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Smokepurpp - Sauce Like This (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 6. 12. 2018
Deadstar 2 Coming Soon:
Prod. by A Lau
Directed by NO CRDNTLS
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  • Comethazine and smokepurpp need a collab

  • My man said he'll blow him like a whistle. Should have hit us with a *no homo* on the ad lib

  • you are not esskiett!! thats rondo numba 9s verse !! purp & pump = Frauds ! . you got no sauce

  • purpp a retarded nav in this video

  • What album is this on

  • wtf happened to his voice

  • Bro bro the new album please. I need some shit to run to/ get baked.....

  • Where’s pump?

  • I use to steal ppl pencils cause I’m a cOoL KiD

  • 3301

  • 0:33 let that nigga run* up on me imma *blow him like a whistle*

  • Lil Pump + 2017 Carti = Purp

  • you are gangsta :)

  • Yeah

  • He is the type of guy he would steal from the robbers and arrest the police

  • 0:33

  • 0:32

  • Yo this was posted on my birthday

  • Yoooo dzintari latvija

  • Hard beat but that autotune on the chorus bit at the start makes Purp sound too high pitched. The second chorus is normal though (Like it should be)

  • Finally Smokepurrp is getting recognition 🗣👀🔥

  • dude......... delete this it is bad

  • pleae take the video down dude i dont like this

  • Purpp better than pump don’t @ me

    • Pump used to be my fav but facts

    • Facts

  • Anyone notice when hes in the store hes by the organic flour aisle....perhaps he was making a roux to make a sauce....!

  • This song is so short, I thought this is Comethazine.

  • Anyone know the shoes at 0:01??

  • The first phrases in this song REALLY sound like comethazine

  • He look like he smell bad

  • Тупо Жириновский из Америки

  • Smokepurpp lame af

  • "if a nigga run up on me im'a blow him like a whistle" we're all just gonna ignore this huh? lmao


  • Shouldv'e been prod. Cxdy

  • this is the greatest song of all time

  • Oh my this the hardest bass song I've hard in years this shit clean man

  • I could tell he in New York

  • Bruh youre dry asf post more shi

  • ахуеть

  • 👀💥🤘

  • Smokepurp made lil pump Then lil pump made smokepurp

  • Sheck wes flow

  • 1:06 he was feeling it

  • Lil Pump 2.0

  • Br alguém?

  • "When I used to go to school/ bitch i never had a pencil/ so i said fuck school/ gave myself early dismissal" BARS

  • Lil water is back

  • Smokepruppe becames better and better

  • This is actually a good song because it actually has replay value

  • Garbage

  • rich fly hahaha

  • 0:00 what is that🤨

  • You cant sing nor rap. Your worthless ass would clean the toilets at my plantation.

  • Damn shmoke where did the dreads go?

  • шняга

  • Nigga drop DS2 already

  • Who’s here from that midget video?

  • he talking about pump? *he can't sauce like this*

  • Yo Need to land a beef to pumpi, you destroy him


  • "let that nigga run up on me,ima blow him like a whistle"💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Is this a lil pump diss🤔🤐

  • Lil purpp thats outstanding thank you

  • Wtf happened to nav?

  • Wave check 🌊

  • Really bad lil pump berter then you

  • jebane gówno

  • Try to play in 0.25

  • Purpp music sounds depressing after he got jumped by russ's goons

  • 0:02 when some one took the last bit of lotion when you need it💀

  • Smokeppurp is a savage

  • WHO The fuck cut this Oma me

  • Ass

  • Lil purp turn into smokepurp witch is the legendary super sayain on God he on some zeze shit

  • Smokepurp ft lil pump 'ion' instrumental

  • "Blow him like a whistle" uhhhh...

  • This song bumped 👏👏👏👏😍🔥🔥🔥😨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏 dope beat and song

  • So purrp quit school because he didn’t have a pencil? Weird flex but ok

    • +MrWolf

    • Why the fuck i see your profile picture everywhere?!?!

  • Who else’s Tryna run up on purp, he said himself he would blow Us 🔥🔥🔥 lit

  • When you haven't done homework , trynna hide it but teacher be like 1:00

  • Blow him like a whistl?! Tf

  • Broooo why is this white dude saying the "N" word. SOMEONE STOP THIS

  • 🔥🔥🤘🏻🚨🚨

  • Stole Shek Wes style!

  • My dog watched this now he is a dragon!!

  • 💓🔝💓

  • Icy narco?


  • Sound like Trill Sammy

  • "im in the door keeping hay bih i knock them like dominos"

  • Tryna rap like sheck wes.

  • Prrrr 👌♥️

  • "Blow him like a whistle" smokepurpp sus

  • Ah the hair

  • You looked better wit yo dreads dawg

  • “Let that nigga run up on me imma blow him like a whistle” 🤠

  • Na man re picante ndeah

  • Rip Omar Lil ominous

  • search up - meet team power pack

  • Dude funny tomm bout some why didn’t he just ask for a pencil😂😂😂😂😂😂