Sprinter 144 Full Build [Extended Narrated Timelapse]

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
Detailed walkthrough of the full van conversion process of this 144 Sprinter!

Find my van conversion resources (like sample wiring diagrams) here:

Video Sections:
00:00 Intro
00:14 Subfloor
05:30 Insulation
07:11 Framing
08:55 Wiring
09:58 Headliner shelf
10:23 Ceiling cladding
11:28 More wall framing
12:16 Wall cladding
13:57 Wall finishing
15:00 Floor
16:30 Electrical outlets
17:46 Bed platform
19:34 Rear door trim
21:32 Cabinets
21:58 Electrical system
22:51 Cabinet build
24:16 Trimwork
25:00 Plumbing
25:17 More cabinets and finishing touches
28:36 Tour


  • Hey Sam: Just want to give you a big thanks for this video. That's a great van build, but more importantly I thought that was the best time-lapse van build video I've ever seen. The talk-over was perfect, the pace of the video was perfect, and it was incredibly informative despite covering an entire build in 30ish minutes. Great job!!

  • This was one of the best time lapse van build videos I’ve seen! Excellent concise explanations of everything. It isn’t the van layout I would have chosen but otherwise it was an excellent video. I subscribed right away.

  • I’ve been fantasizing about building out a van for ages. This was the video I didn’t know I needed. Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge, man. This video is invaluable! Also: great build.

  • Easily one of the best people doing this kind of work. Including the video. I really like how you talk about the pros and cons of different building methods and materials.

  • This floor is great and relatively easy to do. Thank you so much for posting this. It's exactly what I was looking for.

  • Excellent video! You're an artist with a great set of skills! Very cool to watch! Thanks for posting!

  • Sam, thank you so much for your extremely useful videos you've produced on this channel. They're giving me quite a bit of hope that someday I'll actually be able to do something similar (following your footsteps). Wish you best.

  • This is really nicely done! Fantastic finish and well detailed. Thanks for making such a nice video.

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain your process. Really appreciated your work. Nice build!

  • Wow what an amazing job u do! this is fabulous van build. thanks for letting us watch. If I ever wanted to do this I would want you to be the one to build it. your attention to detail is phenomenal! thank you for recording the job

  • Great build! Your thoroughness is impressive!!

  • This has got to be some of the finest craftsmanship I've ever seen and the conversion looks fantastic. Congrats!

  • Damn that’s a lot of work. Awesome craftsmanship man. I like how u take extra time to clean up completely between stages of your build.

  • Wonderful job, and a great video. Love you're well thought out workflow. Fabulous man.

  • you’re a genius and im very envious of your skills. well done!! i hope you make a living building out camper vans!

  • Wow! This is beautiful! Please tell me you still do custom builds??This has almost every feature I need, just a different configuration. So clean and neat. Great time-lapse video also!

  • Hi Sam! Love your build.....solid and well made....good carpentry....greetings from down under Australia 🇦🇺

  • i don't know much about building things, but you look like you really know your stuff and do a great job.

  • Such a clear description of your build. AWESOME WORK By chance did you time what each step took?

  • Your work is always excellent!

  • Awesome build! Very impressive!

  • Love the layout, great use of space! This is a really nice build and excellent commentary. Thx for sharing.

  • So, so helpful! Beautiful build. Thank you for sharing the process!

  • Dang, this is incredible! Such a clean and well thought out design.

  • Love your detailed explanation! Yes, please make detailed videos about the electric system and the water system. Also, please show how to you plan the layout, the lights, the switches, and how do you make sure you are not covering something with wood or cabinets, and then need to work on that place...

  • You sir, are a real craftsman... impressive!

  • I love your videos!! How you explain everything so detailed , i enjoy them so muuuchh 😍

  • As a designer/builder, I commend you on this model build.

  • É incrível este tipo de trabalho, é muito bacana que ele está construindo com alegria e satisfação, o trabalho ficou show sou do Brasil do Estado do RS cidade de Canoas eu e minha esposa temos um projeto de viajar e conhecer todo país para depois nos aventurar nos fóra do país é um sonho para o ano de 2024, um abraço!

  • Great job on the video. Really makes it all look possible. Looking forward to the electrical and plumbing videos!

  • Great to see you back Sam! Thanks for another great video, always super informative and easy to follow along. Out of interest any idea roughly how many hours this build took you?

    • Thanks! Way too many hours! I don't know how accurate my count was but I tracked something like 600 on this build. At the time I was building this one though, I was also helping build all the the vans and film for Season 1 of Van Go, so I was switching tasks frequently during the day which generally makes time use less efficient. There were also some additional bits of the build that this video didn't really capture like installing a diesel heater, air conditioner, exterior awing, solar panel rack, etc. For comparison, on my first van build (the transit) I estimated that I only spent about 400 hours. But that was just some back of the napkin calculations because I wasn't tracking my time during that build.

  • nice and clean! great job!

  • Sam, your videos are super helpful. You really give good details. I was wondering, will you also have seperate videos for the Sprinter conversion like you did for the Transit?

    • ​@Moser Makes I watched all your videos for the Transit. So it would be interesting to see the reasons behind some of the changes and what you had to do to adjust. Like for example, you went from a propane stove to electric. You added an A/C which you didn't have in the first one (a breakdown of the calculation for the 300 amp will be good to see with that setup since you also have an electric stove) . I am curious also to know why you chose the Sprinter instead of the ProMaster, I think you had said the Sprinter could be more expensive for maintenance. You are basically showing us all the questions we have. I cannot tell you how much we find your videos helpful. You are a natural teacher. I only wish you lived closer so we could hire you! ;-)

    • Thank you! I'm thinking I'll make some separate videos for certain topics. Which aspects of the build would you be most interested in?

  • Dude, you are an arteest at your work man. That was amazing craftsmanship and a great video! I definitely hit that subscribe button

  • I like the way you build and transformed your Sprinter, but I'm missing a vapor barrier in your construction, espacially in the roof and the walls

  • Hey Sam, Great video , thank you. I will do this one day soon, just can never make my mind up about layout etc... Thanks again

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  • How much did the conversion cost? And how long did it approximately take to build?

  • outstanding job. What do you charge for a van build like this?

  • Sam, thank you for this video. It is going to be very usefull for me. I have a question for you: why did you decided not to use any wapor barier over insulation?

  • Hi Sam, I can’t believe it took 3 month for me to find this video. I am a subscriber. Great video. I’m glad to see you back on CS-tv. ❤

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  • You’re awesome, man. Thank you for your content

  • Thanks for all the detail. I found it very helpful. 😊

  • The problem with wool in van conversions is about metallic walls and condensation, not sure how wool will behave in this case, since it seems perfect scenario for mold (condensation from metallic walls will soak the wool and mold loves to eat organic materials). But in practice who knows how it will be... Plus I think a lot depends on how and where the van will be used.

    • @Moser Makes Indeed.

    • Definitely true about it depending on how and where the van will be used. I think the most important thing is to build a wall assembly that can breathe and dry and not one that will trap potential condensation in the wall. Ventilation and a dry heat source are important.

  • great build, great video. thank you for sharing

  • Beautiful!

  • Thank you very much for this, I can take note and start with my van ❤

  • So far the best video about vans conversion ever seen!!!!!

  • Hi Sam What is the approximate cost for building a camper van? Thank you! Thank you, great video we’ll explain!

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  • Cork flooring is also lightweight and natural as well as mold and mildew resistant

  • Awesome man just awesome. Well done.

  • Well done Thanks for sharing where did you get the 1/4 Tongue and groove ceiling wood from?

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  • Hey Sam, I am a retired journeyman carpenter, . I think you did an excellent job. I have to agree with other commenters that it is not the layout that I would have chosen But, if that's what the customer ordered then that's what you gave them. Good Job!.

  • that was a really smooth make!

  • What did you do to get the measurements or shapes for the wheel hubs?

  • Did I miss the vapor barrier? Foil face or otherwise. The foil keeps the outside heat from coming in and the inside heat from going out.

  • Smart guy for a young man very good job dude really nice work I like it

  • Hey Moser, is there any way you could give me the floor plan? I am very bad at wiring, and have no idea how I’m going to get past trying to wire the whole van. Great video, love the van.

  • Hello, Nice build.. Do you known how many hours or days was required to do this build? (without RND) Thanks.

  • The 2 boxes that you showed only at the very end: the toilet and the fridge: how does that work? are they sliding on the floor with some wheels, or are they drawers? what are the blue handles for?

  • Love it!

  • Wondering if there’s any noise coming from the panels rubbing against each other when you’re driving?

  • Well done on this video mate

  • Bacana de mais

  • Can I ask how come you chose havelock wool over thinsulate? I'm having decision paralysis between them currently.

  • Great work bud.

  • Question. with the walls built, at the ma tress height, how many inches it it in width? Or rather how long can the bed be? I was hoping to squeeze in a twin mattress.

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing! Subscribed.

  • This is a great camper for one.

  • Which brand of self tapping construction screws did you use?

  • Richtig cool 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Tek basina basardin ama dus yok cok guzel👍

  • Very nice build. What is the brand and p/n for the 12V water heater? Thanks.

    • @Moser Makes Ok, I was pretty sure that you responded the first time. At least you got another view out of me. This is one of my favorite van build videos.

    • The water heater is the 12V Elgena NC6-E Water Heater. It has a fairly small tank capacity of only 6L, but it only draws 200W of power! I purchased it through Expedition Upfitter, but unfortunately it looks like they are no longer able to stock it. [my old channel comments got deleted so re-adding responses]

  • Great job!!

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  • Hermosa sprinter

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  • Nice Job! try the SOK lithium battery on this van?

  • Well, I’ve decided which flooring strategy to use. Thanks

  • Incredible lad!!

  • Best and most underrated video on YT!

  • Nice work!!!

  • Hi Moser, Is there a reason why did you put both electrical and water system on passenger side?

    • Great question! Yes, since almost all of the cabinets are on the driver's side I thought putting both the batteries and water tank on the passenger side would help balance everything out. [my old channel comments got deleted so re-adding responses]

  • Hi, Moser, I really like the upper cabinet door hinges. Can you provide a link or source where you bought them. I can’t find any on your videos or website. Thanks for your response.

    • For the upper cabinets I used this hinge: www.hardwaresource.com/swing-up-hinge.html with this latch: expeditionupfitter.com/collections/interior-hardware-1/products/overhead-cabinet-lever-stealth-catch I was really happy with how this combo worked! The hinges have a spring with adjustable tension which holds the door up when it is open.

  • What self tapping sheet metal screw did you decide on?

    • WOW felt like i just took a master class on van conversion. Incredible!

    • I mostly used Grip-Rite general purpose construction screws in 1.25" (they have a self-drilling tip). This may seem like an odd choice, but I found they grip and hold really well. Here is the link: thd.co/3Bo8EOL

  • I've heard about bamboo floor that it's not optimal, not good for high humidity or dry climates, and water/spills can be a problem. But who knows, maybe it's ok after all (it also depends who one listens to, some paint it as the worst flooring ever, others as the best flooring ever, I guess the truth is in the middle somewhere).

    • @Moser Makes I guess so. Although strange that it would be different. Maybe I was hearing about natural bamboo... Maybe (and probably) if they mix it and/or finish with petroleum based materials - then in that case when the experience is better. I was indeed searching non toxic floor options, so maybe that's why.

    • That's interesting. I'm sure people's experience with it also depends on varying products and possibly different protective finishes applied to it.

  • Hi! Great vid, big question. Where is clothing storage? Did I just miss it? Thanks again

  • very-very-nice/quality/do you do vans for people/i want a simple build/i have a sprinter 144 too/i want a fold up bed or slide away bed/thanks much

  • Great video, what is the model of headliner shelf, and what model fridge/cooler did you use?

    • I made the headliner shelf from scratch out of 1/2" plywood. I made the brackets myself out of strips of metal as well (although vancillary sells a really nice set of pre-made brackets). The fridge is a Dometic CFX3 75DZ.

  • Amazing work!! What is your location?

  • Hell yeah ... Moser Makes is back.

  • Please provide a cost estimation to acquire the Sprinter 144, also the extra costs for all the material, and the time-frame required to complete the build. Where is the shower? What kind of toilet? - 30:17

  • i loved this, you are the best subscribing fast