Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Khloe Kardashian

čas přidán 11. 01. 2017
James and Khloe Kardashian take turns asking each other very personal questions about Carpool Karaoke and OJ's innocence, which they must answer or eat disgusting foods, like cod sperm.

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  • watching this while eating grilled chicken feet 😊

  • Have you ever seen anyone Using hot sauce on thus show??

    • Justin Bieber I think and maybe Jimmy Kimmel , I'm not sure

  • I was dying to c an episode of eating fish eye

  • Maybe not the best idea to watch this while eating a Boston Creme Donut

  • In portugal ,where I live, you get the chicken foot sometimes in chicken soup. I politley say, no thanks and the nearest dog has feast. Its good for you and for your dog too. Lots of collagen, good for your skin ha ha.

  • 7:00 I would say James cordon Lmfaoo

  • They chose chicken feet as something bad too eat?😭 if only they knew Us South Africans eat that as a normal thing 😭 it slaapppsss

  • I came back to say I miss this version of Chloe

  • If Jimmy plays this with Blackpink

  • I will gladly eat the chicken feet, all lol

  • Cardi b would be really fun on this show!

  • Radom question we’re do they get the bird seliver from😅😅

  • Chicken leg are delicious if they are cooked properly..

  • 4:53 Best question 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can someone please tell me who the fuck is oj

    • O.J. is her biological father

  • I’m 4 years too late but when James asked “do you think OJ did it” is her eating the fish eye basically saying “yes I think he did it but I’m not gonna say it out loud”?

  • 4:52 Do you think OJ did it? Best question ever !!

  • Chicken feet I’ll happily eat, it’s a delicacy in South Africa

  • I know that a 1000 year old egg is a delicacy...but bird Saliva????

  • Just imagine bono singing "one" and then this happens hahaha

  • This segment of james in his show is soo american. I mean those foods that they called, "gross" is someones food because people dont have money and all. But i guess its their right to say eww in an national television. This could be offesive especially to asain people.

  • Fuckin hot

  • i love khloe

  • Khloe really made him think twice before he drink the bird saliva I think khloe really played a very good game

  • 7:00 mins in, I'll answer it, Britney spears was worst singer cus she forgot lyrics, didn't know what her songs was about and kept saying..... what, in between the lyrics which i find annoying. and james out sang her on her own songs. but saying all that i still root for her cus she has a good soul. what would others say wasn't the best singer in carpool?

  • Wouldn't think twice about eating the chicken feet cause it's a delicacy in the Philippines. We call it Adidas btw.

  • i have ate chicken feet, fish eye and bird saliva before 😂

  • Khloe has a real awesome personality. Loving it😅

  • Khloe: *eats fish eye* Me: so that’s a yes 😂

  • 7:29 It Is A fEeT!

  • 4:52 do you think oj did it

  • chicken feet dimsum

  • This show isn't good for my stomach,I feel sick now lol

  • I have an idea get a good food like humborger fries and stuff and ask thr questions if they answer they get to eat it if not they not

  • Y'all trippin chicken feet goes so hard

  • why would you want to book him if he's rude screw him and tell us the name PERIOD!

  • Not me watching at 2 am almost throwing up over the food they eat😂😂

  • You guys don't eat Chicken feet??? Bathong .....we eat that. We can fry,make stew or even braai it. They are awesome 👌

  • The fact that chicken feet is really famous out here in Cambodia and it’s so GOOD!

  • 96

  • Food poisoning 🤢

  • I like Chloe after watching this she’s genuine and awesome

  • James is such a fake a$$hole. Acting like he’s shocked at the questions. Looking disgusted at the food.

  • This is why I love Khloe, she's my favorite!

  • You could see Khloe was tryna hide the pain she feels

  • Cmon james is just afraid of losing his job 😶

  • Chiken feet isnt bad if u cook it, Us filipino eat it. Its very good 😊

  • 3:08 pierce brosnan

  • The question r like trying to escape the bullet shot😂

  • The vegan teacher is typing.......

  • The different leo preferably delight because otter fundamentally yawn plus a quick jumbo. quarrelsome, malicious cloud

  • the fact that he took 2 bites of the chicken foot-

  • He is combing his hair with the chicken duck that looks like😂😂lol

  • Im inlove with khloé's personality. She's just too transparent

  • Why do you smell it?

  • I bet it was awkward

  • The fact that James actually was in a film with pierce brosnan aka cinderella 2021

  • chicken feet is delicious!! should've given him the sardine smoothie

  • Haibo chicken feet are normal here in SA

  • I like Khloe. She is funny, beautiful, and can take a joke, even if it is about her. She is the best part of the entire Kardashian family. I would love to have a drink or three with her.

  • I’m Indian and with chicken curry we also eat the feet I love the feet

  • Birds’s tears!? How did you get that!? Animal abuse is disgusting!

  • i honestly love koko

  • Bird's saliva is actually healthy according to research 🙂

  • Funny thing is a Chinese person wouldn't have a problem eating any one of those things on that plate. Just try.

  • She just can't keep her hands off of herself....Ever primping...She is super annoying...

  • Worst singer? Easy… Selena Gomez

  • At this point james is just pretending to not like those foods

  • Omg 😂😂😂😂

  • The slim wish electronmicroscopically rock because processing substantially peel beside a wandering thing. plausible, crabby half-brother

  • Lmao 1000 year old egg is literally just normal Chinese food. It's not "bad". Kind of a weird, tone-deaf choice...

  • I think they should have a spin wheel to choose the food and the majority of it should be disgusting foods and a small portion very delicious foods.

  • This was so dam funny 🤣😂😆

  • James you should now that chicken feet or ceker ayam in Indonesia is so delicious. You should try it as soup or maybe “SEBLAK”

  • The Fact that Khloe dosent know Broady's show IS THE BIGGEST BURN IN THE HISTORY OF BURNS❤️‍🔥

  • “Maybe he was drunk” “mAyBe He WaS a BiT f**KiNg RuDe”

  • khloe:and it wasn’t me,honey.😜

  • She thinks he did it!! Lol

  • Oj def did it or she would have answered.

  • His wife??

  • Here in the Philippines we are so used to eating "Chicken feet with soup and malunggay"😁😁😁

  • Khloé Kardashian is the funniest, really. The Kardashian show would have been pointless without her.

  • I love you James, whenever I'm depressed I hop on CS-tv and watch you and you make me laugh so much it makes me feel good for days.Your the best ❤️

    • @raksha~ you are very sweet.Thank you ♥️

    • @Shell Belle omg im so grateful that it helped you and made u feel better!! Even i face stuff as a teenager nd have no one to open up to!! Anywayss take caree!! 🤍🙌

    • @raksha~ aw you are so sweet.Thank you for caring about a complete stranger ♥️ I'm ok thanks,I have my days but I'm a mother first and foremost...us mom's can't quit.Im here til the end,and I can't tell you how much you asking me this has changed me.My own family have never asked me if I'm ok and the fact that a complete stranger has concern for me...you have helped me more than you know and I feel great now.Thank you Love 💕😘 xo

    • Are u ok?

  • In South Africa we cook and marinade chicken feet it's really nice

  • Chicken feet are yummy, I’m Chinese and I eat them


  • obviously the last question is bts

  • so now we know what khloe thinks cuz she obviously didn’t wanna say she thought he did it

  • Well, she ate the fish eye, so that's a yes. I would've just said no even if I thought yes.

  • It's clearly seen that OJ did it that's y she ate fish eyes otherwise she wud hv simply tell the truth 'no'. What kind of show is this?

  • Ewwww she touched the fish eye then touched her hair

  • Actually the chicken feet are not that bad, I tried that once and It just tastes like chicken meat mixed with a bit of skin

  • Chicken feet is good Chinese people eat eat and I don’t know why they don’t know this

  • 1:08

  • In latin america we normally eat half of those things

  • We eat chicken feet in South Africa , but we cook then thou . Very tasty 😌

  • Bro, how do they get saliva out of a bird like come on-

  • Paris Hilton should do this

  • Khloe is like the funniest kardash

  • As a Chinese person I find fish eye really delicious lmao

    • In India also we eat fish head, fish eye, fish eggs. But not raw.