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SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER VERSE ''Leap Of Faith'' Movie Clip (4K ULTRA HD) 2018 trailer

čas přidán 11. 12. 2018
SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER VERSE ''Leap Of Faith'' Movie Clip (4K ULTRA HD) 2018 | Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.
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  • From the people who brought you The Emoji Movie

  • The best Spider-Man movie.

  • "I like high chances that I might lose." Sony against Disney and Pixar at the Oscars.

  • He fell of a building as Miles....... to RISE AS SPIDERMAN!!!!!!

  • it’s awesome in 4k 👌

  • The best movie of the world.

  • got chill ever time i watch this scene

  • I watch at least 30 or so movies a year and have a top 3 I'm a huge marvel fan and I gotta say *THIS* was the number 1 for me of 2018

  • Lol remember when all the racists were complaining that nobody would ever like a "black" look at them ....crickets...

  • I don't know how many times I've watched this scene. It's just so great that makes me cry everytime😭

  • I can't keep re-watching this. Please, help me

  • I find the movie version of what's up danger is better than the original that's just my opinion

  • The best animated movie EVER!!!!!

  • The song in the last verse has this sound I think it’s violins that play this dramatic yet exciting sound and it just makes everything so much more awesome and it’s so... Spider-Man!!!

  • I have probably seen this scene close to a dozen times and i have gotten goosebumps every single time. This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Great job sony, you’ve done well.

  • I love the mix of the rap and the traditional Spiderman theme in the back at 1:20

  • Miles is important because there's not nearly enough biracial representation in media. But to see someone like you, rising to heights you never thought were possible...Miles' story is probably one of the most inspiring embodiments of ascent to greatness we've ever seen in a superhero movie, and that's why it's incredible that multiracial people across the world get to see that in themselves.

  • This is probably one of my favorite movie scenes ever. The rest of the movie blows me away, but this scene alone is a masterpiece.

  • Miles is already in the mcu. We just have to wait for him to grow up. A scene like this should be in live action

  • Guess he's singing in his head to let go.

  • And you’ve gotta remember that Miles is a kid. He’s a kid. That just leapt from a MOTHERFUCKING SKYCRAPER!

  • If there’s anything I learned from this movie, its that most things worth doing are fucking terrifying. Aside from, y’know, eating and stuff.

  • this. this is a cinematic masterpiece that gave me goosebumps

  • Two-hundred miles-per-hour wit'a blindfold on... *WHATS UP DANGER*

  • 0:19 Madame web?

  • Miles walks to the edge of the roof, wind buffeting...and LEAPS! The camera is upside down. Miles isn't falling through the frame. He's rising.

  • i dont know why, but for some reason this sene gives me the willies. But I love this part!

  • I like this song it's really cathcy

  • level 1 savage : 0:12 Level 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 BOSS : 0:49

  • Forget about being the best Spiderman movie, this is probably the most breathtaking, beautiful animated movie I've ever seen. Each frame is stunning.

  • I watch this clip daily

  • Best part of the movie

  • Best movie in existence

  • This movie gives me a little of hope for the animation industry

  • If you want a good spiderman scene, then you need -a spider suit -a tall building -strong webs -good video quality -parkour skills And epic music

  • Im right here, at your door, i wont leave, i want more, yeah whats up danger. These songs are just made for this movie and i friggin love em.


  • Best "Becoming a hero"- moment in the history!

  • At the beginning he was so terrified that he broke the glass and at the end he lept off that building like he owned the place 💪

  • I cried in the Theater, this was just such a masterfully done sequence.

  • I now understand why this movie won the Oscars of 2018

  • Maybe the best two minutes of animation I've ever seen. I lost my mind the first time I saw this in theaters.

  • I still get the feels from this scene after watching the movie, but the first few times I re-watched this part, I could not help but shed tears because it was so damn inspirational.

  • Man, this is a cool scene. The music, Miles's courage, the visuals... :D Goosebumps. So so so good.

  • im smiling like a fuckin idiot, watched this movie 5 times, this scene an uncountable amount of times and i still get so giddy everytime i watch this

  • Pause and go to 0:56

  • If your looking for the "strange" feeling you get when he jumps off (goosebumps/chills) its called frisson.

  • Miles Parkour : Uplifting, moves through the city as if he's running twoards a goal, uses webs only to get higher , uses his feet and running to run on and across very traditional in parkour Gwen's Parkour : Balanced, graceful , fast when swinging and slow and paced when in air as if gliding, very precise in where she lands almost as if she's planned out her whole movement Peter's parkour : Lazy, easy looks for the easiest route not fancy more pratical but shows more expeirence when using his webs , very natural and instictual .

  • Kino brah

  • This movie had NO right being this good

  • This scene slaps so hard... cinematic masterpiece, truly

  • Best character in this movie is Aunt May

  • ive seen this movie idk how many times now and this scene still takes my breath away like this is fucking amazing

  • 1:17 is probably my fav part

  • I made a one legged guy see this Now he fights for UFC in UL devision.

  • I don't know how many times I've watched this but I'm always in awe. This movie was just amazing for so many reasons.

  • This scene and Spider-Man’s funeral gave me goosebumps

  • This movie exeded my very expectation

  • This scene gave me chills

  • Aunt may: It fits perfectly Stan lee: It'll fit, eventually

  • 2:05 Just noticed that Noire's comic only costs 10 cents XD

  • Pause at 0:56 and you have a screensaver

  • He probably super high after that since he spray painted the suit.

  • This is the billionth time I have watched this scene. I still can't watch it without a goosebump. This movie was impossibly awesome.

  • Am I the only one who was disappointed he diched the hoodie and trainers later in the movie

  • 0:56 Incredible Shot

  • The blend of the musics is perfection

  • Song?

  • Fan Trailer. Toby Maguire Spider-Man check it out. Song: What's Up Danger

  • I love this seen so so so so so so much

  • That shot of Miles falling into the upside-down skyline was the best single shot of any movie in 2018 and it really wasn't even close.

  • Sony has redeemed their selves for the amazing spider man

  • This scene reminds me of a bird learning to fly, a leap of faith

  • Did they just burn (roast) ubisoft?

  • If spiderman was still alive at this scene: hold my beer

  • 0:48 Awesome, without words

  • Imagine miles face was replaced by a default

  • This moment in the film is one of those great rising moment of the hero. Absolutely brilliant. It almost tops Kung fun Panda 2 when it's Po versus the Cannon.

  • He road the metro there to save his strength... I love that little detail..

  • I love that the scene in 1:28, where the truck crosses his way, resembles the one in Spider-man 2, in which Peter swings between the truck and it cargo. It is like they are relating Morales to Peter and, at the same time, distinguishing them.

  • 1:47 wahoo it'sa miles

  • when you first play spider man ps4.

  • Is nobody gonna comment on the fact that Peter is taller than Miles, yet Miles M A G I C A L L Y was able to put the costume on without any problems? XD I love the movie-not hating on it.

  • I said.....WHATS UP DANGER!!!!

  • At the beginning you hear sirens, like The Prowler"s, but it sounds less violent, and more smooth.

  • Peter B parker is my favourite thing in this movie I would of loved it if he came out of nowhere and smacked miles out of the way and Started singing raindrops keep falling on my head

  • Who else hold there breath at 0:57 give a like


  • Seen this movie about 20 times over and this scene along with others never fails to give me chills. A cinematic masterpiece.

  • Miles:how do I know I’m Spider-Man? Peter: you won’t that’s all it is a leap of faith.... *Suicide prevention team wants to know your location*

  • Great movies comes great songs

  • Just realized the glass shattering that means he's fcking nervous but he forced himself anyway. Peter said you need to relax in order to losen the grip (or the sticker idk)

  • Best scene in the movie 0:44

  • Love how miles is now not wearing an ill fitting Spider-Man costume playing at being someone he’s not, a childish imitation, now who he has become who he is. This universe’s Spider-Man and his casual hoody is over the top of his real self his real identity, Spider-Man

  • Great scene. The music works so well ! I have actually made a tribute to this film : Check it out if you have the time!

  • Trust us huh... well you did not dissapoint so we do

  • the cool thing is spider Gwen and miles both have a backstory the others might but idk Miles first appeared in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4, spider Gwen appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Is it sad that i did research?

  • Holy SHIT this was an amazing experience to watch 😭😭✊🏻✊🏻

  • I think the music gets epic at 0:43

  • I'm stuck.. I can't stop watching this again and again. Help me