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SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER VERSE ''Leap Of Faith'' Movie Clip (4K ULTRA HD) 2018

čas přidán 11. 12. 2018
SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER VERSE ''Leap Of Faith'' Movie Clip (4K ULTRA HD) 2018 | Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.
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  • Have you seen the new Far From Home trailer yet? Watch it here

  • I got a spiderverse ad

  • See Miles, this is what you can do when you tie your shoes.

  • I can jerk off to every single frame of this movie

  • *Chills*

  • fucking hell I need this movie on blu-ray

  • Isn't it funny how in the beginning of the movie, he tried to do all the stunts he JUST did but either failed or became too scared to perform them? Now, instead of falling, he is rising. Instead of stumbling, he is jumping. He became his own hero

  • Who else just came for the glass break?

  • the ways in which spiderman is represented in this movie and all the different developments each one has to go through in it is what other spiderman movies have to live up to from now on.

  • This was on god


  • I legit whispered “damn”

  • This isn't 4K Ultra HD...

  • nobody talkin about how that said trust us bank loool

  • Epic

  • This was a good ass movie

  • Amazing scene in an amazing movie, but the part at 0:56 seconds in? Spider-Man just falling into the upside down New York. It deserves to be on any list of iconic spider man visuals, no matter the medium. Whoever came up with that just understands Spider-Man and I can't praise that like 1 second of film enough.


  • Watching this in 3D UltraAVX gave me a goddam heart attack

  • I love this mo

  • "Strong focus on what I need"

  • 1:53 needs a wallpaper

  • I can make a gadget that shoots webs and i should lol lets see who else is the new spiderman (me)

  • Him being black and kinda hood gives it a whole other look on Spider-Man. More relatable to the world around me. Like a normal ghetto kid who might not think he’s anything special but then it all changes for him. Great movie

  • When you're better than every other spider-man movies in only one sequence

  • Not a single scene from Homecoming comes even close to how memorable this movie was. Every scene a visual explosion. Fuck off, Jon Watts. What a terrible director.

  • Best part in movie

  • This film is better than Spiderman Homecoming and Far from Home combined I marked my word

  • this art style is just fantastic. hat's off to the studio

  • Where did you did find it bro send me link

  • This scene was so damn good. Unbelievable.

  • I was never a fan of Miles but... Geez! This movie made me love the character! I would dare to say that he's a way better than Homecoming's Peter

  • LOL, this is just the what's up danger video but still cool... respect

  • People are saying the best scene in this movie. But it's actually one of the best scenes in film.

  • 0:57 Best Shot 👌

  • I like the rough style of this film. How the frames are pieced together isn't fluent, but I feel like that's what makes the style great.

  • I really do hope they make a sequel to this

  • I loved this scene so much

  • A alguien más se le eriza la piel al ver esto?

  • This is officially the best Spider Man material I’ve ever seen. Sorry Spider Man PS4, you’re still in second place though.

  • Like Whats up danger...... Epic!

  • What's up danger

  • This movie hit me in the feels multiple times in different areas of my heart.

  • Look Lise, you can pinpoin the exact SECOND he became Spiderman!!

  • I had the biggest smile on my face when this happened in the theater

  • Masterpiece

  • It always fits, eventually.

  • If there was an animated version of Homecoming in this style, that would be amazing.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man

  • An absolute master piece, definitely my favorite movie of all time. The storyline, graphic elements, everything was just iut of this world. Truly Phenomenal.

  • 11/10

  • Seeing this scene on the big screen had shivers down my spine, as well as a HUGE smile on my face.

  • I wanna see this so bad

  • Legendary

  • Legitimately the best scene of any Spider-Man movie.

  • 계속 보고싶다. 매드맥스 퓨리로드랑 스파이더버스랑 매년 극장에서 상영해줬으면 소원이 없겠다.

  • This scene is better than the train scene in Spiderman 2

  • Song?

  • Miles:When do I know I’m spider man? Peter:You won’t miles it’s a leap of faith

  • For me, this is best scene in the movie!!

  • One of the things I like about this scene is how miles takes more advantage of his wall climbing ability than Peter. When peter goes through New York hes always swing without really using his wall climbing ability but miles uses that to his advantage making him more nimble and unpredictable cause you don't know when hes gonna start running on walls or swinging

  • “Have you ever heard of the shoulder tap?”

  • This is two minutes of cinematic perfection

  • 1:19 name music pls

  • Man...this art style and presentation is just phenomenal..I'd love a videogame that could do this in the future. Its MARVELous :D

  • This scene actually made me have to hold in a "YES!" the entire time.

  • Best D.C. movie ever

  • This was when the movie GRABBED me

  • My favourite little detail is how the shot at 1:37 with the "WOOO" is a reverse of earlier in the movie when he first tried to test his powers. He fell in that same spot, with an "AHHH" trailing him.

  • My favorite part!

  • By far the best scene in the whole movie...

  • I got chills during this part in the theater.

  • This is an absolutely amazing scene. It finishes Miles character arc by having him learn his lesson from Peter, finally take the leap of faith, and make the jump he couldn't earlier. The character quotes in the background sum up all of Miles different experiences and shows how he reflects upon that and learns from everyone else. The music is astonishing and cues in at just the right times. The animating looks superb, like the rest of the movie, and it gives us a thrilling web sling sequence that is easily one of best scenes in any Spider-man movie.

  • I saw this movie yesterday and was blown away. I'm going to see it again, because seeing it once wasn't enough.

  • “The suit always fits eventually” -Stan Lee RIP

  • It isn’t even 1080p

  • This was a great scene, in large part because throughout the movie up to this point, Miles struggled to get control of his Spider abilities, but in most of the other Spider-Man movies, comics, and games, the way that Peter mastered his abilities was just by aimlessly swinging through the city. Seeing Miles do that now was a real transformative moment.

  • Woooooooooooo

  • Hands down one of the best superhero movies ever.

  • The artstyle makes me nutt to hard

  • he breaks all the Records in Spiderman's scenes of we. slinging

  • this movie was so damn good i hope it gets on netflix so i can watch it again

  • Miles Morales is everything I've ever wanted out of a Spiderman, and I am so psyched that he didn't let me down in his screen debut! MORE PLEASE!

  • I loved this movie it is my favorite movie i seen this at the cinema


  • whats the song used at the end of the video?

  • These scene is so incredibly iconic but that part at 2:03 when Miles' comic gets thrown in with the others? That's fucking powerful

  • *Wears Air Jordan One while he soars through NY*

  • Saw aquaman first, spider-verse second, guess which one is my first now

  • This movie was absolutely amazing. And this may have been the best scene.

  • Emoji movie was the worst Now: Forget emoji movie let’s see this with spidey!

  • I completely fell in love with this movie. The animation, the editing, the music. it's by far the best Spider-Man movie yet!

  • win.... This is my favorite Spiderman movie. Sorry Tobey, Andrew, and guys are benched.

  • Kingpen: well %#$&

  • This movie is inspiring little do we know this masterpiece of a film just changed comic book movies forever

  • This scene is perfect

  • Got a spiderverse ad...

  • Best part ever my son tried to do the samething as miles 😂😂😂 n he did

  • Miles isn't falling He's rising

  • i literally saw this movie twice (second time was today) and i still get CHILLS when he rises