Sonic: Clone Chaos (Part 2)

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
Sonic the Hedgehog is in a bad way: all that clone clowning has left its mark. But, never fear, Sonic Hedgehog fans, because Tails is here! The little two-tailed fox is boldly venturing towards new Sonic frontiers in the name of science in order to make things right for his pal.
But, naturally, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. In fact, Sonic and Tails plan to change the ‘hog back to his super Sonic self results in this weird Sonic exe monster thing. If you’ve read this far into the description, I know you’re now gonna wanna see the Sonic origins story of this grotesque Blue Blur beast, so move your eyes upwards and watch the thing! Cheers.
Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written & Animated by Painter Seap ( PaintraSeaPea)
Additional Animation by Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz ( LDranzer1)
Additional Colour by King Gonzalez ( _kinggonzalez_)
Backgrounds by Eric Oleander ( eric_oleander)
Voice of Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic & Big by Blake 'ShadyVox' Swift ( ShadyVox)
Voice of Tails by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery ( EileMonty)
Original Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith
Edit, Sound Design, Music Edit, Additional VFX & Voice of Fastidious Beaver by Jason Alan Dewey
Sonic: Clone Chaos
• Sonic: Clone Chaos
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Komentáře: 1 126

  • Hell Ark episode 2 coming April 1st. (This is 100% not an April Fools. There is a new episode of Hell Ark coming Saturday, April 1st!)

  • I'm shocked Sega hasn't hired you guys for an entire show for Sonic. You guys are pretty much taking them to the next level.

  • This was a very wholesome history

  • I hope you all enjoy this THRILLING conclusion to Sonic: Clone Chaos. This is really where things go a bit mad. It was a ton of fun to make! I wonder where things will go from here... 🤔



    • 😆

    • so delighted to see one of my favourite animators animate a Mashed short!

    • 5:03 Will there be a sequel?

  • I had a good laugh when I found out that Tails' scream at the end of part 1 wasn't because of Sonic's state but because of the dishes XD.

  • I like when sometimes Mashed makes stories that doesn't have a dark twist with a horror creature but more of a comical story with a good ending

    • I mean the clone amalgam was a bit creepy.

  • This actually feels like an official skit Sega themselves would make. Really hope they catch on to this some day and potentially make it canon. Thanks for the Great Entertainment, dear Mashed Team.❤️🦔

    • 3:23

    • No kidding, felt like I was watching underground or Prime. The fanservice felt appropriate and well written like the rest of the story!

    • It doesn't matter if it's canon or not, all that matters is that this is a thing that exists and that is good.

    • okay that's not cool 2:16

    • @julianx2rl it doesn't matter now what happens

  • What an unexpected twist! So those weren't clones after all, but this new concept was excellent nonetheless

    • Its an Atari Pacman reference

  • Using flickering as an actual Power is such a creative idea and i love it

    • Wait, This was actually in Sonic Adventure?

    • @Erik Bihari i mean like, sprite flickering, when there is more sprites that the console can handle so It cicles to only have one sprite per frame and looking like there is more than one when Full speed

    • @Amy does art oh man i didnt even think of that, that is a cool idea.

    • @Amy does art. So it was an intentional glitch or something?

    • @Erik Bihari more like a smart way to deal with limitations

  • It’s nice seeing Sonic and Tails have a good friendship in a Mashed skit. Feels like forever since that was the case.

    • it's definitely refreshing to see tails NOT be depicted as a remorseless, sociopathic manipulator for once

  • This is so insanely good! The voice acting and animation are so professional, not to mention the actual story! You guys have an excellent team!

  • I completely fear the end-result of what this multi-part series is building up to…

  • i cant see anything bad happening with Big and the bracelet unless he accidentally reaches Sonic levels of speed.

    • Keep in mind according to the games Amy can reach fast speeds like most mobians and in the game sonic heroes Big keeps up with Amy and cheese... Plus the ancient deity snake thing probably can't move that fast and it probably was under the effect of the matter ring. The trigger for it could be unique depending on the wearer. Sonics speed was probably just a cheat code to build up energy fast.

    • @Delta Gear Advanced thats only gameplay. if we say thats cannon then we have to say knuckles and rouge are faster than sonic and shadow in sa2

    • big will need to lose weight to put on the bracelet

    • ​@Delta Gear Advanced Power Characters are slower than speed characters in Heroes though. Always at the back of the line in speed formation, and are only slower than flight characters if they're in a stacked formation, flight characters on their own are faster than power.

    • Also mobians aren't a thing in main sonic canon.

  • SEGA really needs to hire these guys! Imagine the incredible work that only the Mashed team combined with Hesse's team could bring us!

    • High praise indeed Hesse and his team are legit 💪

    • ​@mashed zamn bro you have muscles

  • Still, I love how this Sonic design is the perfect combination of Classic and Modern sonic!

    • Still could've been more blinking with his brows rather than those dot eyes, and the four fingers been too sat-am! But otherwise story and fan service been well delivered.

    • @Erik Bihari my man wants sonic to blink correctly so hard

    • @Ethan d'Ouro. Why is it so mutch to ask?

    • @Erik Bihari No, but why are you even bothering about something that literally no one gives a thing

    • @Ethan d'Ouro. Because petty as it might be, fans get away with more and it can't be let happening!

  • In any form of media that uses the existence of clones that make the main person dumber I always feel bad for the clones getting manipulated in every way possible.

    • They aren't really clones

  • The way Sonic and the rest of the cast is drawn is absolutely… PHENOMENAL!!!!! I LOVE IT

  • "Thanks for saving me tails! I'm glad to be back to normal." "No problem, Sonic! After all... What are friends for?"

    • Ye I was afraid this is gonna be another one of this tails universe

    • At least we know he's a real one 😎👊


    • Now I have a theory it was sh sonic and he stopped sonic from apreciating hin because he felt bad about trying to kill this sonic

    • @alienus 909 nah, crazy Tails wouldn’t care if a Sonic treated him well or not, his goal is to find the “true” Sonic and I don’t think this one is.

  • Tails: "Aww, it was nothing." Me: Expecting Tails to follow up with "What are friends for?"

    • Same!

    • At least we know this tails hasn't been killed by evil tails.........yet.

  • I love how this is one of the more wholesome sonic cartoons it makes me feel like this was by Sega themself. But I guess I was incorrect thinking Sonic goes through the multi-tails plot but better. The delivery of the random guy saying "That's Great man......" Kills me.

  • I love the explanation for how the clones work and it makes a lot of sense considering how sonic made them in the first place.

  • I am actually surprised. At first I thought this was a creepy alternative to the There’s Something About series, the vs Rule.34 series, and the Secret Histories. Now I see how this is vastly different. No unhealthy infatuations, no creepy stuff. AWESOME, Mashed. I salute you for this.👍🏻

  • 3:00 Tails Forming A Heart With His Twin Tails Is Just Adorable

  • Nice to see such an interesting story take life. Oh, sure, it’s Goofier than a mascot in a theme park, but it keeps true with the characters, feeling like the episode of a show rather than a parody, the latter of which is a dime a dozen on the internet these days. I appreciate your guys’ work. Heck, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was Tails’ voice actor from the games/movie.

  • So the multi-snake at the beginning of part one turned out to be several duplicate snakes that didn't quite converge?

  • This was a very wholesome history, it could be perfectly being part from an actual adventure from Sonic Team. And with this we can say that we can trust any Tails version as long as it doesn't says "What are friends for?" XD

  • Whoa. That new EXE-like creature was scary. I think I’ll call this one “Amalgamation”. Great animation. 10/10.

    • OC Do not steal

    • @Random human person who is real and not a robot I wasn’t going too. I was just offering a suggestion of what that creatures name should be to the creator, and I thought Amalgamation was perfect.

    • ​​@Shadow Slaughter52 I think he was making a sonic oc joke like how cold steel was jokely saying "do not steal" in the fnf sonic exe mod (also yes I know cold steel is an actual oc character, that's awful)

    • @Barry Deez 2 Ah. Okay, I see now. Thanks.

    • @Barry Deez 2 yeah I was making a joke sorry for the confusion

  • Honestly, I love this, I feel both this and part 1 together could be a really solid pilot for a 2d animated cartoon! I really enjoyed this!

  • This should be an official canon Sonic episode for being too good! I like how adorable Tail's character design was in this.

  • The voice work on Tails is excellent! Props to Eileen Montgomery!

  • This is amazing!! I love this animation style. You guys are an amazing team ❤️

  • This was incredibly wholesome😊 Nice change of pace from the more violent sonic content.

  • I'm actually impressed at how well thought through the cloning works, I'm impressed. It's not perfect, sure, but I don't expect it to be, and the effort should be appreciated.

  • 0:23 Can we all just admit how funny this is?😂😂😂

  • I do like how you do Sonic and Tails’ friendship. Tails instantly picks up that something is wrong with Sonic and does everything he can to help, and Sonic appreciates his buddy’s efforts. It’s just nice and wholesome.

  • I’m honestly surprised how Wholesome the ending turned out usually mashed style, hope we see more

  • This episode was good, but let's not forget about that Hell Ark announcement! Genuinely one of my favorite videos that you guys produced.

  • Liked this a lot. The art style is so adorable and has so much charm. Also really like the implied theme/message in this story. It's like that Spongebob episode "Overbooked," flipped onto its head Really good job to everyone involved in making this! :D

  • I like how tails magaed to find out exactly what the problem was by just looking at blinking lights.

  • 4:12 the sound he makes lol

  • Sega needs to hire you guys for the Sonic writing staff in both the games and cartoons this is excellent work💙🦔🔥

  • Really loving the style of this animation. So great!!

  • 3:54 Cute wittle ear twitch 😍

  • Mashed back with Pefection as always! Keep up the good work..

  • I'm happy to see how mashed made a sonic themed story and made it good and not change the entire theme of sonic entirely lol

  • Your animations feel like they could be Canon to the sonic universe in a show keep up the good work guys :)

  • It's been so long since mashed did something wholesome. I enjoyed this one a lot

  • I'd love to see shorts like these play before a movie like they did in the old days or like pixar does sometimes

  • The voice acting for both videos was phenomenal!! Nice job with Sonic’s growl too!

  • this was a really fun 2-parter story. thanks Mashed. 10/10

  • 5:09 well that explains the mass amount of Big cameos in SA2

    • Huh

    • @KairiDoesStuff Big makes an appearance in almost every Sonic Adventure 2 level

    • @Connor II Yeah I guess that would make sense

  • Using the idea of every clone you make is sharing a part of your inner body which results in a grim fate if pushed too far is honestly one idea that I wish more would take note of. Reminds me of a certain robot which has a piece of him in every body... huh...

    • There's lilo and stitch or xiaolin showdown where the sum of their parts are less than that whole?

  • This feels like an actual story that would have happened in the Archie comics 🦔😁💙 -Adam

  • Love this, the art styles and the ‘happy’ ending

  • This Deserves a Part 3! We need to see this madness with Big!

  • 4:59 The ending image tho

  • 3:31 Entity name: Infinity Sonic This sonic can constantly clone himself at light speeds whenever he wants to, further info will be displayed until his powers are fully understood and studied, aswell as experimented. Cause of encounter: Unstable clone mass all being reunited all at once except for the original. How to prevent encounter: reunite all the clones with the original sonic, it may be hard due to similarities between the original and the clones. Abilities: 1. Cloning (It's self-explanatory) 2. Godly Laser Liquid (G.L.L.) - when the laser liquid makes direct contact with air or the ground it seems to open up rifts that don't seem to work nor anything being able to pass through, yet this cannot be fully true due to it not being tested.

    • Ok I was not expecting to get likes at all tbh, because all of my comments never get likes.

    • ​@TheGamingNoob10 you did really good.

    • I would like to add something, If it moves too fast, it would show remains of the movement attached to its body

    • Did you actually see that in the video tho?

    • Or is that like custom lore?

  • Sometimes, a (temporarily) wholesome, happy ending is nice, too

  • That two-parter clone sonic episode was so cool it looked like it could have been official ! Also it was a great change of pace from the usual creepy weird sonic cartoons of this channel (still enjoyed those though but it's nice a bit of change every now and then)

    • 3:22

    • @KairiDoesStuffyeah there's that but it's still very cartoony and more funny weird than creepy weird you know what I mean ? I feel like it's still very soft compared to the usual weird creepy edgy and bloody sonic cartoons that they do.

    • @stormy Ye fair

  • That was great! Pretty interesting story. This being an official skit would be peak 👌

  • I love how mashed turned something so innocent into something so cruel and something so innocent again

  • These videos keep getting better and better everyday!

  • Kept waiting to hear Tails say "What are friends for?"

  • I really, really, really adore these Sonic videos on this channel. They're so fun to watch. I hope they don't stop, because you can really tell and endless amount of stories with them.

  • I love the implication that the last sonic was just bouncing back and forth at Spring Yard all day

  • Thanks for the Great Entertainment, dear Mashed Team.❤🦔

  • 3:01 Tails' tails were made to make them heart shaped at convenience.

  • I love how they just, leave it there, dont even bothering in hiding it.

  • The ending was straightforward. I liked it.

  • I like how the clones of the clones look more pale and sketchy

  • I like how we only see a very unstable demonic being of every sonic clone into one for about two minutes.

  • I just love how every sonic animation you guys make you make it into a different style this being my personal favorite

  • Got to admit it was a neat twist with humor and horror.

  • Literally everyone was expected Tails to say “After all, what are friends for?” at the end, right?

  • Very educational, the Tails segment taught me more about superposition than school did.

  • That was a phenominal episode sonic, good story good art, what are friends for? It was amazing keep going lads

  • i can totally see this being an actual show somewhere down the line, lmao. it's begging to be made

  • I cant be the only one who always expects the worse from tails everytime he has a "fix" for something every since "theres something about amy"

    • Well, what are friends for ? Especially **Best friends**.

  • this feels like a fever dream. I wouldn't be surprised if this video was incorporated into my dreams tonight. good job!

  • I honestly LOVE this voice for Sonic and Tails.

  • This is why you identify stuff in D&D when you pick it. Anything too shiny is probably always cursed.

  • Whoa, a wholesome ending? I have not seen one of those out of mashed in a while. lol

  • I love this series! The art style is awesome and it’s cuss free! You guys keep on given it.

  • Why is exhausted Sonic so relatable? I love this story. It’s much more wholesome than other Sonic universes you’ve made.

  • The explanation for how the clones work is really cool ngl.

  • I love how sonic at the end just puts the ring of the floor of the temple and just calls it a day

  • 4:50 That sounded so sincere Great ending

  • The animation is so good I love how you use different styles like they are alternate universes

  • Part 1: Feeling like an episode Part 2: absolute Nightmare

  • Up until the point he turns into an Eldritch horror, this could almost be a Boom episode.

  • I actually love these animations, they are so unique and adorable. I’m honestly a huge fan!

  • This was surprosingly wholesome for a Mashed cartoon. Honestly could be canon to sonic.

  • I love this style of history telling for Sonic

  • Little reminder, don't trust ANY Tails that is cannon in the mashed universe.

  • The only issue with the whole explanation of how the clones worked is that the weakening of the matter’s composition and bonds should also have applied to them.

    • It kinda did, didn't you notice some sonic became less intelligent and discolored.

    • @Roberto Fabrizio Iparraguirre Siccha I noticed it, but it was not proportional to the magnitude that it effected the original.

  • This could easily become a tails standalone game.

  • 4:34 thought he was gonna say what are friends for i got so scared

    • That’s the real tails he didn’t got killed like the last one

  • Looks like a classic Sonic Comics plot. And this is good.

  • I’m glad that it has a good ending:)

  • As I said in my edit in the part 1, this new amulet honestly sounds like it should be called the Double Diamond Bracelet.