SPIDERMAN MCU Breakup Explained! Spider-Man 3 & MCU Future Update!

čas přidán 21. 08. 2019
Spider-Man leaving the MCU? What happened in the talks between Marvel Studios and Sony leading to Spider-Man's possible departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is this permanent? And what would the futures of Spider-Man and the MCU look like without each other? Erik Voss breaks down all the updates from this dramatic shift in the superhero film landscape, and what Sony's decision tells us about the future of Spider-Man 3, Venom, the Sinister Six, and follow-ups to Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse. Did Spider-Man Far From Home make too much money? Is Tom Holland FINISHED playing Peter Parker? Do Aunt May and Happy Hogan have to break up?
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  • SONY IS AH ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im still depressed af Tom is the perfect Spidey

  • Shit ppl Disney is the greddy one here. I know is ur childhood hero (Disney) but please grow up and smell the coffee!!!!

  • Yeah but into the spiderverse wasn't connected.

  • How are you going to make another spiderman movie without the MCU? 🤦‍♂️

    • Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford • they did Spider-Verse without the MCU. It can be done. But it may be harder.

  • Sony disappoints me 🤦‍♂️

  • It’s honestly bs on both ends. If they don’t know how to get along like proper business corporations then they need to find an alternative or not work together at all. It will likely end badly

  • Stan Lee is turning over in his grave right now :(

  • Don’t let greed destroy this franchise Sony

    • Its disney whos the greedy ones they had a deal everyone was happy and then disney wants more so in this case if making a potentialy worse spidey movie means giving the finger to disney i say do it sony If disney wants to hurt itself by killing spidey's future in the mcu Go ahead sony they gave you a gun shoot them

  • "with great power comes great responsibility"

  • Bottom line: Spiderman's cameo in Civil War was more awesome than his appearance in the 5 previous Sony movies.

  • Everyone forgot that deadpool got snapped

  • No way i think Marvel can find any person to play spiderman anymore Tom Holland oa the only the best best bester than the bestest if no tom holland as spiderman i dont think i can be a fan of anyone no one else than tom hollanad

  • I want to play the human torch

  • They could have peter Parker go into a different universe where the mcu characters aren’t there and venom is

  • Bring toby McGuire on as an adviser for thing to make the next possible spiderman movie a little nostalgic and bring back old fans of memorable moments

  • Stan Lee didn't die for this

  • People blaming sony but Disney proposes the most ludacris deal i have ever seen, and ppl saying "worry about the fans" if these company actually did care about fans, it isn't Sony's job to do that in this situation, the MCU is not their franchise so they could care less of the MCU succeeds or fails

  • Doesn't matter whose fault it is now. Sony will definitely have a uphill battle to outperform Disney. Good luck Sony!!

    • Well feige left a plan for Sony regarding the spider verse

  • I don't want Tom to leave just because Sony is so needy!!!

    • and I don't want Tom to be out of a job because Disney is greedy

  • If Spiderman 3 doesn't have happy and aunt may... I ain't watching it...

  • i'm sure sony and disney will figure something out and b fair for us fans

  • No

  • Tom must come back

  • Sony should stop being dicks and give the rightsof spiderman back to marvel

  • but all i wanted tobey migure backkkkkk

  • Forget the Area 51 raid how about a Sony raid

  • will Deadpool actuly be aloud to be in an avengers movie since he is MA and R rating movies only

  • since marvel is aloud to keep Spiderman in the old movies and they still have 2 more movies with Spiderman in the next Spiderman they should make Spiderman change his name to spider boy then change his suit a bit then they can just keep spider boy witch is really Spiderman except it can be marvels spider boy and sonny can keep their Spiderman

  • The reason it made so much money is because it was part of the MCU and not made by sony 🤦‍♂️ why sony why

  • F*** U SONY!!!!!!

    • its mostly Disney's fault not sonys so stop jerking off mickey mouse's dicc

  • I dont get it... sony turns down 50/50 profit and spending... so what are the share this whole time? Does that mean Marvel Studio was paying to make the movie and Sony just sits there taking all the money?! 😳

    • Sarah Cha • Sony was financing 100% and Disney got 5% of the first dollar. Disney provided all the creative ideas with Sony having the final say.

    • No, it was a 50/50 Split howerver Marvel also got 100% Merchandise Profits. Marvel wanted more not sony. So Ii's Marvels fault

  • No never Tom and Sony do not mix Sony can only make animations besides that then there horrible

    • How do you know Tom and Sony don't mix they never made a film before

  • People move on But we ( fans ) will not !!!

  • They should bring back andrew garfield

  • the moment you realise *mysterio exposed his identity so badly he left the mcu*

  • At least Spiderman is going to meat Venom😒

    • Maybe they can team up to stop the Sinister 6, I'd like to see Tom Hardy's Venom meet Michael Keaton's Vulture

  • It's for the fans without us Sony and Disney wouldn't be where they are at now.

  • Tom Holland: I don’t feel so good Toby Maguire: Another one bites the dust

  • I used to love Sony and all their movies, but know I know that there is a special place in Hell for it.

  • A successful Sony Spiderman film depends on how many MCU fans choose to support it. Far From Home didn't cross the billion dollar mark because of Sony. It happened because of the MCU/Stark connection and the Disney/Marvel "official end" of Phase 3 connection. So the question really comes down to: Can Sony hold onto the MCU fans without an MCU connection? Or will the MCU fans boycott a Spiderman film without an MCU connection?

  • The only reason Spiderman was good is cz of disney. All of sony´s spider-men were terrible bad movies.

  • 2 words: Night-Monkey!

  • Its disney who acts more like thanos than sony, asking for 50-50 share which is totally being greedy. Why would sony agree to that which basically makes it a bad deal for them. Its their character, they invest all the money in it. All disney does is allow Feige oversee the production and story development, keeping it connected to mcu. And in return they get 5% cut and more. Disney already makes more money from spidey merchandise and doesnt pay sony for using spidey in other mcu movies.

  • Where's Goose ?

  • ilove

  • If Sony makes a non-mcu spiderman film, it won't make that much money because it's not an mcu movie!!!!

  • We just need to troll the shit out of Sony Pictures until they give back Spiderman.

  • I think the only reason the spiderman movies have done so well financially is due to to MCU so it's dumb for Sony to think they dont need Marvel.

  • Done with Disney anyway. Get woke go broke. Stupid progressive crap

  • Do a video on A-bomb aka Rick Jones coming in the MCU

  • Honestly if it means Disney gets less money I’m cool with it

  • Uncle Ben: Would you just stop killing me?! Sony: No.... I don’t think I will.

  • Endgggrrrwar

  • He was my favourite avenger :/. I guess it’s black panther now!

  • Doesn't marvel make their actors sign no compete clause meaning Tom Holland can't work for Sony?

    • They co produced so he technically worked for both of them

  • Exactly.. " due of general greed." Sony thinks they can maintain that profit for them alone if they can pull it out from Marvel Studio.. Well lets see... sure Sony will knock in Marvel Studios door... in the future... its just really sad they pullout spidey from Marvel.. spidey can expand more if they stay in the MCU.. :(

  • MCU needs to come to terms with Sony not Sony with terms with MCU

  • Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  • 1:19 Ooooohhhh I see what you did there... How clever of you guys.