So Much News, So Little Time: Visa Limits & CIA Ads | The Daily Social Distancing Show

čas přidán 24. 06. 2020
Trump restricts visas for foreign workers, Apple unveils a new handwashing app, and the CIA tries to recruit new staff with a dramatic TV spot. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #News
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  • So.. CIA be like Lets touch others hands more!

  • Nice! Just want to show your page some love and support! 😀

  • Here's an idea for immigration deterrent ....make them watch an hour of CNN and they'll RUN away! Lmao

  • The cousin joke is copied. Maz jobrani did it wayyyy back

  • Really!!! ... people need an app to judge 20 seconds ... does the US have some sort of seriously contagious ADHD problem?

  • 🤣🤣💯

  • These people aren't immigrants. They just come to work and then go home.

  • I only listen to this guy's commercials there's no way I can handle his ignorance for any longer.

  • all losers need to realize you have a better chance of continuing to live out your miserable life on the plantation of the abominations welfare and food stamps, with President Trump making this country more money than ever before in history it's an absolute fact. Amazing how much people hate facts. The trickle-down theory is no theory it's been making United States great for hundreds of years.

  • The reason why so many people are so stupid it's because they have no clue about the facts of history. For decades they've been twisting history into, social studies which is just lies and propaganda. To put your children to public school today is absolute child abuse.

  • #swisscovid (and other contact tracing apps) does just that: alert people when they have been in contact with other people who were tested positive with the virus. And it does it without any central surveillance by the government! That is because our government actually cares about the health of its people. Unlike other presidents who seem to be more interested in enriching themselves and pardoning their criminal buddies.

  • We inherited a psychotic environment from beginning of white settlements in America. Slavery, psychotic, separation, psychotic. Current gated communities, psychotic, separation of riches of the world, psychotic, sorry! I'm tired. I could go on and on. Lil blackboy.

  • Trevor, trump, said he will wear mask in Florida's medical setting. News flash. He wears mask every day. How does a racist white president, dislike color, yet, wears a color mask foundation daily. He represents a color person.

  • Trevor we destorying world creator is. Cleaning. Evil nasty filthy. Lol.

  • Why is the video quality so crappy on this one?

  • Lol at the cia this ok to post?!?! Lol

  • "We broke it, help us fix it" that would actually make more people wanna join😂😂😂😂😂

  • Haha thats how i got diabetes. Too much cake

  • Latin america is actually more stable than the usa right now XD

  • He's so obviously and spitefully targeting tech.

  • Wow, this is a great one. the super villain and the CIA had me legit *lol*

  • Am tired of seeing those trophies. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • doing cia recruitment smh

  • Shitty tech tells me I was washing my hands, while really I was... well. Busy. 😂

  • Some Americans are "too good" for some jobs. I have never seen a white person work in the field. Immigration is needed for certain fields.

  • I am SO mixed I represent the world. I am ashamed of many of my heritages' past regressions. Right now the Middle East, US America, and Africa are the biggest offenders that my lines fails from. And North Korea is always wrong. Let's learn from all cultures' mistakes. That being said - How could someone beleive that the USA is about "white" people? It's clearly always been about the English people using other ethnicities to build a country for them. Now those other ethnicities are being recognized and some whites are throwing a tantrum. Show me otherwise. 🌐✌💛💪

  • Dude, I've played all the Tropico games, and I ALWAYS have my ships go and rescue EDUCATED immigrants before the others, sorry not sorry. Like, HELL-O! Immigration doesn't matter, good people matter.

  • America WANTS HIGHLY EDUCATED Employees and so they make going to college COST SO MUCH THAT ONLY THE VERY RICH CAN AFFORD IT OR you have to take out loans that CRIPPLE you for decades. America, the land where getting ahead may cost you your future.

  • Lol CIA the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

  • "if you really want to save american jobs, stop the robots" very true.

  • Not gonna go apply at the bureaucracy that is the CIA while Trump's in office.. Kind of insane that they think they'd be successful at recruiting technologists and other information specialist types knowing that it'll go to someone that'll mis-consume it or straight-up leak it.

  • America for Americans first. Just like your president said in South Africa for South Africans...and every country where immigrants originate. Stop using America like a crime scene you get to loot.

  • Do you know how to quickly create new jobs? 1. Work on the image of your country as a viable market with good and reliable business ethics a high respect for other countries, deep knowledge about other cultures and stable politics 2. Make it easy for foreign companies to enter your market 3. Support your companies to spread throughout the world, so that they can grow resulting in new jobs also at home. This strengthens your economy, creates new jobs, improves the market by injecting new products, services and ideas and ties other countries closer to you on a political level. Do you know how to create a ton of new jobs long-term? 1. have a good education system that creates a strong force of high skilled workers. 2. Improve taxation, employment protection, social healthcare and welfare programs to build up a strong middle class and weak upper and low classes so that people have a stable income to put back into the market allowing companies to grow off of their home market. Since more jobs equals less people in poverty, it will also improve your crime rates. It really would be a win-win-win for everyone. But... yea... the US is doing the exact opposite of that. Instead you close borders, have corona parties, recreate only 1/3 of the jobs you will need and evict half your population to live in complete poverty, weakening the middle class and strengthening the lower class.

  • That CIA ad looks like a Netflix Original cheesy spy parody.

  • The CIA will probably have us ratting on our own families, like in 1984.

  • That's right big guy? What are you in love with Trump?

  • Can you cover Vanessa Guillen's story

  • Lol but you love your Donald Birthday song!! "It's a party!!"🍰🥳🎈

  • CIA movies are lies😭😭😭😭😭My childhood spy movies are lies😭😭😭😭😭 🙄🥺🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I would not take the job if they told me I had to call the White House...

  • But whites invaded America. They were never legal. Why is our president so stupid? Fat? Termite?

  • I neeeeeeeever knew trevor was so dam funny.....he is a ray of sunshine in these dark times...👍

  • The CIA must really be hurting for employees

  • Haha I love this man....❤❤❤

  • Studied 5 years of college did 1 year of practical training, made so many American friends, worked hard to get 4.0gpa and awards only to be send home because international students graduating cohort 2020 can no longer apply for legal work visas. While they save those work visas for Indians working comfortably/ remote from India and using India offshore consulting companies to apply 80-90% of legal work visas. No American education needed, no leaving family behind. Zero sacrifice. Goodluck with them bringing their culture and people in. Diversity exclusively for Indians only. A simple google/wiki would bring up stats of top 10 H1b approved companies (all which are India based “tech” / “consulting” firms) every year. Bernie Sanders had the stats. Sillicon valley isnt the problem. Google/ Apple only has 4-5k approved visas on average while some random india consulting firm has 28k approved visas. US immigration policies have been a messed for the past 2 decades. Trump isnt gonna fix it so does Biden

  • I don't wanna make trump angry " 😂😂😂😂😂😂trevor

  • Bro I'm so dead because I knew EXACTLY where he was going with that teenage boy line before he even said it 😂💀💀💀💀

  • Trevor: you can’t come Sizwe I don’t want to make Trump angry Sizwe : what is he now, is he not angry? That’s a very typical SouthAfrican argument.😂😂🤣🤣👊🏾🇿🇦

  • I don't say you no good! I say You too much!

  • IsTrump Angry Now??? AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! 😃💖😃💖😄💖😊💖😄💖😃

  • Immigration shouldn't be shut down because of the economy, it should be shut down because we are the highest carrier and transporter of the disease. It would be dangerous for people to come here.

  • Who wants to work for the worlds biggest terror(ist) organisation?

  • wait, sizwe isnt your cousin

  • 1:14 Ah Trump you never cease to amaze me on how many things you can screw up and yet so many delusional people will still believe in you it makes no damn sense but hey! I guess i just don't understand what some people want from Trump and frankly i don't want to know what Trump supporters really want.

  • Trevor.... what did I say about pretending to be Diabetic? Lemme see that A1C or leave the diabetes jokes to me. Noinsulinnopeace

  • First off this is not just America this is the United States of America north America consists of Canada United States in Mexico people please go back to school

  • Hey Trevor Noah why dont you use your gift of comedy and bring the Racism Together between blacks and whites in this country instead of futher dividing the Nation. Why dont you learn from what your parents lived in for in South Africa? Dont you want Unification or are you going to keep dividing this Nation Breeding Hate among races? How about taking your GOD Given talent and bringing us together as a Nation?

  • I love how a device that prevents you from washing your hands all the way up to the wrists has the audacity to judge you for how long you wash your hands xD

  • Lmao I'm weak

  • There should also be (unlimited) work visas for low skilled workers in manufacturing, nursing,construction, farming and other industries that create supplies with the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in the country. They create jobs... for example, in sales, marketing, operations, and management. They fund social security and government programs. They make US more competitive globally. Makes lots of sense.

  • Trevor's joke about the contact information reminded me of the miniseries The Spy with Sacha Baron Cohen, where to get into the Mossad the first thing he has to do is realize they gave him the wrong address lol.

  • LOL Great Report

  • Says middle east, shows Afghanistan 😒

  • "Join the CIA and get free tuition at 'The School of The Americas'." Ah! an oldie, but a goodie (if you think torture academies for vicious fascists dictatorships are 'goodie')


  • People are gonna start becoming Edward Snowden when the backlash hits

  • There’s a president election coming up in a few more months he’s using the coronavirus immigration tactics and unemployment as a way to stop people from coming in here because he fears that they are going to be entities of people trying to interfere in the elections and posing as good migrating people

  • Hilarious 👏🏻😂

  • An employee on the floor: "I'll call the White House". Thus bypassing multiple levels of your reporting chain. Okay...

  • Regarding the first point, I disagree with you. Its better not to let anyone into the USA, because Corona is very dangerous and it has no discrimination.

  • 3:22 he is talking about wanking guys :P

  • Hey Siri talking to them might be someone's kink. In fact I wouldn't be too surprised if it's a popular one.

  • what percentage of americans have high-skills required for high-skilled labour

  • Is that Obamas voice recruiting spies? Another thing for trump to undo

  • We can play fifa together devontegh76

  • Please wear a mask I suggest this site that I use - not being paid to advertise it just trying to save lives

  • The re-opening is so funny everyone is out with no masks and now cases are getting higher than ever. Be responsible people wear a mask and only go out if its a necessity

  • BIDEN 2020

  • Both the options for president suck. Great.. another 4 years of stupidity coming

  • OMG

  • Fake news

  • TRUMP 2020

  • Prayers

  • stay strong people

  • Biden

  • How many KKK members going to apply for the job??? Or white fanatics???? It's a call to those people. Not because they don't have spies.

  • Americans: CHINA IS HAVING TOO MANY CAMERAS ON THE STREET! CHINA IS SPYING ON THEIR PEOPLE'S ACTIONS!! Also CIA: We need to spy on our people's chats for "national secuirity". WE NEED SPYS!

  • Yup they did brake it thats fosure

  • Evict his particular man. He's poison

  • I just clicked to dislike. It's a shame that trevor Noah has a voice. Considering his division tactics.

  • There is is chaos all over Southamerica ? What Southamerica are you talking about? You talk about Southamerica and you get me confused about my own country. Maybe I am not Southamerica. What? If you hardly know where is Southamerica. “Yes close to the Galápagos Islands, you got it” 🙄 Please, stay in your corner 😏

  • “Didn’t we also fill the inner cities with crack?”

  • Forget about god, don't JO wearing an apple watch coz Tim Cook will be watching!

  • The reason high skilled workers were being hired was because there aren't enough people with the skills for the job.


  • I just love you! You are on point every single time! The only show I watch & can't get enough😊

  • Your little nose

  • In Germany we have an app that warns you when you were in contact with someone who was diagnosed positive since two weeks. It also broke news because it was really expensive to make. So I hope our government will sell it to other countries. Not for a fixed price, just split the cost of the app by GDP. So when the third country buys it, the first and second countries that bought it get some money back.

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 sorry Sizwe lmao

  • I'm 45 . I wear my shirts and talk but have faith in the young to be better