slowthai - VEX

čas přidán 15. 02. 2021
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Directors: THE REST
Producer: Andy Picton
DOP: Pieter Snyman
1st Ac: Gabriel Jones
2nd Ac: Joe Dixey
Gaffer: James Duffy
Spark: Sam Crook
Grip: Alfred Wentzel
Wardrobe: Hollie Peck
Make up: Kaz Preston
Studio & Set: Analog Space
Colour Grade: Jonny Thorpe
Production Assistants: Ellis Earl & Aria Mark


  • Slowthai videos are all next level good. Director needs props.

  • shit’s a banger, through and through

  • ❤️

  • slowthai x benny banks collab?

  • an actual artist

  • He spit in a girl's mouth at the Brock Hampton concert. Just like that burger...

  • trash

  • The offbeat engine prognostically crash because professor comparatively bubble against a flawless jury. organic, rightful honey

  • what am I watching...

  • SALMO feat NOYZ NARCOS rob zombie.....same video 7 years ago...but slowthai always dope

  • Сидел срал наткнулся на видос - помогло😁 Так по делу трек ебовый

  • Spitting in the burger ruined the video for me. Its been done before. Good song though 🤌👈👌🤟

  • Not one soul talking about how hard the 808s slap

  • the intro sounds alot like ALL ALONES intro by freddie dredd

  • 🤮🔥🔥🔥 cmon!

  • 1:35 reminds me Fredo Santana

  • Lyrics


  • Woah the meat grinder bit made me nauseous 🤢

  • Guy had to be his parents worst nightmare in his teens

  • This song try turn me vegan......didnt work....

  • yo the thumbnail is great

  • Reminds me of early dizzee rascal, geez


  • Feels, chills n happy meals 🥵

  • This prod. Is decent man!

  • Жуткая звучара, 💥

  • верни Катю

  • I wonder how many crackheads are offended by this song.


  • >:) 🔥

  • Cannibalism for the cult hes in

  • epic meal time lad

  • just perfect 🥵

  • He is back 🤘💯

  • anyone else notice that sample from SAW??

  • There's a LOT of reasons to get behind Slowthai, his obvious love for film and his cine-literate references in videos is just one of them. The nods to Amelie and Delicatessen are ace!

  • The creativity in his music videos is insane it’s like watching a mini movie

  • set in the USA, I see.

    • I C U

  • Ahhhh the truck from cancelled is back and dropping the remains of ppl

  • used ta get v e x now i just MMHHMMM.

  • 1:14 phone call?

  • The truck in the beginning is from Cancelled at the end. Possibly the meat is human ?

  • gives me Triple Six Mafia or Tommy Wright III vibes with the beat, this is so good

  • I think I finally understand the metaphor connection between vex and cancelled. Long story short he used all the people that tried to cancel him for publicity and that’s why he’s doing so well . In cancelled they kill the people that tried to cancel them . In vex they use them as food and sell it for profit

    • Dang you totally just helped me understand it all

  • Fujjj ..

  • it’s like he took the Sweatpants music video by Childish Gambino and fucked it up

  • y5ah

  • Wtf man. Mans nice with it Cant deny

  • why u keep snapping so FUCKIN hard oh my godddddddddddddd this video is insane!

    • @smoked lobbies helper 😐

    • @smoked lobbies helper thats why he said... nevermind

    • bbno$ every Slowthai video is insane you wanker don’t be stupid mate

    • This man in every Slowthai comment section bruh

  • Ricky tafolla?

  • Slowthai never misses sonically and with the visuals.

  • pfff man insane thing

  • he's fire

  • even crackheads rap now

  • "all alone" by freddie dredd sample vibes in the intro

  • Imagine if skepta had a feat in this

  • This tune needs Freddie Dredd on it.

  • yo

  • Memphis influence

  • This is so fucking good

  • Can’t believe they got Rick Owens to eat a burger that slowthai spit on

  • Freddie Drred anyone?

  • Polski komentarz którego szukasz

  • McDonalds is that you?

  • He loves spitting in things 🤮

  • Rate, rate, rate it some more 😂🔥

  • I don’t think they’re eating human burgers I t think they’re eating zombie burgers. Some point in cancelled Skepta says “we’ve got cranium shots for you zombies” then continues to rap about purging and killing them all. It also makes sense then why everyone who ate the burgers started acting crazy, it’s as though they themselves were turning into zombies. Maybe Skeppy, thai and the boys will link up again to kill all of these one??? Idk

  • A Clockwork Orange is nothing.

  • 777

  • From the us I fw this mans too fire

  • Well we know who you work for

  • bridge vexvexvexvexvexvexvexvex

  • snare reminds me of those portable drum machines that were a speakers with two sticks album is SLAPPIN


  • 100 views are mine

  • Jay from TGF is trying to do the same music as you

  • he has got to be one of the worst, over-hyped, over-paid, over-invested, unoriginal artists ever.

  • all alone - freddie dredd sim

  • How many vegans were on the production crew on this vid :') put me off meat...

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯♥️💪

  • RIP to all the people who were eating watching this

  • ''thought i was gonna say buss my nine'' if you knew what that was in reference to you're an OG and GOD BLESS YOU

  • This sub is lethal

  • *Dont watch on acid!!* WARNING

  • Slowthai is cool but Octavian > Slowthai

  • nah still think Octavian is better tbh

  • 🥵🔥🔥🔥🥵

  • Yeeeeey

  • Yeeeeey

  • Only the real ones are here at this time 🤍💚❤️

  • Now us yanks are the ones who don't understand the lyrics!

  • Million views coming soon 🔥🔥

  • Why is no one talking about how the burger is literally made out of human meat?

  • so that’s why he wouldn’t eat the burger in chicken shop date

    • After anticigs ads now vegan add?

  • hard to see, smooth to listen

  • Amazing

  • oh this is the continuation of cancelled, i just realized, I'm dumb

  • this has phonk or memphis vibes to it