Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges

čas přidán 20. 10. 2021
Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges
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Eight hamsters accept a strange invitation to compete in children's games for an unbelievable prize. Will all the hamsters survive? Let's find out in Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Red light green light
2:31 Honeycomb
4:20 Marbles
6:48 Tug-of-War
10:05 Glass bridge
12:13 Squid Game

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We're Hamsterious!!
Have you even seen any movies about prisoners escaping? This is NOT human prisoner, this is hamster prisoner. Get ready for a daring escape challenge, as we follow the antics of these determined little critters. They must find each other in order to make an epic prison break!
It is time to watch some courageous hamsters explore their most cunning plans: sneaking out and scouring every inch of this massive place looking for that one special friend...


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  • Kak orag Malaysia ke kak

  • go

  • this is AMAZING

  • Wow

  • Naaaaaa I want justice for 101 he was set up for failure

  • JESUS i know you love me. Please give me the opportunity to love you back , to hug you back , to welcome you back into my heart. 🎯🛶🎿

  • WoW Cool

  • So cute😩💗

  • Hamster 456 is trying to eat all the money lol 😂

  • Hamster 456 really be livin in luxury

  • Aeiou

  • ARE THE HAMTERS SAFE????????? I need to know

  • Ok not funny they definitely cheated on the honeycombs I'm turning this off rn.

  • No way the people who commented calls this abuse 💀

    • @meme pog yeah as if “stress” is a major part of the video

    • ikr like how is injuring and even risking killing the hamsters animal abuse 💀 can't believe people actually care about other living animals these days... like who cares that they can stress out and even die from the falls 💀 people need to grow up...

  • Bruh these people are wayyyy too sensitive💀

  • 11:52 Constipation noises

  • cuteeeewwww

  • Congratulations For 30 Mill views

  • 9:45💀



  • Si le das pulgar abajo eres gey

  • No fueron lastimados

  • Thats not good for the hamster

  • 6 thousand dollars for hamster 101

  • Don’t worry about the hamsters there is a pillow to keep them safe and for glass bridge I think it’s a carpet and there might be pillow under

  • Hahahahaha I liked it a lot xDD

  • No green jacket 🧥 😭🍻🍾🐹 47 🆚 this 🐹 #456

  • Report this video for animal neglect, these environments were not safe for the hamsters

  • Yowhatsapp

  • Motor bomber Cindy

  • Pacar mawar

  • And no one called animal services on you because?

  • Hamsteriouso

  • Cool but worrying for the hamsters.

  • Why soldiers shut hamster when honey comb candy🔫

  • 11:51 jajaja

  • Great to see that the dislikes are gone 🙃

  • Cool Mouse🐭

  • Btw this is some sort of animal abuse and hamsters have a chance to die if the creator was not careful and this is why i stopped watching hamsterious and btw these animal abuse comments might be blocked by the creator

  • As an hamster owner, it was super entertaining. Hamsters are small but very sturdy animals. They often climb high in their cages and fall/jump. Still I hope no hamsters were harmed making this video!😁😂👌🏻

  • Haha harming animals is so funny! /j

  • plot shield 😒

  • anyone notice how the hamsters are fucking shaking in red light green light?

  • This will be so cool if it was a show

  • What the hell is this?! You are literally abusing hamsters for what?? Money? Fame? What if you were small and a giant creature put you in something that scared you?? Or something that could kill you and you didn’t know because you don’t even know what it is?! These are LIVING THINGS!! Hamsters have lives and feelings like humans. I hope you get taken down or something. This should NOT be used for entertainment. If you become a small creature or something, I’d find you and make you do these obstacles. You suck.

  • Fails 2:08 3:55 9:46 6:38 11:05 11:57 13:07

  • 101 fucking dies ]

  • among us x squid game man

  • at first I was like omg this is so cute! then I saw the spikes… and the large heights… and the stress. this isn’t okay..

    • People complain about this,but keep animal in one 10cm papper box is ok. You probably dont know hamster istinct , they love explore jump grab climb, such scenario is a Disney land for them. People love animals but dont know nothing about them : the next level logic

  • We can’t even dislike the video anymore

  • Wow😂😂🔥🔥

  • where did the ones falling go

  • Reported

  • Yes 💐❤️🎉🎊

  • Poor mousey😣😖😭

  • That saved my day...awesome...i want back my hamsters!!

  • I’m some of the cutest hamsters died

  • Why did you do that to the hampsters for views tho..?

  • twats call him out but don’t even realize he makes other videos with the same hamsters

  • It's so toxic that the channel is hearting concerned comments that point out the clear animal abuse.

  • @ You can see the whole bottom area of where the hamsters can fall, there aren't any pillows/fluff to fall into. Now you might think it's just really good editing/hiding the pillows. Well actually in their behind-the-scenes ( @ video link ) at @ and you can see a whole different hamster falling in a cardboard box that is placed at the exact place where he would fall. Another clip in their behind-the-scenes ( @ ) hamster 101 changes colors when falling in the box, we don't get to see below in the main video but we have the proof that the clips are edited. Another thing to be mentioned is that hamsters shouldn't live together, some of them don't like that (Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, etc...) Is this animal abuse? Sort of Are the falling hamsters fine? Probably, but you shouldn't do harm to any animal in any form period. Are the other hamsters fine? Yes What should I do now? Spread awareness of youtube videos/channels that harm animals. This could easily be avoided if the video did: 1. Show a pillows/fluff box below them; 2. Make the elevation a lot smaller; 3. Not make the behind the scenes so bad; 4. Actually care about their animals; The behind the scenes also have likes n dislikes are disabled which adds to the suspiciousness.

    • People complain about this,but keep animal in one 10cm papper box is ok. You probably dont know hamster istinct , they love explore jump grab climb, such scenario is a Disney land for them. People love animals but dont know nothing about them : the next level logic

  • the glass bridge...

  • Its videos like this that make me really miss the dislike button

  • Make more of squid game amster videos

  • When they say eliminated they mean it (🖕stop bullying animals)

  • People please listen! I own my own hamster, I can even make a short yt vid to prove it, but this is hamster abuse!!! There's no padding whatsoever! There's no protection to keep them from getting hurt! They can't be taken down because this is targeted to young kids and teens so no one will think otherwise, but if you keep watching more and more of these "challenges" you can tell they're being abused. There's even one hamster missing a part of it's ear for Pete's sake! Please report them! I won't stop until I'm heard or they're banned from CS-tv or blocked! I'll continue to say that what they're doing is abuse because I've done my research and there's a lot of evidence!

  • Dislike video

  • even though the sets are cool this is just straight up abuse I'm glad charlie pointed this out I'm leaving a pointless dislike and I'll go no (hope I don't get hearted just by leaving a hate comment for the creators)

  • This was cute but it made me mad because i love hamsters so much and i would NOT be ok if my hamster Bear was in this. Can this youtube channel respond to this and tell me that the hamsters are ok? No hate but i bet you could’ve made this a little safer. Also, i love the hamster 218, because its funny and it reminds me of my hamster

  • 240 🤣

  • Why are you mistreating animals?

  • Abuse

  • Stop saying there bad people, it's the hampsters fault they wanted to play squid game and get hurt or die. They shouldn't have been poor in the first place...

  • In Honeycomb, the hamster on the tower is legit screaming. Hamster owner: we has proof for safety

    • haha funny moment 😂😂🤣🤣

    • Edit: 11:53 the hamster is about to fall and you rewatch the video and say "Yessir, falling hamster is for kids

  • Animals Abuse

  • Is this staged?

    • sadly, yes. those hamsters were paid actors all along 😔

  • Can a hamster even survive out in the wild? Holy hell you guys haha

  • Dislike

  • Hey dude you better have pillows under the tug of war and glass panels

  • This is so cute. Love it. 10/10

  • 🤕why does straight up animal abuse have 30m views

  • Imagine hearted hate comments

  • holy shit.

  • Awww that’s adorable

  • thire so cyoot

  • All the people say that this is animal abuse it really is not because if you watch the their channel they do have something to soften their fall

    • /e dance

    • Dude listen hamsters can have a chance to get a heart attack when they fall down 2 feets, its traumatic for the hamsters mentally and physically hurt them because their delicate animals and they don't have the strength of a human even if they fall down with the paddings. I wish people should have known this sooner hamsters are not toys!

  • This video was very entertaining and well made, all The sets and games were made insanely well, keep up The good work!

  • Imagine hearting comments about your channel abusing animals and posting shitty web links for promos like it never happened

  • @Hamsterious how stupid are you people are calling you uot for abusing animals then you hart the comment? like wtf

  • This is so messed up.

  • Hey so CS-tv removed the dislike button so might as well use me as a dislike button

  • everyone in the comments saying this is abuse it’s not that deep bruv 😭😭

    • You don't know have hamsters work do you. Firstly, the hamsters in the video are being treated as toys which if they find themselves in a new and dangerous place they would panic and, in the end developed a traumatic experience. So, the children (the main target for this videos) would think hamsters are great for these "challenges" and try to replicate the challenges which has a high rate for the hamsters if not careful, they will get injured, trust issues, and possibly death. Also, saying it's not that deep is not a good excuse for animal abuse.

  • Why are they hearting The comments that say it’s abuse and the comments that enjoy watching this not?

  • 0:21 amogus

  • This is comedy bro 😂😂😂