Some Bros + Decision Based Horror Game = ANOTHER CHAOTIC SERIES!! | House of Ashes - Part 1

čas přidán 25. 10. 2021
@Rico The Giant
@ImDontai Gaming

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  • Jojo is the type that he think he so cool for everything he does... for me its annoying sorry tho but seriously like he doesnt even think lmao

  • this guy jojo needs his own channel “she bouta get fuckin quickscoped”

  • 19:52 he for real for real just guessed it like that

  • This series about to be crazy and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥at the same time.

  • 32:10 Berlin was yell so hard omg!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This was so chaotic 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Berleezy’s old fornite background music 😭

  • Bro I’m rewatching it lmao had to its a classic now this gotta hit a mil views at least appreciate the content deeply my guy💪🏾💪🏾🤎

  • Them having Jojo do as much stuff as he can is actually really sweet lol

  • Tbh jojo did the right thing in betrayal cause if he didn’t balathu and kurum would of been on u

  • "Bro fuck that guy." Love Jojo.

  • jojo’s decisions = top tier 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I didn’t mind Jojo’s decisions but bro 😂 His character literally said we thought your people were the demons we were wrong. And Jojo then gonna say at the end “He disrespected me the whole time” LIKE BRO YOU WERE ABOUT TO BEHEAD HIM IN THE BEGINNING AND HE WAS A SLAVE WHY WOULD HE BE NICE TO YOU?! 😂😂

  • the vibes in this had me dying lmao Jojo was wild and Berlin screaming 'HE WAS A ALSAVE' took me right the fuck out. Best group right here for this.

  • theres nothing else like this on youtube! bunch of goats!

  • don’t let jojo back on that that’s disappointing

  • Take a drink every time you here “Bro”

  • Goat crew

  • JoJo spitting but not really spitting got me rolling 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂. I'ma start doing that shit 💩 now. Let somebody piss me off.

  • Never let that clown jojo on the sticks again

  • Can we just talk about how they don’t exclude their friends at all? Dude couldn’t be a player but they still made sure to include him in every part they could. It makes me very happy to see. This is how aware and caring all groups of friends should be!

  • Even Berleezy and the gang can't escape broken controllers.

  • Bru they were hating on Rico earlier but then he turned out to be the goat of the whole story 🥱

  • The funniest part of this series is they could easily use the second mic as a room mic on a stand.

  • i fw jojo

  • 19:51 joe was right on the money

  • jojo sucks

  • tbh, i hated the way jojo played the prologue.

  • The end song got me kind of weak lol, I love y'all together. so chaotic

  • Jojo shouldn’t have played I’m sorry he was just better off watching or not even being there.

  • W

  • Now this is what you call JoJo's bizarre adventures

  • jojo was willing to die on that hill of a bad choice he made at the end of the vid LMAO

  • Was that fortnite music at the start?

  • Get that nigga outta here

  • Love how some people mad at jojo because he wants to play the game how he wants to play the game if you get what I'm saying

  • Stop having Jojo on these, bro is trash lmao

  • At the end they sound like they want to beat the shit out of each other XD

  • I don’t think that the gang when Joni betrayed him the guy fought Jojo first when he picked brletray. The slave dude was the one to throw the first punch. Do both were going to die I’m assuming

  • People bashing Jojo for killing the first two characters as if the prologue characters don't always die first :/ Stop bitching about the decisions and watch someone else play

  • dontai just naturally smile when he around his friends

  • By no means a regular, is that an oot soundtrack?

  • I neeeeeeddddd a Berlin comp of just him from different games saying “what a horrible life” lmaooo

  • At the start. 😂 my bro Dontai is just sitting there waiting for it to start😂😂🤣

  • Y’all have the attention span of children like just pay attention and stop coming up with your own story it was so annoying to watch y’all act like y’all know what going on

  • 25:30 ONTHASETTT

  • I never comment but I had to this time because jojo had me in TEARS during the prologue. Just too funny.

  • Crazy I’ve seen his intros change man ezzygang

  • Canceled


  • What's your characters name Mark? Everyone: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mark from RDC world: and I took it personal

  • Jo Jo cannot be trusted in dangerous situations, nooo I can't do it bro 😂

  • finally i made it i was busy with shit but decisions games be fireee

  • Ian even gonna cap this felt racially motivated 😭

  • reminds me of until dawn

    • Well they are both made by the same developers

  • little did they realize while talking trash bout Salim he ended up being a beast of a character and the funniest and coolest one lmao

  • Jojo mad funny 💀💀

  • I like the new music ending #EEZYGANG

  • I fw jo jo

  • The sad thing about the prologue is if they had just held the door for like six minutes they probably would have lived cuz then they could just open the doors to the sun when they all burned. Instead they went deeper into the dark catacombs where the demons came from

  • JoJo's famous quote " I do not know this child"

  • Jojo got me tryna come through the screen and pick for him👩‍🦲💀

  • 16:50 she boutta get fkin quickscoped💀💀

  • Y’all going crazy on jojo put some respect on his name wtf

  • 😂😂😂 this looks like a super fun idea !

  • wheres part 2?

  • WHAT FAKE ASS BOOK IS THAT? ...the BIBLE bro. 😭😹

  • Fun fact, the buttons never changed for the heartbeat thingy

  • Bruh why is no one talking about the outro music 🔥💀

  • Lol how people gon be mad at people in the comments for having an opinion, whether it's for or against Jojo, and the crew literally reflected and roasted him for his decisions right after his turn? Just be you and stop worrying about all that extra ish

  • Jojo to impulsive I don’t give af about making bad decisions cuz I would’ve killed the first girl to. Just think about shit b4 you do it loll and it ok to hear others opinions. He could’ve listened to what they had to say and still made his decision to smoke everyone which is fine lol. Nigga just be wrong and strong lol!

  • Jojo is the energy I needed.

  • Yeah jojo pissed me off bad 😂😂

  • I love how jojo speaks, his voice is so nice 😂

  • Coming back after the series finished, Rico told no lies bro, lowkey MVP of the whole playthrough 😂

  • Why PG looking around at 26:20, like he trying make sure no one saw him jump lol.

  • Jojo wouldn’t be on my team COD especially in S&D. He would get us all killed. The boy doesn’t think.

  • How the fuck do you guys got controller problems ? 😂😂 Goofies

  • The og Fortnite music🔥😂

  • Low-key that character selection was awkward asf

  • Nobody: Playstation niggas: 14:45

  • love this series already

  • Is bro playing fortnite music in the background

  • Ayo, bring JoJo in on more videos cause this man's energy is hysterically chaotic. lmaooo

  • Jojo need not play these kind of games EVER again .

  • His white friend is literally the cutest and the fucking sweetest 😂😂😂 don’t worry I got the mic I got it

    • lmao his name is joe

  • Jojo lit IDC 😂 honestly he would have gotten betrayed anyways BC once he pressed betray kurum was the one that swung first to betray so fuck him. Then n a video I watched of explanation of the vampires instead of kurum chasing nick around it was the other guy so I think if u choose to work together it would've still ended with betrayal 🤷🏽‍♀ #playyourgamejojo

  • On the what joe😂😂😂😂

  • Dontai quiet the whole vid 😂

  • Bro wtf straight up betray like damn whole squad gon look at u different now lmao

  • don’t let that nigga touch the controller again

  • Jojo built so different lmfao

  • anyone else just finished watching their playthrough of this and already rewatching ? lol

  • PG and JoJo are menaces bro.. they bad news fr

  • not the old introo... LEGENDARYYYY

  • No because Berlin was livid after JoJo made all them foul ass choices

  • I feel like i’m the only one who thought JoJo’s decisions were valid 😭 Everybody’s mad and I seriously don’t see a problem

  • I remember I used to talk shit to my nephew because he watched people play games (I thought it was stupid), but here I am, in love with this channel lol

  • Dontai saying Jojo wasn’t immersed, oh man that did not age well for him smh

  • Shout out jojo for sticking to his choices and not letting them manipulate him

    • He killed two characters in 30 minutes bravo