čas přidán 21. 05. 2019
Welcome to the first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the round means losing hair... down there.
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  • I love smosh pit videos so much better without Olivia in them they're actually funny

  • If you do it again put a squeaky toy in their mouth Because of how funny to just SQUEEEEEEE

  • This is weird.

  • I think we all learned something today: what Ian’s fetish is.

  • Sarah and courtney are both really pretty

  • Damian gives off "I have the power of god and anime on my side" vibes

  • I like how Shayne's shirt says "i helped"

  • Oh very comfortable

  • Ian: Mhmmm it’s warm. Me: this guys insane

  • Ian is getting his Hecox waxed

  • Damien is Samson confirmed.

  • "You had a random D in there" What huh?

  • Very

  • Why would you volunteer for this?

  • To be fair Ian makes me uncomfortable in every video lmao

  • I LOVED Sarah’s outfit

  • Comment, the bots are watching

  • for a moment when ian was being waxed i thought he was gonna cry like a little baby but seeing how chilled he was. that takes balls not literally

  • ian freek me out

  • in but pronounced un

  • I’d spell wrong on purpose. A free wax is a free wax. The worst spot to get waxed on a body with a vagina is on the pubic mound right above the clitoris. There’s a lot of blood flow and nerve endings there and it feels like you’re dying. I’ve heard the worst spot on bodies with penises is between the butt cheeks, that it’s even worse than the scrotum. But poor Courtney, blonde hair is much thinner than dark hair so she would be suffering more!

  • ian...no...

  • Damien looks like a lazy town character when he's laying down

  • 9:57 thats what she said

  • At the end video ian face is seem weird to look at camera 😂😂😂😆😂

  • Damien waxed: starts singing Ian waxed: nothing Courtney waxed: gives birth

  • "I envy the dead." - Damien Haas

  • Is it just me or was the lighting different at every filming angle? I don't know if that was during filming or editing, but it confuses me.

  • We loveeeeee Rachel

  • I love Damien

  • Zucchini

  • I feel like it would be catchier if they said hair downstairs instead of hair down there

  • did better than i thought.. id have half a wax job.. id almost rather fail.. feel symmetrical..

  • Ian is either secretly the strongest human on the planet or hes into some freaky shiiiiiit lmfaoooooo

  • Courntey gotta jungle down there

  • Ian makes me feel so uncomfortable

  • So glad they used auto tune in Damien's slo mo 😂 made it that much funnier

  • Ian: "Can I have the wax anyway?"

  • It's weird how I guessed Zucchini's spelling correct, but in England (where I live) they're called something else...we call them Courgettes.Weird...

  • So we just gonna ignore the fact that Damien had his hand down there or....

  • Fav lines Courtney: Z DOOD! Damien: W-W-W-Weird flex.. also Damien: HAHAHAHA! MY LEGS ARE VERY FURRY RIGHT NOW!!


  • I would make love to shaney

  • Can someone tell me if Shayne's a virgin? 😂


  • Is it on there legs orrrrrr????

  • if u guys dislikethis video and more mean

  • lol hahaha ouch

  • ian on the outside: 😐 ian in the inside:🤬🤯😡😤😱😭😶😖

  • wait, but damien can sing😳

  • L

  • Now it's time for Revenge you do this to Sarah but everything's in German.

  • Ian is making me uncomfortably, comfortably aroused looking directly into the camera lol

  • Me: *expecting Damien to scream* Damien: *sings instead of screaming* Me: Nani?!?! (I lost it at that point)

  • Now do Spanish version

  • Sarah looks so cute and bubbly, but she just wants to see people suffer

  • Lan is 100% a masochist

  • Ouch that's all

  • My dyslexia is shaking at this. 😣😬😵

  • English spelling is so stupid an inconsistent ^^

  • Courtny when she god waxed:AAAAAAHHHHHH Ian: pathetic

  • When is Wikipedia ever right I deal as though it is the spawn of Santan mixed with a hell goat.

  • Bruh... i'm watching this while eating... *BRUH* Edit: i'm tryin' hard not to spit my food out...

  • I got one of the Oscars at the universal Orlando but it says world's best brother

  • ian is making me soooooooooooooooooo uncomfortable

  • But down where is it where I think it is? Uhhh 😬

  • Those camera shots made me dizzy

  • Courtney and Damian should date

  • On a scale through 1 and 10 it’s Very unfortunately uncomfortable

  • did anyone else get a wax commercial XDDDDD

  • How uncomfortable is Ian making you Me:1-100,definitely 100

  • Hold up where where they getting waxed?

  • Does the reversal of the over head camera bother anyone else?

  • Why is the wacser wearing a giant masks

  • I’m baking cookies and the timer went off right when Courtney screamed and I bursted into laughter 😂

  • Courtney is the only one who really suffered from this. Damion got most words correct, lan enjoys being waxed.

  • Damien holding the others hands is so cute

  • It makes me laugh how Rachel the waxer has that mask on!😂😂

  • I don’t get it are y’all wearing pants?

  • I bet Ian likes it cuz he is getting touched by a girl