so sorry it’s late I was kidnapped! Massive new shed, rotary parlour and a DEUTZ full of balloons

čas přidán 25. 03. 2023
Impromptu few hours out, whistle stop tour of toms work farm, superb rotary parlour new sparky shed. Amazing lighting system. 3 million gallon lagoon how cool!
How I got locked in a tractor with hundreds of balloons
And how I made a total mess getting out 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the kids were 😍 toppings where we got our tractor from and who looks after it for us were 40 years old today and had an open afternoon. It was super busy and we saw lots of things with rufus.

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  • I knew that farm looked big but didn’t realise it was quite so big! Topical dig about carrying bales 👌👍🤣

  • 😢 poor little lamb. A++++ For effort Charlotte. No one can say you don't do everything you can for your animals. You go above and beyond. You're amazing huh ❤

    • Thank you it’s a kick isnt it the poor thing

    • @charlotteashleyfarm Yeah, death seems to be following me recently hun, I lost my dad in February and my mum in early March. But seeing a little innocent life like little lambs snuffed out really does leave you feeling sh1t.

  • Good to see you promoting a very good New Zealand product in Ridgeline jackets

  • Well done for showing the reality of Farming regarding the black lamb. It's a real kicker when you put in all the extra effort, do your very best and try your hardest. Been there, done that 😿

  • Love your crazy video. Dairy dreams.😊

  • I hope you wern't hurt and that your'e home safe. If Roy had needed help with the ransom I'm sure we all would have chipped in !!!

  • Another nice video, and the lamb adoptions unit from yesterday video, I have one of them and a add on and it’s never been used.

  • Awwww Charlotte I'm so sorry you lost that little lamb, you gave it your best shot love ❤

  • So sad about little lamb 😢 but give yourself a pat on the back for trying Charlotte 👍🏻 Brilliant and entertaining also 😂👌🏻👍🏻

  • That was very informative indeed 😊 sorry about little lamb... you in the cab with balloons 🎈 was so funny! I love you ❤😊

  • I love the effort you put into giving them all a chance, it does you credit both as a person and a farmer. x

  • Aww, little lamb so sad, but you did it all could Charlotte, and I am glad to see your day ended up happier and the rotary milker is some machine ain't it 👍

  • Sorry for the little lamb 😢you gave it your best shot that's farming good and bad days great to see you all having some time off together that's one great milking set up there 👍

  • I hope they counted the ballons as they put them in. 😄

  • You looked in ore of the rotary parlour, we have one near us, they are an amazing piece of kit

  • Excellent video - some shed, very impressive

    • Isn’t it AMAZING really loved seeing other people on with big projects makes ours feel manageable x x

  • Certainly wasn't any more that you could have done for the lamb.

  • U done your best for the lamb u can't do any more than that well done

  • Put 20/30 ml of whiskey into to the stomach tube with the milk it will warm the lamb from from the inside out

  • Great video as always love your videos

  • That was very informative indeed

    • Hmm I was a bit annoyed I didn’t put anything of worth in to be fair just us having crack

  • Hi Charlotte looked a good day out That's some impressive milking parlour With your new building have you seen any of Farming the British ways videos there building a big cubical shed & robots mite be interesting for you ( apologies if I sound like some comments section idiot ) Thanks again

    • Your totally not 😂😂😂 I’ll have to have a look I saw that building on a video as the tank under it was being put up with shuttered walls that was interesting

    • @@charlotteashleyfarm Thanks again

  • Loved it great video Charlotte 🎉

    • Thanks vernon I love that your always here supporting x x x x x

  • You did the best you could do. It is nature. O deer . Normally the male farmer climbs on all that is big and brand new farm equipment. But no the girls take over... what will be the best buddy seat for your husband

    • Oh we can’t help it it’s becoming a regular occurrence testing tractor seats

  • Can all that massive investment in hardware really pay off with volatile milk prices ? Would you better off buying milk in to convert to premium products , yoghurt, frozen yoghurt, ice cream , butter , cheese etc ? It's a huge risk at the mercy of milk cartels + supermarkets.

    • I don’t want a job as a processor though

    • @@charlotteashleyfarm of course,íts in your blood . Just be careful with such huge investments .

  • Hi please can you do a live stream with your wellies on your feet ok

  • ... not really surprising .... you work hard and ye play hard ... yes I caught that you don't drink, but that does not mean that ye can't be crazy .... those rotaries just boggle the mind .... all you can do is your best, re wee lamb .... thx for the share .. as always .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger .. have fun be safe, save our oceans ....

    • Ha ha I’m not a trustworthy drunk 😂😂 oh I’m always crazy, I know I’m totally amazed I’ve seen them but never in the person, very impressive looking, they take up a huge amount of space, super farm can’t wait to see where it goes

    • @@charlotteashleyfarm .. laughing ... I think your idea of the robots is a good one just because they can operate 24/7 and if you desire to increase your herd you add another robot when the need arises. Have you been and seen robot operations in action, can imagine that would be quite interesting. A Question, dairy operations, do they have back-up generators, milking can not wait extended periods of time if I understand it correctly ..... good to see the balloons all fell to the ground ... thx for the reply ..... make it an exemplary week ....

  • Dont complainabout ballons again lol

    • Every single one was picked up by the kids 👌🌎 I’ll keep banging the drum about helium balloons that are made of plastic and don’t biodegrade

  • Such a farmer thing to do, looking at other farmers farms 😂 Thanks for all the coverage of my cupcakes, I tagged you in my TikTok post last night 😊 Haha the balloon bit was funny! Rebecca was on filling it up this morning when I got there with the 🧁🧁 Glad they had a decent day of weather for it too.

    • I can’t find it Linda what’s your name on TikTok I’ve just been for a look now x x x x super yummy honestly

    • @@charlotteashleyfarm cupcakelinda05


    • @@charlotteashleyfarm thank you 😊