"So close 🤏🏼 , yet so far ♾️" Explanation and code in description

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I am the original creator of this Pi video. This went viral almost on all social media. Got 45 million view on Instagram and 12 million view on Tiktok.
Link to the IG pi post : / cyrfbptryc9
Titok Post : www.tiktok.com/@thiebo_badmin...
If you liked this "visualization of pi", I also made an UHD 1440p widescreen version of this pi simulation which is 3 minutes longer. Here is the link , hope you'd engage there too and help that go viral as well ! :)
• Watch π (Pi) painting ...
If you are looking for a short explanation of the Post :
The outer arm spins around at a speed, precisely π times faster than the inner arm. But because π is this never-ending, irrational number, that outer arm will never, ever stop at its starting point, no matter how long the video goes on. It's like a forever chase scene where the arm always misses the target line by the tiniest bit, and that bit is basically as thin as it gets.
The Detailed explanation of this Pi post by "angzt" from reddit :
Python code for the final drawing made by this mechanism ( Not for the animation ) :
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
Create an array of theta values in degrees (e.g., from 0 to 113*360 degrees)
theta_degrees = np.linspace(0, 113*360, 10000)
Convert degrees to radians
theta_radians = np.deg2rad(theta_degrees)
Calculate z(theta) using the formula , 1j is imaginary number
z = np.exp(theta_radians * 1j) + np.exp(np.pi * theta_radians * 1j)
Separate the real and imaginary parts of z
x = np.real(z)
y = np.imag(z)
Create a plot with specific settings
plt.figure(figsize=(10, 10)) # Set a square figure 10x10 inches
plt.plot(x, y, color='white', linewidth=0.5) # Set line color to white and line width to 0.5
plt.gca().set_facecolor('black') # Set background color to black
plt.gca().set_aspect('equal') # Equal aspect ratio
plt.grid(False) # Turn off the grids
plt.xlim(-2.5, 2.5) # X-axis limit
plt.ylim(-2.5, 2.5) # Y-axis limit
plt.show() # Display the plot

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  • Sigma edits: 🤡 Space edits: 🗿 Math edits: 🗿 edit: I honestly did not expected this comment to get so many likes..

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  • For those who don’t understand this formula will never end because pi is irrational

  • 40 years old and that was the best visual representation of PI I've ever seen.

    • The golden ratio is the signature of Almighty Allah. Everything from galaxies to tiny atoms has a golden ratio. This proves the creation. There is no coincidence as atheism claims. There is only creation.

    • 40 years old and that was the first visual representation of Pi I’ve ever seen.

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  • I Think For The First Time In My Life I Felt What People With Anxiety Feel... I Think I'm Getting Old 😅😂...

  • i do not understand what is going on or how this represents pi, but holy fuck it looks cool

    • So Pi, as an irrational number, cannot be represented in a ratio (a fraction, essentially). It has an endlessly continuing, non repeating string of decimal points. This pattern is created with two rotating arms - one rotating around the center, they other around the outer point of the first. The outer arm will rotate _n_ times as fast as the inner. So for every inner rotation, the outer will rotate _n_ times. Whatever you plug in for _n_ will produce a unique varient of this pattern that is a distinct and precise visual representation of that number, created when the appropriate ratio of spins is completed. But because pi is irrational, no ratio will ever produce a precise pattern. Instead, it will have increasingly close near misses every time an approximation of pi is reached. So a ratio of 22 to 7 spins will produce that first near miss as 22/7 is an approximation of pi. A ratio of 355 to 113 will produce a much closer near miss as 355/113 is an even more precise approximation. But it will never be precise. Just like writing out more and more decimals of pi gets the expression more and more precise without ever becoming truly and completely precise, this pattern will get closer and closer to being completed but it never will actually be complete.

    • Thank you ​@@Nuvendil

    • ​@@Nuvendil Thanks for this! But I have a question, as and when it gets more and more precise, would there not be a point, where it would meet and we'll get a finite value??

    • @@learningspace8132 No. If you use actual pi for the input, it will get infinitely closer but never actually be precise. Because it cannot be represented in a ratio. So even some absurd ratio of thousands of spins wouldn't make it precise. Just like if you wrote out pi, you would never reach the last decimal point to give it a precise value.

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  • The choices I made in my life in a visual form.

  • That's the beauty of this. It's a paradox. It never traces over the same shape twice and continues drawing new lines/arcs forever, yet never fills the circle in completely.

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    • It isnt a paradox, but it something that for human normal thinking, unexpected, since pi is irrational and its digits continue infinitely, no matter how much time passes, the trace will never return to the origin and the circle will never truly be filled because the Nature of Pi

    • @@Deimos4500 The paradox is that you can draw inside the circle forever and never fill it up. In fact I'll give you one more layer. You can have an infinite number of these running, all from a different starting point, and still never have them overlap each other. And the circle *still* won't fill up completely.

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    • @@WALT1Zthank you kind sir

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    • ​@@fascinating.fractalsquestion: is your whole channel creating mathematical fractals? Are you creating them from drawing or is it some kind of program you wrote? If it is a program is it possible to convert it to GLSL shaders?

  • Красота математики, геометрии,физики и графики. И звук. Что за трек?

  • This the most fascinating yet incredibly infuriationg video ive seen ina long while. My inner perfectionist is on the werge of a mental breakdown

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  • If maths was more cinematic in school i probably wouldve followed a completely different career path

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    • If we had teachers like this

    • Yeah. They should have used CGI to get people into math. After all, Toy Story was only possible because of advanced mathematics :)

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    • Thiền định - tĩnh tâm , hoàn toàn đồng ý với bạn và tôi thật sự rất thích tác phẩm này . Nhìn vào tác phẩm này tôi như cảm nhận mọi sự và vạn vật đều đều trong đấy cả . 💫🌙☄️🌠🌌🌍

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