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Today is the day. #Excalibur #Puzzle #ChrisRamsay
Thanks to Cavaland for letting us film this epic intro:
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Chris Ramsay
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  • Thumbs up for that INTRO!!!

    • Do a tattoo tour, I really want to know what they all are.

    • That preview was awesome! Well done!

    • Intro was off the charts, it was like a mini movie. Awsome work on it, thank you for putting so much effort into it. Congratulations on solving it.

    • don't think you should put it back together, you didn't see King Arthur put Excalibur back in the stone. You deserve this win

    • Chris Ramsay were in the endgame now

  • I'm new to the channel and just watched all three Excalibur videos. Chris...I'm proud of you! Way to never give up 🗡️

  • There has to be someone that just magically did this on the first try, and whoever that person is, I say screw you

  • When I clicked thus video and it started I thought I clicked the wrong thing 😂😂

  • what is this it looks like the sword is my dick there has been used In a Key hole

  • CONGRATS!!!🎉🎈🍾🎊

  • GG

  • Fucking awesome Intro!

  • Video starts at 3:06 I'm sorry i had to do this

  • Finally I'm glad for you chris and thumbs up for Mr puzzle for hooking you up with the puzzle.

  • Please put it back together

  • Just dont call manufacturers for answers if you cant solve em in 10 mns! We will not forget. Lol.

  • Good stuff congratulations

  • I reminded to the intro 💗😁

  • Video starts at 0:00

  • omg with the tilting :D use 4-5 books and place the puzzle on top :)

  • Can we please get a re assembly video please

  • We want to see you put it back together!

  • video starts at 0:01

  • The intro was so cool

  • Am I the only one who searched up a movie for it

  • I like how the first piece he takes out of Excalibur looks like an F, its a tribute to the hard times he faced while solving it.

  • Video starts at nynininunu

  • Just watching made me want to throw it into the river. Well done

  • I legit thought hes intro was a add and I was like where’s skip and then I was like oh....

  • I am so happy! happy for you! 👏😭

  • Nice you keeping it as a trophy, this way you can apprichiate the craftsmanship on the wood as well. This might be the best puzzle there is, if you put all toghter. I´m curios how long I would take, but this defently isn´t cheap. Gladly, I´ve missed the cruicial parts while eating, so if I´m lucky........

  • That intro was outstanding..

  • Grate job Chris

  • Video starts 0:01 . Watch it they worked hard on it.

  • btw love from Malaysia

  • It’s insane how genius the creators of these puzzles are..

  • Congrats, Chris. Loved the intro too.

  • Excellent intro! Worn out just watching. Almost claustrophobic for some reason. I'd definitely keep it out. King Arthur didn't put it back!

  • At first I thought it was one of those myths videos tbh

  • That puzzle looks so easy. I bet I could solve it in a day.

  • I enjoyed this video. Thank you for your hard work on it.

  • Where did you get that shelf in the background? Anyone got a link?

  • The intro is bad ass. Great job. Good luck

  • Excalibur Revenge

  • This is by far one of my favorite videos. Good job Chris!!

  • Youre very creative when it comes to your intros i am very impressed :3

  • There's no fucking way he created that intro that shit looks like it came straight outa the history channel

  • Chris: I dont want to tilt it. We can start losing wth is going on. *skip to random part of the video* *Chris tilts the puzzle*

  • after the first piece came out i would’ve cried

  • Video starts at 0:00.

  • Now put it back😂

  • Very epic intro!

  • epic intro, after all the wait it's finally solved this video deserves 5M+ views

  • Am I the only one who was kinda dissapointed that the "last piece" (the sword) didn't have a sword-shaped end?

  • 0:59 I thought I've clicked the wrong channel Edit : the name of the sport is Jousting

  • Yeah!! Well done sir!

  • Intro was perfect did it !!!

  • Guys the video starts at “this comment was deleted”

  • Nice one Chris.😈 But the real challange comes now!!!😈😈 Put any piece back!!!muhahaha!!!!😈😈😈

  • Bruh must be making so much bread off this channel. He deserves every penny. Not just crazy amounts of views. But also the revenue from likes VS dislikes. 56k likes VS 750dislikes. So insane. Much Bless ya'll

  • really sad to say that you didn't solve it man, cant rotate or turn the pieces, they can only move left and right and up and down in the position they came in, taking pieces out by rotating them or turning them means you're not doing it properly, not going to ask you to do it again but yeah you didn't solve it properly

  • That intro was fire bro. Thanks for Nother entertaining video. You are the best mane

  • Wow I really thought the intro was an ad I couldn’t skip 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • just figured out i was living close to you, continue like that chris, this one was a tough one !

  • Oh really? Almost no one can lift Excalibur? Well if you aren’t an uncultured swine then it’s only like, 5 hallowed bars

  • WTH?! That intro was great. You need more video intro like that.

  • Awesome intro

  • chris: I SOLVED AN IMPOSSIBLE PUZZLE me: so it not impossible ?

  • I thought i was about to watch a good ass movie..

  • @schneevoli bitte antworte!!

  • video starts at 0:00

  • Congrats Chris!!! It was exhausting to watch... I can’t even imagine how was it to solve it....

  • The real puzzle is putting that shit back together

  • Dude you insane👍👍👍👍👍

  • 25:47 RIP headphone users 😔✊🏼

  • Intro was insane. Great job on that. Oh and congrats on defeating excalibur also.

  • The hard part is... putting it back together

  • Is it just me or there is a faint humming noise in the background ?

  • How funny would it have been if at the very beginning you just had to spin it

  • You should have had an outro movie style of you pulling a life sized version out of the stone!

  • Fantastic Intro! Glad you finally conquered Excalibur!

  • That intro was really cool and I can’t believe you finally finished Excalibur.

  • enough with the intros. I preferred the old videos where you just hopped into it man.

  • Ok here guys here is where the video starts 0:00