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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Spider-Man vs. Mysterio: Spider-Man (Tom Holland) must rely on his "Peter-tingle" to defeat Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).
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Peter Parker's relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury shows up in his hotel room to recruit him for a mission. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures -- each representing Earth, air, water and fire -- emerge from a hole torn in the universe. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent.
TM & © Sony Pictures Entertainment (2019)
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland
Producer: Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige
Screenwriter: Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers
Director: Jon Watts
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  • Barbra go get me coffee "AND SOMEONE GET ME DAMN PHOTOS OF SPIDER-MAN"

  • "May the Spider-Sense be with me."

  • At the end when I was at the movies cinema I really thought Peter got shot And also at 2:11 count how many voice cracks

  • That's some serious Peter tingle...

  • I have been on a few websites where it kept saying different information about Mysterio dying. Some say that he is dead and some say that he is not. Look carefully at each frame of Jake with his hair being messy or having it combed. Mysterio's death is like back and forth. You do not know what to think.

  • If your a fan of Spider-Man like this comment

  • 1. Green Goblin 2. Dr Octopus 3. Sandman 4. Venom 5. Lizard 6. Electro 7. Green Goblin 8. Rhino 9. Scorpion 10. Kingpin 11. Tombstone 12. Vulture 13. Moltenman 14. Hydro man 15. Mysterio

  • Idk why but I was laughing so hard at 1:02

  • People call this movie the best Spider-Man movie but it's not. Mysterio is Starks Villian not Parkers, This movie was saying be the next Iron Man then be the best Spider-Man then plays ACDC and he makes a suit using Stark tech. This is not about Spider-Man, it's about Peter Parker not getting out of Tony Starks shadow and trashing Uncle Ben at the same time. He doesn't even care that Bens suitcase is gone. This is a mockery of Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2 still the best Spider-Man movie of all time.

  • It’s funny how I see him in a Hugo boss advertisement

  • Mysterio or Beck is still alive Because, Pete never got his permission to turn off the drones. Plus it's Mysterio master of illusions.👍

  • I know this is such a small and insignificant complaint, but can marvel please hire some good makeup artists that can make blood, scratches, and bruises that don’t look like make up from a Halloween store? Lord knows you can afford it.

  • "FIRE!ALL!THE DRONES! NOWW!!" *drones:so anyway I started blasting*

  • Imagine this but with Toby and Andrew's Spider-Man

  • Tobey woulda handled this in 30 seconds.

    • @Djrocks Gaming You did no scaling for Tobey. All you did was mention bad showings from his first film. You're simply mouthing off Tom scaling and not providing scaling for Tobey. You said Tobey never dodged bullets. He was dodging bullets in Spiderman 2 effortlessly. Tobey took a Goblin Grenade to the face point blank. The same grenades that turn normal people into skeletons. Green Goblin had the super soldier serum. Watch it again. Tom dodged drones with miniguns while his eyes were closed? Thats called SPIDEY SENSES. They all can do that. Learn to scale Tobey and not just Tom. You're undermining Tobey, forgetting his showings, and wanking Tom. You're providing a biased and skewed opinion.

    • Jo the Animator He's barely even a 10 tonner with adrenaline and doesn't even dodge bullets. Meanwhile, Tom is easily a 1000+ tonner. In Tom's FIRST movie (Civil War), he caught a 30 ton passenger boarding bridge, which is about 3x what Tobey had to exert in the train scene (just 10 tons and a few hundred pounds of force). In FFH, he held up a collapsing bell tower weighing over 1,400 tons in a way that required him to use more force with fewer muscles, held it for over half a minute, and only let go because Mysterio's illusion either broke his webs or destroyed the tower. Tom also avoided thousand of minigun bullets (which are exceptionally fast) from a dozen Stark drones from multiple angles in a narrow hallway with his eyes closed! Honestly, Tobey's Spider-Man struggled against a normal human wrestler and was harmed by him. On the other hand, Tom's Spider-Man, despite being much younger, completely trashed Bucky and Falcon (two experienced soldiers with advanced technology and a super soldier serum-basically a vastly more skilled green goblin). Tom also knocked out Flash with a simple tap ON ACCIDENT. Seriously, Tom's Spider-Man is WAY more powerful than Tobey's. I mean, it has to be that way since he's in the MCU and has to deal with more and bigger threats as a result. Plus, Feige is a huge Spider-Man fan and wants his power level to be mostly accurate (although the MCU is nowhere near as good at displaying powers and speed as the DCEU is).

    • @Djrocks Gaming You have no idea how strong Raimi Trilogy Spiderman is...

  • This is such a idiotic stupid stuff

  • 0:36 now thats the real spidey senses

  • This movie could've been good... Those stupid jokes ruined it.

  • This is the real power of the Spider Sense. It's so much more than a warning system.

    • I just hate how inconsistent the MCU is being with it. It doesnt come up half the time for plot convenience and then returns at the last moment for that same convenience. Good Movies, the inconsistencies of Spider Sense is bothering me though.

  • Better title: Man with a discount Reality Stone gets styled on by a "Hormonal Teenager" with his eyes closed and decides to ruin the teenager's life out of spite.

  • Spider's super like!!!

  • You know we all came for the “FIRE! ALL! THE DRONES!! NOW!!!” line

  • I just watched this scene and I sighed like a school girl with a crush when Peter started fighting What’s wrong with me

  • This final battle has to be one of my favourite ones yet, having Peter fight with only his Spidey sense is so cool

  • The greatest miracle of this movie is actually making Mysterio a real badass and a serious threat. Previous Spider-Man movies won't even touch Mysterio with a 10 foot web.

    • Zedfinite They’d probably choose Venom, Green Goblin, and maybe another unused.

  • 0:25 is one of the most badass scenes i have ever seen

  • This is by far the coolest and best Spider-Man sequence ever. One of the things that makes spider-man stand out the most is his spidey senses. There’s lots of other heroes with super strength or even who have equipment to do that, but you can’t create the spidey senses and this shows just how amazing and truly capable Spider-Man is

  • good Spider-man

  • To be a villain with no powers, he sure is pretty good.

  • I love this scene

  • Disney:Looks Like Spider-Man is returning to the MCU! Me: .............................................okay ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU SON OF A BI--- Disney: ..............uhhhhh

  • Spider-Man: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on............wait

  • Me doing 1 push-up Me: 2:14

  • its really the best

  • If this wasn't a spiderman movie it would've been a great dark psychological thriller.

  • If you look at Peter's eyes, you see he sad and tired. 1st Tony's death and now Mysterios betrayal. Poor kid had enough.

  • Watched it and i'm kinda disappointed. Very average, good to watch only a single time unlike the other marvel movies.

  • awesome

  • Quentin beck: why aren't these drones firing? EDITH: you are in the strike zone the chance of getting hit is-- Quentin beck: NO FIRE ALL THE DRONES NOW! Me: HEY DUMBASS HOW ABOUT YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY FIRST!

  • Edith: welcome back peter should I execute all cancellation protocols Peter: do it execute them all Mysterio: very poor choice of words

  • Like the force, the spidey sense is.

  • Dang spider man with the glasses looks like a kid named Ben Mace at my school

  • Peter Parker is a real spiderman🕷👱

  • 1:03 my attitude on getting out of my current employer substitute Beck with me saying I want out now!!!

  • Sadly this scenes just only he use vfx suit Instead Mysterio suit. Shame..

    • @Syntheon lol

    • While I agree a "fight scene" between Spider-Man and "Illusion" Mysterio would have been cool as we only got a short peak in the illusion scene of them fighting, This version is true to the character of Quentin Beck, his powers arent lasers or flying etc his powers are that hes crafty and uses tricks to appear to have those other powers. And so i am still happy with the film because it was true to the character and it also had more of an impact than simply punches and shooting. But the Illusion suit is really badass not going to lie. Marvel is 2/2 on making great realistic conversions of Spider-man comic villains(3/3 if you count shocker although not a main villain)

  • This was so much better than homecoming it’s not even funny

    • Djrocks Gaming its not trash, it’s about Spider Man leaning how to be something without a suit.

    • notdavid2 Homecoming was complete trash, whereas this is actually a great action movie for the most part (although Jon Watts could do with some more experience, read more Spider-Man comics, and hire more Choreographers).

  • I hear Link at 0:35

  • 2009: “There never was any magic!” declared Sherlock Holmes to Lord Blackwood. “Only conjuring tricks!” 2019: “Your lies are over, Beck!” said Peter Parker to Mysterio. London’s Tower Bridge is becoming a popular place for Marvel actors to expose fraudulent magicians.

    • Ironically, both of those films involve Robert Downey Jr too

    • Lol yeah It's too bad Beck still managed to get one last hurrah on Peter before he went to jail unlike Blackwood sadly

    • Interesting really interesting

  • Cool

  • I didnt watch this movie before. But l am now regretting for myself that l didnt do . Spiderman was so cool and l love this action scene .!!

  • “Spiderman:Homecoming” “Spiderman:Far From Home” “Spiderman:Homeless” “Spiderman:Returns Home”

  • If he really is dead, then how did he even die?

  • 0:34 - The Peter Tingle!!!!

  • *Imagine Mysterio vs Itachi vs Doctor Strange.*

  • "NO FIRE ALL THE DRONES NOOOOW!!" "Would you like us to add those special effects too? You're suit template is still downloading."

  • I don't know about u guys but, he's face expression in the thumb really reminds me Tobey acting :v

  • eDiTh tUrN oFf tHe DrOnEs

  • “No. FIRE ALL THE DRONES NOW!!” “Okay okay. Jeez!” - Edith

    • Mrs. Adriann Mysterio: Edith, you’re starting to piss me off!

    • Millennial Edith: This anger and rage that you're projecting is really uncalled for.

    • emagrinfeld “What did you say ?!” - Mysterio “Nothing.” - Edith

    • Daniel Bautista 😂

  • If tony stark saw this he would be proud

  • Spider-Man: grabs Mysterio’s wrist right as he’s about to shoot him in the head Me: I’ll make love to you, like you want me to.....