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This week on Basics I’m teaching you how to Sous Vide. Sous Vide has become a home kitchen essential over the past few years providing restaurant quality results at an affordable price point. It can help make the perfect steak medium rare, the perfect tender pork chop or even safe to eat cookie dough.
NOTE: Raw flour can still contain pathogens - pasteurize your flour by baking separately for 10 minutes at 350F!
Ingredients & Grocery List:
Peeled Ginger
Green onion
Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
Plain white sugar
Pork Belly
Porterhouse steak
Olive oil
Bacon fat
Special Equipment:
Sous Vide
Butcher Twine
Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Sealer Bags
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  • Sous vide everything. Anyone?

  • That pork lookin pretty cute 😏

  • Wrap it like a big ol carpet.. of meat 🤔

  • I couldn't eat a steak like that. Raw just screams at me and would physically make me sick just trying to take a bite.

  • Tried the Pork Belly Slam; hit the bowl and everything went flying everywhere.

  • I literally had a sous vide ad before this vid edit:and at the end TF

  • Hey guys, Bsauce here

  • Ah yes, "Big ol' F*ck-Off", my favorite cut of steak.

  • I read somewhere that a sous vide medium steak is more like a medium rare any other steak. Like because normally there's a temperature gradient and you measure in the middle maybe? Either way if you sous vide to rare it won't melt the marbled fat but sous vide-ing to medium will still be super delish/juicy/soft and in a blind tasting typical rare lovers preferred sous vide medium. But I have no references here for you haha (I'm only getting my cooker next week)

  • Shit I accidentally drooled all over myself

  • my dude! that steak is poifect

  • all cookie dough is edible if you arent a coward

  • He should have used a ribeye cap steak, which you can get at Costco. It the child of a ribeye and a tenderloin. 🥩

  • Just a small point to consider putting butter with the other herbs and garlic into the bag will yield better results.

  • Raw garlic on sous vide?

  • you don't need a sous vide to pasteurize eggs for cookie dough. I do it in a pan with a standard thermometer.

  • Cookie dough recipe?

  • that pork belly looks like how i feel

  • That shit raw

  • If you let the steak cool a bit (or even freeze and finish later) before you sear it you can skip worrying about over cooking. Just cook it to the doneness you want then dry and freeze or fridge it without opening the bag. Then if you've frozen it you can warm it up in the sous vide again or the microwave might even work, just be careful to not heat it too much. Just bring it to 5-10F below the target eating temp. If the steak has just been in the fridge, not frozen, you can just let it come to room temperature then the heat from the searing will likely bring it up to yummy temp. If you don't want to fill your house with smoke you can use an electric heat gun, blowtorch or outdoor grill to sear the steak instead of cast iron with oil. While they all work, the electric heat gun is potentially slower than the torch (depends on the torch) but doesn't risk butane or other gas flavors and you don't have to wait for a grill to heat up or fill your house with smoke.

  • I'd be interested in an episode on smoking and other slow cooking methods

  • Question what if you're broke and can't buy a sous vide. How do we make these items .

  • I was 100% zoned out until he said "safe-to-eat cookie dough"

  • Buuuut babish, eating non sous vide cookie dough is better because it adds the taste of *danger*

  • You had me at "Big ol' carpet of meat"

  • A quarter cup? Don’t you mean one half of one half of one cup?

    • That sounds like something a second grade teacher would say

  • I don’t know if it’s specific to my country but if you get your eggs from a good place they can be eaten raw

  • You should do a naruto Miso Chashu episode

  • what about the fact that the plastic bag will leach chemicals into the food ??

    • That only happens if the plastic melts

  • Same babish time same babish place, its that a wan show (ltt) reference I hear

  • 🥩 🥩

  • One half of one cup? It's half a cup m88888888

  • Becoming sick from the cookie dough is just a benefit

  • I love this man. His episodes are impossibly addicting to watch

  • Ikea bowl spotted

  • Just so you guys know, pigs eat their own shit and even other animals shit. Bon Appetit! 🤗

  • well Chefsteps wants to know your location


    • +dummygood kills I know. That's why I said lol

    • +Liam TW it was a joke 😑

    • lol

  • Food Wishes and your show are my favorite CS-tv Channels...

  • Babs do you still have that miracle knife???

  • To raw

  • Your generous amount of butter is way smaller than my generous amount

  • The Big dick in the Locker Room 1:14

  • Just remember to heat treat the flour too since that's the thing that has the most chance of getting you sick

  • that steak probably costs more than I make in a day

  • Optionally *SLAM*

  • I need to go to sleep early for my chemistry exam tomorrow but your channel does not allow me to do so.

  • 1:14 Pork Belly Slam replay button

  • Hi! That's a beautiful countertop and I'm really impressed that you're using it as a cutting board. Would you know what it's made of? Thanks!

  • I think it is eating my potatoes

  • Holy fuck that is my kind of steak

  • 1:14 I nearly had an f'n heart attack

  • But hey shouldn't you for some time before cutting the steak all the juices have flowed out of the steak

    • No, that is not necessary because of the sous vide technique rather than a more traditional method like grilling or pan-frying or broiling. Notice how little juice is on the table after cutting up this thicc-ass steak.

  • The eggplant burger from the Scooby Doo movie!!

  • Sometimes when you say "Babish" I hear "bad bitch". With the looks of the pork belly and steak, I'd say hell yeah, you're a bad bitch.

  • Great technique . I would , though, pre heat cast iron in oven (even heating ) to a screaming 500 degrees , first . Sear each side for 30 sec. and prepare sauce in the empty pan, first lifting the rendering with some liquid .( almost no grey ring) For me that , that would take your excellent steak to the heavenly level

  • Does anyone else thing the bone and meat at the end looked like a penis?

  • That steak 🥩🤤

  • What's interesting is that in the UK is that over a year ago the food standards agency declared that raw eggs were safe to eat, even by vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and the elderly. But in the UK, we treat our eggs and hens differently, as the hens are vaccinated and the eggs are pasteurised..

  • Man... that steak at the end looks good but I prefer it not so red and still hear the cow mooing

    • +john li I mean granted some steaks are meant to be served in specific ways but still a little too much red for my liking

    • if its not red then most likely its overcooked

  • 5:38 huh... the bone looks like a...

  • how can you eat a steak rare? its literally still bleeding at the end

  • So every time I throw in whole raw garlic in the sous vide with meat, it turns a weird bluish green color. How does your garlic stay white?

  • holy fuck that steak

  • What is a sous vide

  • Hey Babby what brand do you suggest?

  • How is sui vide different than boiling?

  • Hey Babish! Nice one!Again. what's that fine looking knife you're using there? Best, Mathias (from Germany)

  • Aren't eggs already safe to eat raw? I think there's like a one in a trillion chance that you actually get sick.

  • Don’t ever scrape food with the sharp side of your knife, you savage.

  • The problem isn't with the sous vide it is searing the steak.

  • is it me or Sous Vide create a lot of waste from wasted water to plastic being thrown away

    • Had a hearty chuckle at the thought of ''wasted water''

  • Your cookie dough was not fully edible, you have have pasteurized the eggs but E coli can also be found in raw flour, baking them at around 70°C or 158°F will be enough to kill all the germs than the cookie dough would theoretically be "edible"

  • i’m watching this at 4am and i got seriously jump scared by that slam. it’s time to go to bed

  • sorry sir, i like my steak to not still be breathing when i bite into it. nothing lower than medium chief idgaf. if i push into that shit and it’s still bleeding you better put that mf back in its goddamn barn or back on some heat.

  • @5:32 when you see it , you can never unsee it

  • Isn’t a sous vide a overgloryfied steriliser

  • I've seen this episode more times than I can admit and that steak *still* looks like the most delicious thing in the universe.

  • If only I was rich enough for any of that aaaaaand if I didn’t live in crappy New Mexico

  • *FuCk OfF sTeAK*

  • I’d like to point out that there is a difference between salting meat before and after the bath

  • moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Sois vide is stupid It’s take away the real cooking and hard work and dedication you have to do to become a chef Warming things in a bag at a controlled level is not real cooking

    • but it gets the job done!

  • Guga wants to know your location.

  • I just got a sous-vide for Christmas and there's no basics in this at all

  • Why am I watching this video at 0:50am.... damn I'm so hungry now...

  • You mean tonkotsu, not tonkatsu. Tonkotsu is pork bone (soup in this case), whereas tonkatsu is fried pork cutlet.

  • You can eat raw eggs in Sweden!

  • ha ha ha it looks like a dick

  • I'm so poor 😴 looks so good 🤤

  • Cant you eat raw eggs in america?

    • No, it's not generally a good idea.

  • You didn't even dry the surface of the meat before searing. which is why your crust wasn't very good. Always pat down the surface of the meat and allow it to air dry for a few min before searing otherwise you will steam the surface and end up with grey spots.

  • 1:14 smacc

  • There is a blood dripping out of the steak

  • Can we get you and Brad on another video? Thanks.

  • Oh dear llamas I would eat that steak so quick 😋😋 slightly drooling bahaha I love my steak medium rare if it goes past medium rare i cant eat it haha

  • Why don't babish's videos have ads?

  • I miss the old intro :”)

  • It's RAW

  • This is also called steak Florentine right?