Solving The Electrifying TESLA BOX Puzzle!!

čas přidán 13. 01. 2021
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Tesla Box:
Today we are going to attempt to solve the Tesla Escape Puzzle!
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  • This was a dope puzzle! Still get mindblown that People just create these things!!

    • you should try to create your own

    • @Owen Buckhout I wish I could but I used limited pieces and it's really simple you just have to find the key that fits put it in the hole and push until the box comes out i do have a youtube video coming out that is about it so if your interested you can tell me and ill shout you out

    • can you send me one of those I really love puzzle games

    • you inspired me to build a lego puzzle that's pirate themed

    • And im still shocked you have the ability to solve these

  • There is an app, don't know what it is called, but you can film the lights with the code, and it will be translated for you #freetip ;)

  • I was super glad to see a rotary phone :) I know what that is and used one before :)

  • Amazing music

  • Amazing puzzle

  • The facial expressions at like 5:43 CRACK ME UP. I love it 😂 and throughout the rest of the video 😂😂😂

  • Its plugged in currently...lmao!

  • On that Luca Balsa shit bruv

  • Yo!!! Where do you find bifocals like that totally legendary keep it up man love your content

  • I love the background music can u pls put a link so I can find it.

  • ❤️

  • 6:00

  • When the lights were flickering I was thinking morse code

  • that was so funny when freaked that the thing is is gonna blow up... lol

  • Bet your iq has four digits

  • hoo ha ? or hee hoo ha or hee ha?

  • Probably one of my favorite solves

  • This was really awesome. Almost like a journey.

  • I wish rotary phones were still a thing. They’re so satisfying

  • like

  • Man the introduction to the video.... awesome bruh...

  • Okay but the sound effects and backgrd music u have just sets me to a certain mood of sadness and sorrows idk why.

  • Sickest puzzle yet 👍

  • Omg! I wish Tesla was alive... he was really genius and think about the technology today if he was alive.

  • Did anyone else find those light bulbs terrifying?? 😅

  • I DIED When you finally got the light's to change pattern.. Loooooooooool Good Video man

  • This might be my most favorite one yet

  • It is an sos in Morse code

  • Sickest EDM intro to date

  • This triggered my anxiety unexpectedly! When the lights would blink intermittently and then speed up gradually until they were really fast and then stop that is just something that is horrifying for me. That’s so weird and also funny in my opinion😂😂

  • I don’t know what that is

  • This is hella cool but I wish that stupid music wasn't in the background I can't stand listening to it so I'm done with the video at 3 minutes :-(

  • So sick bro I love these puzzles only for the ppl who think outside the box 📦

  • By far my favorite puzzle yet! The audio and the visuals were amazing!

  • Keep it up with these intros!!!! They’re absolutely incredible

  • I wish I kept my old rotary phone

  • Tesla wld b proud!!!

  • other people: ''solving a normal puzzle'' him:

  • I love the look of this one

  • I think you skipped some parts, it asked you nicola?, And I think you should answer yes/no

  • people don't give enough credit to younger people about old devices, I am fairly certain that 80% of people born in the early 2000s know what a rotary phone is, I also know what a landline is

  • Learn a cool card puzzle.

  • I like how he showed bob Dylan at the beginning

  • I don't know that number thin

  • I’m surprised you didn’t do what Brian brush wood did with the rouges artifact for your cards

  • just like the tesla CAR thats ELECTRIC but its a tesla coil

  • I know what the old telephone thing is I am a kid but my great grandma has it at her house.

  • The obsequious stocking extracellularly order because nut typically behave inside a pushy package. aback, makeshift cereal

  • It's like he really wants it to blow up 😂😂

  • This puzzle is cool as f*ck

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  • Does this guy make a living doing this? If so I'm in the wrong business.

  • wait...he has an eye cube in a jar?

  • Don’t……forget…….to……drink……….your…..ovaltine……. A crummy commercial?!?

  • I don't remember telsa being so steampunk.

  • My ouma hey 1

  • morning brew is a killer

  • Dat thing is just a old telefoon my grandpa has dat thing i his house

  • Actually dope

  • Is it Morse code?

  • This thing and your presentation just wow.. melted my tiny 🧠

  • Knowledge Strength Inspiration = KSI 🤔?

  • I thought this man was about to spell KSI’s name lmao

  • I was wondering if you could do cheap puzzles that are still complex like this one??

  • I'm 14 and I have known what hat and how to use it since I was 6

  • Feels like something that would be in a HORROR movie

  • I love this. this is by far my favorite puzzle you've ever done. just the aesthetic of it and the Nicola Tesla theme.

  • I can’t find this puzzle anywhere.

  • Crais r

  • 20:58 that music though and his face you can see and confused and a little upset at least I was when I just saw him clicking but that music though

  • I have one of those old phones in my house as an antic

  • I'm 16 and know what that telephone thing is I don't know the proper name and never used it but I know generally how it works still.

  • Yep, I had the exact same thought regarding Morse Code instantly!!!

  • An interesting fact about the rotary dial, that people even familiar with using one might not know, is that the alphabet used on it is incomplete. There are two letters missing: the Q and the Z. You remember those commercials that would give out their business line phone number towards the end of the ad, and rather than give the whole number out in digits, they would come up with some clever word that would correspond to the letters? For example, a national florist, instead of presenting their number as 1-800-356-9377, they would have it in text, big and bold on the screen, and repeat it several times to have it programmed into your head, and to make that psychological manipulation more effective, they gave the number as 1-800-FLOWERS, this was known as a phoneword. Some were national, long distance, or toll-free numbers, and some were just local numbers. Some examples: 1-87-RENT-A-WRECK 1-US-RENT-A-WRECK 1-VONAGE-HELP 1-800-THRIFTY 1-800-REVERSE 1-800-HOLIDAY was a direct reservations line for Holiday Inn, and this somewhat illustrates a major problem I had with the method some people use when reciting a phone number for somebody. The phoneword created a problem for some people. Now, my typical attitude is fuck them, if they are too ignorant, or lack the necessary cognition to figure out how to dial the correct number when it comes to a business phone number, then so be it. Survival of the fittest, natural selection, should be the way of the day (although our government interferes with this completely natural process)!!! Turns out, many people being so utterly confused by the concept of a phoneword (if they can't handle a simple phoneword, how do they handle communicating with an entire language's vocabulary at their disposal?) that many people were dialing a '0' (zero) instead of the letter 'o'. Naturally, this would have some negative effect to the amount of business in the form of reservations for Holiday Inn. Although, I would generally think 'screw 'em', I understand Holiday inn's concern, because they even want dumb people to stay at their hotels if it means more money. However, I won't overlook such utter ridiculousness when somebody attempts to give me a phone number in such an ambiguous way. If you are not going to use a phoneword when reciting a phone number to someone, then you are not allowed to randomly substitute a single digit with a letter. In other words, you should not use the letter 'o' in place of the digit '0', for it's not the same thing. The letter 'o' corresponds with the digit '6' on the rotary or dial pad of phones. Are you intentionally giving me a wrong number, or are you simply ignorant of the meaning of the words that are coming out of your mouth? Smart enough to speak words, but lacks the cognitive ability to truly understand the meaning of those words? Or perhaps you're just lazy? I mean, I can see how avoiding that extra syllable could save someone a lot of time and energy . . . 'oh' or 'zeer-oh', yeah I get it!!! If you want to communicate some information to me, regardless of the type, do not attempt to do so in a lazy manner, nor should you even bother trying if you are unaware of what you are truly saying!!!j Just leave me alone, I don't have time for your incomprehensible babble! Mean what you say, don't say what you mean!

  • I'm 13 and even I know what a rotary phone is

  • I live in serbia like nikola Tesla

  • Everyone knows Nikola Tesla was an extraterrestrial! Part of his invention method was his ability to imagine three-dimensional mechanisms and machines in his head which he just invented, they had never existed before, then he would imagine them running, discover the design faults, and adjust them accordingly! Saves a lot of money in building prototypes only to discover they don't work. Also, Thomas Edison stole many of "his" inventions from Tesla, and then took credit for them!

  • this one's cool. i love the ones that are actually puzzles and aren't just boxes you hit and spin until something works, which aren't really puzzles

  • This seems like something from a horror movie

  • This was AMAAAZING.

  • From the 10min mark, the excitement never went away!! And that one, it's gonna blow up and The music, I LOVED IT!!

  • Your intros are pretty wicked...have you ever considered a short Sci-Fi or magic film? Bet you could pull it off with the write story.

  • I really enjoy watching you solve these. I'm so glad it didn't blow up in your face, LOL.

  • I actually have that tesla coil... lamp.... thing.... sitting on my desk! One warning to anyone who has one, it will give off a weird smell when it's turned on.

  • Named after nikola love stuff that deals with him

  • I think you solved it quickly for a few reasons: 1) you know what a patent code looks like 2) you know what a rotary dial is. Lol most people would have to look up what the dial is these days if they are under 20 years old and 3) you are an experienced puzzle solver. I’m willing to bet the solve time is based on the average person solving it. Not Chris Ramsey Puzzle Master. XD

  • 9:46 "I solved it!"

  • Found this channel a while ago and I thought I subbed but I guess I didn't, well I am now ! Its never too late

  • The sad music at 11:00 it doesn’t do anything. Cinematic Masterpiece haha

  • i think i fell in love with this puzzle

  • 8:20 the flashes are Morse code

  • Wow such an amazing puzzle l[ks like something thomas eddisonwould make

  • This reminds me of the book/movie City of Ember. It's like one of the ancient electrical devices the citizens used without really understanding why or how they worked, just that they did work if you pressed the buttons in a certain order.

  • Did you realise, that it is playing music? Like with a real tesla coil!

  • What a clever puzzle!

  • good job

  • Your intos are getting so hyped I love them so much

  • Dude seriously, if you have an electrician back experience, this shit is actually brilliant to actually make. This is crazy 😭 I wish I was smart enough to put something together like this!

  • It was lowkey spooky every time the lights blinked lol

  • I know what it is