  • The xenophobic screwdriver symptomatically camp because growth ironically meddle per a ambitious lobster. rude, false familiar famous break

  • I get OG Tony Hawk pro skater vibes from this song man

  • Slowthai! It's is a toyloved sickmindfillin'-hardhittin' beat!

  • First 2 seconds I loved it ⚰️⚰️🖤🖤

  • no future

  • this is abysmal

  • Lock your door, drink seven Whiskys, put the box on and turn up

  • Slow is human embodiment of a razor blade.

  • is there any music like this?

    • @Lucifer Sam you know your shit

    • Sleaford Mods.

  • damn murdoc became human!

  • 616 dvl gang.....nice swan

  • He looks like a video game character

  • This is like little mix.

  • I wish this is a vr video

  • This song makes me wanna shoot heroin into my eyeballs

  • This is the only song I actually like from this guy. I generally hate this genre.

    • L

  • always comin back for that slow thai

  • I got a Nicorette add before this it’s like it knew

  • What a toon!!!

  • This song feels like it could be in NFS:Pro Street

  • Yer atleast I got here

  • ❤️

  • met Slowthai just after watching Trainspotting 2

  • Feels like watching trainspotting in 3minutes

  • british people talking about a toothbrush ok

  • 👨🏽

  • z

  • Sleaford Mods - Jolly F*cker reference ?

  • now that i see his videos.....the Gorillaz character claim is very accurate

  • Reminds me of being 16 lol just drugs and dumb shit in columbus

  • who knows what brand is his red jacket?

  • Is one of the guys who's talking at the start 2D's voice actor from Gorillaz?

  • 8

  • this is so good

  • this is sick

  • What kind of genre is this or what groups/Artists sounds like this?

  • He low key looks like an ededdneddy character

  • Do y’all have a minge?

  • nice

  • Does someone know what cigarettes he smokes?

  • ..THIS IS JUST WHAT ENGLAND NEEDS RIGHT NOW. The new 'PRODIGY' Influencers in their day

  • fucking love u for this

  • The massive Sleaford Mods vibes in that beat tho!!!!!!!!!

  • What category of punk is this muzik?

  • Heard him on Gorillaz, and bro this song, bangs, like punk, wild energy, we need more music like this these days

  • i feel like this would play well in the skate 4 soundtrack

  • Lol Lil shit, I love him 😂

  • King Krule became a rapper 😯

  • 2021

  • Trainspotting😌

  • this came out 2 years ago man time ain’t real 😩

  • Does anyone know music that comes close to this? This energy and tempo is just unmatched. But seriously if you got anything good like this hit me up.

    • Sleaford Mods.

    • There’s not a lot that comes close to this specifically at the moment. You can either listen to punk or rap, but this dude is literally bending genres at the moment lmao

  • Lots of his videos have references to it

  • He must really like trainspotting

  • love the reference to train spotting with the toilet

  • Sounds like one of them songs off FIFA playlist

  • Switch to 1.25 speed, now you can start a moshpit

    • Ahahaahahahahha

  • What makes someone a criminal in 2021?

  • Nmms te amo ❤❤💚

  • 1:10 Trainspotting "the worst toilet in scotland" reference that's cool

  • Trainspotting mode